CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access

CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access

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  • Current Version: 1.30.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Alclear, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access App

With CLEAR, all you need is you to open up a world of frictionless experiences. Move more quickly, safely and easily through airports, stadiums, offices, and beyond. Enroll in minutes, use across CLEAR’s nationwide network! Health Pass — A safer way to get back to what you love Health Pass is a safe and easy way to enter offices, stadiums, concerts, and more. Your digital vaccine card — Never be without it! CLEAR makes it safe and easy to create a digital vaccine card that you can carry and use wherever you choose. It's secure, voluntary, and takes just minutes. CLEAR is now partnered with Walmart so if you’ve received your vaccination from any Walmart location nationwide you’ll be able to easily create a digital vaccine card using the CLEAR app. Once you create your digital vaccine card, it automatically syncs with CLEAR’s Health Pass feature so you can enter venues nationwide. CLEAR Plus — Travel made easier Use CLEAR Plus to move seamlessly through 38 airports nationwide. Our secure identity platform enables you to use just your eyes to breeze through airport security so you can spend less time at the airport and more time where it matters. Plus, use exciting app features like Home to Gate to know exactly when to leave for the airport. Sports, Music, Offices, and beyond — Touchless, faster access Ready to see your favorite teams compete again? Or see your favorite bands perform live? Use the CLEAR app for touchless entry to venues across the country. The CLEAR app makes you unstoppable. Download today and enroll in CLEAR with a government-issued ID. Follow @CLEAR on Twitter and Instagram for exciting updates, news, and more. Please note that the CLEAR service is currently available only in the United States

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CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access app reviews

  • The Worst!!! 1/5

    By MikeyA61
    Super unintuitive and unconfigurable
  • Buggy, integrations fail, customer support poor 1/5

    By Kashan4122
    I’ve now spent nearly 2 hours trying to properly set up a health pass to clear Covid screening for an event. The integration to my healthcare providers patient portal doesn’t pull in the relevant information. I’ve been hit my more than 5 internal server errors on multiple views. When I disconnect the sync with my healthcare provider I get an error saying my my health pass has expired. On top of the poor UX/performance, CLEAR customer support took 15 hours to reply when I reached out. When I failed to respond to their text message after a short period they quickly closed the support ticket with no resolution.
  • Loving Clear 5/5

    Amazing product. Love how it makes my life much easier. I fly through the airport when Clear is available. Disappointed when an airport doesn’t have it.
  • NY Philharmonic 5/5

    By Nel Lousso
    Quick and easy
  • Health Pass Expires Quickly 1/5

    By Super*Mum
    What they don’t tell you is that after you do ALLLL the photos, uploading, face scans, questions, etc. is that your Health Pass expires in 277 hours. So guess what I get to do again RIGHT before me trip? Grrrr. And then I have to re-check Safe Travels Hawaii to make sure I don’t have to redo that whole process again because Clear expires. I am extremely upset as we did Clear and Safe Travels two weeks before our trip and it took us about an hour…. and we have to do that whole process over again. There should be a warning upfront telling you to do it a week before your trip or… you know, make the Health Passport valid for 30 days. 😡 This, in addition to their customer service taking 16 hours to text back after you text them is absurd. I won’t be using *any* of their products in the future and I was looking at signing up for their yearly Touchless service. Forget it.
  • Compliment 5/5

    By nnyl2527
    It was way easy and great app!
  • What a joke 1/5

    By Ipads22
    Worst app ever . We have been trying to upload for an 1 -1/2. Horrible .
  • Cumbersome setup and use 1/5

    By LetItBe5
    Took me half an hour to get a photo that worked. Now I need to jump through the same hoops every time I use the app, which makes it a total waste of time for venue access. I’m going back to just showing my vaccination card. Useless!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By SenseiCastillo
    The app simply does not work. Went through the process 5 times with a valid ID, and keep getting the same error message “Sometimes it’s hard to confirm you are you but we’re here to help. Contact support or try again later.” I contacted support, and the person trying to help me simply made me repeat myself and do the same steps multiple times ... to no avail. Useless app. Waste of time and money for any business partnered with this company. Just have people bring a picture of their vaccine card. Way easier and cheaper.
  • Clear 5/5

