Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

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Clue Period & Cycle Tracker App

Clue is more than just a period tracker – it’s an easy-to-use solution that helps you make sense of your periods, cycle patterns, fertility, and menstrual health. With Clue, your period, cycle symptoms, and patterns are all in one place. Thanks to our powerful period, fertility, and PMS predictions, you’re never not prepared for whatever your period brings – cravings, cramps, or crabby moods. Take back control of your cycle, all in a fluff-free, female-led app which will never sell your data and never spam you with ads. ** App of the Day Worldwide ** — Apple ** Best Fertility Apps 2019 ** — Healthline ** Top free period tracker app ** — Obstetrics & Gynecology Journal (ACOG) TOP FEATURES: • Accurate period predictions for your next three cycles • Track your period days, flow, menstrual products or birth control method • Log your symptoms and customize what you track • Embrace the craving: track cravings, moods, energy levels and more to discover patterns • Easily set up calendar reminders for your period, PMS, ovulation or birth control pill • Keep tabs on your cycle lengths and variations to observe trends and maximize doctor visits • Log your BBT, cervical fluid, and ovulation tests to boost your fertile window predictions • *NEW!* A content tab with educational articles and menstrual health topics curated by Clue's in-house science team • Track with an intuitive app designed for anyone who menstruates • Integrate with Healthkit, including Health App, Touch ID, and Today Extension The unsung benefits of using Clue: • Become the expert on your body • Be kinder to yourself when your cycle symptoms get you down • Get curious about how sex drive & your cycle relate • Gain a deeper understanding of how your body and mind are connected Loving Clue? Then you’ll love Clue Plus! Subscribe to support a period tracker with a backbone. We’re blazing the trail with inclusive, ethical, and user-focused tech and fund menstrual health research. After you choose one of our plans and confirm your purchase, the payment will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes Account. Once purchased, subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. If you decide to renew your subscription, your account will be charged the same amount you paid for your initial subscription within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. At any time you can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to the Account Settings on your device after the purchase. Note: Clue should *not* be used as a contraceptive. If you run into any trouble, the support team is here to help! Please reach us through the app so we can assist you more effectively. Tap: 1. More Menu 2. Support Or – directly through the form: Twitter: @clue Facebook: Instagram: @clueapp TikTok: @clueapp HORMONAL Podcast: Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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Clue Period & Cycle Tracker app reviews

  • Change 3/5

    By Jman7765
    Ever since it got an update it got worse! It used to be when your period came that it would start ur cycle over but it literally just added to the same cycle, disappointed that i might have to delete it
  • clue plus 1/5

    By NL1000000
    out of all the things y’all added, clue plus is horrible. i just wanted an app that can track my period for free. i already gotta pay for feminine products and now i gotta pay for an app to track my period accurately. this app was wayyy better before clue plus. it was added for no reason.
  • Pointless Now 1/5

    By Reviewed by Her
    I’ve been using this app for years and I love being able to tell my doctor my last cycle by simply pulling up the app. Now you can only add day 1 of your cycle and no additional days/details without paying for it. Apple has included this feature in the Health app. For free. Clue’s services (or lack there of) are no longer needed. I’m not paying for something that I can get for free. Thank you for your services over the years but it’s time to uninstall.
  • Good until it slowed 3/5

    By jennaduke2000
    So I’ve been using the app for years now and I love it but within the last six months it has become so slow that it will not even load the cycle diagram. It’s depressing because I already pay the yearly subscription and went I report my issues I never even get a response. I have the iPhone 11 Pro with the latest updates so I shouldn’t be having these problems.
  • Exercise Options? 4/5

    By Broke Driver
    I’m enjoying the tags and the clarity of Clue, but the lack of fitness options bothers me. If the categories need to be limited to four, they should be broken down by type. Cardio as an option takes care of 3/4 (running/swimming/biking) of your current categories. Adding Strength is a good idea, particularly because it’s so important to women’s health e.g. things like bone density. Balance could work well as the third choice (yoga/rock climbing/tai chi). Maybe a Recovery option that includes things like stretching/cool downs and gentle walking as the fourth? Right now the options are not only unnecessarily restrictive, they’re a bad template for women’s physical health.
  • Great originally, but features are eroding 3/5

