Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

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  • Current Version: 5.17
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: BioWink GmbH
  • Compatibility: Android
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Clue Period & Cycle Tracker App

** “Clue is knowledge about your cycle, about science, about yourself.” ** — Apple ** The top free period tracker app ** — Obstetrics & Gynecology, a publication of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Clue is the #1 period tracker app that uses science and research to help demystify your menstrual cycle. Join millions of users who trust Clue for spot-on period predictions, helpful reminders for when to expect symptoms like PMS, and accurate ovulation and fertility tracking. The Clue experience is reliable, scientific, and straightforward: no flowers, pink, or butterflies—just the sort of knowledge about your cycle that you can use every day! Do you ever wonder if your mood swings and cravings are hormonal? Take the guesswork out of your biology and let Clue show you what your menstrual cycle is telling you. Track over 30 health categories and start to see the patterns! Everything from your menstruation to birth control, mood, and sex habits can all be tracked and customized based on your preferences. Can’t remember the date of your last period? Clue keeps your cycle history organized and accessible — perfect for visits to your healthcare provider or gynecologist. Use Clue to: * Track your period, flow heaviness, and the menstrual products you use * Receive accurate predictions and calendar reminders before your next period, PMS, and ovulation * Monitor and track your mood, sex, energy levels, cervical fluid, and more * Easily view your past cycles, and spot trends and averages * Know your ovulation and fertile days, and log your BBT temperature * Log your birth control and set pill reminders PERIOD TRACKER & PERIOD PREDICTIONS * Accurate period predictions, even for those with irregular cycles. Know when your period is about to start! * Clue learns from the data YOU put in. The more you use it, the smarter it gets HEALTH ALERTS & CYCLE CALENDAR * Set personalized reminders for your next period, PMS, ovulation and fertile window * Get pill reminders and log birth control * View period, PMS and fertility predictions for your next three cycles OVULATION & FERTILITY TRACKING * Plan for pregnancy with the ovulation calculator and fertility predictions * Log your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) —perfect if you're trying to conceive UNDERSTAND THE SCIENCE BEHIND YOUR CYCLE * Personalized analysis of your current and past cycles: easily view your averages! * Read in-depth information about the menstrual cycle, complete with medical and scientific references Subscription Information: Upgrade to Clue Plus and access an enhanced analysis of your cycles and forecasts based on the health categories you track in the app. 1-month subscription for $0.99 12-month subscription for $9.99 After you choose one of our plans and confirm your purchase, the payment will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes Account. Once purchased, subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Renewal: If you decide to renew your subscription, your account will be charged the same amount you paid for your initial subscription within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. At any time you can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to the Account Settings on your device after the purchase. Note: Clue Period & Cycle Tracker should *not* be used as a contraceptive. We use gender-neutral language to make Clue accessible for anyone with a cycle. Join us in our mission to advance menstrual health for everyone. Get answers to your questions about periods, sex, and menstrual health at We love hearing from Clue users. Send your feedback, questions, and suggestions to [email protected] Twitter: @clue Facebook: Instagram: @clueapp Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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Clue Period & Cycle Tracker app reviews

  • Review 5/5

    By Alana Harvey
    Love this app
  • Love it 4/5

    By skylermystique
    Extremely easy to use. Great features. Helps me keep track of my period, birth control, mood swings.
  • Won't load on my phone anymore 1/5

    By maggiesfarm9991
    I use this every month. Today i open it up and it just keeps crashing, i cant get any information so, guess I'll just suffer 🤷‍♀️
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By TD1445
    Great for tracking my symptoms and moods during my cycle. 10/10 recommend
  • Could use this, would be helpful 4/5

    By Ababobaloo
    I love this app, it’s super accurate to when my period comes, but I think it’s lacking one thing. I think it would be nice if in the calendar section where you can see when your period is predicted to come, it also had the option to add in an event. That way, you could see when your period is and know if it’s going to interfere with your period.
  • best period tracker ever! 5/5

