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  • Current Version: 1.58.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Compatibility: Android
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Clipper Card App

The Clipper app is here! - Pay your fares with Clipper in Apple Pay - Manage your account(s) - Load cash value and transit passes - Plan your trips Clipper is the all-in-one transit card used for contactless fare payments throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The new Clipper app lets you manage your Clipper account from your iPhone—add value, view your history, and plan your trip! Download the Clipper app today! Pay with Your iPhone or Apple Watch The Clipper app gives you step-by-step instructions for setting up a new Clipper card or transferring an existing Clipper card to your Apple Wallet. Manage Your Account The Clipper app gives you the same account access as the website, but on your iPhone! You can register a new card, load cash value and transit passes, set up Autoload, view your recent activity, and other features. Sign in and out of multiple Clipper accounts in the Clipper app to manage a card on behalf of someone else. Plan Your Trip The Clipper app has real-time transit information and helpful trip planning tools to make getting around the Bay easy! You can view nearby transit options and routes, get real-time travel and arrival information, and save your favorite locations, stops, and stations. By downloading this app, you agree to and accept the terms of the Clipper Mobile Application License Agreement ( and the Clipper Privacy Policy ( Clipper serves 24 transit services in the San Francisco Bay Area: AC Transit BART Caltrain City Coach County Connection Dumbarton Express FAST Golden Gate Ferry Golden Gate Transit Marin Transit Muni Petaluma Transit SamTrans San Francisco Bay Ferry Santa Rosa CityBus SMART SolTrans Sonoma County Transit Tri Delta Transit Union City Transit Vine VTA WestCAT Wheels By downloading this app, you agree to and accept the terms of the Clipper Mobile Application License Agreement ( and the Clipper Privacy Policy (

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Clipper Card app reviews

  • This is so bad i think BART scammed me 1/5

    By citygirlgreen
    i uploaded a plastic clipper card to this app. But the app is useless for travel - you have to get the card added to your apple wallet. The directions for transferring the value from the app to the wallet don’t work, and once the card is uploaded to the app it stops working. Emailing BART/Clipper help provided directions (with a 2 week response lag) that also don’t work. The gentleman working at the BART entry booth told me he is not allowed to help with the app. So much for my $17. In short, skip the app and just upload directly to your apple wallet.
  • Stole $5 from me and then my card vanished. 1/5

    By Triebb
    Garbage app. I loaded a card with $5 and then it failed to add it to my apple wallet. After restarting my phone the card has vanished and my $5 load was nowhere to be found.
  • App is ridiculous 1/5

    By giiwaas
    Tried to enter and scan my credit card and app keeps having error, and won't scan my card, Trying to add money to my account and denied,
  • So bad 1/5

    By mark1234654321
    This app is so confusing and the functionally barely works. Customer support does not load. Over bills. So bad,
  • Doesn’t work!!! 1/5

    By Denver2424
    Will not let me sign in OR sign up. Complete trash.
  • Allow riders to pay with Clipper app otherwise the app is useless 1/5

    By lucidalight
    I tried to use the Clipper app to ride BART not realizing that that’s not possible. I tried to transfer my Clipper card that now lives in the Clipper app to my Apple Wallet because that’s what lets you use your phone to ride and it wouldn’t let me. Wallet needed the physical Clipper card that I originally transferred into the Clipper app, which I didn’t have with me because I thought I didn’t need to carry it anymore when I downloaded the Clipper app! There was a woman at the SFO BART station with a Clipper logo shirt that was helping me and a few others and even she said, “Don’t use the app.” The Clipper app says in its FAQ that you can’t use it to ride but it’s still useful because you can top up your card using the app. But you can top up your card using Wallet. I guess it’s useful if you use their Trip Tools feature but I automatically go to Google Maps or Citymapper app so this app is essentially useless to me.
  • Someone needs to update the app 2/5

    By Los90876
    Doesn’t update when you reload the clipper card. Can’t add my Clipper card to my Apple Wallet
  • So unclear and convoluted 1/5

    By AntnTash
    I have been trying to purchase a ferry ticket for an hour now and it’s so confusing.
  • Useless 1/5

    By missthuy
    I thought the app would allow me to pay with the app but it doesn’t. You have to transfer to Apple Pay which doesn’t allow you to load using your commuter card. Then when I tried to load the clipper card on the app, the box where you input the specific amount won’t stop loading/flashing so I can never enter the amount. Why can’t Bart be like the NY subway where you can simply pay with your credit card by scanning at the station?! This whole clipper card thing is so stupid. Fine, if you want people to have the card so they can have a discount, cool—but allow people who don’t need it to pay more easily especially when you forget your card or the app functionality fails (or if you’re from out of town).
  • Way too complicated 1/5

    By nonivknick
    Imagine you need to catch a train leaving on a few minutes. You are a tourist or visitor or Ali Al for a one time trip. The app brings you through a long and confusing experience. You miss your train. I had to ask the desk agent 4 times what to do next. International folks have no luck. Guest version seemed to do nothing. Test on people trying to easily just take one trip. Way too much collection or personal info.
  • Done need app. No one pays… 1/5

