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Collect by WeTransfer

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  • Current Version: 5.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: WeTransfer BV
  • Compatibility: Android
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Collect by WeTransfer App

Collect is the best way to save everything that inspires you and fuels your ideas. Upload images and videos, save links and anything from across your apps, then organize it all into visual boards. You can share boards (if you want), and work together right in a board! • Add images, songs, videos, documents and anything else you got • Save links and cool stuff you find from across your apps • Organize all your items into beautiful boards to visualize your ideas • Share boards with anyone, no sign-up required • Invite others to collaborate on boards so everyone’s on the same page Now available for iPad! ------ Whether it’s inspiration, ideas you’re working on, references for later, or stuff you love—you can save, organize, and share it for free with Collect. To backup and sync all your boards and items across your devices, upgrade to Collect Pro. ------ About Us WeTransfer makes beautifully obvious tools that bring ideas to life. Founded in 2009 as a simple, well-designed file sharing service for the creative community, WeTransfer has grown into a set of products for different parts of the creative process. These include storytelling platform WePresent, quick slide-making tool Paste, immersive sketching app Paper, inspiration-capturing tool Collect, and the platform, where 42 million people send one billion files every month. ------ Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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Collect by WeTransfer app reviews

  • Sync failure 1/5

    By Mac not amazed
    Attempted to sync information between app and my iPhone and iPad. The price of a subscription was what it cost to find out it is a fail. The video I uploaded to the app from my iPhone does not show up on my iPad. If it can’t do that I will cancel my subscription.
  • Can’t transfer 1/5

    By AcidBrook1
    I really wanted to like this app, but I can’t transfer files from app on phone to my Mac
  • جيد 4/5

    By jabar armed
  • Comments 1/5

    By uhptony
    Not user friendly!
  • not helpful 1/5

  • It’s slow 1/5

    By Mbyorker
    Slow to Upload not working waste of money
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 3HQ
    Absolutely terrible. Will not transfer even small videos. I had to go through the process three times and is still not working.
  • the app doesn’t work. 1/5

    By lexaora
    a photographer i worked with sent me pictures through this website and i downloaded the app in hopes it would make downloading them easier. it didn’t, it just opened up the same page that doesn’t load the pictures and asks me to to download the app. think twice about using this one
  • Simpler is better 1/5

    By garrygray
    Why is this so confusing to use? It’s a bin to collect stuff to help you work. Simple idea, terrible execution.

    By AdGjL16
    NEW UPDATE: I wish I could increase the star rating. I have been unable to use the app for almost two weeks. It hard crashes upon launch. I’ve been told that there could possibly be a bug and was assured that someone is working on it. I sure hope I don’t have to delete and reinstall the app. If so, I fear losing all my content again. It’s so frustrating!!! If anyone reading this has another great option for large file sharing please comment. UPDATED ONCE AGAIN: Although I still dislike the fact that the pictures are not in numerical order, the app has started to freeze after the initial items have been saved but before the board is created. I’ve tried MULTIPLE times to get it past that point and nothing seems to change. I do NOT want to uninstall and reinstall due to the fact that I will lose all my boards. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!! UPDATED REVIEW: I used to love the app with one exception (the random picture order) but now with the recent update I feel the need to drop my original rating from a 4 to a 1 star. The recent update made the app stuck in ‘optimizing storage’ for DAYS and when I reached out to cs I was told I would need to delete and reinstall the app. When I did so, I lost all the previous content. Reloading and now (sorting) all the pictures is going to be a daunting task!!! 😡
  • Way to complicated 1/5

    By jkt122059
    Hard to maneuver around the app.
  • Important Review⤵️⤵️✅ 5/5

    By sami_200_
    Dear developers the application works great in my iPhone 6 iOS 12.4.8🤙🏻😉 Absolutely this app is great and awesome am so happy and glad to use it I can create a link for images and vids and share it finally i found (: Thank you from all my heart ♥️ to the lovely Team developers (: and I appreciate ur harder work for this application): Regards: SAMi💁🏼‍♂️
  • It’s so horrible. It’s unreliable. It’s difficult when it should be a snap. 1/5

