Clue Period Tracker & Calendar

Clue Period Tracker & Calendar

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Clue Period Tracker & Calendar App

Get to know your menstrual cycle with the award-winning Clue app. Clue makes it easy to stay in sync with your body and track your periods and cycle-related experiences accurately and effortlessly. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, managing and tracking cycle-related experiences, or simply want to learn more about what makes your body tick, Clue’s got you covered. Understand your unique patterns, know when you ovulate, and increase your awareness of your overall health and wellness with just a few taps in the Clue app every day. Founded and led by women, Clue is trusted by millions of people worldwide. Clue does not sell your personal health data and will never disclose it. Based in the EU, Clue is protected by some of the strictest data privacy laws in the world (GDPR), which means you can track safely and securely. What can Clue do for you? PERIOD & MENSTRUAL CYCLE TRACKING • Know when to expect your period and plan ahead with advanced, personalized predictions • Discover your body’s unique patterns by tracking 100+ experiences connected to your cycle like feelings, cravings, pain, sex drive, and much more • Log your birth control method, including pills, IUD, ring, patch, and more • Get answers to your health questions with science-based content that breaks down complicated topics like fertility, STIs, and the science of sex into easy-to-understand articles FERTILITY & OVULATION CALCULATOR Clue’s clinically-tested technology takes the mystery out of getting pregnant and can easily tell you your most fertile days. • Get pregnant faster without temperature checks or pee tests • Track your period start dates and Clue’s algorithm does the rest • Get personalized fertility predictions for the best time to try or do home insemination • Access tips and advice from fertility experts to help you understand the science behind getting pregnant PREGNANCY TRACKING • Follow the growth of your baby with weekly updates on size, weight, and development • Receive weekly tips and support from OB-GYNs and Nurse Midwives Get the most out of Clue with a Clue Plus subscription! Try Clue Plus and experience the all-in-one reproductive health app for every phase of your cycle, with access to science-based articles, six months of advanced cycle predictions, plus Clue Pregnancy and Clue Conceive modes. A few legal details: After you choose the Clue subscription that’s right for you & confirm your purchase, the credit card associated with your iTunes Account will be charged. Once purchased, your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. If you currently have a free trial, any unused time will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. If you want to renew your subscription, your account will be charged the same amount you paid for your initial subscription, 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage or change your subscription at any time, including turning off auto-renewal, by going to the ‘Account Settings’ on your device after the purchase. If you have any questions, our Support Team is here to help. Feel free to reach out through the app or at Note: Clue should *not* be used as a contraceptive. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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Clue Period Tracker & Calendar app reviews

  • No longer syncs with Apple Health 2/5

    By DocAyDee
    Been using Clue since 2015 and it’s always been slow to push data to the Apple Health app, but it completely stopped about 3 months ago. Tried deleting and reinstalling Clue, turning sync off and back on, but nothing works. Very disappointed.
  • Used to be amazing 1/5

    By Anonymous7491848104000
    Ive used clue religiously since about 2017. I loved it. It was very easy to use, had a clean design, and all my averages and necessary information was one click away. I believe what set clue apart from every other period app, was it’s minimal amounts of clicks. You click the calendar day, select your flow, then tap to the next day and repeat (for example if you forgot to log period day 1). There’s been a recent major update that completely redid the process, making it just like every other app out there. I loved being able to see the month by month layout as I’m tracking symptoms. There’s simply just WAY to many clicks involved in tracking flow and symptoms and I personally believe more unorganized. The “save” button is honestly unnecessary and I can’t think of a reason why they added it. And the analysis page isn’t even a real analysis anymore, where’s my averages? My cycle length? If I’m in a healthy variance range? All of it is gone. Looking at my past periods just listed one by one doesn’t help me if I have to do all the math myself. Everything I loved about clue is gone. The only reason I haven’t deleted clue is because I simply NEED something to track my period with, I already have clue downloaded, and I’m just hoping clue goes back to its past format.
  • UI updates are terrible 2/5

    By KAH85
    This app used to be so easy and fast to use and now it takes multiple clicks to track something on the calendar and it’s easy to make a mistake and have it not save. It’s terrible and I hate it. I used to enjoy this app and now I dread opening it.
  • Tracked data goes nowhere? 3/5

    By Amelia102
    I like the new functionality and the expanded options within the exercise/mind/feelings/etc tracking. However I don’t understand why there isn’t a page where you can look through your past tracking of these items, like there used to be. Now I track it and it doesn’t get aggregated into an easily readable form (I do pay for Clue Plus). Is this going to be available at some point? Tracking is kind of pointless if I’m not able to see the trends.
  • Please Bring Back Health App Syncing 3/5

