Collect: Save and share ideas

Collect: Save and share ideas

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: WeTransfer BV
  • Compatibility: Android
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Collect: Save and share ideas App

Collect by WeTransfer is the best way to capture, combine and collaborate on ideas. Save content from all of your apps in one place. – Save photos, links, songs, videos, documents and anything else you can think of. – Stay in your flow and save stuff from your phone for later with just a couple of clicks. – Organize your content onto beautiful boards, perfect for visual thinkers. – Invite anyone to add to your boards with no sign-up or log-in required. Share the link through email, Slack, WhatsApp and other channels straight from the app. Whether you're planning your next trip, collecting references for a mood-board or sketching out your future business, bring it together in one place with Collect. About Us WeTransfer makes beautifully obvious tools that bring ideas to life. Founded in 2009 as a simple, well-designed file sharing service for the creative community, WeTransfer has grown into a set of products for different parts of the creative process. These include storytelling platform WePresent, quick slide-making tool Paste, immersive sketching app Paper, our Collect app and the platform, where 42 million people send one billion files every month.

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Collect: Save and share ideas app reviews

  • The Gorgeous One 5/5

    By Super Star Lady P
    This We Transfer App it’s the Greatest World Over
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Parent Of Milennials
    Not user friendly. Can’t figure out how to load photos from Snapseed onto a board. Photos were transferred to Snapseed from a WeTransfer folder.
  • Useful app but lacks feature to edit notes 3/5

    By ghans_624
    Good design. Serves its function well. However, it’s missing one feature that I find crucial to it being a part of my workflow: the ability to edit existing note documents. I want to keep a list of places to visit on my travel board but am unable to add to the list once I've created it.
  • The best web 5/5

    By Atrila
    The best way to transfer all kind of files SMB
  • Very confusing and scary 1/5

    By nervous with WeTransfer
    These downloads are very important to me and I can’t tell if they will “disappear “. Or where to find them at times and then I do? Asking to do and try things without clear instructions and definitions of what might happen. Asking if I want to delete something that’s essential to me, with a push of a button. What happens if I accidentally push delete!!
  • Not User Friendly 1/5

    By kflinn718
    This app is challenging to understand and learn how to use. I have not figured out how to save the photos to my phone faster than one at a time. Someone shared 260 photos with me and I can’t figure out what to do with them even though I read the help page about it.
  • L 4/5

    By Willy A-Town
    You know
  • Hate it 1/5

    I’ve been trying to download scenes and it keeps rerouting me to the app which never completes the download. Some things just aren’t for mobile apps. Trashing It. Looking for better.
  • Great way to share larger video files! 5/5

    By Tracy_Mac
    Thanks to my friend Joey for turning me on to this app. Highly recommend it.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By 123claude
    I was sent pictures and videos that were dear to me through this app. I saw them once and they disappeared after I installed the app. They were also deleted from the other end. That’s why I give it a zero. Also because I gave it a 0, I could not enter this review. All the nicknames I chose were already taken. Crap!
  • Big Files 5/5

    By Nursj0nes
    This is an awesome avenue to send large files , large pics!
  • Cannot load any file at all. Even after I updated my PC or phone 1/5

    By Bkongmany
    This is so bad
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By whyme2015
    I saved the files to my board and they were deleted. They had to resend the link. I couldn’t save the video. The button to save never appeared. I will not be using again!!
  • Musician 100 5/5

    By musician 100
    So easy to use I left my dropbox behind!!!
  • Cubhhhjbb 5/5

    By Cesarnojoda
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By 5059173855
    I hate this app
  • So not user friendly!! 1/5

    By cybirdinc
    Go like a pro, go dropbox
  • Need better instructions 1/5

    By Tryingx20
    Many of your help pages have images that are blank, and only the number of the JPEG file you intended to use. Why not be more direct and try to be less cute? For example, “Give a name“ should be “name the board you are creating.” Other “demonstrations “go by so fast, they are truly annoying and not helpful. You really make a leap of faith when you go from downloading files onto a board, and then show a finished product. When I download files onto a board all I see on the board is a series of icons and their titles. There isn’t even a way of ordering those icons; that is of moving them around so they appear in a different order. I have been wrestling with your app for two days and I’m not sure it’s worth it. You need to explain a little bit more thoroughly about the longevity of the boards. Do you end up deleting anything when boards are not visited? Usually a link expires after 90 days, but you were not clear exactly what that means.
  • Lovely concept 4/5

    By iloooooooooooooovemusic
    Awesome concept. Would be amazing if there was a way to add descriptions to saved content/edit descriptions, see saved text etc
  • App is useless 1/5

    By G0rd!
    Why can’t developers stay with something that works. Please research Coca Cola, changed the original multi-billion $ product’s taste to Cherry and thought their loyal customers would be happy. Well it was crapp like this app. You have an amazing website solution that just works. So why get clever about delivering an app that does not represent or resemble the original product. If you want to build a successful software company be great at one thing only, be it web based or an app on different platforms. Google will only be known for their search engine period. Microsoft for Office, Windows is a disaster but they keep on making the same mistake. Wetransfer is amazing, so why change a winning formula and build an app that does not deliver the same functionality or wining formula?
  • Cool concept, terrible usability 2/5

    By Sweety_pie_213
    Unable to download links into app and no option to request info to be sent to you
  • Difficult 1/5

    By doitknow
    Very difficult. Where are the “boards” that I think I’ve created???? Help!
  • Review 1/5

    By Tbag 61
    Not great there are much better ones
  • Photos won’t save 1/5

    By AT - ^UqR
    Photos aren’t saved after downloading
  • I want to love this 3/5