    By mcsampery
    Just awful. Sweet Jesus. I do NOT want to create a boards or boards. I just want to send a large file. I need to do this at least four times a week for work and it’s seriously important.I’m tired of the recipients telling me that when they clicked on the link there was nothing there. Which in turn, means that I miss out. I’ve lost the deal I’ve lost the job I lost money because that’s what we transfer it was all about… Transferring large files. I don’t know why they feel the need to have all this other crap i.e. boards and single items. I don’t want my new video in a file with anything else. Each new video I make, I MUST MUST MUST send a file alone as a single. I need to name that file, too. Not just give it a title. I need to rename the file. It won’t let me. Again, should be simple. It truly takes me hours to do upload, and if lucky I get to email it to an agent. I’d like to hear the words “got it!” When I email them instead of “ there’s nothing there”. On a computer, I have no trouble. From iPhone, it’s a VERY lengthy process, exhausting nightmare in every sense. My films are so timeSensitive, and we transfer so difficult, that by the fourth hour I’m usually in tears & just have to resign to the fact that I’m not going to get the job. But I always film with iPhone and need a way to get it off of my phone & into agent’s hands quickly. So I need to upload it to Collect, email it back to myself onto my laptop, rename the file and then send it off. At least, that’s always my plan, but I can’t just do that from my smartphone, which would be a dream come true. It seems like it would be very easy fix for the developers. Please, MAKE IT BETTER. I beg of career depends upon it. I need you to upload my large video files, create a link, so my agents can download the actual file for their client. Being able to name that file is crucial, too. Otherwise I still have to upload it to Wetransfer, email it to myself on my laptop, name it and then send it to my agent. That’s a lot of steps and a lot of extra work. Can you figure out a way to solve that dilemma, as well? Thank you for putting up with me.
  • Group Board 4/5

    By Don Perigon
    I really like this app. I use it to create mood boards for photo shoots. The app allows me to import images from photoshop which is helpful. The only option I'd like to see is a way to group boards. An integration that allows me to share images and boards with Paper would also be good.
  • Link -> app 3/5

    By jacobpantoja9402
    Hi. Just downloaded the app. A suggestion/complaint I have is that I received a link from a friend w 5 video files. It said that I can open them with the Collect app. I downloaded the app, but when I click the link and say I want to open it in the app it brings me to the App Store. I want it to take me right to the app that I have downloaded and then show me the files which I want to bring in. You can prompt the user first if they have the app and then if they do you run the file transfer.
  • I can’t download photos 1/5

    By Jovana Mikić
    When I open the link for wetransfer it redirects me to the external site which turns out to be appstore link to the exact app. Developer, please fix.
  • Links don’t work 1/5

    By nChin1234
    While on my phone when I click on the download link from my email. It takes me to the App Store and doesn’t let me open the files I’ve sent or received on the app
  • Can I sign back into my flipping account? 2/5

    By hmetz101
    Seriously. what is wrong with this app. every time i try to log in, it says it’s the incorrect information. i have reset my password twice and already lost an account due to the staff of this app not sending me a reset password email. I had to dig through the Help section, to find none. thanks for a waste of time and making me lose my photos!
  • PLANdemic 2Q2Q 5/5

    By #ptomovement
    This is a great fast & convenient way to share photos & videos stored in one place! ~ PTORADIO podcast
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By junebaby43
    The keyboard is halfway on the screen not allowing me to log in and do what I need.
  • Terrible... 1/5

    By LovesEverythingButThis
    Terrible, very frustrating and no good.
  • No adiós 1/5

    By captain really Frank
    No audio
  • Won’t even let me sign in 1/5

    By Nel7300
    Tried 10 times to login and got the same error every time. I also restarted my iPad a couple of times as well, still no fixing it.
  • horrible bug 1/5

    By Chiller42069
    you can’t sign in because theres a bug that says you need to reset your password but it doesn’t work no matter what
  • Blurred Images 2/5

    By rnoble2004
    Images sent looking blurry to the recepient. I just sent a link to my alternate email and all are out of focus. The original images are very sharp 30 MB files from a Nikon D850 DSLR. Why is that happening? Is We transfer re sizing the images?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By mira102345
    This is the worst app ever....
  • Nice alternative to similar apps 4/5

