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  • Current Version: 1.0.89
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Coinbase Pro App

Coinbase Pro is the fastest, most trusted way to trade cryptocurrencies. The app is built for advanced crypto traders with all necessary info and tools to trade on the go. This includes: • Real time candles, depth chart, order book • Limit and market orders • Advanced order form • Orders and portfolio overview FAST Make a trade in seconds. COMPETITIVE FEES Fees range from 0 - 0.5% depending on your trading volume and order type ASSETS Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS (EOS), Tezos (XTZ), Stellar (XLM), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Chainlink (LINK), Augur (REP), 0x (ZRX), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Algorand (ALGO), Dash (DASH), Dai (DAI), USD Coin (USDC) and more COUNTRIES Coinbase Pro supports crypto to native currency trading pairs in the United States (USD), European Union (EUR), and United Kingdom (GBP). We also support crypto to crypto trading pairs in 100+ countries DISCLOSURES • Some features otherwise available on may not be accessible or may have limited utility in the Coinbase Pro Mobile App • Trading fees and availability of assets subject to change • Account limits may vary depending on customer eligibility and payment method • Images provided above are for illustrative purposes only • Coinbase and Coinbase related trademarks are trademarks of Coinbase, Inc.

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Coinbase Pro app reviews

  • Robbery 2/5

    I just started trading crypto about a month now. CB and CB Pro are the best and most convenient market to trade if you lived in the US, but from what I’m seeing so far the apps rob you little by little. When selling tokens you no longer want, they don’t round off all your tokens to the nearest cent you can receive, in other words if I have 500.254688 of a certain token, you can only sell 500. The rest of the .254688 remains there and you pretty much can’t do anything with it. Those tokens may be worth about 10 cents sometimes and you just lose that 10 cents because you can’t sell or trade it. Add up 10 cents times millions of users that can’t withdraw their 10 cents…..yeah CB just pockets that money you can’t withdraw. My advice, don’t get into crypto. And definitely do not use CB to trade.
  • Terrible lag of navigation 1/5

    By torhavn
    Surprising that such a well known name in the industry has such a poorly performing app. I’ve given it a year, on various networks and connections, various new devices and up-to-date systems: Coinbase app continues to crash about once every one to two minutes, while CoinbasePro app crashes and is the most laggy app you’ll ever use. I’m tired of telling them about it. Glad I’m not needing them anymore.
  • Worst app ever. No customer service. 1/5

    By Hunter sells
    Lost 4500 this morning on this app. Everything is screwed up. It shows 4 transactions totaling 10,000+. I only bought 4500 of Bitcoin so not sure why it shows that. Then tried to withdraw, and it confirmed my withdraw. Withdraw never took place after confirmation was given so I tried again. On the withdraw page it says I have 0 btc to withdraw, yet on my assets page it shows the 4500+. Customer service is no help all they talk about is funds being locked for 14 days. Website is no help they only deal with coinbase basic. Can’t get in touch with anybody who can help me. Completely UNEXCEPTABLE. DO NOT USE THIS APP
  • Can you believe the commissions on us site? 1/5

    By digedydomdom
    Can you believe the commissions on this site?
  • All good but SOLVE the rate limit problem 3/5

    By Reshad08
    The app is all good and fast but it always says “Rate limits hve been exceeded” and no matter how many times I try it wont sign in and even after reinstalling it still shows the same. Works fine when i try from browser. Its getting annoying!
  • For the developers 4/5

    By pro3303
    When I want to see my orders in the iPhone app and try to view tapping on the other buttons to check out the market price it takes awfully long, forced to close all and go in again
  • Good app, but room for improvement 5/5

    By josh #2
    I love Coinbase and the app. Have used both for a long time. The more I invest in alt coins the more I wish this app would allow me to favorite or re-arrange the coins that show at the top of my list. That way I can more easily follow trends in my coins that are low market cap.
  • Still slow and a bad experience 1/5

    By GameAppL_
    App was just updated, it is still being slow and not a good experience. I’m using a new device with a fast connection, nothing else is operating slow on my phone. This is disappointing because Coinbase pro has been great for the most part, lately it has had a lot of issues.
  • Ongoing issues with selecting with touch 3/5

    By geoffreyalanholliday
    Not sure why Coinbase Pro is the ONLY crypto app that is so issue ridden. It's always getting stuck where no matter what I select by touch, I cannot unstick it. I always have to quit and relaunch the app. Makes me think a crypto miner is secretly running in the background. This slow/freeze issue has been going on as long as I've had the app and on two different iPhone models. What is up? It's nearly unusable at this point. Unfortunately, when I give up and go to my computer/web browser, there the trading screen won't even resolve. Frustrated beyond all belief!
  • Wont return my money, copy/paste support replies 1/5