    By Keither85
    Signing in was a pain and often have items missing between devices. I would also LOVE an iPad version
  • We updated 5/5

    By codak santana aka RJ Rich
    Cbk check in
  • Carful with failed imports 3/5

    By JHS185
    Collect pretty much works exactly as advertised but there’s a big flaw. For whatever reason if your import or download fails, the already downloaded data will build up and take up space on your device. The only way to get rid of it is too delete collect entirely.
  • Updated Review 5/5

    By Lamilam
    ***** All the way Below was my initial review: 1 star = Horrible. Today’s review: The app has improved so much! You can now easily save your photos and even send some! Thanks to the developers for such great work 👏🙂 ****** Horrible app! I had to delete so many personal videos because i couldn’t transfer them nor download them (the app has too many bugs and is too slow). I’m really upset that I lost all this content! I won’t use it ever again. Wetransfer was a good app, this one is to be avoided!
  • Amazing app. 5/5

    By ZunairSultan
    One of the best app to transfer pics and videos.
  • Direction Unclear 2/5

    By LLind 55
    I am not understanding how this is supposed to work . I tried sending a link to an audio file and it is not working. This is important for my work.
  • Exactly what I’ve been looking for. 5/5

    By HB3ct
    I’m a designer, and I’ve been looking for a way to seamlessly collect and store inspiration and ideas. This is it.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Ridget
    I love the link option for sending images or large documents. The easiest way to share without having to login to an account and download. Thank you We Transfer for making my life a little easier 👍👍 (two thumbs up) 🤘
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jachtor
    Twice I tried downloading my wedding photos, would get about half way done & it would just close out on me and make me start over. Very frustrating!
  • WeTransfer is the best. Have not tried app on iPhone 8, but regardless i swear by them. Thank you. 5/5

    By wardwell
    WeTransfer is the best. Have not tried app on iPhone 8, but regardless i swear by them. Thank you.
  • Gobbledygook 1/5

    By CustomerRage
    Just signed on and now have no clue how your system works after reading your on-line material. There is not even a way to send an individual question, just your posted questions. All I want to do is to send a 130 gig file to a specific email address. That’s it. And you can’t even tell me how to do that. Do you even know yourselves?
  • Not working for me. 1/5

    By Raiderzhssh
    Will not completely diwnload the files I need to keep. Not doing what I need it too.
  • Files aren’t opening 1/5

    By VinceZale
    Files show but unable to open
  • What downloads? 1/5

    By DeezyFNS
    Highly upset that I cannot download my files as it promised me a bunch of times
  • Too slow 1/5

    By Andrea5304
    App is way too slow took 2 days to download a few items
  • Hard to use. 1/5

    By Cfd245
  • Terrible 1/5

    By gabbie713
    The app takes forever to download the pictures!!! I’ve been waiting 2 days for the pictures to download and I can’t even view the pictures that have downloaded!
  • Awful! 1/5

    By aj1010101010101010101010101
    Used to be a great app before the updates! Before you could select pics it’d put it in a zip folder and send it to whoever you needed. Now you have to upload to a board then share a link to the board. Sounds simple and great right? Think again I can never get my pics to upload always stuck on 9% then it creates a link when I send the link the other person can only see 3 pics. Garbage a** app. I suggest downloading a zip file app and sending that way.
  • Spotlite Images 5/5

    By Spotlite Images
    Hassle free. Quality stays the same. Quick & Easy!
  • Excellent clarity easy transfer 5/5

    By curtphillips
    Clarity on these pictures is fantastic! The files transferred from my mobile device to a family member’s Mobile Phone via text message and it worked beautifully.
  • Overly Simplistic 2/5

    By seanismac
    The app is very minimal and nice looking. The issue is that in many aspects this app is form over function. When you start looking deeper into the app you realize that there is a lot left to be desired. There is no way to organize or sort the boards you create. There is no search functionality built in. So if you have tens of hundreds of boards, good luck finding the one you want. You have to understand the simplistic nature of the app and the limitations that it brings. Hopefully future software updates can add more utility to this app. Would love to rate it higher!
  • Very Useful 5/5

    By Ehsan3vix
    Now with the account i can manage my favorites. Tnx
  • Closes before it finishes downloading 1/5

    By CB1096022033
    Doesn’t work
  • Terrible 1/5

    By JMB Peacemaker
    I’ve clicked my download link over and over from my gmail account and it keeps telling me I need to download the app even though I’ve already downloaded it!
  • How I rate WeTransfer 2/5

    By mcsampery
    I hate the new “upgrade”. It’s a downgrade. How is the change any better??! Firstly, I want to know to whom I’ve just sent my video. What their address was, so I can confirm that I even spelled their address correctly. Sometimes I misspell but don’t realize it, yet wonder why I hadn’t heard back from said addressee. Secondly, I want a confirmation that it went through without a problem, or o have to wonder. And I want that confirmation sent immediately to my email. At the VERY least, it should say “SENT!” Thirdly, I want confirmation that it was received by the party to whom I’ve sent it. How about a confirmation too, once it’s actually been viewed? There’s too much uncertainty and worry with this new “upgrade”. It’s like I never know what’s happening with my videos. I just figure they’re out there floating in limbo somewhere while I worry that I’m missing out on another acting job. BTW, how in the heck do I delete all of my old video auditions from my past WeTransfer “boards” I e shared??? So sad.......what DID you do and who decided these changes were enhancements..... 🤮😠

Collect: Save and share ideas app comments

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