ClassTag: Class Communication

ClassTag: Class Communication

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  • Current Version: 1.25.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ClassTag, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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ClassTag: Class Communication App

ClassTag is a FREE parent-teacher communication platform that helps every student succeed. Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, ClassTag makes it easy to connect and build an amazing classroom community all while​ earning supplies and goodies for the classroom for using the app. => 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GET CLASSTAG CLASSROOM APP: * ​EVERYONE’S INVITED - Parents don’t have to download an app to join the classroom. * ​REACH MORE PARENTS - Teachers can bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing photos, files, and give remind announcements. * MULTI-LANGUAGE - Translate ​messages into more than 50 languages. * BETTER TOOLS FOR TEACHERS - Parent teacher conferences, calendars, volunteering and donation requests instantly. * SCHOOL MESSENGER APP - ClassTag’s smart remind messages can reach parents on any device anywhere. => EARN CLASSROOM SUPPLIES AND GOODIES: Get free classroom supplies and other goodies from our partners, just for using ClassTag classroom app (which is also free). Read that again if you like. => TIME TO TAKE ACTION: Join the thousands of educators, and parents already using ClassTag school messenger app to manage teacher parent communication.

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ClassTag: Class Communication app reviews

  • So many ads 3/5

    By 37stars
    The ads are everywhere in this app. I get that you need to make money, but it makes it hard to find messages from my child’s teacher.
  • Crashes and Confusing 2/5

    By CB86
    In theory this app would be great if it would work reliably. It crashes whenever my son tries to access it on the iPad (regardless of software updates to app and iPad). And when I access it on my iPhone it usually freezes or opens on of the ads when I try opening a recent announcement or other class assignment. If these two issues were fixed, it would be worlds better.
  • Parent and Teacher 2/5

    By Vp808080
    I have ClassTag for my class. Now my own child’s teacher is sending messages I can’t read because it automatically opens the app and tells me I’m not authorized for that page. My child has homework tonight to do and I have to figure out how to access it. I’m annoyed at the app and the teacher. And I hate that all these teacher apps make parents access the web page instead of just giving the information. It’s really annoying.
  • Won't even open! 1/5

    By Snydermom2
    I can't tell you how I feel about this app because it won't even open! It shows the blue ClassTag screen as if it's loading, but then closes!
  • Not recommended 2/5

    By Yang19910523
    You cannot delete the class, you cannot delete a conversation. It is not user friendly at all
  • Too Many Ads 1/5

    By CIALowe
    From a parent perspective, this classroom communication app is terrible. All I see are advertisements. Important classroom messages are lost because ads are in your face. I want to see and find class information easily. I don’t want to sift through ads to see a message from the teacher. I strongly dislike this app. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. There are other free programs that have less visual garbage and more effectively achieve the classroom to home communication goal.
  • Unable to sign in 1/5

    By Latimer2006!
    My child is having trouble logging in with babysitter home. I guess hot spit maybe need with my tablet. He hadn’t been able to get chrome book from school yet.KiTa
  • Lead Teacher 5/5

    By CandyMcDan
    I’m a new teacher this year but using ClassTag has been helpful to stay in touch with my parents and get them the information they need.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By LaLa_8812
    ClassTag is an awesome app for parent communication! I’m really enjoying all of the features so far!
  • Lots of advertisements 3/5

    By Greedybuggers
    I like that I can send a message to the entire class or send personal messages. However, I hate that the adds are more prominent than the messages. I want to be able to find them easier. The parents of my students have a difficult time as well.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By camegan1
    I’m excited to use ClassTag this year! My parents love it too!
  • Still learning program 1/5

    By 1981Moe
    So far, I do not find this app as user friendly. Too many areas or pages to set up or maneuver through. Update: after 3 weeks of using the program I still have the same opinion. This is not a user friendly app and it’s very time consuming to set up. To add or delete users is too complicated. Not even to mention the advertising on the pages. Teachers use a lot of technology, and this app is probably the most difficult I’ve ever had to learn to use.
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Bobomommy3
    Ads are large and distracting.
  • One Stop Shop 5/5

