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CNN: Breaking US & World News

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CNN: Breaking US & World News App

When you want to know what’s happening, tap into the global news gathering power of CNN. With correspondents and bureaus reporting from across the world, no other news source even comes close. - Watch live CNN, CNNi or HLN television anywhere, anytime* - Custom alert settings - stay informed without getting overwhelmed - Experience the world of breaking news through in-depth stories, photo galleries and news clips. - Watch CNN Original Series like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”, CNN news programs like “Anderson Cooper 360” and award-winning CNN Films. Video on Demand and Live TV limited to US consumers. * 10 minute preview each day, log in with your satellite or cable provider for unlimited viewing.


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CNN: Breaking US & World News app reviews

  • Ads, ads, and more ads... 2/5

    By Lopasmax
    Look, I get advertising is important, but do I need to watch the same video for handmaids tale before EVERY SINGLE VIDEO? It’s unusable. Work in a few different ads or slip them in between the text like all the other sites. A loud, repeated video over and over is not a good strategy.
  • Trump 2020 1/5

    By Tnt Melon
  • My favorite new station 5/5

    By hplmfd
    I love CNN the keep us inform , telling the truth. not like Fox News which is always lying in behalf of Trump and the Republican Party
  • Liberal crybabies 1/5

    By Ripjaw7
    Why get news from this biased source that is clearly out to make all republicans look bad
  • Great app.....up until now! 1/5

    By njrxman
    Used to be my go to app for the latest "real" news. Not anymore. The latest version freezes then crashes on my iPhone 7. Never can get past the 1st screen.
  • App freezes too much 1/5

    By palmettosc1
    Very frustrating app. On an iPhone 7 always freezes every few seconds when scrolling down.
  • Used to be...... 1/5

    By SteveCB1
    Has become a political hack. Used to be first and foremost with important news from anywhere in the world. No more. A shame, a waste.
  • Slow! Nothing but video 1/5

    By AvalonNYC
    Slowest app on my iPad. And I guess it’s for people are illiterate, as there’s nothing but video.
  • CNN is the worst 1/5

    By srlandreneau
    I’ve noticed most of their stories aren’t something I’m interested in. The people of the USA want to hear what’s good in America too. Unfortunately CNN is drawn away from abortions, heroes using guns, the boom on our economy, our paychecks increased, more jobs, income tax happiness and etc.... that’s what WE THE PEOPLE want to hear also. Get your priorities straight CNN!
  • FAKE NEWS 1/5

    By Not over the hill yet
    I am actually sick of these liberals and feminists you idiots actually cried when trump won you have devoted your entire life to ruining the views of the American people and making it sound like its still the 1800s
  • iPad mini crashes frequently 2/5

    By granddad9200
    It freezes then closes very frequently. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Not an improvement. Closed it. Wiped it from the running apps. Sometimes it is just fine. But more often it crashes. Waiting patiently for an update. Please!!!!! Love the news when it works.
  • Crashes all the time! 1/5

    By cscottaust
    Good content, if I could ever get it to not stall and crash. For the past month, when I open the app, it doesn’t scroll or open any stories l.
  • CNN 5/5

    By Johnny the pole
    I like CNN and all the the reporters they are honest and truthful.They show both sides of the story. It’s a shame our President puts down news as fake.Is it the way dictatorship starts condemning the truth
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By crookedobama
    Fake news, tmz seems to be more accurate which is sad.
  • Argh! 3/5

    By banana1872
    Using this app on Apple TV and lady having trouble- it freezes all the time, dialogue overlaps, and the commercials are alllllwwwaaayyyssss the same! Fix it!!!
  • Way too many bugs 2/5

    By Knicky Finn
    Keeps freezing and then closing.
  • Password missing 1/5

    By Greystone72
    Every time I leave home and want to watch CNN, I need the password after 5 minuets. Why? Can’t your app keep the password I set up while I was home? No good. I don’t have password until I get home and I won’t need it then. This is not a good app. Keeps on losing PW and I’ve had to reset every time. I’m telling people out there to find another app to get your news. This CNN app won’t keep PW. And if you forget it, you’ll have to reset EVERY DEVISE YOU OWN, EVERY TIME YOU USE. No Good.
  • Keeps me informed! 5/5

    By Kricket40
    I love this CNN app! It keeps me informed on the go. The only thing they should improve is the need to log in to my cable provider so often. The should add thumbprint or some other way to allow viewing and verification of services.
  • No more breaking news push notifications 1/5

    By Octo45677
    I used this AP for many years to receive the breaking news push notifications. I no longer receive any push notifications from CNN.
  • Nick45 2/5

    By nock 45
    The rating 4.7 out of 5 is a false number as the news they broadcast. A lot of my friends voice (which is 50% of American population) and rating are probably dumped. The rating should be 2.5 - 2.6.
  • One way media 1/5

    By FaZeMoOnBeAm420
    Hates anyone who is republican or supports guns.
  • Bad app. 1/5

    By Addis0n1
    I can hardly use the app, it constantly crashes.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By torreyjames5
    Downloaded to watch a documentary series (inside a killers mind) and was only able to watch the one episode on the popular episodes list. No search feature. I view and listen to content across many apps and this is an easy one to shelf, one of the worst.
  • App Freezes 1/5

    The CNN app has been freezing up a lot when scrolling lately. I tried removing and reinstalling the app but the problem persists. Please fix!
  • Good, clear reporting 5/5

    By iRuthenium
    If you are intelligent enough to figure out the difference between news and editorial, the CNN app is a good source of both. The reporting is global and focuses on issues that matter; the live editorial pieces usually have speakers on both sides of an issue. I wish the interviewers were even tougher than they are sometimes and wish there were fewer ads on the website but find the app a necessary one for coverage of this corrupt administration in DC.
  • Sad 1/5

    By Tarahmisu
    Khloe Kardashian daughter name reveal was in first 5 stories on CNN. Come on. That is sad in so many ways. So many more important stories than that. You should be ashamed.
  • Can’t cast 1/5

    By sarahaddiecharlie
    No matter how hard I try I can not cast from this app.
  • Fake news 1/5

    By Shameoncnn
    News shouldn’t be biased. That’s why CNN isn’t news, it’s propaganda.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By The_Cruzer
    CNN has gone total mental just pathetic hyping of non stories. Sad to see the once great network turn into the tabloid of network news.
  • Fake News 1/5

    By Bob Van Ess
    Totally biased, anti Trump agenda. Fake News
  • If it bleeds it leads!!! 1/5

    By Crockett[MiamiVice]
    Count CNN as just one of many news apps that adheres to the old “if it bleeds it leads” axiom. Over the years I have installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled this app in hopes that CNN may have lifted itself back to respectability in regards to NOT showing us the worst in ourselves just to generate “clicks.” Today I tried again FOR THE LAST TIME!!! The third story featured was one of a small 8 year old child being brutally murdered! With EVERYTHING going on in the world, that is third?!?!?! SHAMEFUL!!!! To be clear my review is in no way politically based. I am almost as ANTI-REPUBLICAN as anyone can be! Stooping to the lowest common denominator should be left to those at FOX News! Have some respect for yourselves and for those who look to you to stay informed! I will continue to watch the cable channel, but NEVER will give the app another thought!
  • Illswan 4/5

    By Luvcheapapps
    Love CNN news but this new app version isn't as appealing. difficult to enter full story from summary teaser. VERY frustrating!!!
  • Worst place to get your news from! 1/5

    By Lomi9
    They got one star because I couldn’t put 0 stars! CNN is absolutely horrible, I used to trust them and then started investigating stories myself and found out how completely biased they are. Propaganda news network is more suitable. I feel bad for people that blindly listen to what cnn say because they are not getting the facts!
  • Dear lib dem negatives....... 3/5

    By AHohl
    While I watch/read FOX news I also check news feeds from numerous other sources...including this page. It’s funny how you swear that this is the “true news”. While they post some honest news when it comes to a political angle they have been caught producing lies. Hopefully they get back to honesty and not trying to continually resist, obstruct, or disrespect. Then they would be decent.
  • Rick Santorum 5/5

    By Christi-simple
    Please get Rick Santorum off the show.
  • Audio track constantly repeats 2/5

    By Lanco Jim
    The audio track continuously repeats the last few seconds of play when the App is closed. This just began today, 4/15. I’m using an ipad. Rebooting has not helped. App is current. IOS version is current. Reloading app was no help.
  • App Stopped Working on iPad 1/5

    By Mamanerdala
    Loved the app until this week when it stopped working on my iPad. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success. The homepage loads but does not respond to touch screen to open stories. All other apps on the iPad are working just fine!
  • Deleting app now 1/5

    By crista g
    I like to read about actual news. Not just how bad CNN hates Trump. The United States, along with it’s allies, just bombed the Assad Regime. And still, CNN is more concerned about how the news will affect the stormy Daniels B.S.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By KCKub
    I use the app very frequently but lately, on my iPhone X, it freezes, won’t scroll, can’t do anything. Even if I close the app and restart, it still happens. I’ve deleted and reinstalled several times and still the same issues. Please fix!
  • No Chromecast Support 1/5

    By Dlman15
    Very disappointing there’s no chromecast support for Apple phones. I don’t see much a reason to use this app without it.
  • Unresponsive App 1/5

    By Rbuco
    This app crashed nearly every time I used it. Just froze up and I was unable to read the lies & fake news being dished out by this disgusting news organization. It’s always good to read both sides of an issue but CNN has gone far beyond an rational view of a story. Now they try to make the news instead of reporting the news. Sad that such a once respected news outlet would become such an unamerican rag.
  • Typos. . . 3/5

    By A---------3456
    I appreciate the news, and the app is easy to navigate. However, the high number of typos is embarrassing—it’s unprofessional to publish stories riddled with so many grammatical errors.
  • Works sometimes lags and crashes most times 3/5

    By Gsourdiesel
    You know this road you’ve traveled it in your dreams.
  • Despite fake reviews, app thrives 5/5

    By Terrible fake reviews
    People just keep lying and making up issues in this review section. It's clear that at 240k(last I checked) and 4.7 stars that there is nothing wrong with the app.
  • Fluky, non user-friendly 2/5

    By PhillyMeh
    I’m not sure what standard most these reviewers have that rave about this app. The first review I saw called this app “refreshing”! I suspect the ratings of this app have been padded with paid for reviews because nothing on this app is smooth or “refreshing”! -videos don’t link properly. You never know what video will play when you try to link to them. -this is assuming video plays at all -formatting is actually pretty good....back when I downloaded the app on my first iPhone nine years ago! Since then the layout has changed very little. -the list goes on and on more than I care to continue with writing about it. CNN-hire a clever high school kid to reformat and fix your app. They couldn’t possibly do any worse than whoever you use now!
  • Need to update every time I use it! 3/5

    By CarolSusie
    Every time I open the CNN app on my iPad, I’m told I need to update the app; then it works fine right up until I go to another app. So when I go to the CNN app again, I’m told I need to update the app. What’s up with that?
  • Really dislike move to video tiles 1/5

    By discerning_news_reader
    New iPad app is a big step in the wrong direction. I do not need video news - which the app creators should know since I never click on video stories using the older app. For someone interested in news, the format change is terrible. Turning on the text option is a sad, half-hearted option for users like me. I have uninstalled app after 10 minutes. Now to find an app for people who care about the news....
  • Please fix!!! 1/5

    By KINGLEO316
    New update no longer lets you watch live on iPhone!!! Please fix.
  • Locks up constantly 1/5

    By Tom Runge
    I have one of the latest iPads and this app locks up constantly.
  • Live tv section missing 2/5

    By Theshowman619
    As of yesterday when I click the “watch now tab” all it shows are clips from top news. The “live tv section” is not there

CNN: Breaking US & World News app comments


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