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CNET: Best Tech News & Reviews

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CNET: Best Tech News & Reviews App

CNET, the #1 source for tech news and reviews, puts the biggest stories of the day and expert advice on the products you need to own, right in the palm of your hand. Everything in the new CNET app (designed for both iPhone and iPad) is focused on the areas that you -- as a tech fan -- care the most about: staying up-to-date with the news and making informed product purchases. STAY UP-TO-DATE WITH TECH NEWS: - FEATURED STORIES: Don’t have much time but need to stay in the know? CNET combines editorial picks with popular and trending news to feature the most important stories in the tech world. - LATEST STORIES: Never miss a beat with our broad coverage. Nearly 100 new items published daily! Topics include: - Technology industry and companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, and more) - Key technology categories such as mobile, computers, internet, and security - Related topics such as culture, science, and entertainment (yes, CNET does talk about Star Trek occasionally) - STUNNING GALLERIES: Easily view CNET’s beautiful photography within galleries on a single page. - BREAKING NEWS ALERTS: Get timely notifications on CNET’s exclusive scoops and in-depth features. MAKE INFORMED PRODUCT PURCHASE DECISIONS: - HUGE PRODUCT BREADTH: Whatever type of product you’re interested in (phones, headphones, smart home devices, and more), CNET helps you find the best, at the best price. The independent reviews team spends countless hours putting everything through the ringer so you don’t have to! If it has an “on” button, odds are CNET reviews it. - FIND THE BEST: Want the best wireless headphones, but don’t have time to wade through every single product review? That’s understandable -- CNET has written literally thousands of them. With that in mind, CNET’s made recommendations for the best of the best just a quick tap away. - SEARCH ANY PRODUCT: If the best lists don’t have it, CNET’s search definitely does. It’s anchored by the largest tech product review catalog in the world. If that’s not enough, how about lightning-fast autosuggestions powered by natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Fancy tech words FTW! OMGLOLBBQ! - IMMERSIVE VIDEO: Quickly learn about a product with CNET’s premium video reviews, which accompany nearly all of CNET’s reviews (in case you forgot by now, there are *thousands* of these). - IN-DEPTH REVIEWS: Need to know more than the highlights? No problem. CNET’s high-quality reviews are done with hours of research and testing, and our reviews provide you with all that data and analysis, along with clear recommendations with our signature “Good, Bad, and Bottom Line” and rating summary. CNET saves you time and money by helping you find the right product quickly. - FAST-TRACK PURCHASE: You’ve read the review, compared it against a few others, and you’re ready to buy - nice. You’re a tap away from buying it, and at the best price. Download CNET today to keep up with the #1 source for news you care about! _______________ CNET is a collection of self-described tech-savvy and tech-obsessed people, not dissimilar to yourself. Alongside the world’s largest volume of high-quality unbiased product reviews, CNET is the go-to source for news and recommendations about the latest tech and consumer electronics. Website: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Linkedin: Comments, Questions, or Feedback: [email protected]


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  • Thanks for the gift of adds CNET!! 1/5

    By Mpm1253
    Hey! Thanks for making everyone sit through 30 second adds EVERY TIME we decide to watch one of your 2 minute videos!! We appreciate it!!!
  • Used to love app, new version is user hostile and buggy 1/5

    By TheSloan
    The old version of the app was very good, but latest facelift has serious issues. For a start, it forces video (and this video ads) on you even if you just want to read an article by keeping video persistent at the top of articles. Constantly swiping the video away with each new article when you just want to read is grating and obnoxious. Ads playing before video are fine, but leave the video alone when we don’t want it. Also, full screen video is not supported in portrait, and when in landscape it can only be deactivated by pressing button to go back out, no auto rotate functionality. Perhaps most concerning is the issues with accidental link clicking that this app introduced. Merely laying your finger on a link in an article, as you are apt to do when say, scrolling down, launches the link. A decided and intentional “tap and release” is how clicking works *everywhere* else on the internet. This leads to conservatively 10-20 accidental link clicks on my part every month. I can only assume this was done to improve their click count and thus, revenue, because there is literally no reason to have links function this way otherwise. Very frustrating. Add to both these issues just the general bugginess of it. For the past week, I’ve been getting a red banner error message of the top of every article with video telling me that “this video had an issue” - despite the fact that the video is playing perfectly! And because they force videos on you at the top of articles, almost every article sends me this alarming red banner that, from a user’s perspective just makes the app feel like a disconcerting experience. Tried uninstalling and re-downloading, didn’t solve that issue. CNET owes loyal visitors a better experience than this. Keeping their traffic is more important than whatever they think they’re accomplishing here.
  • Excellent app! 5/5

    By Pinky Stanseski
    This version of the app is one of a very few apps that I have never had a problem with!
  • Stop Forcing People to Review 1/5

    By jwhouston
    Holding a screen or article hostage and forcing people to start a review of your app WILL result in lower star rating. Give people the option
  • Great app but a data drain 3/5

    By No sheet
    I have got addicted to the app but with video constant automatically playing, I was forced to enjoy the app over WiFi only.
  • Where,s Brian Tong ? 5/5

    By meister_209
    I like watching cnet for news and technology information and I still do by no one knew that he left until he arrived on the YouTube channel with his new show Apple Bitz. Oh! Well no harm done I guess. HAROLD STEWART.
  • Doesn’t work at all last two updates 2/5

    By Dr Nuge
    How does your product not work on the latest iPhone? Help is all understand...
  • Autorun video overload 2/5

    By BeSafeAlways
    While I love CNET content there Interface on all there portals leave a lot to be desired. I don’t like to run videos on the app since all are preceded by a 15 second ad. (My estimate) And most of written content is slowed down by autorun videos. It’s no wonder I’ve cut down on time I spend on CNET.
  • Slow 1/5

    By UncleWoWo
    The app is slow to load articles and regularly locks up. It’s no longer enjoyable to use.
  • Great 5/5

    By Pianolist
    I have revised my review from awful to great. They fixed the app Sonny now runs well on my iPhone and iPad. I enjoy reading the tech news and the occasional great deal offered on tech devices.
  • Search is useless and can’t sign in 1/5

    By sdm120
    At least the latest version of the app has Rick’s Cheapskate articles on the news page, but try searching for Cheapskate- you get nothing! And how do I sign in to my account? What good is a comment section if I can’t leave a comment?! Apps are supposed to be better than the website…
  • Horrible layout 2/5

    By Bgaviator
    I hate the layout of the CNET app so much. It’s atrocious. Having to scroll forever just to find the story you were looking for. The angled line separating the videos from the articles. Absolutely abysmal.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By VonWald45
    The application will be so much better without the insertion of so many advertisements. Makes you not want to watch the news videos.
  • No Narration 1/5

    By stBurch69
    No Narration
  • Don’t tap on an image 1/5

    By Morac
    If you tap on an image in the app, it will go full screen and there’s no way to close it short of killing the app. How can basic iPad functionality can be broken in this app? Edit response to response: Swiping up or down doesn’t close the image. It just loves it around.
  • Old app was way better 1/5

    By EDeet
    The new app requires sound and video to have a smooth experience and sometimes you just wanna check out a laptop review without a auto play video and pop ups and commercials.
  • Video screen obscured 1/5

    Why design an app with video where part of the video is obscured?
  • UX Fail 1/5

    By Jboxer5
    New banners asking for feedback block basic navigation buttons. QA YOUR APP.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By 14356362541
    Keep up the good work devs!
  • Tap to top of the page is not working 1/5

    By ISP fan
    Jesus Christ, how is it that this simple feature is broken?? It works in literally every other app that I’m using on my iPhone X
  • Don’t like the changed format 3/5

    By Troigrl
    I used to like CNet a lot more. Now I can’t really find what I’m looking for, nor can I save an article any longer It’s just a jumbled mess that jumps from one article and links to a vague reared one. T
  • Great tech app 5/5

    By crashcampbell
    It’s my go to app for anything tech related.
  • Same Old Thing 1/5

    By AllCarsEatGas
    They have two apps on the store, they both show the same stale news. Awful. The recent update was a resounding...success? So many new display and usage bugs. Congratulations, you have outdone yourselves. Update on the update: congratulations once again, you’ve moved from annoying bugs to an app that crashes upon opening an article.
  • Poor update 1/5

    By Flept
    The app crashes now when I try to open an article.
  • Ads Ads Ads 1/5

    By Anathem
    Once a good app, now horribly overrun with annoying ads. Used to read it every day, but just checked it after almost a year away from it and it’s worse.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By cammaxx
    Perfect app for tech reviews
  • Great 5/5

    By Abu420
    No hitches, always spot on
  • Love the videos. 5/5

    By Daddy John Chavez, Jr.
    Just love how we can get a video update on the latest technology.
  • One of the worst! 2/5

    By ellen1101
    I’m a sucker for punishment I guess. I go to CNET and hope for the best. Each time I don’t find it. I swear to delete the app which I don’t.
  • Too chopped up and repetitive. 2/5

    By Meaq
    I barely go through this app since the last major revamp as it is too cluttered and confusing
  • Cnet is a great source of tech news. 5/5

    By Osuagwu
  • Miss my shows. 1/5

    By Castgen10
    How do I find my favorite shows? Well it doesn’t matter cause you have canceled them. The developer responded with how to find them, which was helpful, but its sad that the best shows are now gone. Long live Apple Byte.
  • The layout is too confusing 3/5

    By SendingOutAnSOS
    I used to LOVE CNET but it’s hard to love it anymore. There have been so many changes over the past couple of years, but none has been an improvement. Instead it’s all about esthetics, and making navigation difficult and no longer naturally intuitive. Like so many other apps, it seems that this has all has been simply change for the sake of change. The world of apps use to be exciting but now apps have become a constant source of frustration as most take this same road of unnecessary change as CNET has taken. Also, Brian Tong’s departure is VERY disappointing.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By StylesC45
    Can’t even read an article, if you click on a video or photo you are stuck with no way of returning to the is a complete joke and seems to go down hill with each update. FIX IT!
  • Can’t stop CNET from accessing my location 1/5

    By Knowledgeable Customer
    If you don’t want location targeted unsolicited ads when using the CNET app on your iPhone, I haven’t been unable to stop it.
  • Nice app but hard to impossible to change settings 2/5

    By Richard in Northville
    In the previous version one could set their interests/favorite topics like Google, Apple, etc. It can be done in this one but hard to find and not intuitive
  • Worse than Ever 1/5

    By TimothyC
    I used to consult CNET almost exclusively for reviews on any and all things that plug in or run on batteries. The app made it a challenge to do this. Today I saw an ad that CNET app was new updated better faster etc. So I took the bait. Well the so-called upgrades make it even more challenging to use. The search function is bizarre, to put it kindly. Searches are not at all intuitive. First I typed in the model number of a Samsung TV. All washing machines came up In the search results because unbeknownst to me, when I clicked on the search icon, an ad for home appliances had opened covering my entire screen. I was now on that company’s site. Back to CNET app. I tried again. One non-Samsung TV came up. Third try: I shortened the model number to remove the “65” thinking I’d get reviews of all the Samsung’s in the MU800 line. But no, Samsung TVs from a completely different line came up. And only three models. Call me crazy but when I type “Samsung MU800” in the search box, I’m thinking Samsung MU800 TVs will come up. And that’s just one really annoying aspect of the app. Another is that the attempted cool-looking graphics just don’t work well or smoothly and make navigating really frustrating. In trying to make the interface appear more sleek, you’ve made the app almost unusable. I could go on. Bottom line. The app is a mess. Worse than ever. I now avoid it completely.
  • Politics trumps content 1/5

    By honest thinker
    Watch out! This app likes to include political articles biased toward the cause of socialism. Honest thinkers beware. Socialism kills!
  • Stop the audio video ads and unrelated BS 1/5

    By acrisis
    One star, until you stop this BS practice with autoplay videos ... for waking my wife up with your unrelated BS. Recently found the CNET app, slow to fall asleep, want to read a few news stories, WHAM BLARING AUDIO ABOUT WHATEVER after I clicked on a certain story that should have been a text article with maybe a photo or two.
  • Uses excessive data 1/5

    By JB2006inTN
    This app auto plays videos without the user requesting videos to start. For example, some articles contain these videos that auto play. I click aren't article to read it, not be blasted by some video. This design wastes data on data plans and causes extra fees by wireless carriers.
  • Have loved CNET for 15 years 5/5

    By thelma2222
    At least 15 years... I think!! All I know is that there was a time when I did all of my investigative work on CNET, I JUST discovered the app for crying out loud!! Good to have u back!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By CeGoody
  • Must read app for me. 5/5

