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CNN: Breaking US & World News

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CNN: Breaking US & World News App

When you want to know what’s happening, tap into the global news gathering power of CNN. With correspondents and bureaus reporting from across the world, no other news source even comes close. - Watch live CNN, CNNi or HLN television anywhere, anytime* - Custom alert settings - stay informed without getting overwhelmed - Experience the world of breaking news through in-depth stories, photo galleries and news clips. - Watch CNN Original Series like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”, CNN news programs like “Anderson Cooper 360” and award-winning CNN Films. Video on Demand and Live TV limited to US consumers. * 10 minute preview each day, log in with your satellite or cable provider for unlimited viewing.


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CNN: Breaking US & World News app reviews

  • Dishonest ratings from Apple 1/5

    By Ausman1234231
    Look at the “latest” and see the ratio of one star reviews to 5 star reviews. Then look at the featured distribution and average rating from Apple. Just another example of big tech companies gaming the system.
  • Won’t scroll 1/5

    By Jinxsir
    The app has not worked in days. Won’t scroll up to read past the opening news headline. Performed all the troubleshooting, too.
  • An Utter Joke 1/5

    By Langurss
    Laughable garbage from unhinged, no-talent lunatics. Produced by idiots for idiots. Please do America a favor go out of business. You’re cowards for deleting my legitimate criticism!
  • Un balanced news 1/5

    By itsgoomer
    I know that president Trump is not perfect but all the topics on this app are very negative towards the president. It’s obvious that they’re out to defame him. It stinks!! #CNNSUCKS
  • Where is the news? 1/5

    By Meranda74
    The CNN app is lacking actual news. Half of the headlines are of CNN’s own commentators’ opinions of the news. I.e. Trump. I have no interest in reading what CNN’s staff thinks of Trump. I want to know the actual stories. The app is one huge CNN advertisement. Switching new sources today.
  • Best source for BIASED news 1/5

    By Jdjdls
    If your into reading about false and biased liberal crap then this is the app for you
  • Complete one sided news app. 1/5

    By MikeGKid
    Could not tolerate the trump bashing so finally deleted the app!
  • CNN 1/5

    By Citizen for truth
    If you prefer fake news this is the app for you! Provides news based on more opinions and feelings than actual facts.
  • Thanks for “breaking news” with spoiler about World Cup winner... 1/5

    By HeppHeppHepp
    Push notifications with sport result spoilers = uninstall
  • Love CNN 5/5

    By Hdz0904
    Can trust what they provide of content and always delivering it with respect, something that is declining with our moral character.
  • The app functions okay, but where is the news? 1/5

    By RockySlaughter
    I counted three headlines featured on the app today that focused merely on CNN staff’s reactions to pundit opinions. I want to know what’s happening in the world, that is the point of news. I could care less that Anderson Cooper got into a heated exchange with a commentator. I would like to know where to get more investigative reporting where I am able to learn about the events affecting the world, but sadly the journalism economics of the times seem to follow the way the wind blows in terms of what creates a popular headline. Opinions are cheaper than investigation and reporters are becoming columnists instead of journalists. It’s too bad because I actually like most of the reporters. Anderson, for example, used to do far more in depth international coverage.
  • Good overall 3/5

    By dcmdfl
    The app is overall good, but improvements are appropriate. The layout of the info presented is poor. As an example, Bloomberg’s is better.
  • Not fake news 5/5

    By Plbr Nyc
    Thank you guys for your unbiased ; impartiality keeping us Americans than do not have tunnel vision or blind to current events, those who call it fake news are afraid of the truth and reality of things ; and the ring leader is a liar that I won’t even want my dog to look up to him
  • CNN is fake news, go home Jim 1/5

    By Yingda Chen
    That is it, go home Jim. Go home
  • Very biased reporting. Very anti-trump news 1/5

    By oldman12345677
    I am an avid cnn reader. But lately I have found that every story I have read in this app is so negative. I feel like it’s very anti trump and only reports the negatives and has very negative views. I think news to report the facts and not show any biased. Sadly it is not the case anymore so I will be deleting my cnn app. I will get my news somewhere else.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By katkene
    Can’t access a story without having to view a political add. Not user friendly format. Deleted this one from my iPad.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Dkgbhgsnjsd
    They make up whatever they want and call it news.World would be greater without this company and all other lying news!Fox baby!!!
  • Fake News 1/5

