Clumsy Climber

Clumsy Climber

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Compatibility: Android
5,159 Ratings
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Clumsy Climber App

Clumsiest of all climbing games! The flood is coming, hang in there and grab for your life! Climb as far as you can, go through all levels and unlock more than 80 cosmetic items.


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Clumsy Climber app reviews

  • i hate it. 1/5

    By :):(;);(;/:/
    i strongly dislike this game bc it is so hard to figure out and how am i supposed to climb if it won’t let me?!?! i don’t get this game at all and it needs fixing. badly.
  • Good idea bad developers 1/5

    By Ya boi stamps
    This game is a very good but the way it was executed by ketchapp really saddens me i would have much rather seen another development studio create this game without all the needless ads of ketchapp’s other games but isnt that what we expect at this point with ketchapp
  • Just wow 1/5

    By kyle263
    So I was casually playing this game and suddenly an ad pops out of nowhere I exit out of the ad then I keep playing but then the screen that you download the app on pops up and then I die this needs to be fixed
  • Games 3/5

    By iTyfthfykct
    Explain how to play at first
  • Doesn’t always work smoothly 1/5

    By Cassie Simm
    Sometimes I click and it won’t grab wood. Very frustrating.
  • Update is worse!!!! 3/5

    By Hrutherford
    Since the newest update came out 7/11, the gameplay has become unplayable. No matter how accurate you are your player will just randomly freefall to death.
  • Kind of fun, although data/ad usage 3/5

    By JosephAW
    Fun to play but recent update shows too many full screen ads even though I have cellular data and wifi off. They are bypassing user settings and using up my data plan costing me money. This this the typical death nail for most apps. Soon will delete if not fixed.
  • Great Concept; Very Laggy Though =\ 3/5

    By chuckalmero331
    I like the idea of the game, it’s fun when it doesn’t lag.
  • Adds 4/5

    By Illuminium
    This game is alright, the gameplay is fine but adds keep popping up in the middle of the game for me. Which is very frustrating because the game is based on how fast u can go and by the end of the 2 adds played in a row I already lost.

    By F Niantic
    TERRIBLE game. It doesn’t work and all the company wants is publicity before they start charging for a TERRIBLE game. You should be ashamed. I know exactly who your company is and who works there. You will be sorry, and you will NEVER get my business again.
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Nigas house
    This game is addicting but it glitches WAY too much to enjoy.
  • Fun game, ads are annoying 2/5

    By dannykoolster
    The game is really fun! Im pretty good but im going to have to uninstall it, there is way too many ads. Sometimes ads will pop up in the middle of me playing and makes me lose. Dont see how im supposed to enjoy the game like that. Super frustrating.

    By 1299ksjxhxhsbznxn
    There is ads about every 30 seconds and then when you click to climb it throws an ad then pull you to another web site and you die. Also the game is very horrible when ever u try to grab it dose not let you. Also after the third level or two is the same as u did before but longer. In my opinion this game will die in a week and hopefully deleted by the thousands who downloaded it.
  • More like clumsy piece of crap (STUPID) 1/5

    By hater gamer girl
    This is the stupidest game on earth. It’s just so stupid. Another thing that’s stupid is that I have to give this app at least 1 star, but trust me it does not deserve it. U have to climb a ladder and if ur too slow the water rises, Which is stupid because water doesn’t even rise that freakin fast.
  • bleh 1/5

    By Its_savanna24
  • Not to good 4/5

    By Lycheebao12
    It is really fun to play with when you are bored, but there are some bugs that stress me out you can’t reach the sticks sometimes and you slide off. It frustrates me.
  • It's fun, the ads make it lag tho 3/5

    By Nightshadow83
    Whenever you play, the ads cause the game to legit lag. I know its the ads because when i turned off the internet and there werent ads it ran just smooth as butter. Optimize the game please
  • Why I hate is so much 1/5

    By hi i like this gamee hehe
  • STAY AWAY 1/5

    By Onghfbdbhch
    Whatever you do, don’t play this stupid game. WAY too many adds. I understand a company needs to make money, but come on. Not only that, when you watch an add to get 50 coins, it doesn’t give them to you! I watched three adds in hopes of getting those coins, and I never did. The game is also really glitchy.
  • Fun but annoying 3/5

    By Jimjam144
    The game is fun but sometimes I try to tap on the game but sometimes it won’t cling on
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Gunsmoke5656
    Just trust me
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By brykelly
    So before I got it I looked at the reviews. They mostly were bad so I thought it was not good. I still got it and it was fun. Totally better then the reviews but still not the greatest. I would not play it every day but if I got bored I would. I was going to give it three stars but I kept playing and it desired at least one more.
  • When I watch a video for coin it doesn’t give me the coin 1/5