    By BennettParkZebra
    I’ve used Clue for a couple of years, and appreciate the tracking and analysis. With every recent update, however, my access to information about cycle length, PMS-related symptoms, etc. erodes, blocked off by appeals to switch to the paid version. At some point, I assume that every feature on the free side will just vanish unless you switch to the paid version. But I resent that trend, given that the original marketing ethos was, “Empower yourself with all this information that you should know about your body!” Just throw in some ads, like every other app does.
  • If I could give zero stars i would 1/5

    By mleigh47
    After nine years, you’ve not only cut me off but you are holding my info hostage. I get that your advertising dollars have dried up but holding someone’s informed hostage unless they pay you is extortion.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Looooveste
    This a great app. I have been using it for more than 3 years and have 0 complains.
  • Long time clue user 5/5

    By LizK32
    I’ve been using clue for serval years now and I absolutely love it. I use it as a reminder to take my birth control pill and to track my period. There was recently an update that I am not a fan of. Please go back to the way it was before. Way more user friendly!
  • Super Helpful 5/5

    By annoyed.kitty
    i downloaded clue as soon as i got my first period and it’s been a lifesaver ever since. it’s super easy to use, lead by women, and very helpful and insightful. you can track multiple symptoms as well as see when your fertile window is or when you would usually get pms symptoms during your cycle. it also predicts your next cycle and it’s usually always accurate. 11/10.
  • Best of the worst 2/5

    By BleachOrchid
    It’s 2020, there should be an app that allows women to track their cycle without passing a premium, and easily. While this app is great when it works, it takes multiple tries from launch to get it to load my profile. 5min from open to a full profile load is a joke, but there isn’t anything that’s better that is free. So here I am writing a review that hopefully the devs will actually look at. Please, make the app less of a time wasting endeavor. On the plus side of things, the app is extremely accurate and has great features, I would love to see an option that’s more stripped down and had a better way to display symptoms.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Raantuva
    I've been using this app for years, felt no need to leave a review until now because I would like to stop being harassed while using the app to "make Clue account". No. I don't want one. I will never have one. I am fed up of being asked. I don't see the point and being interrupted while recording data is at best grating and at worst invasive. Why the hell do you want me to make an account so badly? I'm being data mined enough as is don't exacerbate things. Obnoxious and rude.
  • Used to be amazing, updates have made it worse 2/5

    By Fhdsolitairelover
    I’ve been using this app for 5+ years. It’s been amazing for tracking fertility and for that I would rate it as 5 stars. It currently get a 2 stars because after the past few updates the app keeps getting worse. It takes forever to load, freezes, crashes. It used to update on all my and my SO’s devices and now it signs itself out and freezes. I’m not sure what has changed but I’d love for the app to go back to loading quickly and not be so buggy. Sometimes simpler is better.
  • Not the way to do a premium service 3/5

    By GCBC1563
    I’m one of the many reviewers who have used and loved clue for years. I 100% understand why having a premium service is important because it allows the app to still be accessible for those who can’t pay without tons of annoying ads. But the issue is instead of adding new features behind a paywall Clue has just started slowly taking the features we all know and love and moving them into the premium service. This is not the way to get people to pay for your app and is not the way to help people who can’t pay, as the basic app now doesn’t really tell them anything worth knowing. I don’t want to give up on the app just yet, but I don’t feel the transition to basic and premium services has been fair to current users or to individuals looking for the comprehensive and inclusive app you have a reputation for being but do not have $30 to spend on this app a year.
  • All the fertility tracking...without a pregnancy mode? 3/5

    By ophelian
    The design is beautiful, the sensitivity to gender identity is exquisite. However I began using this app between my third and fourth pregnancies to conceive my daughter, my third child and realized only after I tested positive that...there is no pregnancy mode. It was a real bummer to not have a real means of tracking symptoms or pregnancy through the app after so thoroughly tracking fertility. No matter, I thought, I just offloaded the app for about a year until my period returned. The major annoyance now is not only are there multiple requests to upgrade to paid memberships (no thanks) but also stark warnings that my cycle variation is abnormal for my age when in fact I’ve just been pregnant for a year. As a woman of child bearing age who may or may not be wrapping up building her family and in pretty excellent reproductive health, I just can’t really figure out if this app is for me or not. I want it to be, but every time I log on it seems to tell me it’s not.
  • Not honoring subscriptions and going downhill 1/5