    By Pixelgrrl
    I typically use Dropbox and Pinterest for similar purposes, but I thought I'd give Collect a try for organizing boards that are hopefully easier to access for others. My partner and I are moving in together, and I'm using a dedicated board to post inspiration and links to products. While I've only viewed it logged in on my phone so far, it seems promising. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with one basic, major feature: deleting items. Even though I click to delete and then confirm when prompted, items do not delete from boards + single item views. My workaround is to "move" these items instead to a "trash" board which actually removes them from the other board/views. Pretty weird flaw, though. I even updated a bit ago to see if it squashed this bug, but no luck. UX-wise, it would also make more sense to have the "boards" tab be the first, default screen before the "all items" one at the bottom of the interface. Since the primary functionality revolves around themed collections of info, there's little use in seeing content from all boards smooshed together when launched. Otherwise, cool idea, and I have loved WeTransfer on its own for ages, so we'll see how it goes!
  • WeCollect 5/5

    By Lenny Goldsmith
    I’d like to know how to send files already on my board from my phone. No laptop or computer.
  • Disappointed with zero support and lost collection... 1/5

    By sonamg4
    I first used the free app for a long 6-9 several months. Because I loved it so much, I decided to upgrade, and that was my worst nightmare, no maybe the worst nightmare was the zero support I didn’t get. Bottom line, I lost 75% - 80% of my photos and no support to help in attempting to recover them. I lost it all. I can't trust Collect. so beware.
  • It take FOREVER to upload 1/5

    By whinnie0909
    it doesn’t even work to sync videos on the free version. If I need to lay tell me and I will 😭
  • Awful and not at all user friendly!!!!!! 1/5

    By tanpre
    This is the absolute worst app I have ever tried... EVER!!
  • Top Notch 5/5

    By Sir Dude0101
    After a little bit of practice, this app is essential!
  • Bugs 3/5

    By Deen024
    When I’m listening to an audio file and I want to rewind it or anything, the file closes and I have to find where I was again and this never used to happen so I believe it’s due to a recent update.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Culater69
    Horrible userface
  • Hard to figure out how to send to anyone!!! 1/5

    By pjsere
    The app is difficult to figure out how to send. No problem with WeTransfer website. Just the app.
  • Collect App 4/5

    By Lo London
    It’s a cool app. I love the boards, it blends perfectly with the fact that I am very anal when it comes to organizing. However I truly dislike the fact that when I accidentally deleted this app NONE of which my files saved. I had to start all over and a lot of the files I took out of my camera roll were already permanently gone. Collect App should update to store files. That’d be highly and greatly appreciated.
  • Not a friendly app 2/5

    By chunkylover52
    Hard to navigate. Instructions not good. Can’t sign in always claiming errors.
  • Terrible application 1/5

    By Truth Be Told 2010
    Loses files. Avoid when downloading from We Transfer. You will not find your download.
  • Not working in my K.A.G.E. ! 1/5

    By min King X
    I’m unable to collect the items inside the box Which in turn I’m unable to move forward with My concerted efforts! —— Min King X aka pyeface YouTube KAGE UNIVERSAL /
  • Tv installations 5/5

    I love this app. I’m able to share my work with potential clients. This is the best sales tool I have ever had and I’ve been in sales for over 20 years. Love it
  • What did you do to we transfer? 1/5

    By cell088888
    I am not sure who’s ideal it was to add all the nonsense to we-transfer. All I want to do is transfer files, I am having a hard time getting to the place where my files are. I liked it when it was basics instead of adding all this crap I don’t need or use it.
  • Good but slow 3/5

    By kenethgmo
    Slow at downloading files
  • Ric F 5/5

    By Ric Fernando
  • Video never downloads visual.. only audio. 1/5

    By clats99
    It’s frustrating how it never works!
  • This is great! 5/5

    By Luminosity66
    About time I found something this good and reliable and so intuitive!
  • Extremely Difficult to Log On 1/5

    By MarksComments
    Pain in the ass to set up!
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Vvww23 no
    Stopped working
  • Right now a 1 star 1/5

    By Yayayarelis
    Why? Because I can’t log on because I forgot my password. So I hit the “forgot my password” and nothing is ever sent to my email. Plus the app won’t download or show any of the photos I have saved in the app.
  • Zo’s review 5/5

    By Zoallatar
    Love it!

Collect by WeTransfer app comments

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