CNBC: Breaking Business News

CNBC: Breaking Business News

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CNBC: Breaking Business News App

Access the power of CNBC and get all of the latest news in business, tech, finance, and stocks anywhere you go. The world of Wall Street will be at the tip of your fingers when you download CNBC. Easily track your stocks in customizable watchlists so you can get real-time stock market quotes and global market data throughout the day. Making investments will be easier than ever before. CNBC lets you view pre-market and after-hours trading data, including charts with customizable time frames. **Awarded Best Smartphone App (2016 SIPAwards) CNBC Unique Features: Financial News & More - Watch CNBC anytime by streaming full show episodes (U.S. only) and video clips on demand. You can also stream to your TV with AirPlay. - Live stream news with CNBC TV for a wealth of up-to-the-minute information while you’re on the go. - Get all the news you need, all in one with the CNBC app, including 24-hour coverage of global stock markets, top business news, economic analysis and official advisers’ opinions, personal finance, investment, technology, politics, energy, health care and more. Market Insight & Stocks - Get breaking news alerts and a personalized news feed so you’re always the first to know current updates in financial news and markets. - Create and track your favorite company stocks in real-time with stock tracker features. - Make smart investment decisions through stock quotes, interactive charts and customizable time frames. - View pre-market and after-hours trading data. - And now available Cryptocurrencies. Get the finance and business news and information you need every day. Download CNBC for up-to-the-minute news and insight today. We also offer accessibility features like VoiceOver and font adjustment for Apple Watch. --- CNBC PRO - Start your 30-day free trial today! - Subscribe to CNBC PRO to unlock even more content. - Monitor live global coverage in various markets. - Learn from advisers and experts who do it best. - Uncover big data trends and opportunities. - Watch by streaming live TV or full show episodes on demand (U.S. only). - Watch our daytime shows: “Squawk Box,” “Mad Money,” “Closing Bell,” “Halftime Report,” “Power Lunch,” “Fast Money”. --- CNBC Pro Prices: $299.99 annually + 30-day free trial $29.99 monthly Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account and will automatically renew through iTunes unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. You can manage your CNBC PRO subscription through your iTunes account. For the Privacy Policy, please go to For Terms of Use, please go to For Market Data Terms of Service, please go to

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CNBC: Breaking Business News app reviews

  • Still something missing but overall good site 4/5

    By SFKenzie
    So what is missing for me is the lack of international news. Over the last few years somewhat painfully the US has realized that, though it is still economically the strongest country in the world, it is part of a global market that is working very hard to compete with us. The world depends on the US and reciprocally. It is that very reciprocity that we have ignored for so long. It is getting better but we are not there yet and you guys can tremendously help in that process. But you are not yet there in my judgement. For example something happened yesterday with Brexit that could have significant consequences to us. Not much coverage on it. They are so many examples I could cite. So I continue to get my international news with Bloomberg (I refuse to pay for it though but I don’t mind advertising) and The NYT. Anyway I do believe you are doing a great job, why not add to your credentials Michel Reichert (former banker and Private Equity founder)
  • Missing functionality 2/5

    By straighttalk44
    There’s too much missing from the stock quote screen, like Options just for one. Very frustrating
  • Roper,N 5/5

    By Roper,N
    I love CNBC daily coverage of financial news, particularly Wall Street. Keep it up.
  • CNBC Business 5/5

    By Yuvtrew
    I love the CNBC APP, I wish I can pull older Videos Than what the App currently shows. Most info useful
  • Stop with the stock price alerts 2/5

    By BLangcell
    I enjoy getting news alerts but do not enjoy getting stock market updates 3+ times a day. Please add a feature to not allow stock market updates.
  • Ok 2/5

    By 5girl8
  • Rating 2/5

    By qhpyoxzr
    Your points of view are too liberal leaning when you should focus more on the economic facts rather than politicizing the stories. I’m an independent and I need information to better manage my portfolio. I use your app to assist me in assessing the markets. Focus on that and stay out of politics.
  • Horrible. Simply horrible 1/5

    By Jase1125
    Horrible home screen redesign Horrible leftist articles yelling about trump and social policies. I thought this was a financial news site?!?!?!?
  • Easy to understand futures 5/5