    By TatiSki
    I have been a paying member of Clue since 2018, and now I am getting an additional paywall with no honoring of my previous subscription? To go from 9.99 to 29.99+ is ridiculous, especially when you don’t continue previously paid subscriptions. I used Clue because it treated women like humans. The new update is unpleasant to say the least, SUBSCRIBE TO CLUE PLUS is everywhere even though I’m already paying, and I’m very sad because the one app I thought genuinely cared about women is just another money making, data gatherer. Incredibly disappointed in Clue.
  • Don’t update!! 3/5

    By Superjac
    Now they are pushing ads. They weren’t up front about it in the list of changes with the latest update. Don’t update. Keep the old app and avoid these dumb ads. BTW clue people: I will pay for the app. But I will not sign up for any sort of subscription. Look for a one time price and you can start to get my business.
  • Took away a lot 1/5

    By RedNjamison
    Used this app for years. Very helpful, however now they took away the ability to see upcoming cycle dates. Now they want you to pay for what has been there years. No thank you. On the hunt for a new app. PLEASE if your reviewing this because they want money now, list NEW APPs you find for a replacement!
  • give us back old features 2/5

    By Jonsie333333
    this app used to be sooo good but now since they’ve started subscriptions it has gone really downhill. they took a way basically all features except the bare minimum so that if you wanted just a little bit of information it cost 4.99 a month. will probably be switching apps soon.
  • Overcomplicated and expensive subscription 1/5

    By cgfveg
    I get more angry at this app every time they update something. Some people don’t need all complicated elements. So why have one type of subscription?
  • I am infiruiated 1/5

    By Brye Sebring
    I have been using this app since 13 to track my severe PMDD suicidal symptoms and now I can't go back and track days I forgot to log onto the app!?? And I don't get predictions!???? I'm so upset and I'm not even sure what to do. I'm only 17 and this was main way of knowing if I was entering my pms phase. My safety is at risk until I can find a new app and all of my past info is on here. The developers should be ASHAMED.
  • Please put fertility days back in dark blue!! 1/5

    By Em_B123
    Love almost everything about this app! How it’s easy to use, and pretty straight forward! However, there was a change I noticed recently that the color codes for the calendar show fertility days in red now instead of blue! It was much easier to distinguish period days being red and fertility days being blue! Please change back! I will update my star review to 5 stars once it gets changed back, thank you!
  • Game Changer 5/5

    By 9448$4247
    This app is amazing and so accurate! I never have to worry about missing my period anymore!
  • Super Laggy 1/5

    By hella annoyed.
    The cycle and calendar take forever to load now if they ever load. Please fix ASAP.
  • Best tracking app. Period! 5/5

    By S.Darrow
    I have learned so much about my body once I started using clue. There are many different options you ca track - pain, mood, energy etc. after using the app and tracking my symptoms, I realized my monthly migraines were related to my cycle. I recently upgraded to the premium version, simply because I wanted to financially support the app. That’s how much I love the app. I’m excited to find out more about the new features
  • Account now required 1/5

    By Whyismynametakennoo
    When I first installed this app four years ago, I didn’t have to register or create an account and my data only existed on my phone. Now, and account is required to use the app at all. As for the data, why require an account -unless- data is not stored or kept local to the phone. I’d love to use the app again, but I’m value my privacy and I’m not a fan of these changes. Uninstalling.
  • Turned to crap 1/5

    By abuxton85
    I’ve used this app since 2014 when i got my first iud. Once they took away the ability to scroll through dates/tagged symptoms it completely went down hill. I paid for the subscription but it’s not even worth it. Constantly crashes now and so much buffering (lagging) I’m canceling my subscription. I’d rather use a notebook at this point.
  • No longer installing 2/5

    By Lep080384
    I’ve used this app for years and it was great. However, I only ever really use it once a month for a few days, so it’s an app that gets offloaded when it doesn’t get used in order to save space on my phone. Now, when I need it, it is no longer able to be downloaded. I get an error message “unable to install app”. No issues with the other apps that have been offloaded and reinstalled. Sad.
  • Too many popups these days 3/5

    By csvoss
    Not a fan of whatever update now causes me to see a popup asking me to subscribe. It feels like every time I open my app (which is once a day at times), there’s a popup there, between me and recording my data for the day, that I have to dismiss. I’d happily pay a one-time fee just to get rid of the prompting to upgrade, but I’m not excited about a subscription model - all I really just need the basic functionality, I’m not interested in paying for more features.
  • It’s alright, but not after pregnancy 3/5

