Coco - Live Video Chat Coconut

Coco - Live Video Chat Coconut

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Newell Communications LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
7,272 Ratings
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Coco - Live Video Chat Coconut App

Meet, Chat, and Go Nuts! on Coconut - Go Live & Meet! Coconut/ is a premium livestream and video platform for people looking to meet new people and get more followers for live streams. allows users to go live solo or with their friends for small live group chats. Coconut also allows you to create and share interesting and creative short video to share with people everywhere. On Coconut you can: - Video chat with new people all over the world - Send video messages to friends and followers - Livestream and go live with a friend - Discover people who share your interests We know you have a choice when picking a livestream partner, and we would like to extend a mahalo for picking COCONUT.TV as your partner for livestream entertainment and dating. If you have any questions, please reach out through the app or send an email to [email protected]

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Coco - Live Video Chat Coconut app reviews

  • hippo feels like the hybrid baby of Twitch and TikTok, with the capabilities to make short 5/5

    By NienCting -hin
    I’m in love with the hippo      
  • The app conception is brilliant, and may very well be in the same sentence as TikTok one d 5/5

    By DhD.rJ.e e V t
    I want to be hippo famous‍       
  • The whole thing about a social app is that it is supposed to be defined as a social place 5/5

    By KuSt W. rcheredor
    The app is brilliant       
  • hippo is nice because it still is relatively undiscovered, but that’s great for me because 5/5

    By HuiC hi gniM
    A good way to spend time        
  • The app has all the foundations and makings of the possibilities of the next big thing, on 5/5

    I feel popular with this app     ‍ 
  • Well I can certainly appreciate what this app does as a live streaming platform that gives 5/5

    By su ynn uwe
    App foundation is good        
  • App is fun, one thing I wish is that they would have the search nearby function. Other tha 5/5

    Coming from apps like Tinder Bumble, Okcupid ‌ ‍‍‌  
  • Interactive app with immediate interaction with users, no more card swiping or throwing yo 5/5

    By NannehAic Mels
    Long time user        
  • Very user friendly, excellent UI, well made , and obviously a great team behind it. Bugs a 5/5

    Fun app, plenty of fish in the sea   ​   
  • 1 on 1 random chat  ‌     5/5

    By Bh55E2c
    1 on 1 random chat is pretty fun, it reminds me of chatroulette back in the day but without the random guys just jerking off because here at hippo they actually moderate. Of course it’s not perfect, but it’s nice to just choose the Female preferences and have a few nice conversations with pretty girls.‌  ‌   
  • No ads, real users, fun times​‍ ‍   5/5

    By vh alnkitaania
    What more can you ask?   ‌  
  • Not perfect app, but the team is working on bringing something amazing       5/5

    I had the chance to join this app early, and I’ve seen the app in its birth pain stages to where it is now. As part of the community I really appreciate the team and the hard work they put into it, of course as a live stream app it is hard to perfectly moderate but they do their best and are very responsive if you just reach out to them. We are also in a community group that we can help moderate, as this app is 18+ and we do our best to help the team make sure the community follows the rules. The biggest thing about live streaming and dealing with people all over the world is there is the good, the bad, and the ugly, but together we can really make hippo be something great.    ‌ 
  • I like this app ​     5/5

    I’m an introvert and hippo really helps me get out of my shell. It allows me to talk to people without feeling judged and helps me be more vocal. I have fun and I encourage you to download this app. ‌ ​ ‌  
  • Real users, no bots!       5/5

    By F iMaREqHAN
    What I like about this app is compared to other apps such as bigo, tango, that the users are 100% real. People all over the word are finding this app, and I think it’s great that you are just one button away from a meaningful connection. ‌ ‌  ​ ‍
  • I hate coco 1/5

    By BillRiewe
    I hate coco so so so much I will kill myself
  • Pointless 1/5

    By gravityyy7282838
    Don’t waste your time here ... they record your chats and pass it off as a real live ... bunch of naked woman on live... just a bunch of pre recorded lives and everything cost money..
  • Be apart of our coco family.💜 5/5

    By NikkiBaby❤️
    This app is an amazing app to find some great friends! Yes, you win run into your fair share of fakes but there’s a lot of awesome people to get to know. Come find me and say hi, my name on there is NikkiBaby❤️. Hope to see y’all there!
  • Chances are that you won’t find anything interesting 2/5

    By the best nimber 1
    Hella pedos in this app. You have been warned
  • Go live 1/5

    By Chivo24
    I can't.go live and it's ridiculous
  • Best app 5/5

    By Jklaus22
    Use my invite code 👌🏻 (100194)
  • Won’t post my videos!!!! 1/5

    By domplee
    I’ve emailed and asked why my videos were not being submitted and received no response, which leads me to believe they are being rejected for whatever reason!!!! I AM DELETING THIS GARBAGE
  • Need to be more even spilt between both sex 3/5

    By jr6296
    Too many men under the BOTH SEARCH MODE My tokens go to fast it should be two per search instead of 10
  • Gross 1/5