    By Coollkjgff
    -Will not help to recover lost funds- blames other companies for their system, gave circular referrals that lead nowhere. -Gave me 3 of the same copy/paste responses from customer support that did not answer my questions.
  • Dont get this garbage 1/5

    By Exfamux
    I have had CB pro for months and this garbage still holds my crypto for a whole week and one extra days dont get unless u want to wait. Apps ok wish there was a way to divide the crypto i follow vs the ones i dont even look at. I would love to see it easier to buy by buy straight from the account instead of having to add money first ( because that hows you make more money and i see that as stealing bc i dont want to give you more than i need to you already have a fee for buying and seeling) then buying takes too long n could loose a good opportunity. The website are a mess and so confusing trying to get the pro website and its so complicated buying from there.
  • Be prepared to have your money stolen if you use this app 1/5

    By fendeman
    CB Pro fraudulently locked up all of my assets during a massive down trend in the market without explanation. It took hundreds of emails and phone calls and I still lost 28k in asset deprivation during the the period of time my assets were locked up. If you have an issue with coin base they will stone wall you. Read the TOS you can’t “sue” CB PRO even if they destroy your net worth. I am working with an attorney to hold cb accountable but the entire ordeal has been a complete nightmare. BEWARE USE ANOTHER EXCHANGE THIS COMPANY WILL LOCK UP YOUR MONEY WITHOUT CAUSE. Read the better business bureau’s reviews for more.
  • Hey Coinbase, please read this! 3/5

    By itsurboi37
    I love trading crypto on the original Coinbase app, I’m addicted to it. So, I was like, “Coinbase Pro has got to be even better because of the low fees and stoploss orders.” So I download the app and try to sign in. It tells me something about the rate limits being exceeded so I’m like, “I’ll try again sometime soon.” Then a week goes by.. still saying I can’t get in. Now a month has gone by and it’s still telling me rate limits exceeded. Can you guys please help me to understand how to get into the app? I really want to use it, but I just can’t. PLEASE HELP ME!
  • Keep getting error at login 1/5

    By Ravelaben
    Today I transferred all my cryptocurrencies from Coinbase to Coinbase pro. Before this, I have downloaded the pro app two weeks ago and was trying it out and it was fine. Today for some reason, I have trouble login in! It kept saying the limit to login has been reached and I have to wait. It’s been more than 8 hours and I still can’t login. What’s the issue here?
  • Changed ACH limits - no Communication 2/5

    By Sillyspike
    This is a pretty good app for trading but customer service is painfully slow. I asked a relatively simple cost-basis question and it took seven days to get a response that only referred me to an obscure part of the website. If the site had been better organized I would have found it on the website originally. The last straw was that last week my limit to deposit using ACH was $35,000. This week it is $2,000. No email, nothing on the website to explain- at least not that I can find.
  • Lost money 1/5

    By Chantilly 99
    I switched account from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro because the Pro version charge less commission every transaction compared to the Coinbase. After created a wallet , I successfully converted some old coins from the Coinbase to Coinbase Pro and got a CPI coins around $600 a month ago . Just a week now, I signed in the Pro Coinbase account and found out there is nothing in my wallet ! I have Checked the order then they said there was no order . I have called the company but there was a voice message and no way you can get help from them because they sent you back on line for help! But on line help they don’t have a complain section for you to file one. I am so disappointed about this company and want to bring up to people that please think twice before give Coinbase and Coinbase Pro your business . To me , they stole my money on purpose., and sorry I have to say so .
  • Refuses to open 4/5

    Opened my account, transferred money into account and now it won’t let me sign in. I’ve been trying for 2 days.
  • Add cash 1/5

    By Hairsprayj
    Why is it that you will accept my money? But you won’t accept my money? I have been trying for well over a week to add bank account which is accepted but not accepted. I try to add cash to my max limit but cannot add cash????? Instead I get a $100 a day if I can even do that???? Fix your dam account add status so I can play too dammit 🤦‍♂️
  • The heck? 1/5

    By SayyedJamal
    It’s not even letting me sign in or make a new account
  • gyen scam i lost my mony over 300.000k 1/5

    By EDOM t
    Haw could anyone ever be as stupid as I once was to trust @CoinbaseSupport @brian_armstrong @CoinbaseExch they are not good dirty thieves who will Spit in your face and laugh at you after they have stolen every Penny than can We need justices justice coin base big scam
  • App issues 1/5

