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CNN: Breaking US & World News

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CNN: Breaking US & World News App

When you want to know what’s happening, tap into the global news gathering power of CNN. With correspondents and bureaus reporting from across the world, no other news source even comes close. - Watch live CNN, CNNi or HLN television anywhere, anytime* - Custom alert settings - stay informed without getting overwhelmed - Experience the world of breaking news through in-depth stories, photo galleries and news clips. - Watch CNN Original Series like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”, CNN news programs like “Anderson Cooper 360” and award-winning CNN Films. Video on Demand and Live TV limited to US consumers. * 10 minute preview each day, log in with your satellite or cable provider for unlimited viewing.

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CNN: Breaking US & World News app reviews

  • Lost all trust 1/5

    By jerry146503
    Content and trustworthiness has degraded over the years.
  • Drains battery and crashes 1/5

    By Txtallman
    I have had this app since it was first released, and today I deleted it. The app crashes several times per day, and to make matters worse, I noticed that the app is consuming 40 percent of my battery with background app refresh and notifications turned off. Note that I was normally only using the app about 15 minutes per day.
  • CNN app always out of sync 1/5

    By Malcolmv62
    Older app was better
  • Getting worse by the day 1/5

    By Pammy22464
    Nearly every article is argumentative now. So embarrassing that they represent the USA overseas. Their news is bashing trump and their ridiculous opinions. Not news at all. They only try to divide the country. To make matters worse, now you can’t believe anything at all from them. Even important things like food recalls. They are responsible for the worlds regression.
  • Repeated Crashes 1/5

    By Emmcee365
    There are many great articles on the CNN app, but they’re impossible to read because the app crashes any time you attempt to select one. This is EXTREMELY frustrating, please fix this issue!!!!
  • Migrant drowning image 1/5

    By danilafreni
    Just deleted your app after being forced to view that image with no warning. Shame on you and your disregard for a persons right to filter what is likely an anxiety inducing trigger. We know it exists and are already horrified at the atrocities surrounding this crisis. You lost me as a long time viewer.
  • Always crashing 2/5

    By Suzee007
    CNN app is horrible. It is always “shaking “ and closes after reading 2-3 stories. Get the bugs out!!!
  • Background battery use 1/5

    By SOSMA
    This app chews up my battery while running in the background. Bad mojo. Please fix it.
  • Beth Chapman 5/5

    By Thumper1296
    How is Beth doing
  • Can’t scroll without clicking ads 1/5

    By StingersSwarm
    Fix it or let me pay to turn off you million ad March.
  • The app drains phone battery 1/5

    By up281
    Several times in the last month i have found my phone totally dead in the morning, off and battery on 0%. Turns out this app was running constantly in the background all night and drained the battery. Very sketchy. Please fix this app so it stops this.
  • CNN app 2/5

    By Sam Easy
    Great content, faulty app, 30-second commercial (usually the same one over and over and over again) between each news clip.
  • Snowflake Liberals. FAKE NEWS 1/5

    By Bob866
    CNN use to be a decent news channel. Then they lost touch with society due to the so called reporting of Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper among others. Deleted the app

    By The surprise critic
  • 21Jun2019 1/5

    By Car-T Novartian
    Today... I’m the headlines.... of CNN...they ran a GIF of “what war would look like with Iran”. They ran a video of an aircraft carrier launching a fighter jet.... if you can’t see what is wrong with this, then sownload this app. You are exactly the half-educated demographic they are targeting to vote democrat.
  • Awful functionality 1/5

    By scerulla
    Why this app has almost five stars when it doesn’t even allow me to browse their entire catalog of shows is baffling. If the show you want isn’t on the features page, you’re out of luck. The search function doesn’t allow you to find shows or series, and there is no “Browse All” option. Terrible.
  • Fake News 1/5

    By fakenewsmonitor
    Wow... I really hate being lied to. If you like being lied to, a lot, you must download this app!
  • Too many ads 4/5

    By Kindergarten queen
    I like CNN for the news. I do not believe they are bias. However....Every single time you watch a video news story you have to watch a 15 second commercial. It’s annoying. I get it...they need the revenue. But how about every three videos you watch one. It makes checking the news exhausting.
  • Bad layout 1/5

    By jayjay2k
    I want news not some opinion article about the president
  • Horrible app!!! 1/5

    By rosietired
    This version is the worst ever for live stream. It locks up frequently until it’s 10 or more minutes behind then it plays ‘catch-up’ where it plays over and over until the app has to be shut down and restarted. This happens continually ALL day!! Please fix this unstable app!!
  • CNN LIES 1/5

    By Yoily F
    They do. All the time.

