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CleanMyDrive 2

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  • Current Version: 2.1.19
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MacPaw Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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CleanMyDrive 2 App

CleanMyDrive 2 is a lightweight disk manager for external and internal drives. It provides quick access to any drive with detailed information on space usage, and cleans hidden junk from external disks. It’s lightning fast and easy to use, with a convenient interface that opens right from the OS X menu bar. CleanMyDrive 2 is the new, improved version of CleanMyDrive, with a beautiful makeover and a whole set of new features. “...A cute little companion to ease up your workflow.” – MacStories "...A nifty utility for people who want an easier way to manage drives." – MacWorld "...Just let it run in the background and keep your drives from accumulating junk." – LifeHacker “I can’t see any reason for you to not install it.” – AppShopper “The app is super simplistic.” – Cult of Mac “It makes storage-related chores a breeze.” – Softpedia With CleanMyDrive 2, you’ll be able to: Prevent issues with external drives after using them on other operating systems. Keep your external drives safe, even when you close your MacBook and unplug them without ejecting in advance. Easily manage storage by knowing the types of files on your drives and how much space they take up. Quickly copy files to any drive by dragging them right into the app. Save time by ejecting all drives with one click or using a global shortcut. Choose a hand-crafted icon for each drive to make it look amazing. What kind of junk does CleanMyDrive 2 get rid of? 1. OS X Service files: .DS_Store, .Spotlight-V100, .TemporaryItems, .fseventsd 2. Windows Service files: Thumbs.db, RECYCLED, RECYCLER, $RECYCLE.BIN 3. Resource forks: files like ._MyPhoto.jpeg 4. Trash, such as files in trash bins that haven’t been emptied. Why should these files be removed? Service files created by OS X and Windows could corrupt your external drive’s compatibility with other devices. For instance, your camera slows down if the SD card has hidden system files. And, they spoil your experience by cluttering the main folder of your disks. You see resource forks when you’ve stored files on your USB stick and want to use them on other devices, such as your TV or car audio system. These devices can’t actually read them, but display them in the folder all the same. You have to scroll through them before you get to the files you actually need. Finally, trash from the bins simply takes space on your drives. And who doesn’t need a little extra disk space?

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CleanMyDrive 2 app reviews

  • App is Useless 1/5

    By DeadWalkerr
    App used to work perfect then osx operating system updates happened which is normal and clean mydrive2 stopped working. If you email support which I have they never get back to you. This app should be removed from the app store as it simply doesn't work anymore and the company thta designed knows this and does not care to fix it.
  • Essential when going between Mac and PC 5/5

    By Mister Moo
    Cleans all the mac files that show up under windows, amazing app overall. Essential for anyone that has to move files between a windows PC and a Mac
  • amazing 5/5

    By worstcoastchild
    ejects disks 63.4% faster than finder does big time saver and storage saver
  • Recommended Software for MacOS Users 5/5

    By Phil Armstrong
    I've had some version of this program on my laptops for years and I've always liked how well it breaks down what I need and don't need stored on my hard drive. Space Lens is especially useful for visualizing where the majority of my storage is going. I like that it periodically reminds me to clean my drive every so often so I can keep the HDD as free of unwanted content as possible, and the uninstaller is great for quickly and easily removing software I no longer need. I would feel strange to have a Mac without CleanMyDrive at this point.
  • Does nothing 1/5

    By AJediKnight
    Why is this just a list of my drives?
  • One of my daily tools 5/5

    By Ferdinand the Duck
    I have three external drives and an internal SSD. I'm not a "power user." I'm a novelist with things to do and I don't like playing with the tech more than needed to get my work done. This is one of my core tools. I can immediately get an overview of space usage on all drives; clean the junk out with a press of a button to free GBs of space; and get a overview of my extire storage situation. This was especially helpful while I was transfering (massive) photo libraries where I had to play with backups while repairing libraries, etc. Well worth the money. I no longer think about this stuff, which is what makes it good software.
  • Doesn’t analyze boot drive 3/5

    By Ddas1008
    If it only works on external drives—why not say so out front?
  • Nicely done but... 4/5

    By dancingbrook
    I wish there were a mount option as well, all and individauly, and perhaps even sets.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Aaron iphone lover
    Before they updated this it use to work great. Now it doesnt clean anything but small txt files. Very disapointed
  • one of the best 5/5