    By bijan H
    Below is not possible to be done: When selling you should be able to view more details of time, transaction fee… Crypto price at sale or when complete shows up to 2 digit ie. once you made purchase shiba inu it shows you 0.00 It is extremely slow an crashe a lot for last many months. Also if I make to complete transaction and go to the other tab to view transactions in case you made a mistake and need to cancel transaction, it gets stuck, after finally opens the other tab, you most often don’t see open orders and have to end the app to reopen and get it to work. I am using this app on iPad, two different iPhones and one Samsung/Android and all are same. There are a lot of issues which I don’t have time to write all here. If most of my money was not here I would have given up on this app as it makes life miserable.
  • Shib 5/5

    By shiba inu!!!!
    Shiba inu ❤️❤️
  • Pretty good app and easy to get used to 4/5

    By DanTheSecurityMan
    Overall the app and service is good. Good fees, nice ui, and pretty simple. The regular Coinbase app is very easy for beginners and this one is the next step up, like taking off the training wheels. There are only a few things that I don’t like in particular about this app. 1 when you look at previous transactions it’s somewhat difficult to track how much of x coin you bought, what the value is at the time of purchase, and how much you bought it for. a competitor app, CDC does this well and is very easy to track your spendings. Something like that would be nice to have on Coinbase pro. 2 sometimes when I click on orders page the app will get stuck there and not function, I need to manually force quit the app and re open it to make it work again. There are times where using other functions such as clicking on certain markets will do this as well. And yes I’ve tried reinstalling the app, signing in and out, my device is up to date, and it happens on multiple devices. 3 when there is a hold on funds and you’re trying to send usd from the Coinbase app to Coinbase pro, when you initiate the transfer it says successful yet an email will come in saying you don’t have the funds available (since they are still on hold). That part doesn’t make sense since your just transferring your funds from one app to the other, both apps use the same user account and are the same company. There should be a section on the app to see if you have a hold on funds and how long it will take to clear. When you try to withdraw purchased crypto, you have to click on the little icon and it will show you the hold, but i feel it would be much easier and beneficial for the user if there was a dedicated section that shows account holds for both the Coinbase and Coinbase pro app. 4 regarding the charts for each market, it is good and pretty simple to use however it seems pretty limited on how far you can go back in time. It would be nice to go further back in time such as years and it would be nice to also be able to scroll back when looking at the charts to see further back in time but at the same interval meaning looking at 15 min, but basing able to scroll back to the left and see the 15 min chart from the days before. Other than that I’m mostly satisfied with the app and platform, just some quality of life improvements would be nice to have.
  • No stop losses 1/5

    By MrMancurious
    How can you trade, if you don’t have a stop loss function. Why was it removed??!?
  • Works well for me 4/5

    By SeeSticks
    There were some account issues but all seem to be solved now.
  • Fees 3/5

    By lil sabot
    Fees are too high.
  • Good not great 3/5

    By akabela
    Coming from CB, I like the lower fees and limit orders. However, a view on profit/loss and cost basis per asset seems like core feature thats needed. Instead, I use CoinTracker but wish I didn’t need another app.
  • But… 5/5

    By Calloway Finklestein.
    If they become unavailable even for a moment, when I need to trade. I’m outta here. Been there before and it hurts.
  • Very slow nothing refreshes or loads 1/5

    By betheeiam
    Have to close app every step and move thru menu.
  • Nothing of pro on this app 2/5

    By Caique sd
    You cannot sort the coins. You cannot change the default timeframe. It’s not really responsive. Sometimes you have to click 2 or 3 times for the app to responde. There is no favorite. How’s that pro app?
  • bug 3/5

    By AlcoholiCmenThrower
    glitch trying to withdraw ADA
  • Painfully slow 1/5

    By ballinb5
    App is painfully slow and buggy. Takes 10 seconds to load each tab each time, even if preloaded. Each new screen 10 sec load time, even on 1gbit internet connection
  • Best of the best! 4/5

    By neowalkit
    I sent money to myself and inadvertently created a duplicate coin base Pro account. I deleted the Coinbase Pro account with zero dollars. As I was directed to do.Please let me have my old account back associated with Gmail in my same name.I lost access to it! my new Coinbase pro account works well, you have much better control.
  • Login and rate limits issue 1/5

    By D1rrty
    Everything was working fine until I changed my password, and now I can’t login on my mobile device. iPhone updated software/deleted and reinstalled, turned Wi-Fi off, works on web browser, but not my phone, I use my phone for trading, this blows bad. All I get is a generated response for everything I’ve already done.
  • Can’t add bank account through PLAID or manually 1/5

    By Teymur
    Can’t add bank info through PLAID or manually, how are you guys doing business if customers can’t add bank info and fund the account ?!?!? Keeps telling me to try another bank, I am not gonna open a new bank account just because of the bug on your system. Besides, I have 3 accounts in my bank, tried to add them all, no luck!
  • BEWARE 1/5