    By erahkasoN
    Love getting ahead in the line.
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By ahjfdukvaeukfwrivqqrjvfibdfhh
    The verification only lasts 12 hours. That is ridiculous!
  • No way to upload second card 1/5

    By 🐬🐳dolphins
    Better se design needed
  • So slow 1/5

    By NaThAn Gilmmmmmmmmorety
    So slow. I had to restart and renter info so many times. Even as I’m writing this review right now I swear I can’t see the words I am typing I only see an invisible words and the cursor moving to the right. Whack.
  • Atlanta Airport 5/5

    By Fisherman Hank
    Chin solved my technical issues. He is great!
  • Easy and free 5/5

    By Cousin Duke
    Easy and free
  • Difficult to cancel membership 1/5

    By jkjk890!
    I tried to contact them through the text message they provided but no reply.
  • Cant complete setup 1/5

    By Dark Marc
    This app is pointless if you can’t complete the setup. There’s a section where they want to take a selfie of your face and the app refuses to move past this part. Their customer service is non existent and basically submitted automated responses unrelated to my issue via their linked text to contact feature. When it finally responded after 2 business days they still were submitting generic automated responses with the same instructions from their broken app. We needed this as a prescreen to allow for easier and efficient tracking but it’s a only caused additional stress and anxiety because the app does not function properly.
  • Navigate???? 1/5

    By jl1946
    I was able to generate an electronic vaccination card. Now I can’t find it. All sorts of crap about sports events etc are getting in the way.
  • Scanning vacc record problematic 2/5

    By dwswezey
    I am certain many users have the exception I have with their vacc record When I received my second dose I forgot to bring my vacc card with me, as a result I have two vacc cards , one for the 1st dose and another for the second dose. When I used your system I couldn’t obtain a scan with both cards at the same time. So I scanned only the card that is the record of my 1st dose. Therefore, my vacc record in you system is incomplete.
  • Can’t Use 1/5

    By Iswearitwasntme
    I can’t access my vaccine card because it won’t recognize my face. This was the only reason I downloaded this app and now it’s useless.
  • Easy please 5/5

    By kikayready
    Great instructions, easy to follow.
  • CLEARly waste of time 1/5

    By Hayopk
    This app doesn’t work just collecting data
  • Safe guaranteed 5/5

    By EatingAloneAgain
    Solidly secure. Easy to navigate. Read all the, decubitus details, policies and agreements.
  • Horrible App With Log In consistency 1/5

    By Sirieife
    So I have a damaged iPhone that I planned to upgrade later this year. Basically, my camera on my iPhone is broken. So I can’t scan, upload, or take photos that are required to make a covid health pass on my phone. I understand that. So I decided to just create a health pass and log in account on my iPad Pro and then I assumed that the log in credentials would transfer once I log into my account on my iPhone. (So I don’t have to carry a giant iPad Pro everywhere I go that require the Clear app health credentials). Everything worked smoothly and I created an account with all my vaccine creds on my iPad Pro. But once I log into my Clear account on my iPhone. None of the credentials transfer over at all! Zero uniformity! You would think the log in credentials would be enough to have access to my vaccine info from the iPad. Every app that saves your data can be accessed on any device once you create a log in! Not this one! And now I have to get a new phone or carry a giant iPad Pro since my phone camera is busted! Fix this issue! It doesn’t take a genius to create app log in uniformity, fellas!
  • Customer service 5/5

    By g. candelaria
    Janeen was great. Thank you so very much. G. Candelaria
  • Truly Garbage 1/5

