Collect by WeTransfer

Collect by WeTransfer

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  • Current Version: 5.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: WeTransfer BV
  • Compatibility: Android
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Collect by WeTransfer App

Collect is the best way to save everything that inspires you and fuels your ideas. Upload images and videos, save links and anything from across your apps, then organize it all into visual boards. You can share boards (if you want), and work together right in a board! • Add images, songs, videos, documents and anything else you got • Save links and cool stuff you find from across your apps • Organize all your items into beautiful boards to visualize your ideas • Share boards with anyone, no sign-up required • Invite others to collaborate on boards so everyone’s on the same page Now available for iPad! ------ Whether it’s inspiration, ideas you’re working on, references for later, or stuff you love—you can save, organize, and share it for free with Collect. To backup and sync all your boards and items across your devices, upgrade to Collect Pro. ------ About Us WeTransfer makes beautifully obvious tools that bring ideas to life. Founded in 2009 as a simple, well-designed file sharing service for the creative community, WeTransfer has grown into a set of products for different parts of the creative process. These include storytelling platform WePresent, quick slide-making tool Paste, immersive sketching app Paper, inspiration-capturing tool Collect, and the WeTransfer platform, where 42 million people send one billion files every month. Terms of Service:

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Collect by WeTransfer app reviews

  • Super glitchy 1/5

    By thatryanlogan
    The desktop application no longer really works or loads the photos I have saved and the mobile application spits out errors every time I try to export photos. It was super easy to use until I added a bunch of photos. I also shelled out extra money for the pro version thinking that would solve the problem. It didn’t. And everything that was saved before upgrading was completely wiped from my account. Super usable but STAY AWAY UNTIL THEY FIX THE GLITCHES!
  • Good app 4/5

    By idontcvro
    Which it told me my total amount of photos thanks
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By kevstercar
    Doesn’t work
  • Lost everything 1/5

    By 502jemcca07
    I used to love this app, but I got a new iPhone 12 and ALL my saves are not downloading now. I had so many important things saved. Last time I got a new phone, everything transferred over fine from this app, so I’m not sure what is going on. I really hope there is a way to retrieve the things I’ve saved.
  • The videos 1/5

    By dattbaby
    They don’t download easy off the phone they take forever and it’s a mission to save it to your phone cause it stays loading for ever
  • Nothing but trouble 1/5

    By mic mcee
    This app has been nothing more than a headache. Nothing will download
  • Tried to cancel and there is no way to cancel! 1/5

    By heavely waffles
    Want to cancel
  • Horrible interface 1/5

    By Rahim, Texas
    Almost no options with controls

    By kannprater
    I don’t know how I stumbled onto this app but it is the beat thing since sliced bread! Anything and I do mean anything can be added to your “collect board”. So much easier than saving to file categories etc or having to convert to PDFs first. Just put anything here and there ya go. Done! KUDOS! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By GoldLegend
    Can’t do without this excellent app anymore. Filing made easy and information at your fingertips!!!!
  • Can’t see file 1/5

    By Taeko O
    It “downloads” but you never see it. Go somewhere else...
  • Collect 5/5

    By hdkeneej
    Really good app to use and helpful as well
  • Getting very irritated 1/5

    By Bermudafuntime
    I’ve now paid for a years subscription that I’m now unable to restore to any account that I create. This is a real nuisance especially for the price that I’ve been charged it’s best that I cancel my subscription and take my business elsewhere. 😤
  • Can not download photos from “Collect” 1/5

    By LouieHart
    I get no help
  • ERROR 1/5

    By Pokemon No Go
    I had an account from a previous project and my iPhone remembered my information. I wasn’t able to download the files necessary on the app so I used my laptop. I had to create a new account on my laptop even though I already had an account. With my new account I tried to log in on my phone because I have the app and it still says there’s an error. You guys need to sync your programs so that our files can be easily accessible on BOTH the app and online. I would NOT recommend anybody using this app/website/company until changes for the better are made.
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By Ploody
    Unusable garbage
  • Adult supervision 1/5

    By tracey 1978
    “... I still feel it is an unnecessary forced step for someone just trying to send a quick file.. “ (Quoted from another “collect” review” ) Sometimes an app or program is needed to do a simple thing a few times - or even just once.. Maybe the pandemic teaching dance teacher sending a file thru Wetransfer for my 10year old assumed the child is far more tech savvy than she is OR did not realize “collect” would be “recommended” to download the file . While being complicated might be appreciated or endearing in a personal relationship - it is not so much in an app/program required for basic tech stuff Thanks - using Collect was a very 2020 - experience -
  • Not easy to use 1/5

    By bubba dubba dub dub
  • Not great, good or even ok 1/5

    By Oxgangs
    Just doesn’t work well from the app
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By HayleyC1398
    I have had trouble downloading every video I have tried to download. It is super frustrating, time consuming, and often has ended up not loading the videos at all.
  • Not to be trusted 2/5

    By BrianKann16
    In an INSTANT I knew I just simply could not, should not, and will not trust this App. When you are presented with packaging on an item you bring home, that is delivered to you from a reputable online store, or today’s downloadable software - as small as an App or as large as an update from Apple themselves or Microsoft or Google. We simply EXPECT everything to ‘present’ VERY well-written, grammatically correct, and with th correct spelling throughout. A rare occasional typo MIGHT, MIGHT be able to be overlooked. Too many of them, though, and ANY discerning professional eye (or nearly ANYONE with a college education) will just promptly LEAVE YOU and your unchecked product write-up, feature description, and history/list of attentive “bug fixes” go straight to your competition. The software in honest fairness isn’t bad. Not at all! But at decision time ‘presentation’ is everything, and this Entrepreneur NEEDS TO accept what he is good at and what he is NOT good at - and hire someone to clean up ALL he has written. And then also stay on to do ALL writing in the future. I saw what I saw and I am OUT! But I wish you well Brian
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Nein64
    Have been looking for something like this for a long time n I’ve finally found it!!!! Love it n so easy!!!
  • It’s a mess 1/5