    By Bria661
    it’s always accurate from when i’m about to start my period! also convenient for doctors appointments because if i get asked when my last period was, i can go back on the app to see when i had my last period.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By savanahh.1
    This app is pretty accurate. It tells me around the time I should start and its correct. I like the questions it asks me. Good app overall!
  • :) 5/5

    By Pariiinaaaazzzzzz
    It’s very helpful I really love and need clue Thanks
  • Bruh 1/5

    By ihateperiod
    I missed one day of data and it reset my month streak of periods awful app
  • I love this app 4/5

    By Hellethil
    It’s pretty accurate. Could you guys make it more accessible to blind people please? It’s a really good app and accurate, it would be nice if it was more accessible for those who can’t see when they’ve started their period.
  • *UPDATED* Less than stellar app if you aren’t a woman keeping track. 1/5

    By Kegmeister
    *Update* All the versions later and none of this stuff had been addressed. I even did the beta testing program through test flight and submitted the suggestion repeatedly via support. What a shame. Now Apple is building this directly into the watch and health app. Since Clue doesn’t want to update this feature that will be the key differentiator between them and Apple, I guess it’s time to admit defeat and prepare to go all in with Apple health/watch app and leave clue behind. Also, the only major change is that my wife no longer “loves” the app. She pretty much already said “what’s the point then if the sharing features don’t work?” and pretty much just logs directly in the health app. She lets health update Clue so that on the off chance that a notification does work, I might get a notice. *End Update* When my wife discovered this app one of the biggest draws for her was that I could download the app, create an account, and she could share her information with me so that we could both be well informed of her menstrual cycle so that we could utilize this information together. From family planning, support for her, shared information without the awkward conversations it was supposed to be great. But I have to tell you that if you aren’t using the app to track your own cycle then it is garbage. Make no mistake, my wife loves the app. I hate it. If you are just following and aren’t tracking you can’t even have access to the app settings. The app on the Apple Watch is useless because it will only keep track of “my data” which there is none and there is no option to have my wife’s data show up. The only perk is that the notifications sometimes work on my end (always for her on her end). Why can’t there be a dedicated set up for a supportive spouse/partner who is following? My wife should be able to customize just how much I can see based on her comfort level (if she doesn’t want me to see her additional data like flow or emotional health, she should have granular control over that), then I should be able to then restrict that further based on what I find useful, and at the very least I should be able to set her cycle for my Apple Watch display and be able to access the very basic app settings such as “Apps and devices,” “passcode” (why can’t I also be able to protect my wife’s data from my phone, why does she have to sacrifice her privacy because I can’t access a setting on my device?), “language and units,” “terms of service,” etc. Wife loves it. She gives it 5 stars. I hate it. I give it 1 star. Because zero isn’t an option.
  • 🎉It’s Exactly What I Needed🎉 5/5

    By My Ballooooon
    This app is amazing! It’s almost always accurate (because, you know, you’re body’s not a clock, it’s not going to be an EXACT month apart every time) and the more you use it, the more it’s specialized for you personally. It also tells you if it notices a pattern during different parts of your cycle. For example, if you’re tired during the first few days each time and have a craving for chocolate 🍫. You can also set it to remind you when you’re about to start your next cycle, which honestly has been a life saver 😅. It also give you a lot of information and advice about your period AND your fertile window, I couldn’t think of a more helpful app which also thinks about my health. AND ITS FREEEEE! 💸
  • Knows me better than I know myself apparently.. 5/5

    By RM4139
    I never write reviews but I absolutely love this app. This thing tracks my period better than I can. I got a Notification that my period was coming tomorrow, and sure enough like clockwork it was there. I also like being able to log and track my pms symptoms. When I start to feel certain moods, I know it’s literally just my hormones for that week. This app is truly amazing.
  • Great app but...tiny suggestion 5/5

