CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access

CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access

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  • Current Version: 1.64.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Alclear, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access App

With CLEAR, all you need is YOU to open up a world of frictionless experiences. Move faster, safer, and easier through airports, stadiums, offices, and beyond. Enroll in minutes and use across CLEAR’s nationwide network! PRODUCTS: Health Pass — A safer way back to what you love CLEAR Health Pass provides a seamless way to complete health screenings for offices, stadiums, concerts, and more. Easily upload proof of vaccination, negative COVID-19 tests, SMART QR record, or fill out a quick health survey to meet a venue’s requirements and enter seamlessly. Digital Vaccine Card — Easy to make, easy to show Create a digital vaccine card to carry and use wherever you choose. Now you can add multiple or partial vaccine doses from different providers, including booster shots! iOS 15 users can add HealthKit Verified Health Records to create their digital vaccine card. CLEAR Airports — Travel made easier Move seamlessly through airport security, using just your eyes, at 40+ airports nationwide. Find the locations that have CLEAR Plus listed in the app and spend less time at the airport and more time where it matters. Use the Home to Gate feature to know exactly when to leave for the airport. Now you can select how early you’d like to arrive at your gate. Sports, Concerts, and Beyond — Touchless, faster access Enter venues quicker through the CLEAR Lane! The CLEAR app makes you unstoppable. Download today and enroll in CLEAR with a government-issued ID. Follow @CLEAR on Twitter and Instagram for exciting updates, news, and more. Please note that the CLEAR service is currently available only in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access app reviews

  • Lines Galore 1/5

    By Pichinson
    At Delta LAX and the line is so long I am not sure clear has any value any more. As one of the early Clear members, I thought this was the best. Sadly clear closed, but happily reopened. Sorry guys…there is nothing clear about clear any more. LAX a disaster, Las Vegas a disaster. Clear is now CLOG.
  • Seems like a dystopian nightmare 1/5

    By AppleUser123abc
    I don't see why any sane person would sign up for such an intrusive, disrespectful of basic human privacy, app or service such as this. It seems like you don't get much in exchange for handing over your biometrics such as fingerprints, iris scan, etc., all of which could be used in as yet unknown but harmful ways in the future. I've never found the regular TSA screening to be so burdensome that I would trade all of my private biometric data to a company that also advertises that they will store your health data and covid immunization and testing results just to get into a baseball game. What a bunch of ridiculous nonsense. This app and service should be illegal and anyone who signed up for it needs their head checked.
  • Really annoying 1/5

    By mumsthemom
    They had me sign up for the app at the Denver airport so I could get home then I got a charge for almost 200 dollars. I wanted no part in this I hated this
  • What Happened??? 2/5

    By Diamond flyers
    Clear used to be awesome - I mean the best - now? Lines are slower and longer than TSA pre - and EVERY SINGLE TIME I get the ‘random ID’ crap. Every. Time. I’m going back to TSA!
  • I like 5/5

    By Lilmo51
    I like clear I pay for clear but all of a sudden I cannot open the app. Getting ready to head to the airport and I need the app as there’s always an issue with my husband. I have deleting the app and re adding but it didn’t help what can I do?
  • Home to gate date picker is broken 1/5

    By Aaron1467446;,)
    Home to gate feature is completely broken. Date picker reverts to current date. Tested on an iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 and both have the same issue. Fix it and I’ll update my review.
  • Total waste. TSA still pulled me out and did full pat down 1/5

    By GGeneSISceo
    I paid $200 to subscribe Monday but on my return trip on Thursday the TSA did a “random” check and removed me from the clear line and did a full pat down of my front and back including checking under my panty waistline in front of 100’s of strangers. It was totally humiliated and I am very angry that I wasted my money with you.
  • What’s my wait time? 3/5

    By truhster
    The TSA pre-check app let you know wait times at airports. But the Clear app doesn’t. Which is a bit of a headache because at least 25% of the time the Clear line is actually slower than the TSA pre-check line. Especially at Dulles airport but sometimes Denver and ATL. Once you commit to the clear line though you’re stuck, and you have to watch the regular pre-check line move faster.
  • App is crashing 1/5