    By bayrider123
    Don’t download it, don’t use it, none of the people working at the Milbre station care if you jump turnstiles
  • Useless 1/5

    By 2014rockgirl
    You’d think that you’d have the convenience of loading the cash on your phone or your card via the app but it takes DAYS to get the money onto your card. This app is pointless. There is no reason it should take days to load the money but magically going to Walgreens is “faster”. You’d think you’d also have the convenience of monitoring your rides, NOPE! That also takes days to load in. So unless clipper card fixes whatever issue that “magically” doesn’t allow you to reload the card instantly (take a page from the Starbucks app!!!) then there is no reason to have it on your phone. Even the Apple Card function is pointless because you can only have one card digitally. Meaning, clipper card creates and registers a whole NEW card and your plastic card is useless as well. 1/10. Don’t download this lol.
  • Never buy or use it 1/5

    By Suvdaa SF
    It has kept me paying to reload a lot through web & app but didnt get loaded so that i needed to do Double-time pay to get another type of tickets. Also i was late to my rides. Super inconvenient card. I don’t understand why people make it very complicated to just buy transportation ticket.
  • Why do you need this app 3/5

    By avattathil
    It’s so much easier to just add it directly to apple wallet.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By McCormack-11
    Nothing works for me on this app for digital clipper cards via iPhone or Apple Watch. Why even offer that functionality if it doesn’t work? Just wasting my time trying to reload or set up auto load and wind up having to do it at the physical machines anyways.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By themanacrlos
    Who ever made this needs a UX class
  • Loaded $20 - app leaves as pending and won’t let me use 1/5

    By AKL2454
    This app steals your money- don’t use It’s been two weeks and my money is still not usable - says pending. Total fraud and scam - don’t use
  • Clipper Card App do a better job 1/5

    By I love Bart and Muni!
    You made my vacation awful. Suggest : Why can’t you have an “easy” button. Or a day pass button. It is impossible to easily locate a “1 day Visitor Passport”. It should be easy. On the opening scene. For 1 day. And 3 day and. 7 day passes. Not obvious. Bart and Muni are awesome mass transit systems. The Clipper Card app. Is inferior and makes it really had to use the system. I hope Clipper Card app takes this comment seriously and makes the effort to improve. Thank you.
  • Very Poor App 1/5

    By Antz.fxstb
    This app is the worst. I’m download it for my visit to the Bay Area after putting money on it I see all these bad reviews. So I got a physical card thinking I can use the card. An I should be able to use the card and maybe manage it from the app. At no point adding the card to the app it says it will deactivate the physical card. This app is junk why can’t you have a physical card and just manage it from the app like adding money or passes to it. Come on I thought San Francisco had better programmer’s than this. ***** WARNING ***** Definitely do a search before you do anything on this app. It the worst
  • Inconvenient. 2/5

    By RaBiT69
    Purchasing a monthly pass can be a pain. It won’t work same day when you purchase. I have to wait 24hrs for it to activate. SMH..
  • Clipper experience 5/5

    By mwhack
    Very easy to use and reload, the perfect traveling companion. Don’t leave home without it.
  • Won’t let me do anything 1/5

    By ilikeeatingfruit
    I have never felt the need to rate an app, let alone write a review… until now. I lost my old clipper card awhile ago and it won’t let me report my card missing. Same goes for registering my new card. The action just remains loading and nothing happens! I have actually never successfully used this app before thankfully I have my physical card. This app is useless!
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By TheLu74
    Registered two cards into app. One transferred to the Apple Wallet. They worked fine until auto load was set up from my Commuter transit Visa card. Then both cards started problems despite funds in the accounts. All the nice booth ticket agents couldn’t help so called the company and was told to update my address and Visa card; done. Still cards are blocked. It’s been 4 weeks of drama and delays getting on train. I’m going back to old school Clipper card and abandoning $50+ of funds in this poor app. Ugh
  • Steals money if you reset your phone 1/5

    By edubbs1093
    Be warned- if you reset your phone without deleting your clipper card from your wallet, your card and balance will become inaccessible and you will have to pay $3 to be sent a replacement card. You cannot add your clipper card back to your wallet or use it without paying this ransom. Absurd bug, and absurd to charge customers impacted by a glitch. Pretty garbage app.
  • Not reliable (updated) 2/5

    By Nnndddaa
    Not sure what it is with this app but the nfc implementation is not reliable. Maybe if you want to look confused and avoid paying bus fares, but it works maybe 1 time in 5 attempts to scan. BART, VTA, same. Haven’t tried Caltrain or Muni yet, but it’s super annoying to try to get through the gates on BART when this app won’t let you through. Edit: after more experimentation, it seems like the readers will pick up the nfc chip if you use your fingers to create space between the reader and the back of your phone You’re looking for a 1-2 cm gap. If my phone is flush against the reader, it won’t work. That small air gap actually improves the ability of the reader to communicate with your phone
  • Bugs bugs bugs! Totally unreliable. 1/5