    By Redwood Empire
    CNN is fake new. No better than a supermarket tabloid.
  • CNN The King of Real News 5/5

    By CrucialConflict
    CNN news is God’s gift to Mankind! Thank You. tЯump☭ and ЯepubliCons☭ are the true enemies of The American People. Say NO to The party of tЯump☭ and say NO to Faux News ( fear monger channel ) tЯump☭’s Propaganda Machine.
  • CNN 1/5

    By fresh710
    CNN is fake as hell they translate Hispanic stories, and give them alternate dialogue
  • Fake news 1/5

    By Mvp Morales
    A liberal machine of fake news.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By drunkinpitbull
    Promotes racism. Spreads hate against law enforcement. Twists truth. Most biased nonsense that calls itself news
  • Lame moniker bug fixes 1/5

    By RobertValenzuela
    WHAT was fixed?
  • Alerts are a joke 1/5

    By Alaskanspear
    If you ever alert my phone about anything Kardashian it’s an automatic delete. Hence this app is now deleted from my phone. Not sure when CNN stopped actually broadcasting news but I guess that’s the day we live in now they should be called TMZ app, not CNN. Save yourself phone storage do not download this app if you need this news just go to TMZ.
  • Too bias! 2/5

    By Long time WSJ customer
    Your news reporting is too bias!
  • I have the app to get a good laugh 1/5

    By phm89
    CNN in a nutshell: ‘Analysis: *insert negative Trump article by biased writer here. Some of the headlines are a riot. In all seriousness, one star for making me laugh on occasion.
  • Fake News 1/5

    By FactSpitter
    Try giving the American People real news and then you won’t have to delete your app again to get a better rating. 😊
  • Love it, but... 4/5

    By Suze Orman
    Thanks for the update. Now, let’s allow sign in for SlingTV. It would be nice if we could minimize the app and still hear the sound (so users can check messages or emails) or even just have the tiny screen hovering in the corner. Sorry for the lack of technical verbiage.
  • Bought this app but now doesn’t work 1/5

    By bibito64
    Bought this App to watch CNN a long time ago, then looks like the rules changed and now need cable subscription to watch in the App.
  • Thank you CNN 5/5

    By Dancingtipsai
    Thank you for reporting the truth when we need it most.
  • Fix the Instagram redirect, please! 2/5

    By Ann Ony
    I enjoy this app for the most part, but when I try to read a story that has an embedded Instagram photo, the app automatically and immediately takes me to Instagram and will not let me read the story. And when I close the Instagram screen (to take me back to the story), I immediately and automatically get redirected back to Instagram. This is extremely annoying, especially when you also consider that closing out of the Instagram/story continuous loop takes several minutes and very quick fingers (to hit "close" before it sends me back to Instagram again)!
  • Non-news + ads 1/5

    By Kenaxel
    Where’s the News? CNN used to be journalistic reporting. Now, it's mostly opinion. They ignore huge events that don’t support their agenda and promote the tiniest things, if it fits their narrative. Very disappointing. This app is like cancer for your phone. Can we just get the news, please?
  • CNN App Freezes on iPhone 8 1/5

    By Pots952
    Love the content but the CNN app freezes all the time as soon as it is opened. I have the latest IOS system. My spouse has an iPhone 10 and the app never freezes. Apple told me it’s the app developer. Have submitted three comments to the developer through the app over several months, no fix yet.
  • Too much trump hating 1/5

    By Mineboy163
    Like I know that you hate trump but at least report on something else but stop telling me trump is evil, racist, a nazi, a bigot, sexist, misogynistic because he's none of those things okay.
  • Decent app., writers need to improve 2/5

