CNBC: Stock Market & Business

CNBC: Stock Market & Business

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  • Current Version: 5.20.0
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CNBC: Stock Market & Business App

CNBC brings the world of Wall Street to you with breaking news alerts, watchlists, global market data, CNBC TV and Live audio. Access the power of CNBC to get the latest business, tech, finance news and more! - Daily Live TV Free Preview – Watch a daily free preview of CNBC's live TV stream - Personalized News Alerts – Choose alerts by category: Technology, Economy and more - Customizable News Section – Create your own customized news feed by selecting your favorite topics, and save stories to read later - "For You" News – Personalized recommendations based on your interests - Quotes – More powerful interactive charts and quote data - More Watchlists – Add up to 100 watchlists, each with up to 100 quotes - iPad Multitasking with Picture in Picture - Watch CNBC TV while browsing other apps - Enhanced Search – Search for companies and add them to your watchlist, or view news - all in one screen - Podcasts & Live Audio, with CarPlay - Listen to CNBC podcasts and live audio (US only), in the app and in the car with CarPlay CNBC lets you view pre-market and after-hours trading data, including charts with customizable time frames, indicators and styles. Financial News & More - Free U.S. live stream previews daily to stay informed on stock news and updates - Live stream news with CNBC TV for up-to-the-minute market information while you’re on the go - Watch CNBC anytime by streaming full show episodes (U.S. only) and video clips on demand - Listen to podcasts while browsing news and stock information or while in your CarPlay supported car Market & Business News Coverage Get all the news you need in one app with CNBC, including: - 24-hour coverage of global stock markets - Top business news - Economic analysis and official advisor opinions - Personal finance - Technology - Politics - Energy - Healthcare - And more Market Insight & Stocks - Create and track your favorite company stocks in real-time with custom watchlists - Real-time stock quotes, interactive charts and customizable time frames help you make smart investment decisions - View pre-market and after-hours trading data - Monitor Cryptocurrencies 24/7 Customized Finance Data & Alerts - Create customized alerts by category to keep up with the latest market changes - Edit and customize the news tab to follow topics relevant to your interests - Customize watchlists for the stocks you follow and sync them across all iOS devices Accessibility - Text size adjustments - VoiceOver CNBC PRO - Start your 7-day free trial today! - Subscribe to CNBC PRO to unlock even more content - Monitor live global coverage in various markets - Learn from advisers and experts who do it best - Uncover big data trends and opportunities - Watch by streaming live TV or full show episodes on demand (U.S. only) - Watch our daytime shows: “Squawk Box,” “Mad Money,” “Closing Bell,” “Halftime Report,” “Power Lunch,” “Fast Money” Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account and will automatically renew through iTunes unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. You can manage your CNBC PRO subscription through your iTunes account. For the Privacy Policy, please go to For Terms of Use, please go to For Market Data Terms of Service, please go to For Do Not Sell My Personal Information, please go to California Notice link:

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CNBC: Stock Market & Business app reviews

  • Great knowledgeable business news thanks 5/5

    By JPVanam
    Thanks for the great ethical knowledgeable Ability to get The greatest Company leaders and all your stockbrokers and Jim Cramer🤔🌈😎🌈🤩 Really-The Best-and without the commercials How do you swing it by taking away from Bloomberg I’m not even using the terminal Carter worth, it worth it
  • Notifications 3/5

    By jfernandez00
    Like an upset girlfriend, why do my notifications stop popping up if I don’t open the app?? I like the notifications to see top stories, movers, etc. but I don’t always open the app. Please fix. And yes, I’ve looked at all my sterling’s and have reinstalled app.
  • Charts terrible now with past 2 updates 1/5

    By O artist
    Used to be able to scroll on any chart, 1 day to max, would show on top price; now you have to gauge the line to determine where price was weather be an hour or months/ years ago. Wish would put back was was. Also seems to be determined on certain stocks news and such as if only a couple editors.
  • Fix charts or revert 1/5

    By UI nerd
    Fix the charts or revert back to the previous version!
  • Bad chart 1/5

    By callie20211
    Hate the update as the Chart is slow and hard to used.
  • Charts 4/5

    By SweetFan123
    I love this app enough to keep using it even though the chart downgrade from a few months ago continues to get in my way. Much of the time on my iPhone 8 the chart simply disappears. Other times it shows the wrong time frame. I may have chosen day but it shows week. Also I continually touch the chart while scrolling and of course that doesn’t work. Argh. The charts were great before this change. I was able to get more data when touching an area on the chart and now I just get crosshairs that tell me nothing.
  • Best finance support apps 4/5