    By GoBlue99
    I ensure I read this app daily. It has a great combo of tech, auto, and entertainment news.
  • App is improving 3/5

    By Fat Tribble
    In recent months since Cnet completely redesigned their app, I tried it several time and uninstalled it each time. Now Cnet is back on my iPad. They brought back filters which is very useful to narrow the news stories to what interests you most. The layout is clean which isn’t so bad for casual browsing. When I really want to catch up on Cnet news I still go to their web site. The strength of Cnet has always been their news and product reviews. They have a Deals section now. I can’t imagine buying something on a whim because the app told me it was a deal. People who like Cnet typically like to research their purchases before making a final decision rather than buying because of the price. That’s my opinion anyway. Anyway, I think the app is moving in the right direction and may soon be as good as it used to be.
  • Brutal update to app - getting better 3/5

    By Rumblebee!!!
    April 29 Update. Wow, no more Brian Tong and Chris M at CNET either. I noticed Chris went out of his way in his goodbye column to mention the former Managing Editor who hired him, but no mention of the current Managing Editor who has overseen the loss of numerous great, former, CNET contributors. Question for CNET. 1) Have the 20 or so great features and reporters been lost to cut cost, or does management actually think the site is better and more interesting today? Before you answer, look at the reviews the last 6 months, not many 4 or 5 stars. BTW, not sure this is the proper place for this critique, but since you no longer allow comments from iPads, this is the place to express opinions. Feb. 19 Update. Raised from 1 star to 3 stars. Progress is being made, especially nice to be able to save articles, and videos are easier to find. Still need to work on some issues below, and also crashing issue, especially videos that crash and make you watch ad again to finish video. FYI, can’t log in on iPad, or at least isn’t obvious not to log in. I've been a loyal reader since I got my first iPad about five years ago. First, they have ended many of their best features like Dong NGO, Bridget Carey updates, the 404, and How to videos. Now they refresh the interface. They eliminated saving articles...great idea...nobody wants to save some articles mid-week and look at them during free time on the weekend, right? They also removed the ability to search for videos and articles. After purging great staff the last couple years, one of the last interesting features is Brian Tong's AppleByte. Wish I could find it to watch in the next couple of days, but you removed the ability to search for subject articles or writer/reviewers. The new interface is nice, but how stupid can you be as a news organization to remove ability to search for and save articles? Sorry Chris Matuszak, I like a lot of your quirky stories, but I'm not going to open every article hoping to see one of yours. BTW, half the articles have to be opened at least twice to get them to load. Needless to say, I am disappointed.
  • AdWare. 1/5

    By Blackstream56
    Looking for speed test, directed to adware app. Deleting now.
  • One step forward, two steps back. 1/5

    By DeAndre R.
    I tapped a picture to view it and had no way of going back to the original screen other than closing the app and removing it from the app switcher. A mess of an app.
  • Comments haven’t returned!!! 2/5

    By AlteRocK
    It’s been over a year since commenting was promised to return. Do you have an estimated time for the return of that feature. The web version is very unintuitive in a phone or tablets. Malfunctions a lot.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Alamonica10
    No search. No access to navigate videos quickly. Video controls went backwards and are less intuitive. A whole tab dedicated to “deals.” Clearly this update helps CNET control what you see and not what users have asked for. Go back to the old app. Such a shame.
  • Great Functionality and Design 4/5

    By Bflying
    Update: The option to stop autoplaying videos was added and works great!!!! Thank you!! I added a star for that AND for listening and replying to feedback— if i could do 4.5 I would have done it, thank you for listening to reviews and implementing changes, also you replies and feedback are fantastic!! (unfortunately replies are rare on the App Store, which makes you guys great because you listen and follow up, amazing!!! This app is one of my favorite technology news sources, I highly recommend it!! Many times I’ll find new products because of this app, and I really on the review, images, videos, updates, pricing, etc. to make my decisions. It is a key go to app (not just a tech news app). I’m just waiting for deals and product search to work and 5 stars it will be!! Thank you again. Love the easy navigation of this app. It’s very clean and simple to get around! I really like being able to look at product reviews! My two complaints (hence 3 stars) the Autoplaying Videos! I can never use this app at night or in quiet place because of a video blaring out. This needs to be changed ASAP. Second, deals don’t work. Other than that it’s a really good news app!!

CNET: Best Tech News & Reviews app comments


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