Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

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  • Current Version: 2.6.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Marmalade Game Studio
  • Compatibility: Android
16,923 Ratings
$ 3.99

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game App

Clue is the classic murder mystery board game played by millions - Now you can effortlessly enjoy the beloved Hasbro family board game on the go. Download the official app and crack the mysterious case! WHO, with WHAT weapon and WHERE. A grand mansion… a dastardly murder… a gathering of six suspicious characters. Join Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Dr. Orchid, and Professor Plum on a night of murder and mystery in the Clue Tudor Mansion. Features: THE CLASSIC MYSTERY BOARD GAME - Play Clue, the classic murder mystery board game by yourself or with family and friends! A PREMIUM BOARD GAME - No pay-to-win, no ad pop-ups; an app approved by Hasbro BRAIN TEASER - Puzzle your way to the solution and train your detective skills in the classic murder mystery board game. SINGLE-PLAYER - Play against our AI and choose your difficulty level. ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play a game of CLUE with people from all over the world or create a private multiplayer game to play with your friends and family. 10 ADDITIONAL THEMES - Step in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes or go on a spectacular Egyptian Adventure with the CLUE Season Pass. HOW TO PLAY Mr. Boddy of Tudor Mansion has been murdered! But who did it? With what weapon? In which room? The suspects have arrived, and it is up to you to find out who committed the evil crime. Roll the dice to make your way around the luxurious mansion and ask questions like: "Was it was Miss Scarlet, with the Rope, in the Study?" Use the innovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheet to take notes and eliminate red herrings. Follow one clue after another and puzzle your way to the solution. Play CLUE any way you want! Enjoy the classic murder mystery board game the way you like. You can create private multiplayer games with family and friends. Or get automatically matched with CLUE fans around the world. Play in the Single Player mode and choose the AI opponents' difficulty - challenge yourself with hard mode or cruise along in easy mode. Never miss another clue! The ideal companion for every detective: The virtual CLUE Clue Sheet helps you take notes when you make your deductions. Use your Clue Sheet notes to perfect strategy to win the classic Hasbro board game. CLUE, a mystery brain teaser The classic murder mystery board game is perfect for practicing your deduction skills. Find the solution to the heinous crime and train your brain with the tantalizing riddle of who murdered Mr. Boddy. DISCOVER gorgeous new worlds in the CLUE Season Pass! Explore ten different boards with the CLUE Season Pass. Roam the dark streets of Victorian London where Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson solve the heinous crime at hand. Or travel to the hot sands of Egypt, where an archaeological dig becomes the site of an Agatha Christie inspired murder mystery. Each theme adds new characters and spectacular 3D boards. The themes in the Season Pass give the standard board a dramatic make-over and add beautiful extra tokens, without changing the core gameplay. Are you ready to solve the crime? Make brilliant deductions from the clues in your cards, note down your guesses in the virtual Clue Sheet and solve the crime like a true master detective.

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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game app reviews

  • Clue is my favorite board game so I love this! 5/5

    By Mkmilly
    I love the layout and sound effects of this game. Also glad to have an app version that I can play on my phone. I would love it even more if there was a clue game created with a storyline to go along with each game played. You could put reasons why the murderer killed Mr. Boddy and at what time of day was it done? At dinner time or breakfast, what were the suspects all doing around the time of the murder, etc. I guess it would be more of an adventure game with all the elements of the classic board game.
  • I Almost Loved It 1/5

    By Harradranet
    Tried playing with my family last night. We all bought the app and tried to play together, but the game bugged out every time. If the game ran properly I’d give it 5 stars. Hope they fix!
  • Great! 4/5

    By brogle man
    CLUE is my favorite board game, and now I can play it on my phone! I love all the themes and new characters and boards. The only bad thing is that those bundles cost way too much. But other than that, I love this game! Thanks!
  • Clue-The Way I Remember It 5/5

    By ToddAllyn
    OK so far I’m only playing with the board that came with it and the Sherlock board that was free on memorial day weekend. I am loving this game! So much so that I’m thinking about buying all the other boards, but going to read reviews to see if it’s worth it.
  • Clue 5/5