    By Bryan Longworth
    I like the futures portion of this app.
  • Business owner 5/5

    By tissest
    This app deserves 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • CNBC APP 5/5

    By WASTEMAN1814
    Love the app always up to date always works
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Jayramco
    Opened the AP this morning looking for something more timely than YahooFinancial. Very disappointed especially since they must go through my cable company to bring me the news. My cable company is a relatively small private system for 3500 home development. All I wanted was news headlines on my iPad I could otherwise get watching CNBC on my TV. Disappointed. Also concerned by reading numerous 1-2 star ratings comments. Maybe the 5G rollout will solve everything, including the political B S.
  • CNBC 5/5

    By Wynn5
    Your coverage has me look more at your APP. I am not here for stocks. I think you need to be more honest about Trump, he is getting worse at lying more each month.
  • Business channel 4/5

    By Dutchmanwood
    CNBC is the Best of what they do, no one is even close. They report the numbers and explain what they are actually telling us. In a method that we can all understand and appreciate.
  • Excellent source 5/5

    By hot in cali
    Easy to read, really enjoy the premarket data. Really interesting content.
  • CNBC 5/5

    By Buckeyecanoe
    Highly legible, organized and functional.
  • Good app 4/5

    By calleigh27
    Great for stocks and monitoring world markets - as all media very liberally slanted in the reporting area
  • Live Stream never works. 1/5

    By msd087
    Very unreliable app when it comes to watching the live stream If you rely on live tv. DO NOT use this app. It never works and when it does it lasts a min or two Always get error. “Whoops, that video isn’t playing right now” Pretty amazed they can’t figure out how to do a live stream. When they are a chain that big. Lol
  • First time. 5/5

    By Manda1213
    To my first time getting into stocks. And businesses that I believe in. This app, has made it so easy to keep up and read on the things I’m interested in buying into.
  • My comments 4/5

    By davhur
    I would like to see more comments made by the stock market guys and also a daily break review of what Rachel said
  • Too many annoying ads 2/5

    By Zing thing
    I used to love the app until recently when they have started popping annnoying ads very frequently . They already have ads in the news Etc.. on top of it now the video starts popping up. I hope they remove these videos popping up so frequently
  • Was a great app. Not so much now. 1/5

    By Ash567789
    Used to be simple to use, now the app crashes almost every time and they force ad videos on you, like literally when the app is open the video will play. I am not sure what is going on but it’s unavoidable.
  • Can’t beat this app. 5/5

    By A40ftSloop
    I love this app it’s my “go to” when I need to know right away what the markets are doing and what kind of breaking news is out there
  • Review 5/5

    By zdnufyvkudzfyv
    This app is a great way to look at stocks.
  • Price update slow 3/5

    By Mngoctri
    The price and chart shown for each company somehow update a little slow compared to other websites
  • Live 1/5

    By Zamxdf
    Live broadcast is buffering a lot. It used to be much better.
  • Used to be a great app... 1/5

    By Aias
    This used to be a business app where I could check business related news and stock prices. Now, it’s another media site suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Trump could come out and say, “I love dogs!” and CNBC would have a headline in the app screaming, “Trump hates cats!” I’m no Trump fan, but can’t you just stick to business headlines? Deleted!
  • Content 5/5

    By SRX 1234
    Awesome content to trade on. Frank
  • Good topics/issues 5/5

    By Old school editor
    Done in concise informative format. Writing style flows well.
  • call for weekly news summary 5/5

    By tubie1993
    It would be lovely If there was a weekly news summary that runs through the most important business news through out the week
  • Used to be a great app until they started to publish anti trump articles 1/5

    By Left Coast Willie
    Copper and oil demands are hiding a slow economy! Really? it’s cowhides that show that the economy is slowing... sure right. what kind of crackpots are you quoting.. Publishes fake and misleading stock news
  • Its hard to make economics fun 4/5

    By bjw123r
    Nonetheless CNBC manages to educate update and have fun ce. Sqwalk boxremains my morning joy,even though joe and BECKY are overworked underpaid and starting to show their sorry I didn’t mean anything other than brilliance and teamwork. Thanks for helping me enjoy breakfast all these years!!!! I’m getting old myself on CNBC
  • CNBC App 5/5

