CocoPPa - cute icon&wallpaper

CocoPPa - cute icon&wallpaper

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  • Current Version: 3.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: UNITED, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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CocoPPa - cute icon&wallpaper App

A definitive app for changeable icons and wallpapers! With 1,500,000 icon and wallpaper designs, the combinations are limitless :) With these cute icons and wallpapers, completely redress your home screen! Check out the icons and wallpapers that are taking the world by storm! ▼Especially recommended if you - want to make your app icons cuter. - want more stylish wallpaper. - want your favorite character icons or wallpaper. - want to change your icons to pets or entertainers. - want a cute SNS cover photo. You can use all the cute icons and wallpapers you want for free, so the sky's the limit! Icons and wallpapers are posted by creators from all around the world. We assure you will find ones you like! ▼Customize All Find your favorite Home Screen Packs in the [Lounge] and download them all at once. ▼Cutest icon changer ever Cutify your home screen with CocoPPa's kawaii icons and wallpapers, for free! We have a line-up of cute icons, from popular app icons used by everyone for Facebook, Instagram and other apps, including default apps like phone, email, browser. Enjoy your customization life icons and wallpapers! ▼For Creators.. Thank you very much for sharing your design! We always welcome your icons and wallpapers :) ▼Make friends around the world Because it is a favorite application in the whole world, I can talk with an illustrator making a nice icon or wallpaper, I can make a request. I am glad about the translation function! ▽Attention CocoPPa is a tool for creating shortcut icons. Shortcut icons will no longer work if the apps linked to them are deleted. Please note that we hold no responsibility for apps you delete by mistake. Inquiries about the app can be directed to the addresses below. ▽Contact ・For user  [email protected] ・For business  [email protected] # CocoPPa is a trademark of UNITED, Inc.

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CocoPPa - cute icon&wallpaper app reviews

  • Idk 2/5

    By Saviiiie
    the only thing i like are the wallpapers the app is just hard to use.
  • Uhh no thanks 1/5

    By lovebiytercups
    I am so sorry but I don’t get this game and the icons don’t even have some apps I love the wallpapers though but if you want to download this I think you shouldn’t sorry
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Julia$$
    This app doesn’t work.
  • This can give you the best wallpapers 5/5

    By cute baby lover love
    This wallpaper game is so cool💙💙💙💙
  • meep morp 4/5

    By Toys Weekly
    i have an iphone and there is no phone icon thingy so fix that ok
  • I like this app but... 5/5

    By anamirovaa
    I like this app so much but theres a problem, its when you finish making your apps whatever colour you pick, and when you open it. It says “open in app?” That annoys me so much, so please fix the problem if you can.
  • Help 1/5

    By hfbffnnfcjcjdkdk
    Umm when I put in the icon u still have to have the app soo it wierd
  • I like the app, but... 4/5

    By person500000000000
    Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing app, but I hate how half of the apps I have aren’t on there, I get if it’s and app I download, BUT THE PHONE APP! The phone app every I-phone user has, it’s not on there, until I go to make an icon, and it’s there, I just wish there were more apps available, one other app that all I-phone users have is Clock, it’s not there either, then I spend time making an icon for ibisPaint X and it’s not there either, I also don’t get the rating, it says 17+, but in my opinion it should be 4+, maybe even 12+, besides that it’s a cool app, but I’m just annoyed
  • Bad 1/5

    By Dhdjdieidiejejeoo
    Wish it would let me sign in with my old account
  • I wish I could give less than a star. 1/5

    By Namira M.
    I’m not even trying to be mean, but this app is awful. First off, the wallpapers download fine, but the icons do not. They don’t replace your original ones, but instead duplicate them. This is unfortunate because when I went to assign icons to the apps on my home screen, instead of producing the apps I already have, it came up with a whole bunch that are not in my phone, and are in Japanese. It couldn’t even find my alarm, calculator, etc. then, there is nowhere (visible) to download your assigned icons. You can close the settings or push the “x” both make you start all the way over. It’s difficult to navigate, and even find where your own work is stored in “the lounge” or on your “page”. Just safe yourself the headache and don’t bother downloading this. The idea is fantastic, it just needs some more work.
  • I DO NOT recommend this app 1/5

    By I HATE THIS APP!!!😡😡😡
    I tried it for my Instagram just to see if it worked but it didn’t I basically had two Instagrams on my phone one with the icon and one with just the regular Instagram icon and when I opened the Instagram with the icon it went to a white screen and it said open and close it doesn’t just put you right into the app!!!😡😡😡 I HATE IT!!!😡😡😡
  • HORRIBLE!!! 1/5

    By mcjxbdjxndxjxh
    This app is a rip off it makes you go into safari when u pick a app!!!!
  • Great App! Some Suggestions.. 5/5

    By Rorie!!!!
    CocoPPA is a really good app because it works for most apps (for me). I wish the developers would expand my options of icons and let me use more apps for this. Also, it takes up a lot of storage. This is because you need one pretty app and you can’t delete the original. Can you experiment and try to make it just one app instead of two? When pressing the the desired app that I have changed, it will take me to safari and then to the app. Can you fix this? Also, I know this problem can’t be fixed, but with the app, “Calm” that I use, it will not take me there. It will just be a white screen when it goes to safari. The ONE app that I think should be able to design is Minecraft. I cannot change it. Please fix this! Minecraft is very ugly. Thank you! I love this app!
  • Cocoppa 4/5