    By it need to be fix
    It’s a good game and it has good service
  • Bad game Warning!!! Do not play it’s trash. 1/5

    By Lwixy
    When you tap the green boost you can’t even tap the other thing!!!. It’s soooooo hard to get a thing on you.
  • Ok game, some problems through 3/5

    By Jjnguy
    This is a cool game but is very glitchy. The ads appear while I playing the game which is a problem since J would have to start over again.
  • Ads 1/5

    By Dude game awesome
    There are way to many ads I get ads randomly when I am in a game it’s really annoying I will start playing again when ads don’t come up as much.
  • If this game had 0 stars I’d give it to them 1/5

    By Puppylove0706332
    This game doesn’t even let you touch the sticks and it’s sooooooo glitchy I HATE this game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME it will just fill up your space and time. I hate it. This is the worst game I have ever downloaded. And that’s a promise
  • It’s garbage 1/5

    By fabfurbuche
    I agree the app is garbage they need to fix everything you can even grab anything it just falls off and then when you try to grab something else well your phone it won’t let you to do me a favor and fix the game because I’ve always liked your brand and all your other games
  • Horrible 1/5

    By junie5678
    This is horrible!
  • Fun game 1/5

    By TR8N
    It’s a awesome game, but they will have a add pop up mid way through the game so you die.
  • It’s great but but it’s a bit hard 5/5

    By broskibro5988
    I really like the game but it’s a bit hard to grab the sticks so in the next update you should probably make it a little easier but overall the game great😇😇😇
  • Awful app 1/5

    By NewSol_motor
    The game was very hard I didn’t like that
  • You expect me to be a pro level 1? 1/5

    By Transact limit
    First off, I did not even START on level one. It immediately put me on level two. Second, I started to try to grab the sticks, and the water rises half a second after. And the ads, well let’s just say 50% of you playing the game is ads. Do not buy this game. Do not give them money. This game is horrible.
  • Bad 2/5

    By Shemsjr
    To many adds
  • Woo wooo woooooo 5/5

    By Ac3131
    Best game of all time😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😄😄 I also like Meghan traitor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️and dislike Shawn Mendez 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 hope you enjoy my review! By! P.S I’m a better singer/dancer than Michael Jackson! By and have a great day!👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 pace out!✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️. By: Landon Coley!
  • Trash 2/5

    By gjffdfggfddcc
    Its so stressful to just click on one stick and the water rises really fast or i slide of. I feel like im get anxiety from this game and its trassssssshhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great game 5/5

    By ChayChayChayChay
    Very addictive
  • What the Hell!!!! 1/5

    By lazy_samy
    This game is so stupid you can’t even grab the sticks and the timing (the water) it goes way too fast and when you try to grab the sticks it won’t let you like ughh I hate this game and a lot of people do too so I encourage you not to get this game!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
  • One problem 3/5

    By Brosenberg
    The game is all great and all, but there is just one thing that messes the whole game up whenever I play, right in the middle of me playing there is an add so just please fix that
  • SO ANNOYING! 2/5

    By 1996-?
    It’s literal purpose is for you to lose so you can see the adds. Totally unfair. Your hand could be right on the bar and it doesn’t matter how many time you tap, it won’t grab. Needs fixed! So done.
  • كلشي حلو في هذهي اللعبه جميله 😍 5/5

    By ازدفزنذتذعد
    بس لوتعطون بعض الهديه
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Yaaa.favv.ziah
    Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t when you grab over it , it’s like it doesn’t register it’s the worst game I could have ever played
  • Hard to press buttons 1/5

    By ahgitbwovjr sk
    It’s hard to press the buttons as you go up
  • Trash 1/5

    By supremenugget patty
    I can’t even play it without adds popping up ever 30 seconds
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Roll top
    Game could be good but the response time is poor you tap to grab and it responds late 😏
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Reanna Davis
    This app is dumb and I had to delete it within the first 30 seconds or more of using it. I would touch part of the screen for the character to grab and it wouldn’t work. If I could I would give it no stars but there is no option for that.
  • Fair and fun 5/5

    By djbornfinesse
    Pretty enjoyable
  • Too many ads! 2/5

    By KnownTaOwn
    I love the game, and the style but there are just too many ads! I would play this way more if it weren’t for the ads.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By worstgameeverr
    Worst app ever. Whenever I touch to make the climber grab a stick, the app pretends like I didn’t tap it and then he slides off into the water. Also he swings so high that when I have to wait for him to come back down he drowns.
  • 1 star or 0 1/5

    By DJR10BOB
    It never catches my button.

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