Clever: Brain Logic Training

Clever: Brain Logic Training

By 1Action

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  • Category Education
  • Release Date 2022-04-04
  • Current Version 1.49.0
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Welcome to Clever, the ultimate destination for sharpening your mind and challenging your intellect! Dive into a world of immersive puzzles and brain training games that will put your cognitive abilities to the ultimate test. With our app you can indulge in a vast collection of mind-bending challenges designed to enhance your problem-solving skills, memory, logic, and concentration. Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast or just looking to stimulate your brain on-the-go, this app offers a diverse range of brain teasers, memory & math games and more. Clever is a brain training adventure game designed to improve your memory, math, music skills and more. It is a great way to train by playing entertaining mind games. Challenges your brain with: - Music Games. Try to keep the rhythm and improve your ear for music. - Memory Games. Just remember all positions and try to repeat them. Can you repeat it? - Math Games. Find equivalent values ​​and improve your math skills. - And more games in development right now! Our users have already chosen their most favorite games: - "Sequence" is a game where you have to determine the correct sequence. - "Twin Tones - are you sure you have a good musical ear? Check it out with "Twin Tones". - "Zen Lilies" - find all the lilies and prove that you have a great memory. - “Twin Pairs” - train your visual memory, pair up and level up. - “One Line” is one of our users' favorite relaxing games. Draw on a blank stencil without taking your hand off the screen. Challenge yourself daily with our curated selection of brain exercises, each tailored to target specific cognitive functions. Watch as your mental agility improves over time and unlock new levels of achievement. More than 100 levels of challenges for your brain in one app. Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly, annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: