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ClassTag App

What if parent-teacher communication just worked? Well, it would be streamlined, personal and easy to stay in-sync. We designed the ClassTag app with these principles in mind. Why? Because when parents are partners in their kids’ education, everyone wins: kids do better, parents are happier, and our amazing teachers’ jobs are easier. Parents love our teachers, here’s why: 1. Everyone’s Invited Parents don’t have to download an app to join the party. ClassTag’s smart messages reach parents on any device and in whichever language they prefer. 2. Easy To Get Involved Parents can respond to sign-ups, parent teacher conferences, volunteer opportunities and donation requests through ClassTag, in just one click. 3. One Simple Source of Info Find messages, photos, events and news all in one place. It’s like a window into the classroom and virtual fridge door all in one. A frindow if you will. -- Teachers, let’s help you unleash your classroom’s potential --- There’s a reason you got into teaching. But the daily whirlwind of admin, reaching parents and sourcing supplies can pull you off-purpose. With ClassTag you’ll break through. *Reach More Parents* ClassTag’s “smart messaging” automatically convert your notes into the preferred language and format for every parent (email, SMS or flyer). Come be smart with us. *Save Time* Imagine having a streamlined way to do all of your parent communication, with follow-ups, reminders and even your weekly newsletter automatically sent out for you. You got it. *Unlock Rewards* Get free classroom supplies and other goodies from our partners, just for using ClassTag (which is also free). Read that again if you like. -- Once parents are invited they start getting all communications right away. ClassTag is available on any device including desktop, mobile web ( and other smartphone devices. We’re certified safe and take the utmost care with your community’s privacy. Configure what parents can do and see as you wish. ClassTag is free for teachers, schools and parents. Active classrooms unlock free supplies for the class through ClassTag Rewards, courtesy of our supporting partners. Join us on ClassTag today!

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ClassTag app reviews

  • Horrible app. 1/5

    By LeapOfFaith29
    This app. is so messy and unorganized. Crashes constantly ... So difficult to find contact of parents... Every time I try to do so, have to re-teach myself on how to do it again. An easy, organized app, will allow you to do so without going through that hassle. You cannot even identify the picture on the profile because it is so minuscule, beats the purpose of even adding a profile picture to begin with. Dear app developer, hire me for a day and I will revamp this app for you 😌 I’m sure it has potential to be great!
  • Great way to be a part of your child’s school day 4/5

    By Mrs stacy O
    My child’s teacher is awesome at keeping us parents updated on activities they are working on throughout the day. My only complaint is that 90% of the time we ain’t get the audio with videos. Every once in a while the audio works and we can go back and listen to the videos.
  • Not handy 1/5

    By weinzbb
    This app is much worse than reminder. When teacher poster new things, it just send msg, that is it. Does not tel you anything. It also have tooooo much ads. That the actually msg is very difficult to find.
  • Worst I have ever used 1/5

    By sddasas
    Worst parent teacher app. The ads make it hard to navigate and confusing. It feels more like a spam pop up site then an actual communication app.
  • Ads overwhelm everything 1/5

    By 3j0hn
    This might an okay app if the ads did not take up the whole screen when you open it. It is almost impossible to use without accidentally clicking on ads. Other education communication apps balance this a lot better.
  • Not impressed 2/5

    By Linmicpar
    Not that impressed. I’ve been using this app for three weeks and I’ve had a lot trouble with being able to reply to parents on my phone and it’s kind of slow. I wanted to try something new but I’m going to go back to ClassDojo.
  • Difficult/Solicitations 1/5

    By emilymr08
    It was difficult to load most of the time. My other edu apps load fine. Parents are regularly emailed ‘reply bc your class will win a prize’ and then they want $. If you opt out of the email, you opt out of ALL email, including the teacher. Much better apps out there.
  • Reoccurring events, receiving notifications, setting a time to send messages to one person 2/5