    By xetur
    App crashes on open
  • auto charged 1/5

    By hauaiejdodnek
    my account had auto renew turned off as I was planning on no longer using Clear (tsa precheck has been maybe only a minute or so behind clear people) and they charged my card anyways for the next year. I had to reach out to get a refund, was a bit sneaky.
  • App won’t even open 1/5

    By ArtNest
    Why did I go through eye screening and pay for CLEAR if the won’t open for me to use on my next flight????
  • Quits on startup 1/5

    By tsa870
    Frustrating because conferences forces attendees to use Clear about the COVID vaccination status but the app doesn’t even work.
  • Does not even load. 1/5

    By Bozata
    It does not work.
  • Nun ya! 1/5

    By PoppyA
    Requesting too much personal information! Presenting the card should be sufficient
  • Do I have to pay just to have the app? 1/5

    By wallysu2
    You told me to download the app so I did I did not know I had to pay for it. It shows that I paid for it! I do not want it if I have to pay for it. I already paid for clear!
  • Not sure giving my info to for profit llc 3/5

    By T. Jinkinz
    Why is it tracking my financial info? Not comfortable giving personal id info to for profit llc. Also, new company have no idea what their knowledge or experience they have in security of data given them, and seems they want to track a lot of my data. No way
  • Recent Update 4/5

    By CireTheMagnificent
    Love the app, I used to dread the long TSA wait times in line, especially when they do random checks with the pooch. It was always frustrating to look to my left/right and see folks speeding through the line (HEY I WANNA BE IMPORTANT TOO!); then along came CLEAR😇 However, since the latest update the app has been constantly freezing, especially when I do a search for other Clear airport lines. I’m using the most current iOS. Hey techies, take a look at this please so I can bump you up to 5 Stars. Thanks!
  • No longer worth it 1/5

    By SurrealNYC
    Clear is no longer worth using. Now that there are so many Clear members, the service is actually slower than regular airport lines! Why? TSA limits Clear to use only one lane while all other passengers use 2 or more lanes for screening. With so many members, the Clear lane gets backed up while all other lanes move quickly. Canceled my useless $160 membership and won’t look back.
  • -$189 1/5

    By Skanhunt2020
    The app ain’t even to use. I registered at the airport for a free trial and now my card is getting charged by these crooks. I didn’t even know about this existing and I was getting pushed at the airport to get this. Total scam. I can’t even access my account because I never got that text.
  • Not easy to use 1/5

    By Chew chew chew
    This app is not easy to use. Trying to delete old items and it’s not intuitive
  • App won’t even open 1/5

    By kempy02
    The lady drags me over to a machine and won’t let me get a word in and forced the free membership on me and then they don’t even send an email just a text to download an app that won’t even open. This is beyond annoying if I wanted someone talking to me about buying something I would walk through the perfume section at macy’s.
  • App 1/5

    By nomadiclogic
    Try and open the app and it closes itself before loading
  • Crashing 2/5

    By I Like Dean Winchester1987
    Every time I try to open the app, it immediately crashes. I just downloaded it and it is already not working.
  • Not so handy 2/5

    By Jeb55689
    I got it nine months ago and have not been ae to use it. Only once was it at the terminal I was using and they kicked me out of the line for not being precheck even though i was.
  • Assumes car ride to airport 2/5

    By Samuel Anderson
    The app feature “Home to Gate” assumes you get a car from your home to the airport. For many, we take public transit to the airport. This should be added.
  • Antigen test 5/5

    By Healthy Guy27
    Simple easy to use
  • Scam 1/5

    By Shawn Paypal
    Slimy company that will charge you despite saying it’s a free trial. Refund takes 2-3 business days. Don’t bother with this company.
  • Not sure how to sign up 1/5

    By JackM7777
    I paid the early $189 fee to use Clear at airports. The last few times I’ve been at the airport, I’ve attempted to register for Clear on one of the terminals. The terminal asks for an ambassador login so I leave. I’m assuming there should be someone there to help me, but there never is.
  • Not worth it anymore 1/5

    By Lockwood73
    Too many partnership deals with credit cards, airlines, basically anybody. I travel every week for work. Consistently takes longer to get through Clear TSA pre check than normal. Simply not worth it, because it isn't premium in any way.
  • Stupid App 1/5