    By *Cherry Maraschino*
    For about a week now my CNN app keeps crashing! I select an article to read, open it, then few seconds later, it crashes and closes. I have to open it all over again, and again. PLEASE FIX IT! Very frustrating and annoying. THANK YOU!
  • Fake News 1/5

    By Em[ily]paige
    CNN is littered with fake news
  • CNN is the BEST 5/5

    By goldfish1963
    CNN is the BEST source of topical information on the planet!
  • Good App But - 4/5

    By Jim Cl
    I enjoy the app and timely news updates. My only complaint and this happened 3 times in the past few weeks. I have awakened on Sunday morning to find my iphone 7 battery almost totally drained. Checking my battery performance report on my iPhone settings it says that most of the battery drain was from CNN running in the background. I am not sure if CNN has been running something different on Saturday nights. It seems to just recently been happening then. Other than that great app.
  • CNN is fine but App is not 2/5

    By Jim Ohio1
    Large tile or text format is clunky and difficult to navigate. The CNN website is much better.
  • fake news 1/5

    By lila0003
    this is the worst app ever. it is full of trash. democrats are ruining this country. switch to fox news. trump 2020!
  • My review 5/5

    By Munoznice
    What top professionals and love at the CNN family. The only place I look for for news!! CNN!!
  • Way too many updates 1/5

    By musiq gurl
    This app would get 5stars if I didn’t have to update it every time I open it.
  • Fake news 1/5

    By FakeNewsFellas
    On their most recent poll about the popularity of current presidential candidates they used a California university poll as a point of reference 😂 nice way to be unbiased.
  • Opinionated news no thanks! 1/5

    By Nick-738
    I’m finally done with CNN and all the negative news reporting. Once you go back to reporting objective and unbiased news I’ll come back but in the meantime I’ll switch to something else.
  • Ad Shillin Jeff Zucker 1/5

    By AAWinner
    With the sound button off and the down volume pressed repeatedly until Mute, pressing play on a video news story causes an ad to jack the volume to 75%. CNN digital disrespecting people’s choices.

    By Straight777
    CNN is the reason Trump sits in the White House. They gave him liberal coverage and free publicity covering live every rally and allowed him to spew LIES AND HATE ON PUBLIC TV. They equated his horrible vulgar criminal behavior to Hilary Clinton in the most Absurd ways! They would claim to be non partial and cover “both sides” yet all they achieved was to confuse the non educated viewers and they ended up voting for trump not understanding how disgusting a person he was! Anchors like Jake Tapper, John King, Erin Burnett , Anderson Cooper were the WORST OFFENDERS. Cooper had trump and his family on his show and paraded then as a average decent American family and said as much! He revealed he went on hunting Trips with Don jr and Eric Trump! Then when wiki leaks have media outlets Hilary Clinton emails and John lodestar from DNC Hack.... Anderson Cooper Gleefully covered every word and gave the impression Hilary snd Podesta did something wrong! Now trump has turned on CNN and calls them the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! Well deserved! They assisted Trump to scheme his way in the White House and he turned on CNN like he does everyone! The Only time I hear and See real FACTUAL NEWS is MSNBC. They show documents on the screen and highlight the lies and call out the lies of republicans and democrats if such is the case. They cover stories CNN won’t cover or are afraid to! CNN NEVER tells the truth about Racist attacks on Blacks by white police. They consistently Gloss over it and leave more doubt in your mind over a clear case of murder! I am disgusted with CNN and rarely watch them anymore. It is truly disappointed that they have ONLY 1 BLACK ANCHOR AT 10 pm late night hidden away . Don Lemmon is the only anchor of color. Why are there not any other black anchors in the daytime!? Are they being hidden so as not to offend advertising? CNN start to cover hard hitting FACTUAL stories of Republican lies, corruption, Mitch McConnell trying to pack the courts and now the Supreme Court Witt unqualified Republican conservatives, focus more on police murders of blacks and how they ALWAYS GET OFF and white juries are always ALL WHITE! Lets cover these stories and Change the culture of hate in America. Too many black lives are lost because CNN is too cowardly and dismissive of black lives. A white woman killed mistakenly by a black cop and he get 12 yrs in jail and her family get 20 million dollars!!! Yet DOZENS AND DOZENS OF UNARMED NON THREATENING BLACKS KILLED BY POLICE FOR NO READON WHATSOEVER AND NONE HSVE BEEN PROSECUTED OR SENT YO JAIL NO FAMILIES GET COMPENSATION. Do better CNN Mrs. L. Myrie
  • Yikes 1/5