    By lauren11black
    This is one of the worst apps I’ve used in awhile - I’ve had glitches and issues with every step I take. From log in problems, text codes not authenticating within a reasonable time, to ORDERS GOING THROUGH BEFORE THEY ARE CONFIRMED and ORDERS NOT INITIALLY SHOWING UP IN MY DASHBOARD UNTIL I PLACE A DUPLICATE ORDER, I recommend trying something else before you waste your time with Coinbase.
  • Was not working 2/5

    By xyz94583
    The Coibase Proo system did not work/ was not allowing to login for 4-5 days during year end.
  • Pro? 3/5

    By timmyv0208
    There’s nothing pro about it. The app doesn’t show more than two decimal places for the price you paid for a coin on the orders history page. And the app doesn’t let you set up stop loss sells anymore. My holdings literally dropped 5% while I was dealing with customer service, only to tell me that stop loss sells can only be done on the website now.
  • Very cheap prices i see 5/5

    By DatBoiMays
    Look i just started a career in this crypto currency’s business ride or die for bitcoin it’s taking over God bless America
  • Performance 2/5

    By Rajkumar2022
    Performance is very slow
  • Not a pro app 1/5

    By tedmcdo
    There is no longer an option to manage stop losses and take profits from the mobile app. You can only do so on the website. That makes this app virtually useless beyond some manual buys and panic sells. Not sure why the features were removed.
  • If there is a significant price drop on crypto this app will lock you out of your account 1/5

    By Donny Blarko
  • Saves u money 4/5

    By Vnkhjjhkkjhhbjkkhbj
    The fees are .005 percent so only half a percent for my boys that didn’t go to school compared to Coinbase .035 percent but it does have its problems like sometimes the app is down for weeks and I can’t login currently I can’t check my portfolio and it’s not like I got some old phone I got a 13 pro max so idk but the app has a lot of bugs Edit: as of rn I can’t log in on coinbase pro app it says wrong password it’s been doing this for over a week sometimes it works and it lets me log in then the next time I use the app I am logged out and it won’t let me log back in I have my password written down and I know I’m doing it correctly but this app is really bad and always breaking or down idk something is always wrong with this app so not to nice to see on a app we’re u might have a lot of money on Another edit app got fixed for a little but app is broken again with same problem I enter in my password correct and after one correct attempt it tell me to many wrong attempts the computer works just fine but the app is always down for weeks at a time constantly idk why the problem keeps going away and coming back I’ve tried logging in on Wi-Fi and cellular I’ve tried everything it is 100 percent a the app if u don’t mind using the desktop to do your trades u should get this but if u need a app only for your phone or want a reliable app this ain’t for you trust me this app no bueno
  • Efficient and cost effective 4/5

    By Guru361
    CBP is the best platform for quick trades at low cost - you’ll save a ton of i migrate your CB activities to CBP . Good luck ! 2022
  • Doesn’t support yubikey 2 factor 2/5

    By why are all nicknames taken 99
    For a pro app used by pro users to buy and sell technical assets, I really don’t understand why this still hasn’t been added. The app is awesome otherwise, but it’s asking your consumers to use sub par security. Really frustrating
  • Latest update is terribly slow and bugged 1/5

    By Anonymous61523
    The interface constantly hangs and is nearly unusable. I’ve lost gains due to it freezing up when I need to make a trade. This is awful. On a brand new iPhone 13 pro max.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By JFT03
    A LOT of forum posts on various sites regarding the rates have been exceeded login error message. After being on notice of the persistent problem many users are experiencing there is no justification it has not been fixed. Logging into the website directly is fine, this app just doesn’t work consistently. The regular Coinbase app works just fine. Search the internet about this app not working and see for yourself.
  • There’s nothing Pro about it 2/5

    By Mrbmx21
    If you want to lose money look no further. This app always goes down in major market moves. Every time, every single time. I’ve used it for years as there’s not a lot of options to get cash from bank to crypto market. Also the order book is about as unfriendly as you could design. If you are trying for a quick action trade, it will default to old prices and if not paying attention you will grossly overpay on price. I move most my money out immediately to other exchanges due to the unreliability of trading on this platform. It’s THAT bad. Also I’ve heard around the grapevine of several class action lawsuits against them because they hid trading fees. Really confused how this has such good ratings as an app. I will say, the website performs much better and crashes less frequently.
  • Please Eliminate Stressors 3/5

    By Kaitlin P.
    Why can the app not have a favorites tab? Or a light mode? Or a profit gain/loss statistic? Why must all the crypto I own be mixed in with every single coin on the app? I can’t sell from my portfolio? I have to go to the entire list then search it and sell from there? Why?