    By sweet caje
    Overall it’s a good app wallpapers are easy to download and same thing to icons but the down side is when you what to use an app it takes longer to open it asks you if you want to open the app instead of going straight to the app but it is still a good app and you should still get it if you don’t have a Problem with waiting for the app to open.
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By blah3838
    The problem is how much work you have to put in and you don’t get much out of it since some of the urls don’t even work
  • Love it but how do we change icons? 5/5

    By Sophia chen the chinesse girl
    It’s just that question so please answer thank you 😊
  • Ok OK OK 3/5

    By Frappuccino girl
    So, On apple devices, it works, but takes you to safari and then has you click to open. So please get this fixed. Thank you for your consideration and collaboration.
  • Great 5/5

    By panda1018080
    This app is great it makes your apps “pretty” but it does have no point after you changed all the Apps
  • I have trouble playing this but it’s cool but when my iPad 3/5

    By tuvyvhfhyfvfyvfgh
    Has no wallpaper I don’t know what too do so buy but I can’t choose a wallpaper but I can try so hard to get it that’s Review bye!
  • Kind of confusing 3/5

    By Bradyinbay
    I liked the app for cute backgrounds, but for the app icons, it made you get another app and it didn’t really work. So if you are looking for cute backgrounds, you should try this app
  • Amazing app for my iPhone 6s 5/5

    By joana ashley
    Ok so when I first downloaded it I thought it was a virus, but it isn’t. The wallpapers and icons are amazing! No viruses. I don’t mind the browser opening when it says open something
  • No 1/5

    By no c no i com
    It did not work I would try and it did not go on to my home screen soooooooo mmmm I recommend not to get this
  • I love it 5/5

    By matisin
    I love it because it gives you cute wallpapers them now but you really if you don’t have Instagram do you mean you can’t you can babysit like Snapchat and stuff like that so yeah that’s my interview so my friend Ashley said you have to pay you for some reason I don’t know why so I am in my room
  • Its ok 2/5

    By MACunicorn25
    Its ok
  • Eh 3/5

    By oonahruby
    Okay so it work just fine but when I got to click on one of my installed icons it brings me back to the website of CocoPPa. This really anoymes me because I just want the app. Over all not the best. Please tell me if you have this problem
  • So awesome! 5/5

    By kittygirlthebest
    I typed in how to get new icons on CocoPPa on yt. It showed me how!!!! Omg!!!! Thank you so much! I erased my negative review.
  • Pls change it!!!😡😡😡 2/5

    By pusheen_kawaii
    Although it’s cute and I love the kawaii icons and backgrounds, but I can’t find pusheen!! I tried finding it and there was no search bar or anything. Pls fix it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Favors. Asians 2/5

    By laurelw
    You can make, beautiful home screens and yet they hardly get seen to get likes. But Asians get all the attention and posts etc. Then try making your own icon and or wallpaper that will keep getting rejected for other people to use. Again if I were Asian I guess it would work. The folder system doesn’t work right either. Some people can have hundreds in created folders to move your icons and group them. I can only get up to 10. They make me so frustrated and discouraged from posting stuff 2 stars because they do have cute icons and wallpaper. Still haven’t used in iPhone yet. I haven’t figured out how.
  • This app is a LIE 1/5

    By ~•~Nat~•~
    This app does do icons for apps BUT when you press the icon it says something like this “Do you want to open this page blah blah blah” and that could get annoying QUICK so I recommend to not try this APP!!
  • So bad(>_<) 1/5

    By ѕσ вα∂
    I can’t believe how bad this app is the icon doesn’t even come up you can’t find anything I don’t recommend this app
  • just doesnt work 2/5

    By excuse me ahem
    i used to love this app when i was younger and the shortcuts worked perfectly fine, however nowadays the shortcuts dont work at all. it’s also not as easy to navigate the app now. idk if its cuz the app doesnt work for iphone x but man... good luck w trying to use this app
  • Best app ever:) 5/5

    By coollifeforever
    Thais app is so cool because it works for app and I think it is a great idea to get app to change your phone
  • Just read 4/5

    By the best chick ever
    I honestly think it’s a great app I love all the wallpapers and icons, it’s a bummer that I can’t use the app without WiFi but I got used to it! I like how you can post your own stuff on the app! Totally worth it!!! GET THIS APP!!!!😁🤩🤩🤩 Any time I try to go to the real time board I get kicked out to my home screen !!!🤬😡🤯😤
  • Nothing happend 1/5

    I did everything it wanted me to do and nothing happend owo
  • There are cute but why 2/5

    By kimythepugee
    So I get notifications every single hour and I hate it why will it have wallpapers with apps already it will look weird what if you don’t have Twitter it is alway on there there are some wallpapers that are awesome but very blurry and crappy THEY SHOULD FIX IT
  • Yes 5/5

