Co–Star Personalized Astrology

Co–Star Personalized Astrology

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  • Current Version: 3.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Co-Star Astrology Society
  • Compatibility: Android
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Co–Star Personalized Astrology App

The first ever AI-powered astrology app – that understands how people already connect over and talk about astrology. Featured in the New York Times, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, Vice, Vogue, Refinery29, the Guardian, and more. > "This AI can write your horoscope." VICE > "Disconcertingly accurate and reflective." HuffPost > "Good advice." New York Times Features • Planet-by-planet compatibility • Add friends to keep track of their zodiac signs • Personality analysis customized to your entire astrological chart • Real-time updates, as the planets move > "Everyone has downloaded Co-Star." Vogue > "Connect with people about your astrology sign." Conor Oberst > "Pretty much ubiquitous." Techcrunch Did you know —> Typical horoscopes are written only to a person’s sun sign. But that’s only one part of your astrological chart. It doesn’t take into account the moon, other planets in the solar system, or the 12 houses of the zodiac—each of which represents a different part of your life, like relationships, work, and home. Even if you're an Aries Sun, a Libra moon or a Virgo rising change everything. > "Banging astrology app." Dua Lipa > "The planets have aligned to bring you hip af horoscopes." Girlboss > "Download it if astrology is part of your aesthetic." Refinery29 Co–Star's predictions are based on a map of the sky at your exact time and place of birth, coupled with NASA data to track the planets as they move. Then AI creates hyper-personalized horoscopes on a scale previously unimaginable. > "Co-Star is great." Teen Vogue > "Truly insane." Buzzfeed > "Download Co–Star right now." Bustle By positioning human experience against a backdrop of a vast universe, Co-Star creates a shortcut to real talk in a sea of small talk: a way to talk about who we are and how we relate to each other. It doesn’t reduce complexity. It doesn’t judge. It understands. Follow us everywhere • Instagram: • Twitter: Free to download. Pay $3 to see compatibility with someone who isn't on the app. Need help? Send us an email: [email protected] By the way, we're hiring. —>

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Co–Star Personalized Astrology app reviews

  • Crazy 5/5

    By JazXesia
    Crazy how on point this app is, also super easy to navigate. They keep things short and simple.
  • House Systems 4/5

    By bangtbebop
    Pls use placidus or please work on making other house systems available instead of just the current one 😩, other than that I like everything else. It would also be cool if we could see the aspects in our natal/synastry charts and also to current transits! Like an overview/table of current transits. It’ll be helpful for astrology newbies, but I understand that if the reason they weren’t added was to make the app more newbie friendly.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Mintyolivia
    I have one suggestion, though! Please add Midheaven to people's charts!
  • Try to try a little less hard 1/5

    By suggrr
    “Falling out of touch with reality is the same as using drugs to escape it.” As a person who attended Nar Anon and believes that drug references mentioned casually like they’re normal is incredibly distasteful, I’m done with this app. This is not the first time that I’ve felt entirely too old for this app; it appears to be marketed to people half my age who have time to take drugs, Netflix and chill, and get drunk at brunch because their latest whatever just ghosted them. I get where these horoscope blurbs are going- I just think they’re trying way too hard to seem hip, with it and up to date with the barely legal crowd. Everyone else can be left irritated or baffled.
  • WHY? 2/5

    By mil.an_
    Why does my friends chart say that she’s an Aries sun, even though she was born April 20th at 2:10 am, and she put her info correctly into the app? April 20th is Taurus.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Dessihurt
    I really love this app, I feel like it’s so accurate to whatever I’m going thru daily!
  • Help 5/5

    By lixxie007
    The app is not working for my phone 😭 pls help
  • Best bet for your Astrology 5/5

    By JaySubz911
    This app is amazing. It transcends any astrology app you’ve used. Forget the past and move forWard. Thanks!
  • Pattern 5/5

    By oglukas
    I read my profile everyday since a while and I could see weird connection between intuitive feelings and describing them by you. Sometimes it freaks me out😅
  • Literally ruins my day 1/5

    By PierceTheTacoss
    Every single day I check this app and all of tells me that I’m troubled and have pressure in everything. The only thing I ever get told I’ll have power in is work. It messes with your outlook. I don’t wanna go into a day thinking I’m going to struggle just because the stars say I should. Also the ascendant description is wrong. If you look it up online it’s much more detailed and makes more sense.
  • No longer can log in :( 2/5