    By C dog2323
    I don’t even know where to start this game is so amazing you can play with real people or you could just play with a computer the weapons are the candlestick the dagger the lead pipe the revolver the rope and the wrench and the characters are Professor Plum Colonel mustard Miss Peacock Miss Scarlet and Mr. Green and Dr. orchid. I love this app my dog named Dixie she ruined the cards to my real close game so like almost once a day I play this app and it’s like I’m literally sitting right there on the kitchen table playing the app it is so much fun! The rooms are so much fun and interesting I mean there’s a kitchen there’s a conservatory there’s a lounge there’s a library there’s so many things do you want this app so what are you waiting for but download now and get it for free but also do you have to pay for some characters but I just don’t pay for those characters and I just get Professor Plum Grove mustard Miss Peacock Miss Scarlet Mr. Green and Dr. orchid
  • My Favorite Game 5/5

    By Fancycatlover2016
    I absolutely love the single-player game and don’t care about playing with other players but would love to see a few changes to make the game perfect: 1. There needs to be a way to identify on the Suspect Talley Sheet which cards you’ve revealed to which player. To me, this is a necessity. Please add this feature. 2. I would like to be able to see my Suspect Talley Sheet after someone else has made an accusation to see how close I was to solving the case. 3. There has to be a more exciting Final Report than the current one. I don’t care about the score, how hard it was or the time it took to be solved. I would like to see a personal rating based on the clues I had put together or just skip it entirely and show a picture of the crime scene and the name of the player who solved the murder. Other information is useless to me. 4. The number shown on the dice thrown does not make sense when you see the rooms available for you to enter. Often you may throw a large number and a room far away will be available but rooms nearer and clearly within range of the number thrown on the dice are not. I don’t understand the logic. Please fix this. Thanks for considering any of my suggestions.
  • Enjoying the game 5/5

    By fnjdjjfjckkdnjdk
    Great fun! One thing - on the Sherlock board, can you please correct the spelling of “Diogenese” Club to “Diogenes”? All of us Baker Street Irregulars (fans of Mr. Holmes) would appreciate it!
  • Very Engaging 5/5

    By Adventurer190
    I love this game me and my brother play it a lot and we always get so immersed.
  • So many glitches 2/5

    By eeelaynuh
    Honestly I really want to give this app more stars because I really enjoy playing it, HOWEVER, there are so many glitches! The game constantly freezes and kicks me out, I know it’s not my WiFi because I’m sitting right by the internet. In addition to freezing, my name is never saved on the game I constantly have to rewrite my name. And there should be a way that two friends can play online with each other and four strangers. There are a lot of issues. A feature this is lacking is prewritten phrases to say as well. A “hurry up” would be nice. Lol.
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By mark42091
    I’ve had the game for a few years clue is my favorite game growing up glad to see it in a mobile version
  • So fun! 5/5

    By Rhonda Riddler
    Wonderful graphics and sound effects! Will continue enjoying this long after social distancing.
  • Get the game 5/5

    By aiden hi
    Me and my Family played the game to gather and we had A lot of fun it is really good and fun and I won
  • Knocked out of game with no option to resume 3/5

    By KimberlySalter
    My friend and I are trying to play but hasbro games keep kicking either of us off the game and all other players become AI. Wish there was an option to rejoin.
  • Would like a refund 1/5

    By rtver
    Downloaded to play for fun and did not even work for me. Kept glitching and shutting down. Would like a refund.
  • Nope 1/5

    By itsneeenaaa
    I wasted $4 on this app. I can’t play because it’s not letting me choose a character or a theme!
  • The best game ever 5/5

    By Clue is the best
    The best game ever
  • Really cool game 5/5

    By Ace Swaink
    I love it but I wish I could unlock more boards and characters instead of buy them but really good game
  • Meh 3/5

    By QueenPiper
    It’s fun. I don’t enjoy having to tap “OK” after literally everyone’s turns lol. But other then that not bad
  • Great game except it lags 5/5

