Cleaner Kit - Clean Up Storage

Cleaner Kit - Clean Up Storage

By BPMobile

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  • Release Date 2017-01-26
  • Current Version 4.80
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Tired of duplicate photos on your phone and need to free up storage? Meet Cleaner Kit—the #1 worldwide cleaning app that will remove unnecessary files in a few taps and help boost mobile performance! What can Cleaner Kit do? • Delete duplicate photos and similar videos In today’s world, where huge amounts of data are constantly circulating, you often want to get rid of unnecessary pictures that have piled up on your phone and get extra storage space. This is when Cleaner Kit comes to your rescue! With our app, you can effortlessly free up storage by searching for and deleting screenshots, duplicate photos, Live Photos, burst photos, and videos all in one place. • Organize contacts Does it annoy you when you see several identical or unnamed contacts on your Contacts list? Cleaner Kit is a real lifesaver when it comes to organizing your contacts—they can be merged in a single contact, backed up, and removed quickly. • Help you save your battery life Besides cleaning up your device, Cleaner Kit also takes care of your battery and helps boost mobile performance. Check out our Battery section to read tips on how to make your iPhone’s charge last longer or choose from one of many charging animations to give your phone an even more personal touch. You can also add a handy widget to your Home Screen that will let you check your battery level and charging status at a glance. • Protect privacy Cleaner Kit can not only help you get extra storage space and boost mobile performance but it's also a safe space to keep your sensitive information. Stash photos and contacts in your Secret Space. Rest assured, your privacy is carefully protected with our app. But don’t think that this is all Cleaner Kit is capable of. Our app is a real gem for any active smartphone user, amateur and professional alike. Here’s what Cleaner Kit can also help you do: • Clean up storage in a few taps with the Smart Cleaning feature • Get rid of old calendar events quickly and easily • Test your Internet connection speed • Remove all duplicate photos • Add Storage, Battery, and Contact widgets to your Home Screen The storage cleaning process may seem overwhelming and time-consuming, but with Cleaner Kit you can get extra storage space fast and you won’t have to spend hours looking through your photos. You don’t even have to search for Cleaner Kit in the long list of your apps to open it. You can start it via Siri or Shortcuts. It's convenient, fast, and effective. Start a free trial to get to know all the app’s features. UNLIMITED ACCESS MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION • You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within Cleaner Kit. • Subscriptions are billed weekly, annually, or through a one-off upfront payment at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. By using Cleaner Kit, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: