CNBC: Stock Market & Business

CNBC: Stock Market & Business

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CNBC: Stock Market & Business App

CNBC brings the world of Wall Street to you with breaking news alerts, watchlists, global market data, CNBC TV and Live audio. Access the power of CNBC to get the latest business, tech, finance news and more! - Daily Live TV Free Preview – Watch a daily free preview of CNBC's live TV stream - Personalized News Alerts – Choose alerts by category: Technology, Economy and more - Customizable News Section – Create your own customized news feed by selecting your favorite topics, and save stories to read later - "For You" News – Personalized recommendations based on your interests - Quotes – More powerful interactive charts and quote data - More Watchlists – Add up to 100 watchlists, each with up to 100 quotes - iPad Multitasking with Picture in Picture - Watch CNBC TV while browsing other apps - Enhanced Search – Search for companies and add them to your watchlist, or view news - all in one screen - Podcasts & Live Audio, with CarPlay - Listen to CNBC podcasts and live audio (US only), in the app and in the car with CarPlay CNBC lets you view pre-market and after-hours trading data, including charts with customizable time frames, indicators and styles. Financial News & More - Free U.S. live stream previews daily to stay informed on stock news and updates - Live stream news with CNBC TV for up-to-the-minute market information while you’re on the go - Watch CNBC anytime by streaming full show episodes (U.S. only) and video clips on demand - Listen to podcasts while browsing news and stock information or while in your CarPlay supported car Market & Business News Coverage Get all the news you need in one app with CNBC, including: - 24-hour coverage of global stock markets - Top business news - Economic analysis and official advisor opinions - Personal finance - Technology - Politics - Energy - Healthcare - And more Market Insight & Stocks - Create and track your favorite company stocks in real-time with custom watchlists - Real-time stock quotes, interactive charts and customizable time frames help you make smart investment decisions - View pre-market and after-hours trading data - Monitor Cryptocurrencies 24/7 Customized Finance Data & Alerts - Create customized alerts by category to keep up with the latest market changes - Edit and customize the news tab to follow topics relevant to your interests - Customize watchlists for the stocks you follow and sync them across all iOS devices Accessibility - Text size adjustments - VoiceOver CNBC PRO - Start your 7-day free trial today! - Subscribe to CNBC PRO to unlock even more content - Monitor live global coverage in various markets - Learn from advisers and experts who do it best - Uncover big data trends and opportunities - Watch by streaming live TV or full show episodes on demand (U.S. only) - Watch our daytime shows: “Squawk Box,” “Mad Money,” “Closing Bell,” “Halftime Report,” “Power Lunch,” “Fast Money” Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account and will automatically renew through iTunes unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. You can manage your CNBC PRO subscription through your iTunes account. For the Privacy Policy, please go to For Terms of Use, please go to For Market Data Terms of Service, please go to For Do Not Sell My Personal Information, please go to California Notice link:

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CNBC: Stock Market & Business app reviews

  • Stocks 4/5

    By fran walsh
    I would like to to the number of shares in with the stock I monitor
  • Pro news issue 3/5

    By eebb567
    Too many links that require payment or being a member
  • Charts 4/5

    By lazyfaire
    The changes in the charts are not for the better. Now limited to one moving average.
  • Bad update. 1/5

    By GonzAgave
    Don’t understand why someone would take one of the best charts I’ve ever used in an app and turn it into the worse overnight.
  • Which idiots designed the new charts? 1/5

    By Paper weights
    Which idiots designed the new charts?
  • Absolutely the best source for extended hours quotes 4/5

    By Test ees
    UPDATE: The most recent update, 5.19, broke the ability to trace the price line again. I have found this app to be the best for showing a list of auto-updating pre-market and after-market hours quotes. I would absolutely love it if CNBC started offering customizable price quote alerts that even worked in extended hours because Yahoo finance’s implementation is crappy. I want to be able to set multiple price points and be notified every single time it hits those price points. And a unique alert sound is a must! Thanks
  • timing of ads 1/5