    By yeejohn
    It contains mostly all financial news to support the necessary investment decision.
  • Access 2/5

    By Sampson123456
    There are too many articles that are only accessible with a subscription.
  • What happened to the widget? 2/5

    By Poopyboobo
    App has been great, but the widget recently disappeared and hasn’t come back. Are they going to fix this?
  • Little or no sound, have to re-sign in 2/5

    By Adkduffer
    I steam on AppleTV and I’ve been getting little or no sound from my CNBC app the last few weeks. I was deleting and reinstalling the app to get sound back, but now that doesn’t work either. No issue on an other app. Starting this Monday, at some point in the day, I get bottled out and have to put in my streaming credentials again. Not the worst thing, but annoying to have to do each day.
  • Has become unusable with repeated add jingles 2/5

    By 42 filmlover
    This has been one of my goto apps for years. However, with adds like Haagen-Dazs repeating their obnoxious jingles ever couple of minutes for months now, I have to call the app and at least three advertised products quits. So Nationwide and Haagen Dazs in particular are out of my shopping cart and/or portfolio for good. Sad that I have finally gotten to the point I am more willing to listen to the sanctimonious Bloomberg talking heads than the adds.
  • New update has issues 3/5

    By iscoweather
    I use this app all the time, but after the latest update (as others have mentioned) the charts don’t load properly. There quotes are updated, but the chart seems stuck as if it can’t load the new data. Can you guys fix this? Otherwise, it’s part of my daily routine.
  • Multiple Symbols 3/5

    By huyrhf
    US market movers commonly shows the same stock symbol - today AAPL is shown three times , CRM twice. Been like this for over a year. You guys don’t use distinct on your queries?
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By tom clyde
    The app is very slow. Almost anything you want to read is now behind the “Pro” paywall. Tons of redundant content. Frequent crashes.
  • Advertisements 5/5

    By Mac Attk
    I know CNBC has to pay the bills, but advertising seems very excessive.
  • Easy and varied sources for business and financial issues. 5/5

    By live in the boonies
    I find CNBC app provides up to date market and financial information from a wide range of sources. The app allows us to pick and choose stories to cover, where all TV puts things in front of you in the order that works for their programming. Irv
  • Very informative 5/5

    By Advid Shoppet
    I enjoy the content. The web page has east accessible topics. Nothing like the wonderful network channel, absolutely a great follow up to the channel. Nice
  • Good But…. 4/5

    By ADB729
    What happened to the chart? Not user friendly at all. Clunky and looks like it’s from early 2000.
  • Politics 4/5

    By gav7620
    Keep partisan political stories off your app!
  • CNBC is the Truth 5/5

    By Tbiziness
    Only news that matters…news that makes you $
  • Stories 2/5

    By Geowheel
    Articles won’t load blank page. Just updated the app. Still nothing!
  • Chart 1/5

    By T LOC 101
    Charts not loading !!!
  • News story Pages not opening 1/5

    By Tango 100
    When you click on article on both iPhone and iPad app the news article does not appear just a white screen so you can only see headlines not read articles . This was working previously but stopped working early this week . See from reviews that I’m not alone with this issue - please fix !
  • Absolutely the best source for extended hours quotes 3/5

    By Test ees
    NEWEST UPDATE: I just today, June 11, 2021, updated to the newest app version. I am using an iPhone SE 2020 on iOS 14.2, and the line tracing is still broken. When I try to trace the price line, I get crosshairs with a time and price of wherever my finger is that has nothing to do with the actual price line. This used to be my favorite app for keeping watchlists organized and checking prices outside of standard market hours. Please fix this feature. The line charting in general used to be so much better until around the last 3-4 months. Also, I would absolutely love it if you guys incorporated a stock price alert with unique sound feature!!! ORIGINAL REVIEW (Had been 5 stars): I have found this app to be the best for showing a list of auto-updating pre-market and after-market hours quotes. I would absolutely love it if CNBC started offering customizable price quote alerts that even worked in extended hours because Yahoo finance’s implementation is crappy. I want to be able to set multiple price points and be notified every single time it hits those price points. And a unique alert sound is a must! Thanks
  • Boo for forcing users to use the app 1/5