    By kabfjooyb
    I used this app for over a year, then got pregnant. When I started having periods again after my son was born, I came back to start tracking again, but because of the time away, my predictions are all insane. It always puts my fertile window on the exact dates of my period. I’d love it if the developers could add some functionality that allows you to input a pregnancy and then pick up tracking again without this issue.
  • Keeps crashing with newest update, and annoying paid subscription ads 2/5

    By Yecatalia
    I can ignore the “upgrade to Clue plus” banners that are on every screen. They’re annoying, but not unexpected. But ever since the new update, it keeps freezing and crashing. The calendar view takes forever to load. The app used to be so much better - please fix this!
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By SweetPeaKittyXO
    Like many reviewers have said, I too have been using Clue for the last few years. I absolutely love it! However, over the last few months to maybe a year (honestly I couldn't tell you when this started bc 2020 has been such a mess of a year mentally) whenever I open the app, it takes SUCH a long time to load the screen. Aside from this issue, the app is great and it really helps me track when my period will be AND I set it up to remind me when I'm supposed to take my birth control, which I am notoriously horrible at remembering to take. Anyway, LOVE this app!!!!
  • Unreliable reminder 3/5

    By 7-iris
    Sometimes I get birth control pill reminder, sometimes I don’t. Also Something changed with UI and it’s I can’t point to what exactly changed but it’s now less smooth, more laggy and the track icon is too small and gone from its original position. Revert bliz :(
  • Best period app! but getting slower 5/5

    By marnwstn95
    I’ve been using Clue for 5 years and I recommend it to everyone. However I’ve noticed that for a while now, maybe a year, the app is slower to load when I open it, particularly the calendar view. I did not change my phone or anything like that. It’s frustrating when I want to be able to just open it and quickly input information that I have to wait 10-15 seconds for it to load! Feels like an addressable bug.
  • Used to be decent 1/5

    By idcnickname
    This app is now useless unless you pay. Moving existing features behind a pay wall for existing users will no added enhancements is just bad customer service IMO. Also, the app has become really buggy in the last several months. Constantly crashes, very unreliable notifications despite setting up supposed daily reminders. Alerts only seem to work if you’ve opened the app the day before...which kind of defeats the purpose of an alert/reminder. So I’m definitely not sending them my money. Will find an alternate.
  • My favorite app! BUT.. 5/5

    By mmAdddy
    So I’ve been using clue for years now! It’s always been my absolute favorite period tracking app. I never liked any other ones. Though with the last update I’ve had a really hard time using it and navigating through it. It’s very glitchy for me and I’ve even considered using a different app. I don’t want to though, I love clue. I’m keeping the app downloaded and on my phone but I’ll most likely find a new app to use until clue goes back to how they had it before if they do. Or at least fixing these glitches. I try to go back and add more symptoms to my period week but it doesn’t update it like it usually would. It just puts the symptoms I tried to add to 4 days ago, to today. If you understand what I’m saying.
  • Love it! But no pregnancy support :( 5/5

    By dhbgdtuhgfyioljrdh
    I’ve used this app for years and it has been amazing, tracking signs and symptoms brings awareness. I got pregnant at 37 on our first try (and we just had sex twice that month). The bad news: the app does not support pregnancy, so I had to switch :(
  • ✨THE BEST APP✨ 5/5

    By dhi.s
    Honestly I’ve been using this app for years and it’s one of the best I’ve tried so far. Never had any problems with it
  • Used to be much better 2/5

    By So addictive!!!!
    I’ve used this app for years- since I started trying to conceive in 2014. I didn’t use it for about a year when I finally got pregnant in 2017-2018, and when I returned it just wasn’t the same. It takes MINUTES to start up. It opens and there are pop up and it seems frozen for the longest time. I literally give up eventually and close it out. I’ve moved on to another app now after months of these issues and I’m glad I did. I feel like they added (or started promoting more?) a paid version and all of a sudden it didn’t work well at all. I loved the interface and simplicity, but I’m all set with the lagging.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By Biyxtren
    Just opened the app to a "happy anniversary" pop up that said they were giving a 7 day trial to celebrate. And when you click "next," it takes you to the Clue Plus subscription screen. The 7 day trial is only if you sign up for their $30 subscription. Honestly kind of disgusted. Searching for a new period app. Old review: New update INCREDIBLY disappointed in the new update. The colors, the design, and the fact that information that I've had access to since before "Clue plus" was even a thing is now paid content. Hopefully I can find another app that's just as good as this USED to be. Edit to add: the yellow honestly hurts my eyes. What a horrible choice.
  • Useful but could do with more tracking options (EDIT: THEY ADDED TAGS AM I DREAMING?) 4/5