    By Waffles was taken
    Update 5/13/21: it is extremely frustrating to start a live tv stream in the CNBC app, and the show (in this case halftime report) is not in commercial break, but the video stream in the app interrupts the show to run ads...the show never stopped for a commercial I just miss everything happening in the show and all they were saying. CNBC developers: I put up with this buggy app in order to consume the CNBC show live video content, but when arbitrary commercials and ads take priority over the live CNBC content, it utterly DESTROYS the user experience. The only video commercials that should be shown in the live video feed should be occur while the cnbc show is on a commercial not cut away from the show to show ads instead of the show. It’s just disappointing and beyond frustrating that i have to miss what the actual show because ads are not in sync with commercial breaks. Original review: time after time, i tap live tv, the content starts, then up to five seconds later, multiple commercials that cause me to miss the live content. this is horrible commercial placement timing. if i have my tv on the cnbc channel at the same time i tap live tv in the app on my phone, the cnbc tv channel doesn’t cut off the content to show commercials...but the app cuts off live content to show commercials, and by the time those commercials end, the live feed has gone to commercials, so i have to endure another group of commercials. this started maybe two weeks ago (around the first week of april). the developers need to just time commercial placement to match the timing of the commercials in the live feed...otherwise there the commercials overrule the content. it’s just frustrating, and i don’t have to consume cnbc content, nor will i miss the content for bad programming of ad injection into a feed of an app. i understand that showing commercials when a stream begins helps to pay for the stream, but it is blocking the content from being consumed...i shouldn’t miss live feed for non-live commercials.
  • Crashes daily 1/5

    By FlyFin210
    The worst app I’ve ever used. Crashes daily and doesn’t allow me to use app even though I pay for pro subscription
  • BeReal 5/5

    By reelmoney
    I only have one question, why when the market is blood red CNBC Notification said THE STOCK IS MAKING BIGGEST MOVE then they give you the stock, when you check it out it’s the lowest stock for the day . For exemple today is May 13 2021 At 11:48 CNBC sent Canada Goos down 7.98 % for the day where is the Biggest Move Mid day?????
  • Customer experience 5/5

    By scbsat
    Very user friendly. Easy to negotiate stocks.
  • Keep it up 5/5

    By OptionsATW
    This is the only financial app i use on my iphone (aside from my trading app)
  • Graph not working in many ways. Sone quotes are wrong 1/5

    By Srinikj
    Graphs chops last one week if 1 month of more of chart is requested
  • Longtime CNBC & Pro member - useless charts! 2/5

    By donnajmjt
    New update charts useless - real time prices drastically wrong on all charts except 1 day & some charts lag up to 3 days behind... you’ve also removed many indicators such as SMA 3 indicators & others. Also terrible pinpoint of date/price with tiny indicator vs previous large info at top of chart. Please FIX this!!
  • Latest update take steps backward in charting 1/5

    By Jrodaviator
    With the latest update in May 2021, charts took a huge step back. Gone is the red dot that snaps to the chart. Now you have to move your finger around until the crosshairs is over the spot on the chart you want to see the price on. Even worse, gone is the 2 finger method that you used to be able to see % gain or loss from selected point to other selected point. News is still good. This is a classic example of a good app trying to do too much to please everyone and ending up alienating its’ base. You don’t have to do everything to be a good app. You just have to do some things really well. Don’t forget your roots. News and stock charting. Keep it simple.
  • I miss the old list style news section 4/5

    By Crackheadkiller
    I miss the old list style news section
  • CNBC APP 5/5

    By DAN AMA
    Very happy with your APP. The BEST free app! Having telling others about it.
  • Chart 1/5

    By NightIOwl74
    Please.... please change the chart back to how it was before... the new one is basically useless. It doesn’t show the tracking of the price like it used to. Another great example of don’t fix it if it’s not broken!!! Trying to be creative but failed... sometimes simplicity is the what people want. Please change it back....
  • Can’t sign into watch TV 1/5

    By DH8780
    I can’t sign in to watch TV using IPhone OS. I get two choices. Sign in to watch TV, (which doesn’t allow me to select) and watch live F&Q (which works when I select it). I’m already signed in with my TV provider in the iPhone settings, but it only allows me to preview.
  • Fix the charts!! 1/5

    By jtshrike
    Must have app. Charting tech has been ruined in update. FIX IT!
  • Eye on the game… 5/5

    By Shopppper guy
    I have been using this app for about 10 years now it has changed considerably overtime. Upgrades, some good some mediocre but overall it’s easy to use it’s informative and a good resource. I use several other programs but I keep this as a primary.
  • All the information you need! 5/5