    By Bir Dira
    I am always loosing a lot of photos I put on your app and can’t even see where to save the rest !
  • Wrong email entered and can’t change it 1/5

    By fix your cust service
    No service to help a misspelled email

    By Excellen-Egg
    I upgraded and PAID for pro and guess what!? The app deleted 90 percent of the photos I had on their previous to the upgrade!! I WANT A REFUND!!
  • Desaster 1/5

    By ajcgps
  • Worst update. 1/5

    By lmin909
    When trying to download a file it takes forever to open the app. I regret updating this app
  • App link doesn’t work 1/5

    By Cowmoohard
    When you click on a link (shared link) on iOS to open app and collect, it sends you to App Store and link is lost. If need to reset password, browser ask you to open in App (no surprise) but it links you to App Store and that’s it. Where is the password reset? Where is the purpose link to collect art work? Frustrating
  • President- Timber Valley Custom Homes, LLC 5/5

    By Spike TC
    Great app! Transfers with ease and sends hi-res for others to view. I would highly recommend its use. Michael TC
  • App is acting slow 5/5

    By 358/2 Days
    Love the app but every time I use it now it moves slow when I scroll threw my photos please fix soon
  • Useless app. And intrusive. Not recommended. 1/5

    By harrygrimes
    Utterly redundant. I’m tired of sidestepping this application. I’m going to remove it.
  • Great Organizational App! 5/5

    By Jschwab96
    I’ve been in love with this app! It’s simple to use and allows me to keep track of everything starting from wish lists all the way to room layout inspiration. I use the app quite frequently that I would love to see some features added such as the ability to manually sort your boards as well as the items in that board, the ability to favorite or “star” specific boards or items to signal their importance to other people, leave comments, and be able to change the default images for links (some links, especially those from Amazon show a blank gray image). All in all, Collect is an amazing app for keeping track of all your interests and the ability to save from anywhere is a life saver so that I don’t forget about the things I care about.
  • I can’t login to my account 1/5

    By KevinRoman2000
    I been try many times around 4 months and the app don’t give me access to open my account, I don’t know the reasons why
  • My Virtual Filing Cabinet! 5/5

    By Lotus Badesi
    I really enjoy this space. I get to categorize all of my great ideas in a fun and easy way. Great job guys👍🏾
  • Just needs one thing 4/5

    By futureman8
    I’ve just started using this app and to be honest it’s exactly what I’m looking for. I wanted something local they could correlate the images I already have in my phone. However, there is one thing it’s missing... some sort of sync function to your Pinterest boards. I think they would also add to the pro value.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By van stretch
    The worst
  • Bad 1/5

    By rukesthagoat
    Having trouble with everything Trying to reset password email says it’s been sent but I haven’t received anything
  • Ehh 2/5

    By musicbuddy195
  • Won’t download and play my mp4 1/5

    By Hassan Haze
    One star
  • Freezing 3/5

    By Freelance Make Up Artist
    Why does it keep freezing, I had a good experience with it before but now it’s freezing. This is why I gave it 3 stars.
  • Buggy and doesn’t work 1/5

    By ioitalia
    The app works on some things and not on others. Sometimes it won’t load videos or pictures for no apparent reason. I also agree with other reviewers that it is overly complicated and messy.
  • Founder 5/5

    By Dr Greg Schaller
    Excellent app to collect videos and other information
  • Broke 1/5

    By beamtgs
    Doesn’t work
  • Doesn’t download 1/5

    By ramoscee
    Free account didn’t download so I upgraded to the pro and it still doesn’t work what a waste of money
  • Horrible forced to use 1/5

    By Mfeldhen
    Forced to use this app by Vallarta adventures after paying $374 to get photos have to download each one individually to my iPhone or you can pay the on”upgrade”
  • Closes and fails to save images 1/5

    By Shelly Tomorrow
    I downloaded this to download and save the images my photographer sent to me. The file board can open the once you save an item is just freezes and you lose the whole file.
  • Has Potential 4/5

    By Necarie
    I would almost consider using this as an alternative to Pinterest. I like that it's not cluttered with ads and distractions, and that it makes it easy to share image collections without asking anyone to sign up for a Pinterest account. I don't like that the board view is so narrow - only two images across with a lot of empty space on both sides. I'm on a 12.9 iPad and it seems like a lot of wasted space. The all images view fills the screen with 3 images across and looks so much better; I wish I could view and share boards that way. I also don't like that I can't seem to rearrange images on my board once they're there.
  • I like the app but... 4/5

    By nxisoshsbsuzi
    It would be great if all my pics weren’t jumbled, and/or there was an easier way to organize, because I spent almost an hr trying to figure out how to work around it and reorganize to no avail. Please lmk if there is something I am missing.
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By Ratornator
    Pictures people send don’t automatically download once you login and create an account and then once you do you can’t find it and it’s very confusing how it interacts with my iCloud and now I can’t even find what I downloaded just letting you know this is definitely not plug and play