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Coca-Cola® App

Coca-Cola® is bringing you moments worth savoring with refreshing rewards, personalized experiences and delightful content. Enjoy a variety of your favorite participating Coca-Cola brands and beverages to unlock a world of possibilities through sip & scan® icons or product codes. And with more than 100+ options on the Freestyle dispenser, you can create, save, and pour your own beverage mixes right through the app. Features: - Scan sip & scan® icons on Coca-Cola packaging to earn rewards and have delightful experiences. - Easily scan or enter product codes from your favorite participating Coca-Cola beverages for chances to win. - Scan beverages for delightful content experiences, such as augmented reality and behind the scenes videos. - Create your own personalized beverage mix, name it, save it, and pour it from the Freestyle dispenser. - Enable location sharing to get nearby rewards to personalize the experience - Track your earned rewards, progress, and personalized beverage mixes in one place.

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Coca-Cola® app reviews

  • Awesome APP 5/5

    By luckmck
    I love the Coke APP it’s awesome I have won a bear movie tickets popcorn and a drink already!
  • Good thing gone bad! 2/5

    By Anh405
    Loved this app, but since the last upgrade it doesn’t work. Shutdowns every time you try to scan the sip & scan icon; and don’t try to scan to see the polar bears, your phone freeze and have to be restarted. Good thing gone bad!!!
  • Coca Cola site 4/5

    By tonrey2
    I love Coca Cola and drink a ton. But like others have stated this site is UNACCEPTABLE. I have literally submitted hundreds of caps and scans and most of them didn’t even register or there were tons of problems. Really ? U literally have cornered the market and this site dies the reflect your reputation. I really hope it gets better. I am losing interest since it is frustrating to use. Thank you
  • Best app ever ! 5/5

    By iphone tech wiz
    After the update I have no glitches or bugs. Best app for rewards.
  • New system is awful 5/5

    By smallvilledallas
    Go back to the old rewards system this thing using points as lottery tokens ain’t working
  • Pb 2/5

    By billzytwq
    More than once I’ve seen my counts in history actually decrease instead of increase after a scan. Additionally, the scan on the codes inside cartons never works.
  • Glitch Cola 1/5

    By RiaReeGib
    Lots of glitches.
  • I’ll I want something on this app 5/5

    By lil tanner streety
    There is this thing where you can scan Coke can and win a prize I got a 4 inch plushy.
  • Scan & rewards 1/5

    By delbertm
    First since the last update I’m not able to scan any codes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but no luck. The rewards program is HORRIBLE. My wife and I enjoy Coke Zero and regular Coke and have been scanning codes for years and yet we have yet to win/be rewarded. I think scanning these codes is just a scam unless we see anything other.
  • Needs improvements 1/5

    By Foxy Chopper crashes with everything I want to do. Can’t scan !!
  • Disappointed in new rewards 4/5

    By dkboop
    The sip scan code don’t scan. Says sorry unable to process try again later. Then later when (and if it works) says already used frustrating! I loved the old reward program. You could save your points to get something come short etc. not this one This one doesn’t feel like there’s anything worth going after. You have to go for a sweepstakes or instant win.
  • Bad rewards program 5/5

    By #whydoesitmatter
    Old program was soooo much better! I have had problems logging in and I never get any response 😩 very frustrating so I give up! Not sure what I will be losing at this point there is nothing to gain 🤷‍♀️
  • Kim 3/5

    By Kimfortysix
    I have been a loyal cocaholic all my life of almost 62 years. Now I drink Diet Coke & CF DietCoke. 24 packs now retail for $7.98 at Walmart! Why? To make matters worse,there are fewer promotions than in the past! Or coupons! Is there a reason? Thanks
  • Doesn’t scan, instead it shuts down. 2/5

    By T.✌️
    Whenever I try to scan coke bottles with the QR code, it just shuts off the app. I don’t know why it’s not working, but getting this app was a waist of my time.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Marjjory43
    Most the time it won’t read the code. You hardly ever win. It lets me put two codes in than says experiencing technical difficulties. Been happening for over a month. Not a good app at all. Coke use to give away a lot of prizes. They have changed for the worse.
  • The app seems to have glitches every day 2/5

    By Gratefulgrl
    This app should be revamped because there’s issues every day
  • Love the coke app 5/5

    By Beana8
    I I love this app. It Is fun, easy and I have had a lot of fun experiences that I not have done otherwise. More movies, more photo books, even a trip to great wolf lodge. All thanks to coke!