    By dhnujn
    I’m looking for an app that I can set reoccurring events. For example, being able to set a message every Sunday that Gym will be on Monday and students need to wear tennis shoes, setting a message every Tuesday that Library will be on Wednesday and students need to remember to return their library book. I do not like receiving messages via email, I often miss important messages because they’re lost in my emails. This is very frustrating! I would rather be able to receive messages via the app and have everything in one place. I want to be able to set a time to send messages to one person. The app lets you set a time to send messages to the group, but it does not let you set a time to send messages to one person. For example, I would like to be able to set a time to send a message reminding parents when their child’s snack day is. I would like to be able to do this all at the beginning of the month, but schedule it to go out a few days prior to their child’s snack day.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By MSEG1!
    This app is horrible! Unfortunately this is the app that my child’s teacher is using this year. It takes forever to load and half the time it crashes on you. There are way too many ads on there as well.
  • Failed to load, retry 1/5

    By Mum.Mum
    Can I give zero stars? This app will not work on my phone. I see a glimpse of the login page then it hits me with the “failed to load, retry” prompt. I hit retry, again get s glimpse for 1/2 a second then back to the fail prompt. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted my phone, updated my hardware...This app is garbage.
  • Riddled with Ads 2/5

    By PetticoatCommando
    I am using this app only because our child’s teacher has chosen to use this instead of emails. I’m not sure of the reason for that, but I am frustrated by the extra emails that I had to subscribe from and the excessive amount of ads. This app could be improved if they settled down on the ads a little bit and had more reply options.
  • Non functional 1/5

    By 222666888
    I downloaded and the app opened to a little box that says "failed to load." Completely non-functional. The web page works, but that defeats the purpose of the app.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By mbowen518
    The tabs won’t work on mine so I can’t see any new pictures or the calendar this is extremely frustrating. When I scroll down the tabs show up but I can’t click on them then they just disappear... please help
  • Web page vs. app 2/5

    By Marblelicious
    I’m relatively new to this as our school just switched from dojo. I immediately downloaded the app and hate it. When writing a msg (iPhone X fully updated) the preview box that shows what I’m typing disappears so I have no way of seeing if I’m misspelling something nor the ability to reread it to make sure it is making sense. This is frustrating and not useful. I am deleting the app and will continue to use the web page as the function is working correctly there. Also, and this is just personal, I hate the ads. I would gladly pay a few bucks for an advertisement free environment. The inability to do so makes it unlikely I will continue to communicate with my son’s teacher via this avenue.
  • Can’t see my message! 3/5

    By Antilles2210
    After a few messages back and forth with my daughter’s teacher, I can no longer see the bottom of the message area, including the message composition area when my keyboard is up! Argh!
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By all reviews are questionable
    “What if parent-teacher communication just worked?” they ask rhetorically. Well, it doesn’t work at all. “Failed to load page” is all the app ever says. And since I have it installed, it steals the clicks in the confirmation email after signing up on the website, but it still doesn’t work. I don’t get a choice since the teacher chose this app, so it looks like I’ll be stuck using the website.
  • Unable to access 1/5

    By TrayseeG
    Downloaded the app. Says it is undergoing maintenance for the last 16 hours.
  • Having trouble 1/5

    By pupoys
    Saying that app is under going mantience it won’t let me log in at all
  • Connection issues 1/5

    By Vee6776
    I can never get the application to load the first time. It’s very frustrating
  • Failed to load page 1/5

    By okumam
    Upon launching, it just says failed to load page. Trying again doesn't change anything. In iPhone xs max, ios 12. If you take on the responsibility of connecting parents to their kids class, you better make sure your app works. What am I going to do now?
  • Too Many Ads 1/5

    By Boilermkrchck02
    This app stinks as a parent. All we get are ads. The content portion is often cut off if the teach writes too much. If a teacher wants to communicate just use email so I’m not subjected to garbage.
  • Very frustrated 1/5

    By Mel7176
    I have contacted tech support for over a week looking for answers on why I’m not able to get into my app!! I’ve sent numerous requests on resetting my password...and 8 days later... still no response! I’m a parent to a 1st grader and I would like to be involved in her class and academic progress! Please send or fix my issue with this app!
  • Needs work 1/5