    By kori.chung
    I’ve used this app pretty much since it was created and have loved it. The latest update stop syncing the tracking data with the Health App and it’s incredibly disappointing. Please bring it back.
  • no more notifications?? 1/5

    By ezralde
    am i missing something or does this app not even give me the opportunity to ask it to notify me when my period is going to start anymore. I need a subscription for a push notification???
  • I used to love this app 2/5

    By Gdawgyy
    This app used to be so helpful. But ever since the update, it’s much more difficult and frustrating to use. It’s not very user friendly, and now you have to manually save each day instead of when it used to automatically update your changes. I hate this app now. Change it back!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Shouldn't buy
    No NOTIFICATIONS like it used to be. Maybe people are RIGHT they made all the money they wanted and doesn’t care for women/girls health anymore. Also took away the widget. SMH might looks for a different app.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By LaurenTaylorDolly
    Cannot recommend this app enough for menstruating people… it’s been so helpful in helping predict symptoms of my cycle so I feel more prepared.. and it’s also helped me understand more about my body. The amount of features that are free is also amazing!
  • Me gustaba mas antes la app que ahora 3/5

    By arisita27
    Le hicieron una nueva actualización que no me gusto, incluso me confundo, no la siento agradable como anteriormente sentía…
  • You can’t edit your own period days. 1/5

    By huwllzy
    I’m so close to uninstalling. It keeps telling me my period is only two days when it’s not. Or it’ll tel me I’m on my last day of my period when I log my first day. And there’s no clear way to edit it if there is any. Just super annoying and inconvenient that it still hasn’t caught on.
  • Used to be better 3/5

    By softballstar96
    I’ve been using this app for several years! I definitely prefer the old version as it was easier/quicker to track. I’m not a huge fan of the new setup and having to hit save before the colors show up on the selected days. I frequently hit “track” but not “save” and lose sooo much
  • Don’t bother, it’s a scam 1/5

    By hadtowritesomethinghere
    Paid for a subscription back in Nov, it’s now march and I have not received their “ Plus membership “. Emailed them twice to no avail either they don’t care because they made their money or it’s simply a scam.
  • Lost all of my data 1/5

    By katkashmir
    I’ve used Clue for over a decade. Recently they really have pushed signing up for an account. I ignored them because I don’t want anyone to potentially access my data. The US is absolutely bonkers right now, and those of us with uteruses are having incredible breaches of our bodily autonomy. CLEARLY I DON’T WANT AN ACCOUNT. My body, my choice. After a decade of using this app without an account and seamless transfers of everything linked in my iCloud, I suddenly no longer have access to ANYTHING. ABSOLUTE failure to the women needing this service. Awful. Without warning I have lost years of important information. Anyone who would say, “Well I guess you should have signed up for an account…” No. 10+ years of flawless transfers to new phones and devices. That is not an excuse.
  • Incomplete launch 3/5

    By nickeldog
    Why would you launch the app if all the features weren’t fully developed and available?
  • Put it back 2/5

    By Dyani78
    Loved how easy and simple it was to track your periods without having to go thru 4-5 steps now. Used to be 1-2 steps. Not liking this update. Please PUT IT BACK.
  • Please change back to old app 1/5

    By Nikki173638
    I’ve used this for years to track my cycle. Since the update, it’s hard to change the date of your cycle if you accidentally hit the wrong day. It’s not as user friendly as it was before and it used to give reminders and doesn’t anymore. Please change it back.
  • Was PERFECT 4/5

    By Mnbvcxzasdgjlj
    ABOUT THE APP CHANGES: I’ve been using a clue for about YEARS now. I loved it in the beginning! It’s still good! But they changed the fertile predications which is what helped me. Then they just started changing the app. As always, the app was perfect PERFECT until they ‘made it more user friendly’. Like all app developers do…it’s so annoying. I even started to use other apps but nothing compares to CLUE. It used to be easy to just input and go. Just fluid and simple. Now it’s tedious, doesn’t save what I put in because they changed the whole process of how you enter info over days. Used to be able to do my whole period in one swoop. Now I gotta save each day one by one, adding more time, making me never want to orate my cycle, I’ve been writing it down! and sometimes it doesn’t save. ugh! I have to keep going back and input it again. APP OVERALL: That being said, no other app tracks this good FOR ME. The others have me way off. Even my apple health tracking tells me I’m ovulating while I’m getting my period. Just wish they didn’t make changes.
  • Old version way better 2/5

    By Bee2432
    The old version of this app was way better. Losing the ability of reminders and the amount of clicks to do a simple task has drastically changed. I’ve used this app for over 5 years and will be deleting because it isn’t as useful as it once was.
  • UPDATE and Lost Data 1/5