    I’m trying to also understand why my original review was deleted. This is not ok. A second update was released several days ago after the original update was released, and scanning functionality is still poor. It literally takes 5 to 6 minutes to scan an icon when it actually does register and scan. I really do not understand what Coke is doing. It’s inconceivable to me that this update would go live without them being aware of the scanning issue. If this is one way to make the app obsolete and cause a decline in usage by customers, then it’s definitely working.
  • Thx rhxgn 1/5

    By MichyS10
    Thrice I’d dig.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Tim in Tx
    This app is complete garbage. The rewards program is nonexistent. You don’t collect points for purchases. You only get a chance to win a prize. As far as I can tell you can’t even select what prize you try for. The app doesn’t scan the 14 digit codes like it is supposed to. It just scans and scans... There is not a rewards page or scan button to be found easily. I had to click on some page having to do with polar bears or some other nonsense and then it asked if I had a code to scan. It scanned and said you lose. Try again. It’s just a complete waste of time. I find absolutely no reason to use this app.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By hastik13
    Just won AMC black ticket ...I love it ! Thanks Coca-Cola🥰😍
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Scorp365
  • Sue 1/5

    By suewhj
    Amen to the lady in North Carolina I also live in N.C. The rewards program now is not worth messing with. Mine always says sorry your not a winner. About to go back to Pepsi products. They have better prices here also
  • App crashes on iPhone 6 1/5

    By iDrinkMolson
    Whenever the app can’t recognize a sip n scan icon it crashes on iPhone 6 with the last 2 updates. You never get 'Try Again' anymore. Just gives up and crashes. You have to hold it perfectly still and have good light for it to even recognize now. Try scanning with no icon around and see. Works fine on iPhone 6s+.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Nuvasoo
    Wow. What an unbelievably horrible app for such a big company. I already have a Coca-Cola account because I use it every day on the mobile site to enter sweepstakes which lately hasn’t been working. So I thought I’d switch to the app. The keyboard covers the login button and you can’t close it or scroll down enough to login. There’s always something wrong with their sites or apps and when you try to get help all you get is a virtual assistant who doesn’t know how to answer your question.
  • it’s really good 5/5

    I’m new to this I got it yesterday really like it but I don’t like how you have to sing up to do stuff can you fix maybe -W COKE-cola
  • Trash :/ 1/5

    By Inked the pro
    The holiday magic ar thing is kinda trash it just showed a bear and a small bear going out of a house it was super boring 😔
  • Does the app work on 6 4/5

    By Spongebob13524
    Umm With the scan, it doesn’t work and crashes my iPhone 6 every time
  • Best rewards ever 5/5

    By Mirta 225
    I have been able to afford the movies with my family thanks to Coca Cola AMC theatres rewards free popcorn and sodas made a huge different for a family of 5 Thanks!
  • Coke Rewards Review 4/5

    By RedneckChelle
    I miss the old Coke rewards. Please bring that back or at least more of those offers.