    By ESL and language professional
    This app. is decent as far as software, navigation, being user-friendly, and aesthetics are concerned. It is organized fairly well with images and videos that are viewable from the main page (and therefore helpful for deciding what to look at). This app., however, has major integrity issues concerning how stories are labeled and what the actual content of these stories are. Reports are often mislabeled and unrelated to the actual content of the given report. It is unclear if this a result of click-bait strategies or complete incompetence on the part of the writer. Either way, it is rather deceitful to readers, not to mention unprofessional. In addition, information is often regurgitated and even directly reused in a copy-and-paste fashion. Don't reuse material and push it off as a new story just because it has a new title. The main problems with this app. seem to be due to the writers. The writing quality is relatively poor and often contains an extremely high amount of simple grammar/spelling/typo-type errors. These errors are distracting, with some sentences even being incomprehensible at first sight. This level of error should be unacceptable for a news media outlet of this size and reputation. Are there no proofreaders? Unprofessional. Unacceptable.
  • Trial view 1/5

    By Mando9084
    I am always getting logged out on this stupid app, I watch CNN all day. In the shower, I use this app but I'll be in the middle of a shower and it tells me I need to log in because my trial view had expired. So I miss the rest of the news until I get out and dry off. Bleh. And the feed hangs up allot. When I first turn the app on the volume is up but no sound. I have to tap the screen so I can hear the sound. You think you could have fix this by now but this has been my experience with this app. Dealing with it for now. People are giving this app give star because they like CNN. I give CNN give star (except for Anderson's agenda and whining on the same topic and Don Lemon who can't control his guest).
  • Where’s the real news? 1/5

    By []SLX[]
    Stop talking about Stormy Daniels every-time. Just give us the facts and not your opinion. CNN’s facts and stats are really mis leading. Especially when it comes to political and social problems like gun control, abortion, etc.
  • App not working 3/5

    By Mom2babygirl
    Since the update, the app has stopped working for me. When I open it, nothing loads on the screen
  • MD 1/5

    By ebionfe
    CNN has become the king of fake news. I no longer can watch such bias and don’t.
  • The best 5/5

    By Uuupppss
    You are the best news on cable TV, who care if crazy Donald Trump says something else
  • Fake News 1/5

    By Alan SR
    They are still pumping out their wonder their ratings are lower than ever!
  • 24/7 Fake News!!! 1/5

    By Austin Deplorable
    F A K E N E W S M A G A T R U M P 2 0 2 0 !
  • App freezes 1/5

    By Former AZO
    The app keeps freezing on my phone. I don’t know if the code is working with all crap that is coming out of CNN lately. Thank God At&t app team will be able to fix the issue soon.
  • CNN News 5/5

    I believe CNN does an outstanding job of. Ringing the truth to the forefront. It’s my news of choice because I know I’m going to get honesty, truth and civility.
  • Commercials (CVS) 1/5

    By mirobni
    I no longer want to shop at CVS, that’s to the CNN app. Reason... the app plays the same CVS commercial consistently 4 times back to back at a deafening volume that results in me muting the volume completely, or turning of the app and opening another news source.
  • Fake news 1/5

    By Oreo1011
    Fake and biased in a lot of stories
  • Like CNN but the app crashes ALL the time! 1/5

    By LululilyGF
    I like CNN but have repeatedly been disappointed with their app. I’ve tried to use it over the period if 9 months-ish, first with an iPhone 6 and now 8+. Sometimes it works but most of the time it freezes and crashes. I delete and download the app fresh but to no avail! Disappointed.
  • 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸Fake News, even Ratings 1/5

    By AnarchyLuis
    🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸 Even CNN’s ratings are #FakeNews lol🤠✌🏻CNN=CLINTON NEWS NETWORK 📖Talmud reading Zionist=The Deep State/CNN 🙏🏻REVELATIONS 2:9 3:9 Watch- “VETERANS DEMAND 911 TRUTH” 🍕 #PizzaGate #DancingIsraelis #Qanon #WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll #WWG1WGA Israel did 9/11 and the USS LIBERTY ATTACK The Goyim Know...Oy Vey!
  • Fake News 1/5

    By Real Live🔴 News
    This is FAKE NEWS!
  • App Doesn't work on IPhone X 1/5

    By gportiz
    This was once my go to app for news. On a daily basis I would open it up hourly. About 2 months ago I received an IPhone X replacement. Since then the CNN app does not work. When you open the application and attempt to scroll down, the app crashes. I have patiently waited for an update that would fix this problem but it has not arrived and it is now time to move on. Today I am deleting this app for good. You guys screwed up a good thing!

CNN: Breaking US & World News app comments


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