    By Martalogu'
    I simply love it.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Will Comment
    I live an a Mac and PC house/world. So I am often moving USB drives between platforms. I like how CleanMyDrive gets rid of the Mac specific files, that confuses Windows users!
  • This App Solved My Problem... 5/5

    By Clikwhiz
    ...Of really geting my SD Cards squeaky clean. I had been transfering pictures from my DSLR into a printing kiosk at a local photo lab and kept running into an accumulation of residue from previous omages. Even if I formatted the card in camera I couldn't remove all the residue and even when I only had half a dozen images on the card the kiosk would find dozens of ghost images thus increasing the load time. Using CleanMyDrive 2 ebded that and things are now rolling along. I'm pretty pleased!
  • Used daily, like really... 5/5

    By Fuego3048
    This is probably the most used app on my mac 😆 I share a laptop with husband and he likes the simplicity this tool brings to unmounting any external drives I randomly have attached
  • Great application 5/5

    By Bobwd2 NJ
    I have used it for a few years now and wouldnt be without it . Works quickly , cleanly and safely .
  • Deleted only what I didn’t want deleted 1/5

    By TechnoWhopperWithCheese
    I got this app to delete all the hidden garbage mac puts on a usb stick. Wanted only the files I want to appear when the drive is used on a PC. I had customized all the icons on the drive. Upon “cleaning” said drive, most of the hidden folders Mac put on the drive were still there, but my custom icons were gone. Great job!
  • doesn’t work 1/5

    By macuser1112
    downloaded it and no option to clean
  • Its Amazing 5/5

    By Mansoor MK
    I've been using CleanMyDrive 2 as an important tool of my daily work.
  • Fantastic utility app 5/5

    By Bob1240
    I've used CleanMyDrive 2 for some months now, and it has become an indespesible part of my daily routine and computer use, particulary since I have to use a good number of flash drives / SD cards / etc for my work. Much of what I work on involves various media files, which then need to play on media players that are often sensitive to the "junk" files from MacOS. While I've had another very effective "cleaner" app for a long time, having the drive status messages, eject functions, menu bar access, etc all built in together really works well. It's one of those little things that takes away at least one or two daily distractions - that are really annoying - when using my Mac. Thank you and well done!
  • Helpful little tool 5/5

    By Rick ;-)
    Icon on my tool bar all the time, ready to work for me. Better than using finder since it has additional functions that make it quite usefull.
  • saves my WD drives 5/5

    By Jamie-Autumn
    I was having a huge problem with my WD external drives becoming unusable because my macbook would enter sleep or run out of battery power before I could eject the drives. Each time it would take more than an hour to re-enable the drives for use again. This app solves that problem, and it's free. I've had good luck with several of their other apps for mac and for my iphones also.
  • Small, useful, lovely looking app 5/5

    By philipvssa
    Try it out, you wont be disappointed
  • App Store broken 1/5

    By Mardala
    This app no longer works. Don't buy it until its fixed. Running OSx Mojave - up to date.
  • App store version does not work 1/5

    By technogeekshoaib
    This is the best way to manage drives on a Mac but get it from somewhere else. The AppStore version simply does not work.
  • CleanMY Drive 2 5/5

    By elbaty
    Love the App!!! It actually helped me load music on a USB Drive so i can play music in my new car.
  • Just what I needed! 5/5

    By Hank LV
    When Apple leaves its junk on my SD for my Canon T6i camera, it won’t write to the card. Having grown tired of having to reformat the card in the camera each time I wanted to use it was an inconvenience. Also, when I delete photos and video from my game cameras and DJI Mavic Pro, it leaves the deleted files on the card, which eventually build up. CleanMyDrive2 is the perfect solution to all three issues. I’m very pleased with the convenience, stability, and utility of the product. Well done, MacPaw!
  • Horrible. Stay away. 1/5

    By czyrkr
    GDPR bless you. "Information We Collect and Receive When you interact with our Sites and Products, we collect Information that, alone or in combination with other data, could be used to identify you (Personal Data)" No thank you
  • doesn’t run on os x 10.11.6 1/5

    By Bhave
    When opening the app, a grey box appears with one blank button that opened legal details. I still have el capitan 10.11.6 and I’m assuming it’s no longer compatible.
  • Ah! 1/5

    By UGHfiygig
    So, I was really looking forward to this app helping me. However, it won’t even open! I downloaded it and when I click on it it refuses to download. Then force quit doesn’t work on it. I’m having to restart my computer just to get it to go away so I can delete it!
  • Collects personal data 1/5