    By Efrinpad
    I can not click anything without getting an “Oops something went wrong!” You also can’t edit information if you make a typo (I did and now I can’t update the date I got vaccinated :) ) . What was the point of scanning my vaccine card if you’re going to make me type in all the information, take it, & make it uneditable. My entire friend group going to festival trying to use are all having problems. Truly Garbage.
  • Endless errors 1/5

    By cbjarvis
    First experience, the clear helper at the airport got me confused with my husbands boarding pass and screwed up my membership. This time, they got my name wrong and I can’t find a way to correct it. Hate this service
  • Can’t even set up 1/5

    By Airb330
    I managed to set up an account but couldn’t add my vaccine information. Clear’s solution was to delete my account and start over. OK. Well now I cannot set up a new account, as countless others.
  • Difficult to register and will only allow one person? 2/5

    By HP3406
    Can’t add family members travel with you.
  • ZERO Customer Support or Edit Abilities 4/5

    By Trapped also
    Update: Customer service responded and assisted with my request. Changed rating from 1 start to 4. Why does this App not allow a registered user not to edit it’s account?? I need to make a change and absolutely no options. I’ve emailed and texted for support and ZERO response or help given. Ugh so frustrating.
  • Incomplete 1/5

    By Dahdahdahda
    Does not show booster shot
  • Easy and ready to go 5/5

    By Best Bronco Fans!
    Can't wait to see the Broncos vs Raiders with my family!!
  • Too many review requests 3/5

    By Mattimedes
    Fine app but prompts me to give a review literally every time I open it
  • KMoore 5/5

    By 1CityGuy
    Interesting and very responsive. Didn’t like my picture though but guess that’s on me. I did not realize until halfway through that I had seen the display at the airport.
  • Absolute garbage with no customer support 1/5

    By thatrockgurl
    I would rate this app and their website negative stars if I could. Open the app and it wants me to sign in. Won’t add any information whatsoever past that point. Keeps saying an existing account with that email is missing information needed to set it up. Email link to login shows subscription info and password only and says to contact customer support. This company has zero customer support. Will not respond to requests for help. Don’t waste your time.
  • ID Info inaccurate from scan 2/5

    By Greggmanw
    My name is misspelled which could result in an issue while using the app for verification
  • Good 5/5

    By rrichette
    Good app
  • Does not work ! 1/5

    By userreviews11
    Only supplies an error message when you try to sign up stating “your device is incompatible with Clear services” regardless of your phone being up to date.
  • Health pass 5/5

    By amr227
    It was easy. Good instructions.
  • The best 5/5

    By Just4todsy1975
    This is a very good app and it works great
  • This should be against the law 1/5

    By Da Storyteller
    This is completely ridiculous and the only purpose of this is to leach money from the general public, A perfect example of this is when they privatized passports. The general public should not be paying anybody to move around the country and to profit from this situation should be completely illegal from any private company I don’t care who you are you have no business taking money from the general public in exchange for permission to move about the country.
  • Too much personal information required 1/5

    By Blakebear6
    Way too much personal information required simply for entrance to an event.
  • A Plus! 5/5

    By David8itup!
    Fast and easy to use, very Clear!
  • It has not been working for a few days , needs service 1/5

    By arabsteez
    The app will not allow me to do anything
  • Clear App 5/5

    By GPage$
    Really easy to use. Effective and Efficient. Thanks
  • Terrible picture capture feature 2/5

    By ZeroCool7o2141
    Worked for 30 minutes to set up the vaccine pass. It would not capture my image. Terrible
  • Easy to use and easy to trust 5/5

    By Dbhhhhhhh
    Clear makes everything easier and frankly, one of the few places I trust with my information. Glad they offer this.
  • Raider covid pass — this is terrible 1/5

    By hflires091
    Why can’t they just accept my covid card from my wallet ? Terrible process .. cumbersome
  • Scanning takes forever! 3/5

    By LancasterD
    It took 14 attempts to take an acceptable picture and forever to scan the actual vaccination card. The camera is too sensitive for shakiness. You must be a nano-surgeon to hold still long enough.