    By Proud dad 30
    I been investing for 5yrs now and always use CNBC for accurate market development.
  • Great finance app 5/5

    By Brijg4
    Excellent to follow stock and make lists At times some information about company profiles are not available Overall I recommend to others and will encourage others to try it
  • New update not great 2/5

    By subpargolf
    When you scrolled over the price history in the chart section, at the top it would show you in big print the price. Now you have to put on a magnifying glass to see the price on the right of the chart. Poor feature. Also, too much content is going to the subscribed version of the software and there is no way I am going to pay for it, so this app might be deleted soon.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Not2tHappy
    When playing video, it crashes while play the ads, I have to watch same add multiple times before video comes up. Adds are very loud I have turn down my volume. I use to be able to watch full show like fast money and mad money now the editor has couple minutes snippet that OVERLAPS so a 44 minutes show takes 2 hours to watch I understand that you have to make MONEY with the adds but this is ridiculous. For that reason I'm OUT, I'll watch Bloomberg tv instead of this garbage. With each update this app got worst, now if you pause the video and go back to it, it starts from the beginning and you have to watch the adds again And now the watchlist does not show charts :(
  • One stop shop for all news stock/ business 5/5

    By Tao 42246
    Before discovering the app I used to have to open multiple pages and news sources but cnbc app is the best. I actually search the app store again to write this review because of how great the app is. The app started showing crypto updates too. Way to go guys!! Keep up the good work
  • CNBC TV - Full Length Shows Moved to PRO! 1/5

    By RoBear de Lyon
    I’m an avid watcher of CNBC and usually have it playing in the background. I pay Parent company Comcast to watch the channel. On Fridays I’d often skip Fast Money, Options Action and Mad Money and watch them Saturday morning with a cup of coffee. But not any more - Content has been moved to PRO! The interviews and stories I heard bits and pieces of now would COST me an extra $29.99 / month. I won’t pay twice for the same content. Now my Saturday morning viewing goes to Bloomberg - and it’s creeping more into the weekdays too!
  • Charts Are a Mess! 1/5

    By Enunzio diNobili IV
    A recent update to this app has made charts all but useless. Any chart longer than five days does not show the two most recent days’ trading data. That is an existential, elemental, and fundamental problem. The one-month chart uses only an unchangeable daily interval and displays only 21-22 data points. It is useless. It should allow hourly data intervals. The app appears to be using Yahoo finance charts and studies, but cannot handle data intervals. The recent update includes many more studies than were previously listed, but has also rendered the app incapable of a functional display of those studies. I have been sending CNBC emails for two weeks. My emails generate either generic automated responses or an invitation to join their “Digital Insiders” group. When a person (presumably) responds, their responses have been inane and laughable: “What symbol are you seeing the problem with?” Or “Send us a screen shot”. What symbol? A screen shot? Just read my emails and look at a chart on ANY symbol. Joining the “Digital Insiders” group only generates more auto- response emails. Fix-It-Folks!
  • New graphs 1/5

    By ryan4408
    New graphs on stock history are not user-friendly at all. Not sure why you changed them.
  • Charts are useless 2/5

    By Alok Singh 96
    Maybe it was the last update, but the charts are hard to use. You either need a basic charts for summary and make it simple (like your old charts) or you need to have many great features like other apps. You cannot go middle ground cause you don’t nearly have enough features to start implementing a couple things in charts. I use cnbc for many things. Not charts. But the basic one was good to see various price movements. But i can’t even do that now. App is more buggy and slow I noticed that loading pages takes much longer than before. This is a regular occurrence which makes me think the quality is going down hill. Furthermore, when selecting a stick to look into, the app crashes. Happens roughly 10% of the time.
  • What happened to charts 3/5

    By p1d2m3
    Can no longer read them. Candlesticks are extremely small and colors have changed. For years the charts have been perfect??
  • Charts in new version useless 1/5

    By LovingVancouver
    Doesn’t show the latest two days in 1-month chart. Daily chart is frequently wrong. Please test the charts before releasing a new version!
  • Stock Charts 2/5

    By itsonlyink
    The stock charts are totally unreliable with the new app update. I’m running iOS 14.4.1. Please fix or I’m finding another app.
  • Changes to watchlists not remembered!! 2/5