    By liza vanle
    I am deeply upset after the update. It lost all of my previous data I had years worth of tracking. I will never use an app that requires Google to track everything or any other login. No way my data will be sold to insurance and ad companies! It will sell your data
  • Please make this an app on Apple Watch 5/5

    By NoNickiname2
    This is the best App for tracking your cycles! Please make this an app on Apple Watch!!!
  • Updates are terrible 2/5

    By JessL3100
    This app used to be amazing but every update it gets less user friendly. Takes multiple selections to log things, harder to see predictions on calendar and decipher meaning. Return to the former functionality!!
  • Still showing pregnancy prompts 1/5

    By LizAbbie
    I’m a person with a period, not a person who can conceive - this app makes me feel broken every time I use it. They relaunched with “modes” or whatever and the experience is *exactly the same* as without it. I’ve selected Period Tracking and I’m STILL seeing the “trying to conceive?” banner at the top of the tracking screen. I really can’t believe this. It’s pretty basic: if I select period tracking mode, I shouldn’t be prompted about trying to conceive. Isn’t that what pregnancy and conceive modes are for? Further, the fertile window setting is decoupled from your mode, why? You should be able to change these at the same time. Definitely don't need a quick switch for tracking modes, I want to set it once and pretend those other modes don’t exist at all. While I may be in the minority there, it’s a bad user experience to have multiple settings for tracking modes in completely different places. In my ideal world, I don’t ever see this setting - I want fertility completely decoupled from menstruation because for me (and MANY OTHERS) it is. After more than 10 years of dedicated use, I’m very seriously considering dumping this app. The last few years have brought pregnancy and conception front and center to this app; seemingly without awareness of just how dysphoric and triggering it is to see those things. I’m glad they’re providing support for folks who need to track these things, but it seems to have been done with the assumption that if you menstruate, you care about fertility and conception. I don’t, at all. I really expected better from Clue, honestly.
  • Been using it for like 8 years 5/5

    By Hannah2k
    This app is great. I’ve been using it since like 2014/15 so at this point it’s finely tuned to my cycle. It has so many tracking options, it’s beautifully designed, easy to use, has so much information available for free, and if you want the subscription it’s got even more information. The developers are constantly updating the app and fixing any issues through the years in a reasonable amount of time. It tracks really well, what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. It predicts future cycles, which was very handy when planning my wedding months ahead of time. I did not want to be on my period during my wedding so I trusted the app (and hoped and prayed my cycle would stay regular) and everything worked out perfectly. It’s really great for seeing trends in your body’s behavior leading up to your cycle. You can go back and check your past cycles on the calendar to see any similarities or anything new going on, as long as you’re tracking your symptoms.
  • Longtime user disappointed with new “upgrades” 2/5

    By flowerchildsf
    i have been using Clue since it’s release, and i used to love it. I would recommend it to all my friends! However, in the past two years or so things have changed and it is no longer the app i knew and loved. The app is constantly asking me to upgrade to a paid subscription, adding new features that do nothing but overcomplicate, and it truly seems as though clue has gone from a company that cared about ALL of its users, to now only caring for the paid users. not only that, it’s just much less user friendly and generally frustrating. the only reason i keep using it is because it has 6 years of period data on it and i don’t want to lose that.
  • Used to show more 2/5

    By LC2404
    I just recently upgraded to the paid version because I thought I’d be able to get back to the screen where I could see trends each month with my tracked symptoms. All of the things I keep entering, for example, my mood- I can’t seem to find a way to see a pattern of those month to month. I used to be able to see that so I don’t know why they took that away. Now I can only see a comparison of bleeding and # of dates essentially over a few months at once. I think the entire value of this app used to be the fact that I could see and predict OTHER symptoms that go along during the cycle. Please bring that back.
  • 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Best queer-friendly app for menstruation 5/5

    By PizzaPiggy
    It's gender neutral and very open about being an app that's not only for cis women but also trans/nonbinary people who menstruate and trans women/femmes who are tracking their estrogen progress. They also take this LGBTQ+ friendliness into their articles where they discuss topics that are specific to people who are queer both in sexuality and gender and continue to use gender-neutral language throughout them. I appreciate it so much, and have learned quite a bit! I've not only been able to use it for tracking my monthly blood leaking, but have also used it to track my progress with testosterone. Almost at 1 full year, and it's been cool to keep track of how my cycle has changed throughout the process :)
  • Used to be the best but they changed it. 2/5