    By Niecy M
    I highly recommend this app to all teachers and parents!
  • Google Classroom 4/5

    By roozgm
    Easy to connect to google classroom
  • Unhappy 2nd time user 1/5

    By noneyapoff
    This app does not allow you to change any of your login information, like your phone number that it was assigned to the first time. It want you to use a different email address. I can’t get to my daughters new teacher but I can talk to her old teacher.
  • Ads, not intuitive 2/5

    By Dominic djdksdidja
    As both a parent and teacher, I’m not a fan. My son’s school is requiring it though I do not know why. It’s difficult to navigate, information is in all kinds of odd places, you have to “click” too often to find things, and ads are always popping up. There are few things more annoying than going to click on something you finally find, only to be taken to I look forward to the day when I no longer need this app.
  • Great way to connect! 5/5

    By Cipsmith2020
    I used ClassTag for the first time last year and absolutely loved it! It was easy to set up and use for every day announcements & sharing as well as party planning and conferences. It was priceless during the Covid virtual learning time as parents were easily able to contact me with any questions and concerns. I highly recommend it I’m looking forward to using it again this year😊
  • Phishing software! BEWARE 1/5

    By cbjenninga1989
    Downloaded this software for my child’s classroom at the request of the teacher. If you have antivirus software if any kind look out for BEWARE
  • Loading issues 1/5

    By dbp215
    App doesn’t consistently open properly on iOS 11 - just a white screen with rotating gray circle in center.
  • Difficult to use with multiple accounts 1/5

    By 081314junk
    I’m not pleased at all with this functionality. First, the ads need to go. We cannot connect our two children in the same district but different schools. The only link I received from the teacher takes me to a “create log in” and when I enter my information it says my email address is already used. I tried to use the support chat function and after a day I still don’t have a solution.
  • Fabulous 5/5

    By h2teacher
    An amazing link between parents and teachers. Class tag thought of everything from YouTube video links to google drive, sharing pictures and videos and earning coins for all the hard work we already do!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mixhi
    User friendly and parent friendly easy to use and to navigate!!!!
  • Not totally sold on it 3/5

    By Ms. M2020
    The screen seems to be too busy for me. I understand sponsors are important , but the publicity makes the page hard to navigate. I haven’t figured out how to add reaction to previous messages on the chat, but I have just been playing with it for the last five days. Maybe with some time it will get easier.
  • Holy ADWARE 1/5

    By Effyousnapchat
    I am not one to leave a review whether I like an app or not. This app is the exception my child’s daycare recommended using this app to keep on top of his daily activities and any kind of important messages for my child. The idea is great behind it however the feed in this app is worse than Instagram or Facebook I cannot see any pertinent information without seeing some large ad in your face.The biggest problem I have is not only are there banner ads (which I can actually handle),There is large picture size ads in the middle of the feed. Absolute garbage. I won’t be using this app. I will dedicate my time and effort into making an app better than this that will serve parents better.
  • Problem 1/5

    By homemaker42
    I downloaded the app to communicate with my child’s teacher but when I click on the app all it does is show the loading spinner thing but does not load. Help!!!!
  • Thumbs down for class tag 1/5

    By amyanvil
    I find ClassTag difficult to navigate through. It’s difficult to find where the announcements are. It says all my parents are connected when they are not. When I try to use it on my phone I can’t close the ads to get to the announcements. It is really difficult to use if you have multiple students at one school and difficult to use if you are a parent and a teacher. I do not enjoy using class tag at all. Wish it was more user friendly like class dojo. Also, I hate that there are ads on the site. When did schools become an advertising vehicle??? I give this site a giant thumbs down.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Lillypad player
  • One stop user friendly 5/5