    By SendingOutAnSOS
    Sometimes users want to use a web browser rather than the app. Apparently the CNBC app will not offer the option of allowing users to ope articles on safari. Why would a user want this function? So they can bookmark articles! But I did find a solution: DELETE THE APP.
  • New Update Problems 2/5

    By KXO21
    Love the app and love CNBC ... however, after the latest Update , the stories began to load slower and slower until now the stories Won’t Load at all ? What happened?
  • new update 1/5

    By deschete
    New update has no charts or news ... only blank screens
  • Unbiased 5/5

    By kpngitreel
    Great thing about investors is they don’t politicize their news. It’s just news, like it should be.
  • Apple TV Buffer Increase 4/5

    By Brendan McCann
    I spend my entire day in the CNBC app across various devices and subscribe to PRO annually. Could you please lengthen the rewind buffer on the Apple TV app? Currently it is limited to 5 seconds, but would be great if it were a couple of minutes or even up to 10 minutes like CNN’s Apple TV app, just in case I miss something or need to take a phone call. Also, could you please let your web team know that their favicon doesn’t display when bookmarking the site on iOS / Safari? If you’d like, I can email a screenshot, just reply here and let me know where to send it. All my favorite sites show up with their favicons when I bring up a new tab, except CNBC.
  • Quit working last few days. When you click on article it opens up blank. 4/5

    By MB 202020
    Can’t open articles Have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Cleared cache. Can’t see to make it work.
  • CNBC is for more than business 5/5

    By All News All The Time
    Yes CNBC is geared towards business news, but I am impressed by how much general news they break and bring.
  • Something happened to charts and newsfeed 2/5

    By ycnarg
    I’ve used this app daily for several years and have always been happy with it until now. As of a few days ago, none of the charts will load and news stories won’t load either.
  • Cuts off mid segment for commercial 1/5

    By bynance
    This app literally cuts the show off mid sentence to show some commercial paid for by some pharmaceutical company. Literally 70% of the time you watch on your mobile device a commercial will interrupt as the reporter is giving their news. Disgusting money ploy
  • Charts and articles no longer load 1/5

    By Jesonn
    Love the app, charts and articles will no longer load and spent too much time troubleshooting
  • Can not view articles 1/5

    By Loving her
    Current version and version before that will not open news to read complete article. All cache had been cleared and settings checked but still failed. Only headlines and stock markets are displayed.
  • Need more enhancements 3/5

    By Self invest
    Headline and videos are plentiful, but can’t do a search via headline, only pop up stock tickers on Watch list.
  • Blank white pages 1/5

    By pages not loading
    The stories do not load. All I get is a white, blank page. Uninstalled and reinstalled, shut phone off, etc. no dice. Any suggestions????
  • Live tv doesn’t work very well 4/5

    By Pepper228
    I hesitate to pay for pro when I can’t get basic functions to work, like live TV streaming. Otherwise, app works well and makes things easily accessible.
  • Pro 3/5

    By greasa
    I think pro is overpriced or would subscribe
  • Stopped showing charts and articles a few days ago 1/5

    By argus$
  • Bias news 1/5

    By thistoxis
    Recently found out how much the news from CNBC seem to be manipulated.
  • Cut out the political bias 4/5

    By kevlicht
    Great App use it everyday but news section is so anti-conservative it loses its credibility. Stop it! Just provide the news as it relates to the market and let us decide how to use and interpret it.
  • Chart display issue on iPhone 12 Pro Max 3/5

    By S60 apac
    The price chart simply cannot show on the last CNBC app on iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 14.6.
  • Interactive charts are terrible 2/5

    By EGSq
    They updated the app & now the charts don’t load or the current data isn’t fully reflected in the charts.
  • App blocking too many stories 2/5

    By Jim J from GE Aviation
    The Pro is a constant irritation. If you want people to use the app, the content should be available. I just go to yahoo which has way more news and is free. At best CNBC advice is of marginal value but blocking half of your stories is really a pain.
  • CNBC app 5/5

    By qtguy
    Love the instant access to market data and the ability to stream the live TV feed!
  • Update killed widget 1/5

    By Apps tear
    This new update completely removed the CNBC widget that I used daily. Bring it back please.
  • App Randomly Runs Ads During Live News 1/5

    By Fnyngpnk
    How stupid is it to have a news app run ads randomly when you’re watching live news. Right in the middle of program/conversation/news it will cut to ads causing you to miss part of the report.
  • First thing before coffee 5/5

    By Texas fly guy
    Allows me to check Premarket conditions, commodity prices and everything else the first thing in the morning.