    By Jess Cash
    I’m a new user and had really been loving the app but it’s useless to me now. It keeps logging me out and when I try to log in with Facebook, it goes back to the first log in page. If I try to enter my phone number, it gives me a moon symbol when I hit next and goes nowhere. Please fix!!
  • love it! 5/5

    By Madeline______
    i’ve downloaded numerous astrology apps and none of them compare to this one... it tells you all about your sun, moon, ascendant sign & etc... i love itttt
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By dairisss
    And I cannotttt stress this enoughhhh but literally THE BEST app that gives you clarity spiritually, mentality and emotionally !! 🖤🖤🖤
  • borders on freaky 5/5

    By princesskeywest
    this app knows all of my emotional intricacies and I’ve only had it for two days. I never really believed in astrology before but this is making me rethink major life decisions/morals
  • Would of been 5 stars, now it’s 3 3/5

    By hellothere_anna
    I truly enjoyed the app. I love the daily motivating messages that appear everyday but i have to say ever since you guys took away the transit moon charts, and you can’t see in your contacts who to add as a friend, i don’t throughly enjoyed the app as much as i did. Please bring back the moon transit map, and please fix your bugs like contact adds, app crashing, and other features you previously had. Thank you!
  • Best astrological app out there! 5/5

    By srolla
    I love Co-Star! Most unique, nice and cleanly designed app but most importantly the best, best detailed charts and explanations too! Seriously the best astrological app out there!
  • LOVE THIS APP- However. 4/5

    By Kendis c;
    However, I’m not sure if there was a recent update but for the past week i’ve been getting logged out of Co-Star and having to create a new profile almost everyday since there is no “login” button even if you connect with FB. Not a huge big deal but, it is super annoying.
  • So good !!!! 5/5

    By BriiBeenMala
    This app is crazy good, it’s so accurate it’s almost mind blowing, this is the only app you will need !!!
  • Not letting me log in through Facebook. Seriously glitched. 1/5

    By 5432juan
    Tried to link my account with my phone number and it glitched out terribly and auto logged me out. When I try and log in it validates through FB but comes back to the login page and doesn’t go further. Such a shame because this is such a fantastic app but now it’s unusable. Tried to close app and open it again, restarting phone, uninstalling and reinstalling— nothing works.
  • Mind-Awakening 5/5

    By Amber McEwen
    The daily insight provides me with metaphorical tools to fix the stuck-in-rut feeling. I find motivation from this content daily. It’s truly inspirational.
  • Strength regained and messages received!! 5/5

    By taylowlow333
    Thank you to the beautiful creators of this wonderful app! I pray that I have the strength to carry myself through this change and decision I must make for my own wellbeing and maturity! Please, if anyone sees this tiny review out there in this small small world, say a small prayer that my soul can beat this struggle and not revert back to old ways and habits... I have endless unconditional love for all and this vast feeling of overwhelming empathy for every being out there... This app smacked me in the face with such a pure message.. So clearly from God.. Good and my guides and my grandpa and whoever else they have rooting for me on the flip side.. 😭😭🙏❤️
  • Android coming soon???? 4/5

    By Tootsie footsie
    I love this app but the most unique feature of this app is the comparability chart, but I have been waiting to share this with my android users forever!!!
  • Fam! 5/5

    By Aliciaisbrown
    Why this so on point?!!!! Yes download.
  • Peace of mind and guidance 5/5

    By A Marie West
    In this crazy world it helps to know your life isn’t completely by chance. More things aligned with my reality than I expected but I was very much pleasantly surprised.
  • Behaves strangely. UPDATE 4/5

    By Jorja001
    I downloaded the app, a few days ago, after reading excited reviews. I was similarly impressed, and even suggested a relative also get it. Yesterday it was great. Today, the only thing that shows up when I open the app is my natal chart. Yesterday’s reading included daily transits, longer-term trends, etc. today, nothing concerning current transits or trends. Nothing. I deleted and then reinstalled the app, no difference. I emailed the developer, waiting for a response. I will update my review when/if something changes. The app is again behaving beautifully. It’s amazing. As a sometime astrologer, with 50 years experience, I cannot believe the level of detail this app provides. Yes, consulting an experienced, professional astrologer can provide more personal details. But for detailed daily transits, Co Star is excellent. It’s like a daily weather report, alerting you to the environment the day brings. My biggest question? How is the developer profiting from all the info being collected? In other words, am I the customer or the product?
  • Love 💗 5/5

    By alexy73
    This app helps me be a little more mindful. And the minimalistic layout is pleasing to the eyes 😊
  • It’s glitchy and won’t let me log in 1/5

    By quannqueen
    So I payed 3$ to add my daughters chart to here and it logged me out for some reason and now when I try and log in with Facebook it won’t let me do it, it won’t even do anything when I type in my phone number. It just stays on the get started page, I’m annoyed and frustrated. I just want to log in . Smh
  • Can’t even get into it 1/5

    By Lyssa Jackson
    It won’t even send the verification code to my phone. I tried deleting it and redownloading it and i still haven’t received the text message. So much for that 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Bruhh 5/5

    By mary-desire
    Reads me and understands me like a book. It’s cery helpful.
  • BEST APP 5/5

    By katerinachiaraarellano
    This app was so incredibly helpful and accurate and detailed!! I love how you can add friends and compare your different moons and signs and etc. Must have
  • So accurate 5/5

    By annakart2000
    I love this app. It brightens my day everyday and is pretty accurate for the most part. I’ve been using it for a month now.
  • astro 5/5

    amazing app :)
  • Losing interest 2/5

    By NewbieInSeattle
    The content is very repetitive, not to mention that the wording has always been so obscure. Reading it on a daily recently has been a bore - it’s like going through the motion, reading the same thing that I don’t understand.
  • Amazing!!!!!! 5/5

    By Banechu
    This app really does align with what I am feeling and I doing on that day. I recommend it to anyone who is into the planets,stars, and our galaxy 💫🙂❤️.
  • S 2/5

    By Lilybug6046
    S is the time of e s
  • Oh no! 5/5

    By mandar93
    App isn’t showing horoscope for the next couple of days
  • Loved it until it stopped loading 4/5

    By stacemar84
    No update as far as I know. It worked fine and today it stopped loading. I tried reinstalling but it doesn’t fix. Too bad, I really liked it.
  • What’s going on?? 3/5

    By 2315HELP
    Won’t let me even log into app to even get started says server is down ? Been down for weeks now
  • it’s amazing 5/5

    By Ant_cp
    i love checking this app everyday to see what’s up.
  • I dont know what happened 1/5

    By Rainysky17
    I use co-star daily and for the past few days it doesnt pull anything up. If i could attach a picture of my screen i would but everything is overlapping and it doesnt show my updates or anything. I deleted it and downloaded it again but nothing changed.
  • Stopped updating 1/5

    By agco1987
    One day it just stopped updating. Not cool
  • august 7 , 2019 1/5

    By fix it pls apura
    WHY ISNT IT WOrkinG ?
  • No update? 3/5

    Can’t view anything from today 08/07/19 and on. Last shows 08/06/19.
  • Not working. 2/5

    By Nicole S 💕🌟
    The app was working fine yesterday. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, powering my phone off/on. Nothing. I’m actually sad.
  • Great app, but.. 2/5

    By alyssamonet
    It won’t load 🙄
  • Not showing today + 2 days 3/5

    By Sagip
    Why is it not showing any updates for today (08-07), and tomorrow and the day after? Additionally, previous two days feature is basically useless. Please remove that feature. I’m a daily (and paid) user of your service and I wish you all the best, hence these suggestions.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By beryyblaze
    I downloaded this app and loved it for a day - everything was spot on and so interesting. The next day, it became SUPER glitchy. Two days of having it?
  • Not updating 3/5

    By Ghjjjjyy
    Not updating info
  • Garbage app. 1/5

    By lalapinecourt
    I wish there was a shorter version, or blurb of a daily horoscope. I also feel like my love horoscope is constantly negative. It’s interesting and I usually look at it through the day. But, it seems overly negative and lacking positive thoughts. While I understand it’s not a fortune teller— it also doesn’t need to be so gloom and doom either. Sometimes I don’t want to open the app. After more use... it’s just too negative. I don’t like it. It makes me feel negative. Goodbye costar! This app is GARBAGE. Negative garbage. Don’t bother. I unfollowed them on Instagram too because it was just the same garbage every single day. Negative, rude, trash mouthed app.

Co–Star Personalized Astrology app comments

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