    By Blood&Fluff
    Used this app for YEARS and loved it, but recently they overhauled the interface and it’s stupid now. You have to click into and out of extra boxes and pop-ups now to get anywhere and record what you want. Tons of “UPGRADE TO THIS” requests that block your view. It’s not as user intuitive and just more complicated — exactly what I DON’T want while I’m on my period. Will be hunting for a new period tracker app that’s more simplistic.
  • Great app, but stripping user experience 5/5

    By CyclicMover89
    I love this app and have been using it for over 8 years. They’ve gone through highs and lows. Initially gave it a 10/10 rating, then the user experience had been stripped and reduced over the years for those of us unable to pay for the cost of the app. I used to be able to view my upcoming cycles, my ovulation cycle, my analysis, share my cycle with my partner, send a PDF of my cycle and my data to my doctor - all of this had been removed or reduced. It was at a 6/10 for a while. NOW the user experience and ideas they implemented are amazing! You can switch between period tracking and trying to conceive. Brilliant.
  • OLD Version Better 1/5

    By BooBoo1126
    The old version was so much better than the new version. Now you have to click track and then click period strength and then click save. WAAAAY too many steps just for tracking your period days.
  • Old Reliable 5/5

    By mangoes_doing_the_tango
    I’ve been using this app since middle school. It’s got my cycle down to a T. I really like that it stores every cycle I’ve ever logged so it has the most accurate information possible. I like that I can log all sorts of things, not just things that pertain to periods! Very useful and I recommend this app over all other cycle tracking apps.
  • Great Improvement, only one thing lacking 4/5

    By Meldiriel
    Years ago I stopped using Clue, because it did not have a way to track pregnancy. I am happy to discover that Clue now has a pregnancy mode. This is a huge improvement. The only thing that is lacking, in my opinion, is that there is no way to log a previous pregnancy in my cycle history. But, since I can hide that “cycle”, I guess it’s not really a huge deal.
  • Super disappointed 1/5

    By €€A
    Update requires you to log in and create an account. Absolutely not.
  • What is the point of this app anymore? 1/5

    By kkozue
    Completely useless since the relaunch. What’s the point of logging all these symptoms if there’s no way to view the past trends of what and when you’ve tracked? If I wanted to see what days I’ve had acne or PMS in past cycles, I’d have to individually click on every day that I wanted to check. Also, since the latest update, ALL my past cycles have disappeared from the Analysis tab. So not only can I not see symptoms that I’ve tracked, I can’t even see how long my past cycles were!!!! What is going on? Yes, yes, I know, you’re “relaunching” - what were you thinking, rolling this out without ANY of the basic functionality it used to have? And just letting it stay like this for MONTHS?? Absolutely insane. Some people are actually paying for this utterly worthless app!
  • I liked the old versions better 3/5

    By Ambaayyy
    I love the app, I’ve been using it for years, but I liked the previous versions when all I had to do was tap what I wanted and it’s saved automatically. I shouldn’t need to tap to track, tap on a period, select a flow and then tap again to save it. It’s excessive
  • Post Roe v Wade exit 1/5

    By Qertiyivncndnfjbkvjd
    Once Clue began requiring a login I was out. In these post Roe v Wade times, I do not want to make it easier for third parties to access and track my menstrual date. I moved over to the Health app which seems to be more friendly to that concept.
  • Useless without notifications after update 2/5

    By Camilla365
    What is the point of a period tracker app without notifications? It’s the most basic function of this type of app, and in the recent update they removed it totally. Reading reviews the developers say this isn’t the final version, but why even release an “update” that REMOVES functions users rely on? I’m not even going to get into the clunky, unhelpful UI changes and how hard it is now to do basic things. Read the other recent reviews that talk about that, they cover the same frustrations I have. I’ve used this app for years, and loved it, but after the recent update it’s so much worse in nearly every way. I’m giving it two stars instead of one because they don’t sell personal data (the only reason I haven’t deleted) and it is still *technically* functional. They are obviously using their monopoly on the market to extract money from users in every way possible.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Rolissa21
    No me gusta NADA la actualización que han hecho, he perdido todo mi historial y además la han hecho menos accesible, han cambiado toda la interface de la aplicación y no se puede hacer nada en configuración, la han hecho hasta más difícil. He iniciando sesión me he registrado desde cero, he hecho de todo y no he podido recuperar mis datos de más de tres años. Sinceramente para mi Clue era la mejor aplicación para registrar tu período y la más sencilla y ahora solo es una más, estoy muy decepcionada.
  • amazing until it wasn't 3/5