    By So0 Flyy
    I love the board game and was so excited that they had an app. I have no complaints about the app other than that it lags from time to time. Hope they fix it soon because I really enjoy this game.
  • Too slow 2/5

    By pnut319
    Solo is fine, although too much depends on starting position and AI. Multiplayer is horrendous. Way too many slow players. You need to be able to select player level and speed in online games.
  • Locks up constantly 1/5

    By Meto82
    This game locks up and won’t let you finish a single game.
  • I love this game but... 4/5

    By Boo for changes
    Me and my daughter both purchased this in the bundle pack. We were hoping we could play together along with computers since there is only 2 of us but when we tried it wouldn’t let us add computer players. So now we can’t play together which was the whole reason we purchased it.
  • Worth spending real money 5/5

    By Klovestay
    Do yourself a favor... you’d spend the same price on a board game that you’d only get to play every once in a while. Just go ahead and spend the $36 on unlocking all current and future boards and characters. So worth it. This is coming from someone who rarely even puts $1 into a game. No trouble getting a full online crowd to join in. Also been fun playing my sister and her husband out of the country across the globe. A great way to connect and a lovely reinvention of the game. Hope to continue seeing more new boards and characters. Love love love.
  • There are some issues... 2/5

    By Ezim Yllek Nosyla
    If you love clue, you will definitely enjoy this app. I do, and I play all the time. I do have a problem with it though. I recently purchased the “Warning” hint for $2. It is supposed to show you how close other players are to solving the crime. I have tried it in single player and multiplayer mode, and it doesn’t work. Tried clicking on it to activate it, it gives a message that says the hint is permanent and doesn’t need activated. Looked on the app for a way to report the problem, there is no way. Even tried coming to the app store and clicking the “App Support” button to see if I could report the problem that way, and it took me to a page that says “404 error page not found.” If you want people to spend as much money on this app as you expect, you should most DEFINITELY have a way for them to report errors. Until then, my rating stays low.
  • Love it 5/5

    By TheMrSarver
    Love the app. I think it is a lot of fun all the way through! The only two things I would love to see if a reward system to be able to buy new skins instead of just money to buy. And I would love to see an in game chat for online so we can make the game more fun with conversation and no vulgarity! Also a leveling up system to go with the points to show player progress and experience!
  • Notepad 4/5

    By gaffral456
    It would be nice to be able to review your notepad after someone else makes a successful accusation. Looking for ways to improve, makes for better players.
  • Scores keep resetting? 3/5

    By XbluehorusX
    I play this game on single user/solo and I love it. I’ve had it for two weeks now and twice my scores have been reset. It keeps track of the number of games I’ve played just fine, but to go back to 0 points on a weekly basis is super frustrating to me. I should have well over 1k, but nope. Please fix that.

    By RV Traveler 717
    Basically to enjoy the basic game you have to buy more characters and houses. I already paid for the app and don’t want to purchase anything more. Geesh
  • Not the greatest but not the worst 4/5

    By AngelinaG0503
    It’s not a bad game just wish you can be more interactive with the players like maybe a chat on the home screen or request for friends. Gets a little boring but I love clue which I barley play so it’s cool I get to digitally. If they make it more interactive between players this game would be easily a 5/5
  • Seriously no characters? 1/5

    By Jfhnvh
    There are many options for free entertainment, so it makes it more infuriating that this application does not work and it is not free. There’s no tech support to get the issue remedied. I have a iPhone 7 plus, not that it should make difference as there is no verbiage stating you need a late model, and I’ve done the delete app and restart phone option that was recommended. Nothing. Can someone please help with why I get no characters if I’m playing a single player game????
  • Clue 5/5

    By 🦄⚽️
    I love this game is so much fun I don’t even know how to describe it
  • Don’t waste the money 1/5

    By Kallawallaboonoo
    This game would have been awesome if I was actually able to PLAY it! Both times I finally got on a multiplayer game I couldn’t role the dice! The other time it was a different players time to start and I’m guessing they had the same issue considering they wouldn’t take their freaking turn. Why am I getting charged to play these classic games but seeing the worst glitches out of any games I’ve played!
  • Freezes up 3/5