    By megurney
    I wish our school used a different app. This one is hard to navigate, loads slowly and has little annoying flaws/glitches. - Have to click on videos multiple times to get them to load - When videos do play I can’t hear the volume unless I have headphones plugged in (not related to a setting on my phone bc other apps play fine) - While writing a message I can’t see the whole thing in the frame - Changing profile in the class directory was very cumbersome - Can’t seem to get back to the class directory now
  • Needs to link to Apple Watch 4/5

    As a teacher, I have loved what Class Tag offers. I just wish it would sync to my Apple Watch so that I could receive notifications there.
  • App says Fail to Load 1/5

    By ADK1022
    The app will not work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled as well as rebooting my phone. It works on the computer and I can login to the website but the app won’t open.
  • Good app...but needs some additional functionality 3/5

    By Elliott Ray
    I love that my child’s teacher can post pictures, update parents...but when she needs items for a lesson or party or for some other reason there is no good way to sign up for needed items. She has to use a completely different way to do that. It would be great if we could 1. Direct message the teacher 2. Have a sign up for items needed 3. Be able to take polls 4. Be able to direct message other parents Thank you.
  • Slow responsiveness. 3/5

    By 0321U
    Transitions throughout the app are slow. Also, data within the app loads slow.
  • Amazing tool 5/5

    By KatMc75
    I used Classtag for the first time last school year and LOVED the amount of parent engagement I had. Using it again this year and making sure to share with anyone who’ll listen that they need to give it a try!
  • Love it 5/5

    By teacherwishes
    I love ClassTag, I love all the services it provides. It makes life easier to do it from this app and it’s even better to earn some coins to redeem for different rewards for the classroom use. That being said, my school required a behavior app this year and so I’m shuffling between dojo and classtag. I wish that classtag offers the behavior side but just have the option of turning it off for those who did not want to use it. I hate that I’m shuffling between an app that I love for communication with parents and sharing events and things happening in the classroom and an app that I am required to have for the behavior side of things that also has communication aspect but not the other things I love about classtag.
  • Great free parent communication app 5/5

    By Scarr9457
    I have used this app for a year and can’t say enough. There are rewards for free for simply using the app. If also allows you to easily coordinate volunteers in your classroom. I haven’t even started the year and I have 20/21 of my parents signed up. I also have 3 parents signed up willing to help with copies monthly and 3 willing to help with drill and practice work with kids. I highly recommend this to any busy teacher.
  • Everything in one place! 5/5

    By Pam Lewis
    I have been using a variety of other apps simultaneously to do the same tasks I can do with one app using ClassTag. My whole campus is very excited about this switch. So far, our parents are loving it as well. The app is fairly intuitive and easy to learn, even for some of those tech-averse teachers. I highly recommend using ClassTag.
  • Exceptional App for all parent/teacher communication needs!! 5/5

    By Dee4789
    I have been using ClassTag for over 4 school years and it has improved my parent communication by 70%. Not only does ClassTag have all the essential features needed to communicate with parents (parent-teacher conference sign ups, automated weekly summary, parents can received information in the language of their choice and how they want to received it, chaperone sign ups, to do lists and so much more), but ClassTag is always seeking feedback to improve. The App is very user friendly and keeps parents informed in the moment. Highly recommend!!
  • To many Ads 2/5

    By lynchac
    Way to many Ads! I love the app, but it is visual overwhelming with all the Ads. I would rather pay for the app then have to deal with the Ads. I love the features and the ability to see which parents are checking in.
  • Very Confusing 2/5

    By rAcH134593
    As a teacher it’s very confusing to set up for classroom use
  • Just needs one more thing 4/5

    By reindrawp
    This app is almost exactly what I've been looking for! I wish they would add an attendance tool with options to manually input or have students scan their own individual QR codes. I plan to use it for an after school program and would love for parents to see when their child it's present, tardy, absent.
  • When I log in all I see is a blank white screen. 1/5