    By monoChickenstrips
    I love that it’s allowing me to live my dreams of edgy glitch gamer phone screen
  • Arianna’s review 5/5

    By stubbs queen
    This is a amazing app ❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By sophie myer
    I have tried to get it to work and it did not! So I pulled up a YouTube video on how to do it and I followed the directions exactly how I should of. Nothing happened!!!
  • Great but... 3/5

    By riah uwu
    Ok so first off, this is a great app, and has lots of cute wallpapers and icons... But there arent wven some of the most basix apps on it. I tried putting one for camera, but all ir had was these wierd camera apps for kids... How do you epect to have that if THE APP IS 17+?!?! I MEAN LIKE WHY?!?!? All it is is wallpapers and icons... I dont see why its 17+
  • Just Read. 4/5

    By AdriannaJayde
    Ok. So when I try to put it for YouTube , Netflix , etc IT DOES NOT LET ME!!!! Idk why tho and I tried everything but it won’t work!
  • Never accepts self made creations 1/5

    By mar_z3na
    So I have no problem with it as a usable app to change my icons and wallpapers. But there is a growing problem about posting icons and wallpapers that is the main concern of many artists on CocoPPa (including myself). No one can post anything, because it’s always set on private (not everyone, but the majority of users go through this). Other users and I have had sent an email over this matter but with no response. I hope the developers can be aware of this problem, because as much as I love the concept of this app, it’s sad that I cannot share my artwork through it because it’s set on private (and with no given reasons; for example, telling me the icon is too blurry). I understand copyright issues are the main reason that icons constantly go private but as it states in your regulations, if the user has a legit link or website/social media to prove that they made that piece of artwork, their icon or wallpaper can be made public. It’s unfair for real artists to have their artwork rejected after a long time from “reviewing”. I have an art Instagram link on my profile and still am not acknowledged when I post icons or wallpapers. I have a couple suggestions to make this app better: 1) During the posting process, have a required part mentioning to show proof by uploading a screenshot. Make sure the user uploading the icon or wallpaper show proof of a screenshot of their login from which ever website/link/social media and to show the artwork on that page. This can make the reviewing process a bit easier when the user is giving proof of their work. Either that or they can take a picture, have a screenshot, or upload the file source (the source file would have to be done through the PC version) of their artwork for more genuine proof (for example they can take a picture of the file opened, show the layers or the whole screen of the artwork in whatever program the user draws in) 2) Acknowledge users that have a website link/social media to show their artwork. It would be neat if there were stars (or some other symbol) on the corner of their icons to indicate that their real artists sharing their artwork when they add link on their profile or link their CocoPPa profile to the listed social media. P.S also, considering the times, I truly think there needs to be a big update on this app. Maybe a new, clean look would be best. I understand these things take time, it’s not easy to do, however take the comments and reviews and emails concerning the quality of this app. It has plenty potential and I like it, but it needs to be fixed. Not just that, but it would also be great if the PC version updated as well. Thank you for having the time to read this.
  • Support??? 1/5

    By v.isenya
    I sent an email to your support team and never received a response. Very angering. I’ve tried to send a password update to my email and never got one.
  • misleading 1/5

    By かおりたなび
    This app is very misleading. Sure you have great wallpapers and all, but they make you think that you can put different picture icons over the apps you have downloaded on your home screen. But no matter how many times I try assigning pictures to my apps it never works, and it makes you go through the whole process again even though it won’t work. This should be listed as just a wallpaper app and not one that you can change the icons of your home screen. I’m very disappointed.
  • Wallpapers 5/5

    By perflilangel
    I love the wallpapers they r so cute
  • I love this App 5/5

    By Babby19
    I love this app so much and I always think that some wallpaper are not good so when I found this app I was so happy 😁 so download it so I tried it out and I was in love with it download it now it’s the best app ever
  • ? 4/5

    By Addison Pruno
    Okay I got this app and was going to color code my apps,right?So I was going to color code my phone app red so then I tapped phone and did all of that and when it said what app would you like to put it in PHONE WASNT THERE,idk if I didn’t look hard enough but LIKE COME ON!
  • Dosent work 1/5

    By Libby clover👻
    Got the app, didn’t work, re bought it, didn’t work. App is terrible
  • Love the app but some suggestions💗 5/5

    By Crvisncdgfj
    In my opinion the app is great. There are lots of cute icons and wallpapers, but when I try to put an icon on for Snapchat, it says invalid address. I also wish that you can change to shape of the icons. Hopefully some changes can be made and you could do all these things. Please answer this question about Snapchat and no hate...❤️ you CocoPPA!

    By Whit9898
    I took the time to read their terms and conditions / privacy policy. Most stuff is commonly seen in these policies but be advised they sell your information to third parties all over the world and take advantage of the lack of comprehensive internet privacy laws in said countries. Wording in the document suggests the software could be unstable and may cause your devise harm, plant viruses or even leak your personal information all of which they take 0 liability for. I hope some of you enjoy this app but after reading the agreement I didn’t even want to try it! Sounds like the developers could do some work on their interface and base/bound settings! -Whitney Hicks

CocoPPa - cute icon&wallpaper app comments

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