    By Andry0510
    I love this app. It’s amazing. Here comes the but... I share my cycle with my husband and he can’t experience the app the same way that I do. I would enjoy this app more if the person I’m sharing my cycle with (in this case my husband) can experience the app the same way that I do. I want to share with him so he can see if I am upset, in pain, craving anything, etc. That is the best thing about this app. It lets you track everything. Thanks!!
  • Clue Period Tracker 5/5

    By Kim_Fischer
    I love this app so much!! It is awesome!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Amieebeach
    Easy to track my cycles, and you know I don’t need anything difficult when doing that! Also, if it notices anything strange it populates a sheet that you can print out and have to your doctor! Pretty helpful.
  • This app 3/5

    By jperqno
    I wish that it would tell me the day that I’m starting and it was right
  • i’m stressing haha 4/5

    By yeeyee girl
    i cant change the length of my period it automatically set to 4 days and i cant change it please help
  • 🤗 4/5

    By This is not a good nickname
    I got my period for the first time a month ago and I’ve been really loving clue, it helps me a lot to track my symptoms and bleeding. My only problem with it is the clue plus thing, even tho it’s only a few dollars a month I think that women should not have to pay to track their cycles and also women with periods are all over in different situations so I don’t think they should have to pay to see their cycle. Other than that I love this app plus it’s supper gender neutral which is great!!
  • I have a small issue 2/5

    By Freaking Annoyed And Irritated
    So this has never happened until now but the app keeps pushing back my period date each day at mid-night and it’s accurate but odd and I would like for it to be able to pick a date that it thinks my period will be without confusing me. Because of this I have to now check the app every night just to be disappointed again🙄
  • Plain and simple 3/5

    By mermaidqueen966
    Easy app to use for tracking. Maybe let us personalize colors and stuff more
  • very accurate 5/5

    By ad0ree.jass
    it’s always either perfect timing , one day before or one day after . this app is very helpful . i recommend it
  • Good app! 5/5

    By ajj697
    It’s easy to use and usually pretty accurate!

    By vsidbns
    If you are scrolling through reviews stop here...this is my honest review of clue, no lies: I have been using clue for almost 6 months now I got my period about 7 months ago (Although I’m only 10). It has been so so hard balancing school, my period, and social life. And clues taken one of things of my hands. There are some days in class when I wanna stab someone with a pencil or hit them with a book but that’s all part of this amazing horrible experience I guess, and who cares if there’s a little blood on your pants!!Don't get to embarrassed I doubt anyone will remember but you. Getting back to reviewing this amazing app...I was also always very reluctant towards tracking my period when I started. I thought I was the only girl that had started my period. But then I found someone else who had also started theirs!!!!! It made me so happy to know someone I was friends with was there to help me along the way. As we were walking in the halls she told me what app she used to track her period...CLUE after downloading the app I was so grateful for whoever made it. There is a special place in heaven for them. In conclusion with everything said your period is a natural thing that happens to all girls so don’t feel alone! Clue can be your best friend during your time of the month which is why you should download it ASAP.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Julylamp
    Love the app, have been using it for maybe 4-5 years! The best thing for me is it’s simplicity and neutral style. The only thing I wish it had is a daily cycle tips like what’s happening at specific day, what to expect and maybe what not to. Just a few words maybe. Best wishes and much love to Clue team ❤️
  • Love this App 5/5

    By A person with a pot
    Clue always keeps me organized and prepared for when I’m going to get my period. I can look at my average cycle lengths and see if from month to month it’s regular or irregular, especially since I'm in adolescence when my cycle is just beginning to get regular. Also all the options to keep track of your PMS are great even though I don’t use them that often. I’m also a huge fan of the emails that get sent out and I love reading them. All in all it’s a great app and me and my friends all use it.
  • Period panties for collection category 4/5

    By lorilyf
    I just started using the app. So far I like it, but under the category for collection there isn’t an option for period panties. I think use of period panties is on the rise, and would respectfully suggest it be added as an option to the category. Thanks!
  • Can’t sign in 2/5

