Color Hole 3D

Color Hole 3D

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  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Good Job Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Color Hole 3D App

Once again, your newest addiction comes in 3D! Very easy to play, too hard to master Clear the board & do not pull other Colors in, that is it! 100+ Levels of limitless fun!

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  • I hate this game 1/5

    By somebody pooped on the bed
    This game is awesome. If you need to relax or just need a time killer this is the game for you.
  • Fun but repetitive and pointless. 3/5

    By VCOUI
    The physics are fun and the game is easy enough to play, but there's no real point to it. It doesn't get any more difficult as the levels increase, there's no timer for a sense of urgency, and after every few levels you get a timed opportunity to collect gold, but there's nothing to buy and it doesn't keep score of your gold over time. So what's the point? If you mess up you continue from the same level. Oh, and there's no sound either. Could be more fun but feels unfinished, barely an alpha version. Keep working on it guys.
  • I like it 5/5

    By AniaHobbit
    So the part that I have to go fast on the iPhone (and tighping)to eat the pieces that are on the top of theam it’s hard but I love the game
  • Toooo many ads! 1/5

    By misput
    The only way to play (and enjoy) is to pay for ad free. More ad time than play time! To bad as otherwise it was great fun.
  • Way toooo many ads 5/5

    By Purlpe Girl
    Just downloaded this game and it’s very relaxing. But too many ads
  • Love it 5/5

    By charmar8
    So fun
  • Love this game 5/5

    By jaceliena
    I got this game and it is so fun you should get this it could be hard for little children
  • ADS. 3/5

    By Emi_Can
    If would be an amazing app if it weren’t for the amount of ads. Almost every other level you finish you have to watch an ad. I understand why they have ads but this is just overloaded with them.
  • Needs to fix 3/5

    By camcam 😛
    I brought all of the skins and you guys just need to make more skins or something that I can’t spend the money on!
  • Amazing game 💻 5/5

    By Jmanbro 9$
    This game is sooo relaxing 😌 it’s makes me feel realllyyy calm thanks 🙏 creators 👍
  • Fun, but more ads than game time! 1/5

    By In la0717
    U win a level, u got an ad, the next level, watch an ad first, win that level, watch an add, next level? U guess it, another freaking ad! To Much!!
  • Way Too Many Ads 2/5

    By SandySez
    I don’t understand why just so many people are complaining about how this game is not challenging, too easy, etc. Uh, no duh, it’s not supposed to be. The main goal of the game is to help you relax and decompress, which is why it’s so simple and easy to play. It’s clearly advertised as being “the most relaxing game you’ll ever play”, so I’m not sure why anyone was expecting otherwise. Also, the description in the App Store shows it’s for ppl age 4+, so how hard would anyone think this game could be? Anyway, the game is actually very relaxing to play. That being said, it has wayyy too many ads. After every 2-3 levels, an ad comes up that you have to sit thru until you’re finally able to close it. So, while the game itself is relaxing to play, the amount of ads that come up is frustrating to the point of needing to take blood pressure medication before you play. Had to take three stars off for this, as it negated any relaxing effects the actual game had. I ended up uninstalling it.
  • Vfgrefryvbfgvr 5/5

    By Milate731
    Fasfcdcgdcdhcvscgvdchdcvdgcbdgdbcgdcbdgcdgvcgdvcdgdgcvdv gdccvvdgvcdvcgdvcgdvcgdvcgebcdgcvddgc
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By owatchman
    I got to level 100 expecting to have some kind of challenge. But it was pretty much the same thing every time. I would be a little more forgiving of that detail if it weren’t for the fact that after every level there was an ad. It’s just too frustrating to play a game for 15-20 seconds and then have to watch an ad for at least that long. I can understand how some people would like this app but it’s not for me.
  • Best app 5/5

    By BabyBeatnik
    It’s soooooo fun the best game I have on my iPad
  • I love this game 5/5

    By AaliyahAlnaqeb
    I saw a ad of this game so I downloaded it when I downloaded it I liked it so I played it for a few hours and then I started to get used to this game when I was getting started it was very great so I kept it for a few days 1 day later I called my cousin about this game he said he loves it to so I said yay we both love this game I kept playing it for months and i got to a level that was very big! I dreamed about this game and i never stopped playing this game!
  • Too many ads! 2/5

    By Lone Star Jewelry Lady
    I’m willing to pay to get rid of ads and can find no offer to do so. May delete if I can’t get rid of ads. Like the gams. Hate all the ads!
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By ams-n
    So so so SO many ads. Not even worth it.
  • Where’s the challenge? 4/5

    By b!tchhhh123
    Keeps me busy, KILLS my battery, not challenging. At first it definitely was! But it seems to have gotten easier the higher levels I go. I’m in the 400’s and it’s just been boring.. Good game though.
  • It’s ok but 5/5