    This last update didn’t do anything but cause it to not work. It won’t scan a icon & crashes as soon as you try to. Don’t waste your time. Stick to the slow website. Takes forever to enter a sweepstakes. Why the hell did you fools go & mess it all up to add polar bears???? Don’t you listen to the customers or do beta to know what the issues may be or are??? That’s not hard. The amount of $$$ Coca Cola has & it can’t buy a working programmed app. Pretty sad. Maybe the ppl at Pepsi have been working undercover to ruin you & the brand. Better look into it. Update 11/15/2019 Well now they rewards I gad earned & hadn't used yet bc they supposably never expired. That maybe the case but when the update happened It removed them. It was $100 worth of gift cards for different things & a 4” polar bear & a Bluetooth speaker are all gone. Don’t waste your time with it. They’ve ruined a ok app & made it irrelevant at best.
  • Constant crashes 1/5

    By AndroidLegend
    New version of app crashes whenever a sip and scan icon is scanned, extremely disappointed
  • Review 4/5

    By Awesomesocks11
    I really liked it when you could save up points and buy things with them, it felt tangible. Now it feels like a waste because you might get lucky but probably not so it’s probably a waste of time. I used to tell every about the old program I definitely don’t now. Thank you
  • Drink Coke! 5/5

    By ray-coke
    Plus you can win win by entering for nice offers. I like it!
  • Love it... 5/5

    By Theredogs
    I really enjoy this app even tho wished there was some other options diff ones.. especially I don’t do amusement parks stuff.. over all love it !! I have one 2x on here.. very plz to what I won... Thank you Coke cola!! My fav always fan of Coke..
  • Coke Rewards 4/5

    By little Luke.
    Dry disappointed in my coke Rewards. I use love earning the free magazines. Coke & only coke is served in my house. Sorta feel a letdown.
  • App update 1/5

    By joannzim
    Since I updated app about a week ago I have been unable to scan “sip and scans”. It was working fine before update
  • Best App to join 5/5

    By WSSommer
    I enjoy going to app to enter codes for a chance to win exciting things I just won a polar bear Thanks
  • Rewards 1/5

    By Tyrek14
    Hands down probably the worst reward system ever.
  • Terrible (Must read!!) 1/5

    By Makilah Rayne Roberts
    This app is terrible don’t waste your time downloading it. I just got a new phone and this app just kept on glitching every time I tried to do something, so I told my friend to download this app and it was doing the same thing to her phone. DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!
  • Win-Lose-Win... 5/5

    By Deedzs
    Prepare for an emotional roller coaster ride!
  • Yawn 3/5

    By Christophe-p
    All this investment into these beautiful machines and then something is always out of stock in the machine. So what do the restaurants say “we will get it for you back here”. What are you gonna to do, tell them your mix? Then to make matters worse, when the app needs an update it won’t let you use it until you do the update so you have to do your mix by hand anyway, assuming everything is in stock.
  • Forced Updates Get One Star 1/5

    By Rick from Tucson
    You are a soda app. Don’t force me to update every time I am foolish enough to open you.
  • Just downloaded the app and already having issues 1/5

    By savanna199622
    I JUST downloaded this app and I am already getting a network error. Thought it might be my phone so I downloaded it on my boyfriends phone. Same message. Seems like the app is down.
  • Coke rewards 5/5

    By davmeljo
    Love my coke and the rewards too. But I’m waiting for the good reward where we can get free 12 packs with our codes. REALLY NEED THAT ONE!!!!!
  • Crashes! 1/5

    By Heatherb7883
    I can’t do anything in the new update without it crashing! Please fix!
  • Old app vs. new app. 1/5

    By Johnnyisgood
    I agree totally with Heidi Masse. The original program was great. The next one was awful. Almost everything was a “chance” to win something. Totally felt betrayed. I’ve been nothing but a Diet Coke drinker since the day it came out and then devoted to the opportunity to actually get something back with original program. Now I don’t think twice about throwing the codes away and drink an A&W root beer. I hope this new app goes back to what coke did well. With the price if soda now, I’m sure Coke can afford it.
  • Rewards program is disappointing 1/5

    By Forget Coke
    The loyalty program was decent before. Since the change to the program, I haven’t won anything. It has been a complete waste of time. I put in the effort to participate and get nothing out of it. I’m going to stop using the program and plan to switch to Pepsi.
  • Not Rewarding 1/5

    By Tangomonsters
    I was Gold Status in your former reward program. I loved redeeming points/codes for Coke merch. Your current program is horrible.

Coca-Cola® app comments

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