    By jacqueline chicago
    This is a super buggy, unreliable transportation app. Worst I have ever used (I have been to 54 countries and have used a LOT). Card takes 24 hours to reload for one (what is this, 2001?), consistent error messages, and lots of general instability stuff. I work in tech so this isn’t “user error”.
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By carppy app
    Haven’t even had the app for a hour and would never use again because of the way it runs we are trying to go to the warriors championship parade Because Bart thought it was a bright idea to make people get the clipper app when it doesn’t even work
  • Worked a couple of then stopped 1/5

    By nousernamechris
    Can't log in with a valid password that works in the web browser. Epic fail.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By kayfong
    This app is terribly. No wonder ferry service in the Bay Area is lacking. I’m about ready to just swim myself.
  • Repeated error messages 1/5

    By MaximumGforce
    Why why why does this not function? Error messages over and over.
  • Can’t see schedule and cannot create an account 1/5

    By Michael Weagraff
    Can’t see schedule and cannot create and an account.
  • 24 hrs to load $$ makes it useless 1/5

    By SweetSpot53
    Sounded like a great idea but when you add money to your card, it doesn’t automatically load it. You have to wait up to 24 hours for it to become available and the balance doesn’t show until you tap in somewhere, so you don’t know if you have what you need when you need it. What’s the point???
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By Great game love it 63
    Ate my money
  • Money on my card 3/5

    By bluethooth_headphones
    Ok, here is my story. My uncle bought me my clipper card. I was at McArthur Bart station and my uncle was loading my card. I went from McArthur to Milbrae. That left me with 55 cents. Then, two days ago, I went to visit my uncle again and I had to load my card again. While the machine that I reloaded my card with updated, the app on my phone, which I had added my card to, didn’t update, and today, after taking two trains, still says 55 cents in my account. I think that the app was supposed to update but just didn’t, and that was what was making it bad. Now I don’t know if I have to reload or not or how many stations I need to take to reload. Is this app worth getting?
  • Registering plastic to the app 1/5

    By sfcoffeeandeverything
    It’s been a day since I moved to San Francisco. After buying the plastic Clipper card, the downloaded the Clipper App. The first trial for Registering the card to the App went through without errors. But it doesn’t show the card information anywhere in the App and only shows the page to register/add card. When I tried doing it again, the pop up error message said the card is already registered to an account. If it is registered, why does the app not display it?
  • Impossible to get working 1/5

    By fi ggg
    The app needs a third party sugar daddy (Apple Wallet) after having my bank account, personal info and still wants to use another app. I wish the app would just take my Money and work instead of fumbling with Apple Pay. One week, hours later and still no Clipper card that works on my phone. No one can explain how to get it to work, at BART or the drivers. No step by step instructions. No clear language saying you will have to have an apple wallet if you want this to work. It’s all kind of unclear app developer marketing speak. Great idea but it needs work.
  • Takes almost a week to load money to card 1/5

    By IHaveNoNameToEnter
    It’s been a week and the transaction is still pending…. I’m not even in the Bay Area at this point. Waste of money.
  • Pointless 2/5

    By poweful-flounder
    App cannot refresh amount on card for 2 weeks now. I don’t mind calling in to check the amount on the card, but defeats the purpose of the app if I was using it to monitor activity and balance.
  • Worst public transportation application in existence 1/5

    By jwowboo
    Worst most user unfriendly form of a public transportation app in the world. Why can’t I use Apple Pay directly with the transit system like in other cities? This app always has delays in your ability to use it in stations, load money, and open the card in my wallet. Highly recommend never using clipper if at all possible
  • Nothing about this app works 1/5

    By Brianbj252524
    Shows incorrect balance, will not load $ anymore, and autoload has never worked
  • Lies of course 1/5

    By nicolet415
    Seen an tv ad saying free clipper card with app and it doesn’t even exist
  • The app does not work 1/5

    By Trent888
    You can’t add a physical card to the app to manage payments etc. It lets you put in the card number but no card will show up. Btw, the toll free number does not have the option of checking card balance.
  • Can’t load money via app 2/5

    By ggj/
    Can’t load money via app, one time load and auto load both not working
  • Who does this 1/5

    By T-Spot
    I recently replaced a credit card because it was lost. They gave me the same number different exp and Sec code. I updated but forgot clipper. Who blocks your account just because one transaction won’t go through. My card refills when it is below 20. Auto refill kicks in but doesn’t go through and they block my card when it has $18 on it. There is no FAQ about this no instructions on how to correct it. Just blocked. I’ve tried adding money at a machine with cash no go blocked. Who does this? This is the worst I liked using the physical card better.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By soothing38384
    The single worst app ever developed. You can’t retrieve value from a precious card without having the physical card (which lost its value when you enrolled in the app). Pathetic.
  • Bummer 1/5

    By Robert Cantoni
    Gosh I wish adding $ in the app worked
  • Buggy load custom amount 2/5

    By FatFinger111
    The box to enter custom amount keeps “loading” and does not let me tap and enter an amount. My internet connection works and phone is up to date. This function sometimes work as intended.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By MD Feedback
    Nothing tells you that they take 3 days to load funds. Terrible service.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By penaaaa7
    Super unreliable. It doesn’t even work 95% of the time and it still charges me for all the attempts I try use Apple Pay for it. Please fix it, rather use the actual plastic card then this..

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