    By bcucfhfyty
    I love it but if you have a small iPod like me then you get a lot of glitches but if you have a big iPod then you don’t get that much glitches and it’s kind of (sigh)😔 not fair and it’s like they’re trying to make us just pay for it but it’s a pretty fun game want to play it so I hope you guys have fun playing with it but it’s just kind of sad if you have a big iPod but small iPod
  • Bo-o-o-o-o-ring and obnoxious 1/5

    By AddictAddicted
    I find it extremely offensive that, with all of the recent gun violence, you would play an ad for a sniper-shooter game. As for the game itself, 15-20 seconds of mildly entertaining gameplay - not at all challenging - followed by 30 seconds of ads is completely obnoxious. Yes, I realize I could pay $2 to be ad-free but the game isn’t fun enough for that. If you sucked people in on the first 100 levels or so, than ramped up the ads, you’d probably have more takers on the $2 fee.
  • Fun game 4/5

    By Jferharrrrrrrr
    Way too too too many ads
  • Game 5/5

    By Lemur Man2578
    This game is awesome.
  • The levels. 2/5

    By Queen Jilly
    I noticed that they play a level over and over again. It’s kind I annoying because I want to see new levels but there isn’t. But over all it’s a good game. 🙂
  • Not challenging 2/5

    By whyiseverynametakenugh
    If you are looking for a challenge, do not download this game. Also, the amount of ads are absolutely ridiculous.
  • So NOT relaxing! 1/5

    By mermaid
    I’m sorry, but the ads for this game are complete lies. This game wasn’t relaxing to me at all, it was anything but relaxing.
  • Not challenging at all 1/5

    By Word epidemic
    I’m well over level 100 and still waiting for anything to be challenging. It’s a good time passer but boring.
  • Okay game. Too many ads 2/5

    By mmmaaannndddyyyssssss
    After every game there’s an ad. Ads are long.
  • Interesting 2/5

    By xmasbaby1977
    You advertised the color hole with different colors but mine is all white but the barriers. Why are mine white instead of different colors?
  • Too many ads? 4/5

    By and i oooooooopppppp
    So far I really like the game it’s very relaxing but something that is very annoying is that there’s just way to many ads,after every time I play it’s just ads and ads and ads plss fix that
  • Best 5/5

    By dzun3
    Best game ever
  • WAY TOO EASY 2/5

    By IrishDancer735
    I got this game thinking it would bring a nice challenge like in the ad.... it is WAY TOO EASY!!!!! The blocks you’re supposed to avoid are always miles away from the blocks you need to eat, and there are only ever one or two blocks to avoid! The levels start repeating after you get to 100, in my opinion this game is NOT worth it. If they made the levels harder, or put options in the settings for easy, medium, and hard, the game would be a lot better.
  • Idk 5/5

    By ❤️__💙
    I love this game
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By amlady12
    Fun but way too many ads
  • Boring 1/5

    By KSMPF
    I’m on level 254 and it’s all the same. Just kept playing so this would pop up. I spent earned coins thinking it would add a level of challenge. No! It changed the colors! That’s all. Deleting now.
  • Mesmerizing 5/5

    By Adina4jc
    This is such a relaxing game - especially after a day full of stress!!
  • Cd didn’t 5/5

    By Mommy2ThreeLittleBoys
  • Not harder then you think 3/5

    By angelrnob
    The review is title whoops Very easy not harder then you think. It is relaxing to play. In a week I got to level 700 so since I kept planning offered me something
  • Cut down ad’s 4/5

    By QueenMow
    Love the game. Way way to many ad’s
  • Fun 3/5

    By Geeahhhnaw5678
    Fun but I thought the levels would get harder as they went. Or at least be timed.

    By Justaladyiam
    It is so addicting!
  • Super fun! 5/5

    By aka Louie Lou
    I was never drawn to games like this but it's relaxing and challenging at the same time. Thanks!
  • Best Ever 5/5

    By Piggy🐖💚
  • Fun but too easy 4/5

    By Rosedarlin
    I love the game but it’s not challenging enough for me. I continue to play hoping for a difficult level but it’s fun.
  • Not challenging 2/5

    By Momofthreegrowngirls
    Relaxing way to pass time, but I’m past level 100 and it’s just too easy
  • ❤️😘😊🥰😍😘 5/5

    By fbgffjure🥾🐱🦊🐶🎁❤️💋
    This game is awesome 💋
  • Great if you like ads 1/5

    By SamSBD
    I’m sure it gets challenging later on but I played a few dozen levels and it was not worth having to watch the ads. I’m sure there’s an option to pay for removing them but this game is not worth it. Deleting.
  • Heck yeah 5/5

    By snick louis
    This game is so addictive awesome and relaxing.i have literally never played a game like this
  • Hate this game 1/5

    By kathryn 🤪🤪
    I think this game is stupid like who wants to play something way to easy and I think it is dumb I hate it

Color Hole 3D app comments

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