    By Accetheviel
  • Armas 4/5

    By Armas1364

    By ufyvjfyufuhxydfivxy
    This site should be called THIRSTY because every girl on there wearing skimpy a** clothes and the men be as thirsty too asking for 1 on 1 and want them to take clothes off
  • Tik Tok Ad??? Yall got some explaining to do... 1/5

    By SixOhDieselMafia
    Only downloaded this app to leave a review then its gone. Probably gonna get Epstiened for this but this needs attention brought to it. Anywho got an ad for this app on tik tok and literally all it is is some 13-14 year old girl dressed in a way no child should be dressed...dancing. And in reading the comments on the ad people are all saying the same thing, I've came across it multiple times on tik tok. Something needs to be done about this. Numerous people have reported the ad and not a single thing happens. Im not sure where you (the marketing team) find the stuff for your ads but its gotta stop. The app is rated for 17+ and you have a child dancing like that for a advertisement? seriously. Exploiting a minor like that all for the sake of attracting God only knows what creatures are gonna crawl out of the cesspool and flood the app. Its sick and just needs to be shut down for good. There should be a pretty clear line drawn on what is acceptable and whats not. And i guess the person in charge of this must not be the brightest bulb in the box, or have the IQ equivalent of a cucumber. But seriously I hope something comes of this.
  • Way too strict 1/5

    By Reviewer2960976682
    Once upon a time it was solid and provided a good way of broadcasting to fans without being overly strict like live me. Over time the app has gotten 10x more strict then live me while failing to provide new content and new events for Broadcasters as well as fans. App needs work serious work
  • Coco 1/5

    By ilkitlkdat
    Do not like this app too much nudity
  • Me encanta esta aplicación 5/5

    By rancherito alegre
    Se las recomiendo
  • Download at your own risk 2/5

    By SmokeyJoe420$
    I spent one hour on this app and this is all I got. Three good conversations, didn’t even get to talk to the women because they skip you or block you within the first three seconds Without saying hello. Let alone I’ve seen 10 different man meat going to town on themselves. Honestly I wouldn’t even download this app again and I hope this helps all of you.
  • Garbage 5/5

    By RaRu1800
  • illegal exploitation 1/5

    By thomjacwalk
    This is an app that shouldn't be on the App Store at at!!! People are on here having (Sex) and thats how they get money. It's sickening and wrong. Yes it's an app that for video chat but it's used to do sexual activity
  • I love this app 5/5

    By 🅿️ersian
    Wow best app!
  • Shawtyyyyy 🍑😏 5/5

    By Lil Muzi
    Shawty in the second pic thumbnail, wassup I wanna give u some of this diiiickkkk 🤪
  • The app is wack 1/5

    By tayzfvcdf
    The try to force you to do stuff u don’t wanna do and if u don’t do it they banned u
  • ‌ Coco is one of the leading examples of live streaming today     5/5

        Because Coco is that fun of a ride    
  •  ‍Games with Coco would be amazing      5/5

    By 国h彭淮
      Coco is the digital cruise ship you want to be on‍ ‌
  •    If only if only the woodpecker sighed      5/5

    By Cag-Hluro
      ‌ very Pretty    
  •    Fun 100% reccomend ‍‌ 5/5

    By SDrooa toszka
    ‍‍‌ I'm in the bathroom right now... on Coco...   
  •  ‌ Home alone 4​ ​  5/5

    By DrhwinaMaa sin
        very Pretty ‍   ‍
  • Give me my money back 1/5

    By laylow18
    You guys are overcharging me for these coins I buy 500 for 4.99 and you guys charge me 10 and I just bought 1200 for 9.99 and you guys charged me 15 I need my money refunded
  • ‍​2P is awesome ‍‍  5/5

      ​​Contests would be interesting    
  •    Happiness is a choice‍     5/5

     ‍ I think it's amazing that I can go on anytime and there's at least someone online to talk to ‍‌
  •  ​‌Coco> Facebook  ​ ‌ 5/5

    By Mr o. FmrsmJa
      ​Facebook is for connecting with your friends, Coco is for making friends and hanging out!    
  •    Something about this app    ‌ 5/5

    ​ ‌‌I cook and hang out with people on Coco, some people are hilarous! Also if you don't like someone in your room bc sometimes there are wierd people you can always just kick them out of your room    
  •   I like the concept. technology is cool.   ​ 5/5

    By 小陈、姐
     ​I have met some quality nice ladies here. I like to think myself as their supporter. In return I have beautiful women on my phone all the time​    
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Oraaahh
    Such a big platform of opportunity for everyone!
  •   Never be lonely again    5/5

    By Mj. hiruaBSbu
        Being from it's birth I have been part of the community and I really believe there are your people out there if you keep looking   
  • ​  Amazing to see people from all over the world. Feels like i'm on a cruise ship ​  ‍  5/5

      ​ Pinay pride xoxo​   

Coco - Live Video Chat Coconut app comments

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