    By Killler78
    Didn’t think it was possible to have more fake news and conspiracy theories than YouTube has.
  • Great App, but 4/5

    By Bonnielarry2
    I use the app every day, love the news people. BUT, I’m so sick of having to watch the same ad over and over. Every time you open an article the ad starts again. After watching it 8-10 times I just quit. Please program then out! Maybe once when you open the app but not every article.
  • Battery killer 3/5

    By ChevD
    Background activity killing battery
  • Why I can’t stand today’s new 1/5

    By steve12984576
    I can not stand CNN because every time I turn on the tv or glance or walk past a tv that is on CNN all I ever see is them trashing our president donald trump. Like it or not he is your president so can you please stop trashing him and show some actual news that is relevant to today.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Blueskys226
    Your latest update crashes almost every time I use it, much more than the last update. Also, every time I open the app I really don’t enjoy hearing “This is CNN” it’s unnecessary to have that. I know it’s CNN and I don’t need to hear it. If I’m in public without my headphones then every one knows I’ve opened my CNN app. I don’t necessarily want every one around me knowing what I’m looking at. Oh sure, great free advertising for you, but I don’t want everyone around me knowing my business! I’m very unhappy with this latest update.
  • Too many video ads 4/5

    By StephenD~
    I use the app to get my news on the go but more and more stories are video only and of course you are forced to sit through a 15sec ad before EVERY clip. I find I just don’t bother using it much these days for that reason. Please, fewer video stories. It’s just lazy.
  • A Documented Purveyor of Lies & Gossip 1/5

    By Annoyed6942
    For over two years CNN propagated the Hoax that was Russian Collusion, and were proven liars by of all people, Robert Mueller who charged not a single American citizen with conspiring with Russians, or anyone else! And CNN has not apologized, indeed, it has doubled down. There is not one honorable, trustworthy employee at CNN. Not ONE! From Jeff Zucker on down. CNN has ruined “journalism” in the USA, and is the most divisive channel among a sea of divisive “news” organizations. Shame in CNN!
  • Poop 1/5

    By xXDat1GuyXx
    Fake news
  • Used to work well now it's broken 1/5

    By MedhatGA
    This app was a delight to use on Apple TV. Recently it has gotten broken, can't go to top level menu nor access HLN, nor international streams. Android version on Sony TV works well and so is the iPad version.
  • One of my my go to news sources 5/5

    By SQL Guru
    Tip 1: don’t listen to only one news source, BBC, USA Today and many others are also free. Tip 2: in setting, turn off the reader mode
  • Drains battery in background 1/5

    By EachKeyboard327
    Very disappointed that this app drains my battery when not in use.
  • Live TV Is Unwatchable 2/5

    By RonK_DanaPoint
    The Live TV feature pauses, freezes, rewinds (repeatedly) until out of pure frustration you have to give up. Otherwise the app is pretty good and well-organized.
  • Fake news 1/5

    By wiejac
    Literally everything on here is fake
  • Freezes or just won’t connect 1/5

    By Chris in Spokane
    Been having issues for the last month. It either freezes up or just won’t connect . Just keeps saying “sorry. We’re having issues”. Please try again later. That’s with or without WiFi
  • CNN is fake news 1/5

    By 14 chunks
    CNN is one of the most fake and biased news networks in America! I think these 5 star reviews are by bots!
  • 100% Background Activity 1/5

    By notwilson
    CNN app was installed on iPhone and iPad. Both were 100% charged before going to bed. The next morning, both batteries were under 20%. Found CNN background activity at 100%. This is even with "background refresh" turned off for CNN app, location tracking was also turned off. What gives?

CNN: Breaking US & World News app comments

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