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cloudLibrary by bibliotheca

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  • Current Version: 4.5.18
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bibliotheca Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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cloudLibrary by bibliotheca App

A must-have app for library users! Easily borrow physical items using your mobile device, receive reminders, manage receipts and discover new digital content all within the cloudLibrary app! Extremely intuitive, all it takes is a library card to login and get started! Designed for an enjoyable experience, users can benefit from many new features, depending on their library’s subscription. - Easily accessible library card, which conveniently displays when you’re near the library - Switch accounts with ease and manage multiple library cards from one mobile device - Download and enjoy free eBooks and Audiobooks - Keep track of your physical and digital library activity in one place - Receive helpful receipts, due-date reminders and packable checklists - Visible push notifications alert when hold items are available - View upcoming library events and programs - Checkout print items at your library using your mobile device - Fun and loveable customizations include Themes, Avatars and Nicknames For libraries that have a subscription to offer eBooks and Audiobooks: - Customize your homepage bookshelves to display your preferred genres - Simple interface makes browsing and saving titles a breeze - Filter content by format, availability and language to display exactly what you are looking for - Mark titles as favorites or read to help with literary conversations with friends - Sync digital content across multiple devices to easily pick up where you left off - View current books, full reading history, items on hold and saved titles in one place - Sort titles by name or author to easily find what you’re looking for - Receive reading recommendations or view additional titles by author or series - Select font size, margins and background colors to create your preferred reading experience - Search eBooks for a particular phrase to get back to that one spot you wanted to reference - Bookmark pages and add notes if needed - Return titles early when you’re finished and make available for other readers Elevate your library experience today with the cloudLibrary app!

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cloudLibrary by bibliotheca app reviews

  • Doesn’t open on newest iPad OS 1/5

    By 00476
    App no longer works. Spins, but never connects.
  • Latest version is terrible 1/5

    By Ughfhgfvhfhgfj
    Cloud Library has been a great application until the latest version. I got a notice a few days ago that a book I had on hold was available. Cloud library showed nothing available but the book appeared when I clicked the link. I have been reading the book for three days and was reading it today when the book suddenly disappeared. The history showed it was “returned” today when it disappeared from the app. Prior to now I would have rated CL at 5 stars, however the current version is essentially worthless,
  • His Dark Materials 1/5

    By kickingbird76
    Some books have tiny font with no way to enlarge it. Very frustrating!
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By firechiefretired
    After updating my MAC with latest update, 13.1.2. Won’t open?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By pipdisappointed
    Doesn’t work anymore on iPhone XR. What’s up with that?
  • Good 4/5

    Lots of books, and good interface. However, recently the app kicks me out and restarts my progress on the book after about 15 pages. This is driving me insane. When I go to settings there is no app support, just library, but this is clearly a thing with the app. Help? (Yes, I have tried powering off my phone. No, it did not help. I also tried deleting and reinstalling and there was no result.)
  • Mostly good! 4/5

    By Polo QT
    I like to listen to audiobooks on my iPhone. When our library switched from Overdrive, it took a little getting used to, but all is (mostly) good now. My biggest problem is downloading. Sometimes it will download quickly, but most times it starts to download, then pause. I have to keep tapping it to resume downloading. Sometimes I’ll think it’s downloaded, and will go for a walk listening, but as soon as I’m out of range of WiFi, I get the message, “ Streaming not allowed”. Right now I’ve been trying to download a book for 20 minutes. It just keeps pausing. Very annoying. However, I love the convenience of being able to check out books to read or listen to without the hassle of going to the library.
  • Needs Work 4/5

    By eyf rkd
    I would be far into my book until when I stop reading for a few minutes and it would jump 10-20 pages back. I also found the book marks would sometimes not register and I would then have to go find them. Good books, but needs work on mechanics.
  • Wonderful but some issues 5/5

    By Soohie The Gacha Cat!
  • Not My Favorite 2/5

    By Bookyworm7
    So, I got this app because my local library decided it was a genius idea to switch from Libby to And I haven’t enjoyed it at all. The sound has been cutting in and out for me and the audiobooks will freak out and start over, which really causes problems since I listen to audiobooks while driving. I can’t constantly be putting bookmarks in to remember my place. I don’t believe I’ve finished a single book on this app. I’ve returned them all because I was sick of fighting the stupid app.
  • Ability to change fonts & format 3/5

    By Nowhere’s Music
    Would rate higher but unable to change fonts and while horizontal margins align, vertical does not, so not as easy to read.
  • Won’t open anymore! 1/5

    By Tennisfan22
    I’ve used this app for years, some glitches but overall great. Now with new update it won’t open - just spins... so frustrating!
  • Audiobooks constantly glitch 1/5