    By mateo.erre
    Solid site that never crashes. Provides stock data and financial news. Great for free.
  • Favorite stock app 5/5

    By C O P
    I’ve been looking for a stock market app for 10 years that gives YTD, 1 year, 3 year Total Returns. This is it. I use this app 10 times a day. Love it.
  • Continuous program improvement 5/5

    By ATheisjen
    CNBC keeps update the latest news and stories on a daily basis, which help its reader to cope up with the economic update. More importantly it provides much more faster breaking news than others.
  • Dated news 1/5

    By Hansola1
    More often than not, the headline categories are badly dated. Almost daily, they have been on the App for over 24 hours! Further, if you are interested in doing research on a public company, the accessible information is woefully limited. Bloomberg’s App is far superior.
  • Stock pickers dream 5/5

    By chrisra48
    This is a great app to keep eye on your stocks ,price ,history and news etc .
  • Reliable source 5/5

    By ragchan
    My number one go to app for key Market news
  • No internet 4/5

    By FireofOden
    This app shows not internet if I switch apps or lock my phone and come back but still shows articles but no pics and looks like crap when this happens. Otherwise good app.
  • Political slant 1/5

    By eyuhfdc
    Tired of your relentless negative bias against the president. Give it a rest and get back to business
  • Review 2/5

    By Aaddcvf145
    Too liberal in reporting. Border fake news on many stories. I use CNBC for market status only, other financial apps for news, financial news.
  • CNBC Info 5/5

    By SPH10117
    One of the best sites for financial information
  • News articles 3/5

    By It's the really real me
    The font is too small to read. Headlines are a good size font however the meat of the article is annoyingly too small.
  • All The Financial News Fit to Tint 1/5

    By USA-Vet
    An extension of NBC’s anti Trump propaganda bias machine. It makes all of their articles suspected misinformation. So much fake news that they turned off their comments sections over a year ago. They must be afraid of the truth. NBC should lose their broadcast licenses as they are not operating in the public interest.
  • CNBC App is Great 5/5

    By Howard, Monroe Twp NJ
    The CNBC app is very well designed and easy to navigate. The market data, news and articles are extremely valuable. Thanks
  • Great app 5/5

    By Guy P..
    First app I open when I wake up on weekday mornings
  • Takata airbags 5/5

    By chazbohyde
    Squawk Box did a article on the airbags that Honda is replacing. I have a 2010 Lincoln MKZ. Ford Motor Company has provide to me a rental car that I have had for two months. I am being told it would probably be a few more months before they change out the old unit. The employee at Thrifty Car rental told me the there company is receiving one million dollars a month from Ford.
  • Quick and easy 5/5

    By DAH TX
    Quick and easy access to stocks and current information
  • I don’t want your political views 1/5

    By WDA1947
    I downloaded this app to find out what the market was doing, but like a lot of the other news channels, You only have one agenda, you’re all about one thing hating on who’s ever in power that’s not a Democrat. I am a registered Democrat but I will be changing that! I am so sick of the movie stars on TV and the newspapers being one sided, you’re putting down half the country because they don’t agree with you, who the hell do you think you are? I don’t agree with a lot of things that Republican or Democrats do. I use my own mind to make my decisions on what I think is right, one is not better than the other it’s a matter of opinion and I will not allow anybody else to tell me what to do or tell me I’m stupid! I don’t believe I have to wear a red hat or a blue hat to prove that I have a mind, some people seem to think they are the elite and everybody should only listen to them. For the first time in my life I’m sorry I registered Democrat. Take the labels off, let’s just vote for people that Don’t have a label (Republican or Democrat)! When you go into the booth to booth you have to book for individual people not parties, I know of many people to go in there and just pull the one switch for the Home thing, mindless people that don’t take the time to check out would be best for the country. Do away with Republicans and Democrats parties, let’s see what would happen if we had to use our minds and vote for the person that we think is best not the party. Rant over... just my opinion take it or leave it you have a mind why don’t you use it!!!
  • Fake add data 1/5

    By Bsimon1274
    The add continues to pop up when I use this application.

CNBC: Breaking Business News app comments

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