    By Hexademical
    As I’ve progressed through my twenties, my cycle symptoms have changed a lot, in ways that have sometimes made me very anxious. My doctor recommended that I keep track of my periods so I know what’s a menstrual thing and what’s not. I have found Clue very useful for that purpose. It’s very good at what it does, but it has significant limitations in terms of what it allows you to track. For example, if you want to keep track of exercise, it has 4 options: running, yoga, biking and swimming. If you want to track your emotions, it has 4 options: happy, sensitive, sad, and “PMS.” It has a LOT of categories but only 4 options for each of them, and I often find there’s no option that covers something I’d really like to track. I would really like to have the ability to add custom tags. With that option, I’d absolutely give 5 stars. EDIT AS OF 9/17/20 THEY HAVE ADDED CUSTOM TAGS!!!!!! omg thank the lord. I’m really really happy with this. I know I promised 5 stars if they did this but hear me out... along with the good there’s been some bad. Namely, clue prompts me to sign up for a subscription literally every time I open the app, which is annoying. And it’s sort of insult to injury because like others have pointed out, some of the paid features are things that were previously free. For that reason I’m not upgrading to 5... this is what you get Clue, for showing me I can bargain with you... but this time I’m really serious, if you scale back the advertising and give us back some of the previously free features then you get 5 stars this time. I PINKY SWEAR PROMISE!!!!!
  • Constantly nags you to upgrade 1/5

    By Island Life
    This app used to be amazing. Now its primary function seems to be nagging users to subscribe to it and making it painfully slow to use for free. If Apple’s period tracking app gets just a little better, I will happily switch. Way to turn someone who was a huge fan into someone who would no longer recommend your app 🙄
  • So hard to track for past days 1/5

    By hannah.d14
    This used to be so good and easy to use but it’s so hard to track for past days. Like sry I can’t always track everyday, it’s always freezing and crashing when I try to open calendar view to enter stats for yesterday. Extra sad since I pay for this...
  • 10/10 5/5

    By cupofbatteryacid
    I got clue in 2015 when I started my period and still use it 5 years later! I love it so much and highly recommend it. It has been apart of my life for so long and is so easy to use
  • Great App. 2/5

    By Sue Razdan.
    You have this great app. I love it. Few suggestions: 1. It would be good to fine tune the app to the medical history of women and women that are in menopause. I have tubal ligation done and definitely don’t need to know about the fertility phase of my cycle. 2. Also, beginning menopause here. Would love to see some signs and symptoms of menopause in there so I can track them, any hormonal replacement therapy/pills and if they are effective.
  • What used to be free is now a premium feature 2/5

    By JaxieWhoo
    Loving the new colors and look. But functionally, it’s no longer as useful with this new update. I used to be able to see trends for my tagged symptoms which was what I downloaded Clue for. My cramps have not been very regular recently and I wanted to keep an eye on that. The tracking was going great until about two app updates ago where this tracker analysis is now a premium feature. Might have to find another app now. Perhaps one that will also let me track intensity of the cramps?
  • App no longer working 1/5

    By CVLocal
    I’ve used this app for years with no issues. However this latest release now causes the app to crash and the load times are really long. I’m searching for a replacement because this app is no longer usable. Very disappointing.
  • Needs improvement! Not user friendly 3/5

    By Henabella
    I got this app based a recommendation from a friend and I used it for a while but now it doesn’t even remind me about my period and give any updates or analysis. It continues to unlock the premium package to get the features that I used to get for free. I don’t think it’s a great app for fertility at all. It gives you a guess one when you might be fertile but no other information. It would be great if it included more information and asked you more questions. I wish it was a little bit more personalized. Not everyone’s periods are the same or fertility either.
  • Birth Control Reminder Does not work 3/5

    By K. Tamese
    Are y’all trying to get me pregnant out here?? Why doesn’t the birth control reminder work?

Clue Period & Cycle Tracker app comments

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