    By Todash466
    I try to listen to books on my commute, but it keeps glitching. Usually what seems to happen is at a chapter or track break it registers as loading, then at the next chapter (or when I get a notification from my navigation app) the app just freezes. Sometimes I can hit the replay button, sometimes I have to hit the back button. But I am supposed to be driving and it is distracting. It forces me to go away from my navigation app, so sometimes I have to wait until a traffic light to fix it. I wish my library would go back to Overdrive/Libby. Please fix this!
  • I liked it but... 3/5

    By Zinny856
    I was really enjoying this and reading more audiobooks from my library. However, the last few weeks it’s been crashing every 10-15 minutes which is really irritating.
  • After update I can’t open audio book 1/5

    By MeltingIce11
    The app was great until an update and now I downloaded the book and it will not play it. I can do it when I am in a regular browser but not in app. Can’t find where to ask for help/ support.
  • Dislike new update 3/5

    By Loveiphoneipad
    There’s been a new update for a while that I really dislike. It makes finding books harder and just, in general, the old version was better. Plus, you guys keep getting rid of books available! So... I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone now. TL;DR: New version is trash, books keep getting removed, not enough books.
  • Ok app. Needs some work 3/5

    By dnbreyen
    Error messages can be more friendly. Needs CarPlay support for road trips. 3D Touch to play books would be great.
  • Bad to worse 1/5

    By Laleloolelow
    This is always a glitchy app. However, now it’s at the point where I won’t even open or function anymore. Really disappointed.
  • Broken 1/5

    By 21Bingo21
    Displaying in some sort of micro-for nt since IOS 13. Has this app been abandoned?
  • Very small selection 2/5

    By hdgsbsks
    For a digital catalogue of audiobooks there is an incredibly small selection and almost all of them are newly published. There is almost no chance of finding a specific book you’re looking for unless it just came out and is a bestseller. The interface is bare-bones and beyond terrible, with no real way to tell the app what genres you are interested in, and when you do try to narrow down the genres you’re interested in all you will get is a handful of books within those genres. Do you like noir fiction? Well, two or three noir books to choose from. There seems to be no other way to search other than by genre or by just typing in an author or book title. The only redeeming quality of the app is that once you do find a book you’re interested in it’s very easy to download and start listening.
  • From bad to worse 1/5

    By DF az
    When I first started using the program it had a few glitches, which were bad enough. Upgrades have been even worse. It loses my place, won’t change rotation, there is a lag when pages are turned, and print suddenly becomes either too small or two big to read, even though I didn’t change font size.
  • Audio doesn’t work 1/5

    By Bibliblad
    The newest update is plagued with problems. The audio stops at random times and the app closes. Upon reopening, you are set back to another part of the book and have to spend time finding your place. Please fix this issue.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Bizzym
    The app won’t even open. Keeps spinning and spinning. Why can’t this be fixed? Ridiculous. My library pays money for this and I can’t even use the app.
  • Frustrating so far 1/5

    By David_10987
    Listening to an audiobook has been such a frustrating experience with Cloud Library. It stops at random times, sometimes at the end of a chapter, other times in the middle of a chapter. When you get the book to continue, it begins at a drastically different point, generally replaying the beginning of the chapter you just finished. Sometimes not starting to play at all until you close and restart the app. Definite room for improvement.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Glojean63
    I’ve finally gotten rid of Kindle Unlimited! I can’t always get to the library, so I love this app. I was use to scrolling on Kindle, instead of flipping pages. I wish we could change to scroll instead of flip.
  • Don’t know how to solve this issue 3/5

    By Ruling planet venus
    It’s only been 2 days since I started using this app. My only concern is why only in a minute the screen goes dull or black and have to tap the screen to read again. This never happens with any app. Also brightness settings in my phone and app both are high. So there shouldn’t be an issue. Can someone solve this or answer my query.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By reviewed by miss n
    I used to prefer this app to OverDrive, but now it’s plagued with problems. Audio freezing all the time, or playing without tracking my progress and not allowing me to bookmark so when it freezes or I pause, my place isn’t marked. It also has been requiring me to re-download books that I am in the middle of and have already downloaded. It’s no longer relaxing, it’s frustrating and aggravating. I was very excited to see a recent update, hoping the problems would be fixed...but now in addition to the previous issues, the app won’t play via my headphones.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By 44chef
    Since the update the app on my phone won’t open. Just spins . ☹️. This was one of my favorite apps
  • Same problem as previous update 1/5

    By Lizzzzzz9090
    New update is awful. You did this twice before and had to retreat because of complaints. Why do away with tapping to turn the page? For convenience and accessibility, you need to bring it back. Some people only have the use of one hand, and swiping is significantly more difficult than tapping.
  • Forced loading 1/5