    By ycmad
    What is the purpose of having an app when you click on any item from the menu, it takes you to a WEBSITE!!?? Stupid and waste of time. Then you have to enter information twice. Just stupid. The app serves no purpose as you can only make changes - cancel, add family members, etc on the Website. Stupid App

    By TrustedReviews1001
  • Why would i load this app after reading the reviews, and no answers from Clear, what gives? 1/5

    By TMC Fl
    This needs to be fixed and an answer to the people that put in so much time to make the app work
  • No such thing as Free account Don’t bother 1/5

    By 305Nana
    They have you register for a “free” account but it does absolutely nothing. The Clear staff at Austin explained. You must pay $180 to be able to use the line. Totally Not worth it. 😉
  • Not intuitive 1/5

    By Annoyed4645
    This app is not intuitive at all. Isn’t clear how to add a new event. Photo recognition is also inconsistent.
  • Can’t speak to a human and was mislead at airport 1/5

    By mbhersch
    I was mislead at the airport- the attendant said it would be free with Am Ex Platinum and I was charged and never reimbursed. Now I have to wait for an hour on hold to get this resolved!
  • Had to restart the app 4 times already 1/5

    By Rx Tri
    Wouldn’t log me in - swirly dial kept going and going and when I restarted I was magically logged in. Couldn’t recognize my face several times and then error message that it didn’t recognize my organization. Wouldn’t open my vaccination pass when I clicked on it. Couldn’t add a new pass until I restarted the app. And I still need to add my info!!!
  • Cumbersome 1/5

    By LisaMarie120
    Difficult to change incorrect information. Each action requires a multitude of steps. Who has time for any of this?
  • Overly intrusive from privacy standpoint 1/5

    By Scross123
    Identification can certainly be verified without scanning the front and back of a driver’s license into the app. A data breach would be devastatingly easy for criminals to steal the identity of many users. All of this just so we can attend a professional conference does not seem like it’s worth the risk. An alternate should be sought.
  • A nuisance 1/5

    By do gghbjjgxcb
    Why take a picture of the vaccination card then ask to text in the data? And I resent the loss of privacy that comes with using the app.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By RQ1313
    There is a T&C that only appears when you force close the app after initial download. This prevents you from creating a profile but doesn’t send you to what the issue is. The chat help was useless, asking me if I was on Wi-Fi. Then I upload my vax card only to be asked information that is on the card. The amount of personal data this app requires is very concerning. Any company looking to use this app, I would steer clear, it isn’t worth the headaches to your event attendees. And doesn’t tell you what they are going to do with my data once the event is over. It’ll probably end up being super buggy as well.
  • The worst 1/5

    By feudhsiandhdbd
    Worst and most poorly designed application ever. I’ll never use this app again. I wasted a much time with the user interface (buggy, T&C wasn’t selected and didn’t let me proceed, facial authentication didn’t work, had to manually enter data already provided in the form of an uploaded PDF,etc.) I could go on but already wasted enough time with this app. Update: even writing this review was horrible since I can’t submit without creating a unique nickname.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Dabuck20
    Clear has become annoying when checking in. Having to wait for new clients to register for clear is a bit frustrating when you want to check in and be on your way. The whole purpose of clear is the speed and ease to get through TSA pre check. New clients should be using another kiosk separate from current guests. Every time I fly out of LAS it’s the same thing every time, 5-8 ppl trying to sign up while current clients are waiting for ever to get service. It is very frustrating. May not renew do to slow service. Waste of $$.
  • Why? 2/5

    By Mee2!!
    So, you can manually update doses as needed, but you can’t upload pictures of existing documents from your photo library? Why?
  • Such waste of time 1/5

    By aarmb
    They wasted my time at the airport for sign up and then told me that what documents I need for doing so.
  • Breezy and Easy 5/5

    By On the Roof
    Going through the Los Angeles Airport was extremely easy with just a quick stop to get through security. Thank you CLEAR!!
  • What a waste of time. 1/5

    By Do. Wood
  • User experience 1/5

    By kG17
    I caught Covid, recovered, caught Covid again, and recovered again before I got this app to set up properly.
  • Frustrating!! 1/5

    By julijodi
    Impossible to fill out and very very long once you finally can. Find a different app HSS!
  • MD 5/5

    By Coolster17
    Great program