    By Cornholia
  • Notifications? 2/5

    By kimerzpoutdazc
    I’ve had the app for about a month and I have the notifications set and have yet to receive any notifications that I haven’t been on the app. Other than that seems just like any other tracker app.
  • Amazing !! 5/5

    By Nanbug1
    Really great at helping my stay organized with my period and everything. Super easy to use, I def recommend!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By magpie1458
    Really helps with symptoms and being able to send to my doctors
  • Great App 5/5

    By girllikesdogs
    I have tried many other period tracking apps and I like this the best!
  • Useful app that helps me feel more connected to my body 5/5

    By Techygirl97
    I like to use this app to keep track of my period. If used constantly, this app is efficient in helping me keep track of it. It also came in handy in making sure I took the pill everyday back when I was taking it.
  • Great but not perfect 4/5

    By tiana3000
    It’s a great app to say the least. Have been using basically since I got my period. Only complaint would be when I switched phones I thought since I had an account all the information I had recorded would reappear once I downloaded the app and logged in on my new phone but that didn’t happen...guess I’ll have to start over, kind of a bummer
  • Get this app!!! 5/5

    By Lf1b
    Absolutely the best! Wish I had this around in my 20’s. Love it so much. Great for tracking your cycle, knowing when ur fertile and when ur late and connecting all those glorious symptoms we women endure.
  • Predictions always off 1/5

    By Maddyu
    My predictions are ALWAYS off. And I have been logging my period for months without fail. But this month really got me. I opened the app and it has my predicted period as just one day. What? Is there something wrong with this app? I have never logged it as one day so I’m confused as to why it would be telling me my period will only last one day... it’s hard to plan around when the app is always this wrong.
  • Excellent tool 5/5

    By Cleo Aaay
    I’ve been using clue for more than thee years now and it has changed my life. I definitely cannot live without it. It makes you more aware of your body and keeps you on track.
  • Love 5/5

    By Tendrils
    I really love finding out more about my body. Thanks for building something very easy to use
  • Amazing 🤩 5/5

    By joleyyyyyyy
    Clue is a great app for tracking your periods. It is crazy accurate!!!! Even when your cycle is inconsistent it will still track it. So far this app hasn’t miscalculated anything for me. I highly recommend you get Clue
  • Good 3/5

    Though sometimes inaccurate well a lot of times is but only by a day or sometimes a few weeks sometimes it wont even notify me at all like it normally does it works though and it’s sometimes accurate its a good app
  • Love this App 5/5

    By kstarr714
    I have been using this app for 3+ years. I absolutely love it!
  • Satisfied Consumer 5/5

    By mymindscanvas
    I’ve been using this app for about 3-4 years now. It’s always accurate never off by much but a natural day or two. Great, simplisti
  • Is it broken? 1/5

    By 1bluemeenie
    It wouldn’t even let me make an account. I tried Facebook, Google, and manual input. Every single time it told me something went wrong.
  • Best life tracker 5/5

    By Funthings999
    I’ve had this app for years and being able to keep all my data in one app is amazing. Clue genuinely predicts things about my cycle and it’s wonderful
  • Love the app but.. 4/5

    By PSFmt
    This app is great. I love that I can always go back and add things to past days that I forgot to log. But i’m frustrated that instead of telling me how many days late my period is, it just continues saying I should start my period tomorrow. It’s important for me to know how many days late I am.
  • No me puedo registrar 1/5

    By SRG1097
    Estoy intentando registrarme y solo sale error 👀 que hago?
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By eggsalad243
    Helps me keep track and it lets me know about when i am about to start again it’s so good for keeping track and if my doctors ask I know when cause it’s literally on my phone
  • Can’t log in 5/5

    By Tatianna Porter
    I really love the app but it will not let me log in..plz help
  • Complain 2/5

    By julieuhcorn
    I wish it would actually track it and not give me surprises

Clue Period & Cycle Tracker app comments

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