    By feistytnkrbelle
    After using this app for years, it will no longer open - it just spins and spins and spins.
  • Add Author/Title/Chapter option 3/5

    By steelydev
    When I read a book I want to see the Author, Title and Chapter in the header and footer while I read. Just like a paper book. Please add this critical feature ASAP!
  • Only works sometimes 1/5

    By KFrank86
    Over half the time I try opening the app it won’t load, just spinning “loading” wheel. (This is over a year of using it as backup when kindle doesn’t have book I want) Actually using the app isn’t terrible but it has to work first. I’m deleting after this post.
  • Newest update never works correctly! 1/5

    By Threehawgs
    This used to be my favorite app to read books on my iPhone and iPad. It was easy to read my books no matter which device I had with me. This latest update never works. I get error messages and messages to contact my library for further assistance. I’m going to have to find another library app to try. Very frustrating!
  • buggy 3/5

    By wjjcg
    I always like another app to hear audio books. However every single one I have used has been through a buggy stage. It seems it is CLs turn. Hopefully the next update will take care of it.
  • Great app, but hard to search unless you know exactly what you're looking for 4/5

    By Bzabzab
    I use this app daily and I love it! With the most recent update I'm a little disappointed that when you select a book it no longer shows books related to that series/author etc. It would be great to see these again because it was how I found all the books in each series or new reads by that author. It's very difficult to search unless you know exactly what you're looking for, and this made it much easier to browse for new books.
  • App spinning - won’t launch anymore 1/5

    By Juleen63
    Loved this app but now it won’t launch. Just keeps spinning. I checked for updates and it’s current Can’t find support. Can anyone help me?
  • Love it, but will not open 4/5

    By Linger7321
    Currently I updated my iPad to iOS 12.4 and now my library will not open. Anyone else having issues. I really love using this app to read and would be sad to see it go
  • :( 1/5

    By kimblurry<3
    I really didn’t have a problem with the app before. I’ve been using this app for years but recently it started not allowing me to borrow any books. So I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but when I try to put in the country I’m from, the loading page takes forever and I can never select the actual country. How the heck am I suppose to log in if it doesn’t even allow me to set up the basics of this app? I hope this gets fixed. I really liked this app :(
  • New Update Needs To Be Uninstalled and Re-Installed 5/5

    By LAL612
    Love this app! I use it all the time for ebooks and listening to audiobooks. Latest update required me to uninstall and reinstall before it worked.
  • So frustrating! 2/5

    By FlacaTiles
    I'm using this app on my iPhone 7. I'll be listening to a book and it suddenly jumps ahead or even to the end of the book. Sometimes it just keeps repeating the same part. I went on the developer website but (of course!) there's no way to contact anyone for customer support.
  • Crashes and freezes 2/5

    By Avid reader100
    The cloud library on my iPad is very unreliable. It often closes for no reason or freezes so I cannot turn pages. When I then close and reopen it goes back to previous pages not where it froze. It also will not recognize my current book that was recently renewed. The book opens fine on my Samsung phone but says I have to renew the book on iPad. It states the due date as September 9. I have not been happy with this AP since having to change to it due to library changing.
  • August update won't open 1/5

    By SroyaT
    I have the correct software version on my iPhone but the app won't open. It was working fine before the update. What now?
  • Latest update completely broke app 1/5

    By Altonka
    Will not open at all
  • Great Concept 3/5

    By KM101x
    But it lacks quite a bit in implementation. There are new or recurring glitches constantly after the latest update. Everything from being unable to turn pages to checkout problems or server problems. This doesn’t appear to be a stable app.
  • Bugs, slowing down 4/5

    By gaubro
    I have been enjoying this app but it seems to be having some problems. It’s not remembering my books.
  • Works sometimes 3/5

    By S*A*T
    Great concept. Poor execution. Works about half the time. I accidentally logged out and now I can’t log back in. I keep getting a login failure error. Would be great if I could log back in.
  • This app hates people that like to read 1/5

    By sbr517
    This app is constantly crashing, glitching, and return books that you were in the middle of without warning. Now, it gives a message that it can’t connect to the internet despite the WiFi working and cellular data turned on. What a huge waste of time. By the time you dealt with all the glitches in this app, you could have read another book in print. Don’t bother.
  • Frustrating!!! 1/5

    By landonw1998
    The previous 2 updates for iOS have been nothing but glitchy and trouble...*sigh* Yet my spouses uses Kindle/Android version no problem.
  • Poor performance 1/5

    By IN OR MN
    This used to be a great app. Now it’s slow, doesn’t keep track of my history, tells me to turn on my WiFi or cellular data when it’s already on, etc. I liked the older, simple version better!

cloudLibrary by bibliotheca app comments

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