    By Car-zeros
    I uninstalled this app becuase it collects personal information when it's supposed to monitor and delete my files. I will not share my personal information for any purpose or reason.
  • simple and effective 5/5

    By Vidman5
    We often take some apps for granted. This is not one of them. CleanMyDrive works silently and effectively in the background. Does not “hog” any resources that I am aware of and just does its job. Works well and plays well with other software. Worth a try and buy.
  • misleading! 1/5

    By Flash seeker
    screenshots indicate that app should give insight on drive content and offer cleanup, it does NOT, and i have the latest installed! all it does show the drive with no breakdown of content or cleanup options!
  • LOVE IT!!! 5/5

    By Robsterss
    LOVE IT.
  • Great interface! 3/5

    By app person 1022
    Easy to use
  • Нравится 5/5

    By Ivanecki
    Маленькая утилита для безопасного извлечения внешних дисков и флешек. Весьма полезная для накопителей, которые используются на win и на mac. Mac OS оствляет на флешке свои файлы, часто это дубликаты аудио и другого, что есть на флешке. Всё это занимает место. И самое неприятное - эти файлы скрытые. Часто бывает, что флешка на 8 гб показывает 4 гб свободно, но система сообщает, что она переполнена и запись невозможна. Эта утилита чистит эти скрытые файлы на флешке прямо в устройстве с Mac OS. Делает это быстро и очень просто.
  • Read the reviews first!!!! 1/5

    By iNemo16
    Looks like all the good reviews may be fake because look at all the bad reviews! They tell you the real truth. This is a sketchy app. I deleted it shortly after because it is a scam and will only ruin your life. Delete it!
  • Malware stay away 1/5

    By Stinoc
    It's too bad that MacPaw sofware is loaded with malware. Stay away.
  • Great! 1/5

    By NS_User_G
    ONLY app u need to keep you mac clean n fast
  • Worth it 5/5

    By Victorgilles
    Simple. Excellent. Useful.
  • Totally Useless 1/5

    By Johh Reed
    This application can only used to change icons of disks. There is no interface showing it can clean up anything. Even downloading the icon packages are hanging up for hours.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By poweruser000
    It only sees one drive and has no options to clean on the MacOS Mojave.
  • Works good 5/5

    By Lolsies2
    Does as promised.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By johnclark
    Excellent for unmounting drives. All it needs is a button to mount drives. Excellent for management of all my external devices...
  • Useful tool! 5/5

    By unixdiva
    Great tool for network administrators who share USB drives with Cisco and other devices. Automatic cleaning of the ._ files when ejecting USB drives is a godsend when later listing files on it from a serial console.
  • Keep it CLEAN 5/5

    By commanderclif2
    SO I realize this app has more features then I currently use it for but the ONE reason I got this is the simplest feature and most useful. For many years, copying files on Macs to USB drives to share with PC users came with the frustration of them seeing junk files. Thats a thing of the past having this app to clean the drive on eject so PC viewers see exactly what you want the to see. THANKS

    By torreykim
  • Was good... 2/5

    By RDshovey
    I really want to give this a 5 star review. When I first downloaded it, it was great. It gave information about my connected drives, cleaned them, and ejected them. I enjoyed it on my new MacBook Pro. However, now, it stopped showing any information and no longer gives me the option to clean the drives. I reached out to support weeks ago, and the response I received was "We are busy with our new app, please bare with us." I was never answered, nor was there ever a fix sent out. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting, everything I can think of, and still, no information nor option to clean. My app does not look like what's being advertised, it shows the hard drives and aline graphic for how full they are, but no information like "1.8 GB Free" or "No Junk" or how much storage total the drives have. I would liove to give this 5 stars, but, it stopped working and costumer service has apparently ignored my emails and screenshots of how my app is not working. I may have to find another app for my needs unless the developer can address this issue.
  • Try it you 5/5

    By Scootafusk
    Simple & EZ to use to use, 5 Stars all the way. Try it... you'll like it.
  • EASY and CLEAN! 5/5

    By spaniardaustin
    This app is so compact and clean, its nice to have something that gets straight to the point. Helps me save space and keep track off all my drives! Wish there were more drive icons but thats not a complaint at all, more like a wish.
  • Privacy Threat? 2/5

    By rbrancheau
    I liked and used this app, but its come to my attention that in the privacy statement it apparently says that they can collect any/all your data and share any/all of it with whom they with. the publisher has NOT outright disputed this or adequately addressed it.

CleanMyDrive 2 app comments

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