    By Preschool Tangen
    Class is a One stop free app that can be used on phones and computers alike. It translates into 50+ home languages so parents can easily communicate with the teacher and other members of the classroom. It has multiple interfaces so it can easily upload from Google classroom, YouTube, Google drive. In addition it has a confidential email link for each member of the class, so parents can upload work in photo documents or videos in a confidential manner. I can provide instant feedback to students on that same confidential email link. I can even upload videos on the email link and provide a more personable and engaging feedback session. Class tag has other features such as an automatic weekly summary that it sends out making the paper trail more environmentally friendly. In addition you can schedule parent conferences and class sign-ups on the same app. One feature that my families enjoy is uploading pictures to the library. This feature allows the children to see their friends daily even during remote instruction.
  • ClassTag 5/5

    By ClassTag is GREAT
    Class Tag has been GREAT to implement school wide. We are able to connect with parents and other teachers easily. Our parent engagement has already increased just in one week of use. The staff for ClassTag have been so helpful and respond quickly to our questions and concerns.
  • I prefer Remind 2/5

    By ihavetriedeveryname
    Placing ads on a parent communication app is not appropriate. My parents are not being notified when I send them a message or wrote a post. Has some neat features, but I what’s most important is that the app notifies my parents when I’m posting important information.
  • Newbie 4/5

    By Bradan10
    I am just new with ClassTag. Last year was my first year. Some of my parents this was they only way I could contact them so that was helpful for those hard to reach parents.
  • Too much admin input 3/5

    By almostretiredteacher
    Admin has control of my account and there is no teacher ownership. Class tag has allowed this to happen when they allowed admin to set up our class and not allow teachers the freedom of making their own class.
  • Teacher 5/5

    By Lupe Fins
    I am new, but what I love the most is the fact the parent can read lathe the information that I post in their home language.
  • i really like ClassTag 5/5

    By melanydarian19360
    Because it can help us talk and talk easily
  • The software is very good and convenient for studying and working in groups. 5/5

    By bayerimylene3892
    Although I am far away, I can still grasp the situation of your children through this application.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jhanda8Dor
    too useful both academically and in touch. Hoping to improve the application more and more new functions for more complete applications.
  • i like this app 5/5

    By Grayce O'Kon
    as a teacher, I have to admit that this app is very useful
  • great app 5/5

    By Margarita Breitenberg
    parent meetings are very well exchanged on this app, contributions and school work are also more streamlined thanks to ClassTag
  • so awesome 5/5

    By Andre Miller0
    my work needs a lot of business trips, so I can't go to parent meetings for my kids at school, but thanks to this app I can capture meetings very well even without being there. over there
  • I like this app 5/5

    By Willie F. Perry
    I feel like I'm sitting in a classroom with my child by watching the photos and videos the teacher sent me.
  • great 5/5

    By Lillian Baumbach
    teachers can bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing photos, files and giving reminders, so teachers can help parents get more hands-on experience with their child's classroom yourself
  • It's very convenient 5/5

    By Keith D. Marquez
    I can track my children through the photos of the teachers shared here
  • this app makes it easier for me to communicate with parents and teachers, I like it 5/5

    By Torrance DuBuque
    because my children study at an international school, my language with teachers and other parents is very limited. This app has made it easier for me to communicate with them
  • wow 5/5

    By Asa Cummerata
    this app makes it easier for me to communicate with parents and teachers, I like it
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Dena Moore1
    parents in class contact each other through this app, they talk about how to teach their children and manage their children
  • great 5/5

    By Alyce Bechtelar
    in my son's class, parents all download this app to make it easier to contact the teacher
  • a good and convenient application 5/5

    By Mrs. Matilda Collier DVM
    managing your kids has never been easier for me
  • I like ClassTag 5/5

    By Alana Hand
    I use it to ask teachers about my child's homework

ClassTag: Class Communication app comments

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