    By Doc0103
    So, I like playing with others online, but it freezes and the only way to get it working again is to shut down my iPad, because I cannot reload the app. That doesn’t work. So, fix this and you might get another star. I say might, because it think it is a bit much to spend money on n a new them and additional characters
  • Free to play game. 1/5

    By Brahula
    Only 10% of game unlocked.
  • Clue 5/5

    By Dmoyer0219
    I love it but I hate when miss scarlet is it
  • Great modern way to play a classic game 5/5

    By rapapwá
    Clue is my favorite board game. While in quarantine, my friends and I are using it as a fun way to stay active and play games with each other. Highly recommend. Would love if the app would add a chat option for friends while playing the game.
  • Can’t believe I paid for THIS 1/5

    By Never Forsaken 777
    The app makes it almost impossible to play with known friends. My daughter and I are very capable and it’s too much of a struggle to play a simple game together. Sad I paid for this.
  • Purchased a Super Pack That Never Showed? 1/5

    By SydSquid00
    A few days ago I purchased a super pack that was 50%, been waiting day for it to show in my game. It was supposed to come with 6 international characters and 6 classic characters and the classic board. Now the money I spent finally came out of my card and it hasn’t showed up even after being charged! I’m highly disappointed, I just want the things purchased to show up in my game! Please fix this! :(
  • Is it just Laziness? 3/5

    This app is great and all but there is no way it has to take up this much storage. To cut to the chase, this game needs better storage management. I have seen much bigger more complex games take less storage. I don’t really know if I want to have this kind of app/game on my phone take this much storage.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By murf58
    I purchased this when I saw it was a recommended game. I regret paying for this. The basic game you pay for is beyond boring. I am guessing they make it that way so you purchase the $50 upgrade. Fooled me once with the first purchase. Will not be fooled again.
  • 👍🏼 4/5

    By obes649
    Fun for the basic app — wouldn’t purchase to upgrade.
  • GREAT game! 5/5

    By movinglady
    LOVE to play with far-away family!! I would love to see the last screen hang around so we can all recap for awhile before it leaves the game.
  • Please give each room a different victim 4/5

    By Dm0628
    According to classic game Mr. Boddy was murdered. Each room with the exception of the classic & the sherlock has the same victim. I was thinking we could spice it up. Tudor Mansion-Count Alvin Tudor, Egyptian-Pharoah Amos, Cruise-Captain Moody, Masquerade-Countess Elaine, Snowy Peaks-Resort Owner Robert Vampire-Dracula, Hollywood-Director Dave & Wild Wild West- The Sheriff. Make sure each victims body is detailed. I paid 35.99 and I shouldn’t be having to find out killed the same person constantly. Other than that, it’s a wonderful game! I wish I can cast it to my tv and play.
  • Classic glue game 1/5

    By very mad at this game
    I just buy today I can’t it loaded it goes first screen and goes off, help what do I do pls help
  • Bad bad 5/5

    By bisplayed
    This game is So Bad
  • Glitchy so far 2/5

    By JCyost
    Downloaded this to play with my family during Covid19 lockdown. Really cool visual and gameplay, but so far we have played two games and both times players have been dropped and there seems to be no way to get back in to a game once you have left?
  • Play with friends ! 2/5

    By Esmeanselmo
    Doesn’t let me play with friends . Just shows the waiting for players screen when on my friends screen it shows they’re there
  • Fun game 4/5

    By Cmu2222
    The game is fun. Almost as fun as the board game. My only issue is that you have to buy almost every character or their different costumes. You can’t earn them through achievements or anything. Each character is almost three dollars individually.
  • Fun Game but Expensive 4/5

    By Dude12456;7
    $36 to get full access to entire game, that’s not a typo, $36! And everyone you play with has to pay that much as well if they want access to everything. The most expensive game I’ve ever seen. I like the game but that’s kind of a crazy price for a phone game.

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game app comments

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