    By MsBluefort
    When I log in all I see is a blank white screen. Help!
  • So far it is pretty good 4/5

    By 🌸love
    I like the app so far except for one issue I can figure out. I went ahead and put in my whole years events and then put in a date and time to be posted later. However, I noticed that my parents were already able to view the events. I thought the event would be hidden and then pushed out on the day I specified. Had to go and delete all events so parents would not get overwhelmed with info. If this was fixed then I would give 5 stars. Update: heard back from developers about how to fix this. Will try and then repost.
  • Can’t see anything 2/5

    By AKA.Paul
    I installed this today and had been using it throughout the day just fun. Now it opens the app to a blank screen and will not load. Tried uninstalling and installing again, and still doing the same thing. Help!
  • ClassTag 1/5

    By wfhou5
    Poor Horrible interface All I see is ADVERTISING instead of information. I have to swim around the ads to get what is important. Frustrating.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Aburt6622
    This app looks cool but I have everything updated on my phone and when I downloaded the app, it keeps crashing. I’ll change my review once I can actually get it to work.
  • Great app for parent-teacher communication! 5/5

    By markymarkv
    ClassTag allows me to build close relationship with my students’ parents. Very easy to send an announcement or send them a private message or ask them to sign up on conference or events. This app is a game changer! Totally love it! ☺️
  • Classtag Rocks! 5/5

    By Nashell
    I used classtag last school year and it was a game changer. I used to email, use class dojo, use remind, and signup genius. Now I can do all of that with just one app and no character limit! Anytime there was a glitch or a problem classtag was on it and fixed it. They are always striving to make their app better and the teachers/parents satisfied. Plus, what other app gives you free stuff just for using it?!?
  • ClassTag is the only app for me! 5/5

    By wrightn79
    ClassTag is a no brainer! It’s an app that allows teachers to earn perks (gift cards, classroom materials, etc.), just for doing what any good teacher should do, communicate with parents. Also, the ClassTag team is always reaching out to see how they can improve the app. They are innovative and creative! I have LOVED using the app for my class!!
  • Classdojo superior 1/5

    By Artie2018
    This is not very good. Classdojo is superior.
  • ClassTag 5/5

    By Readerinaclub
    I have enjoyed using Class Tag this year. It has been very easy to use. Parents seem to respond more with the app. I am able to use Announcements to pre-load messages and send times with documents included. This has spared me several stressful moments, saved a ton of time, and ensured parents are notified. Aside from being an awesome to use I was able to earn a free laminator.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By DislikeDisney
    This app does ok for communicating with teachers. It does annoy me that it constant crashes and has notifications that WILL NOT GO AWAY!
  • LOVE FEATURES but app is soooo GLITCHY!! 3/5

    By melany.rivera.8208
    Ugh! I LOVE everything classtag has to offer, but I have sooooooooo many issues with the app loading - and so do the other teachers and parents that use it with me!! How does this not get fixed?? The whole year it’s been the same! No improvement! It’s so upsetting because I REALLY like the features. But I can’t miss notifications and not know parents are contacting me! I’m also redirected ALL THE TIME! In the middle of creating things! Someone needs to look into the app and make the improvements and I think this has real potential to be used more. All the issues turn people away from it and the best selling part of this app is that it suppose to make our lives easier!!
  • Great site but....,, 3/5

    By jnina62
    Love this site for communicating with teachers! However it takes forever to pull up on my phone and sometimes it won’t load at all! Very frustrating!
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By Steller7
    I’ve been using this app for this school year. I love the ease of communication, contact with parents, and how easy it makes signing up for volunteering or bringing items to class! The downside to this app is it crashes quite a bit. I also have to completely leave the app and open it back up when I’m having a conversation with a parent and I get a new message. I’m hopeful that these bugs can be worked out because this is by far the best communication tool I’ve ever used for parent contact. Every parent I have loves it!

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