    By Jason the Lion
    It is so frustrating that the watchlists keep going back to what was a few days ago, ignoring (not remembering) whatever changes/reordering I make. Please, tell me what’s going on?? Is there something I can do to prevent it from happening?
  • New Charts make scrolling more difficult 4/5

    By Jdells
    On my iPhone Xs scrolling the specific stock quote now is more of a nuisance than it should be. Finger on the chart, the chart gets the focus stopping the scroll down. Old charts never stopped this. Sorry but any value new charts add is lost with this issue Overall the app is good but this issue downgrades my app opinion
  • Daily Timeframes 2/5

    By Trader J6500
    Daily timeframes and above do not show real time quotes. Only the previous day’s close. Very poor feature.
  • Charts on new update 2/5

    By Airgary14
    You used to have one of the best charting platforms I would rely on. Since the update I can’t even use this app anymore. Very disappointing - please go back to old chart systems 🙏
  • Charting is slow 3/5

    By lobibones
    Depending on the stocks you’re watching and charting, the currently traded price is not accurately reflected in the chart. I miss the former release. I liked that you could touch the chart and see a large image of the stock price in the main header. This new version is slow, locks up, and the numbers are too small on the charts.
  • New charts are harder to use 1/5

    By gadsavthequeen
    to the point where Im gonna have to move to another app—which is a shame because I really liked this app before. Just load the RSI from “studies” and ask yourselves if this app update is an improvement over the previous version. The RSI so compressed you cant even read the values. Switching a chart from day to month to year has so much dynamic action its gonna give me a seizure. And frankly who releases an app update that can’t restore user settings from the previous version. I have to go back and setup all my chart settings again (moving averages are so complicated now!). Maybe it was just too soon to release this mess?
  • Latest CNBC Upgrade 1/5

    By DrDebug1
    The app has changed dramatically. On my iPad, I used to have a MACD study (noting the difference), an RSI Study, and an Awesome Occillator study all on the same screen with the price line. Not only are those three studies mere SLIVERS (and not apparently resizable) at the bottom of the screen, but moving the cursor over each study DOES NOT show values, which I track. I can NO LONGER Recommend this app.. It no longer provides the value I once got from it. Bring back the old version!
  • Custom display and studies settings have suddenly disppeared 1/5

    By 1423guj
    No heads up or indication of when/if that feature will ever return.
  • Good app - live video needs work 2/5

    By Chris NC ATL
    Overall the app deserves a 4/5 for functionality and ease of use. However, the live video is frustrating to watch. The live videos have ads in addition to the ads of the telecast. So sometimes if you are watching a story it will interrupt the story and play 3-5 ads and then go back to the telecast. However, the story of financial breaking news you were watching is now over. Needs major work.
  • Terrible amount of advertisements 2/5

    By sudwell baggins
    There are advertisements which will come on and interrupt the show, then ten minutes later when they end you up I’ll be brought back in real time wherever the program is at. So you basically miss half the show because they are constantly returning. This doesn’t make sense because I already pay for cable, and I’m definitely not paying for any “Pro” version of CNBC. Make it so the ads don’t just ruin the whole viewing experience, I’ve now just switched over to Sirius.
  • price chart 4/5

    By Lloid888
    Market data does not load the price chart on iPhone. Any remedy?
  • Not real time 4/5

    By Yays55
    Can you please make sure that your charts are also accurately listing real-time quotes. Not sure why chart always give you a different price
  • CNBC app 4/5

    By disappointed77$
    Great for quotes on stocks. Lacking current news on individual stocks. General news on market.
  • PRO 4/5

    By Az Senior2
    It’s very frustrating that you put Pro headlines without revealing the content For members only. It’s just an advertising gimmick for Pro.
  • New Charts Are Bad 1/5

    By Lavish_
    Please revert to the charts prior to this update. The new charts are clunky and are harder to navigate.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By PaniniSuge
    If you’re a professional or novice investor this is the app to have
  • Love the app 5/5

    By tresrty
    I watch this site around the clock. I’m so impressed with all the Hosts. Cramer is my favorite but I really enjoy Melissa and Guy. Also love the after hours and before hours trading information and quotes. Excellent source of information for both the pro and the amateur.