    By Jozelin888
    i simply don't like the newest update, there's too many buttons. why do you have to save now? and before you could click on a day and immediately choose from the options what to put but now you have to choose the day, swipe down to take off the "no experiences tracked" and THEN press track. why is it a whole process now. it used to be a lot easier.
  • New version is really bad 1/5

    By staybeautiful1718
    I just recently updated this app (I have automatic updates turned off on my phone so apps won’t update to bad versions on their own lol), and I am disappointed, to say the least. I’ve used this app for close to a decade and have loved it. Now it’s way complicated to use. I also apparently have to pay to add tags now, which I used to use to track info that wasn’t in the other categories (a specific symptom, etc). So unless it’s a symptom that’s listed in the app (most of which do not apply to me) or I’ve had it before, I can’t track it now. That’s pretty lame, and I will be searching for a new app.
  • Meh, bring back the old version 2/5

    By Valayna
    Like many of the other reviews , the old version was superior. You don’t *always* have to try to reinvent the wheel, you know. The being said, PLEASE, how do you not have dark mode yet?!? It’s 2023, the only apps that don’t have dark mode are lame apps stuck in the past. Also, why am I only able to mark sex once?? In my other period tracking apps I could count multiple times of sex being had in a day. I’m getting close to dumping this app, honestly.
  • Update made it hard to use 2/5

    By Taratsp
    Tracking is now tedious and time consuming. You have to log and save each individual note instead of several notes at once. I used to love this app! Now I’m not so sure.
  • Was great before they made changes 2/5

    By steffaneexo
    I used this app for years. Since 2016. I loved it - it was easy to use, interface was simple, and straightforward. The analytics were great and really helpful. And then about a year ago it suddenly prompted that I had to make an account or else I couldn’t use it or access my information. I personally hate this trend of having to create an account and sign up for any little app nowadays especially one that is for tracking such intimate personal information. And today, I realized that I can’t even use the app unless it’s connected to the internet, which is incredibly frustrating considering I don’t even understand why the app needs to be connected to the internet. Unfortunately after years of being devoted to this app, im deleting it and finding another one that isn’t so complicated.
  • Changes for the Worse 1/5

    By darkangeldaria
    Like many others I have been a very long time user of this app. As a continuous BC user it used to be easy to indicate when I started my multiple pack cycle and when it was time to start the next one. Not anymore. I also used to track addition health symptoms for my digestive issues because it was just a couple taps more. Not anymore. Having to pick track, add, save for individual items is slow and time consuming in ways the previous app never was. I was immediately disappointed when the new version had only track period or get pregnant as the options. I had hoped to continue using this app through menopause to track everything that might be helpful to gain a picture of what my body was doing but I think I’ll just go back to a purse calendar like I did as a teen.
  • New release isn’t even MVP 1/5

    By trickycoolj
    When the developers decided to completely overhaul the app from scratch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) should have included every single feature that was present in the original app. Instead they launched a half baked app with a cluttered UI that requires twice as many clicks to get around and doesn’t integrate with Apple Health anymore. I didn’t even realize the integration was dropped until Apple Health kept prompting that I hadn’t had a period for 3-4 months… oh since the Clue redesign. C’mon Ladies, minimum viable product doesn’t remove existing features.
  • It’s changed 3/5

    By hjo13
    I used to really like this app. It was easy to track my period and ovulation for when I was trying to get pregnant. I started to feel weird about this app because once I finally got pregnant and switched to pregnancy mode the app would give me little updates about the baby every week. Some of the facts were really cool until it started to tell me that if I wanted to abort my baby I should do it before a certain time. It wasn’t just once either it would be for a couple weeks and it included information on where to get help as well. I’m sure a lot of people need that information and found it helpful I just wish they had put it in their topic section rather than the section where you watch your baby grow. I’m a few months postpartum now and I’m finally getting my period back. I want to switch to the free version but can’t figure out how because I can’t find the place in the app to do so. I feel like tracking has also become very tedious instead of just a couple clicks. If I forget to track for a couple days I can’t manually say it was from this day to this day. Instead I have to go in to each individual day and track it.
  • update 1/5

    By dhhsusus
    you have to pay for custom tags now, which is so frustrating. i will probably just stop using this app
  • Clunky navigation 1/5

    By Nickmksname
    This app used to be so easy to use. I just open, tap calendar, swipe to what I want to track, tap, done. Much as I would love to open and immediately see a calendar view instead of a circle, it’s regressed and there are several more taps to record what I need and if I don’t hit SAVE everything is lost. It used to auto save.
  • Accuracy 5/5

    By chfrelsicfe
    I know it won’t be perfect but it’s almost always wrong by a day or two, otherwise it’s great, it clearly explains everything and allows you to log any and all symptoms. This was really helpful for me.