Coloring Book for Me

Coloring Book for Me

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  • Current Version: 4.43.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Apalon Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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Coloring Book for Me App

Plunge into a fairy world of coloring with the Coloring Book for Me app, a perfect tool to relax, while the time away and release your inner artist. Find joy and color your stress away! Coloring Book for Me brings you: - Custom mandalas: bring to life your unique designs in the mandala creation mode - 'Color with a photo’ feature: experience a new way of coloring - apply a photo snapped in real time or from your Camera Roll to uncolored cells on a coloring page and create a matchless work of art in few taps - 20+ categories of unique coloring pages from talented illustrators - with frequent collection updates you’ll always have something new to color - Inspire feed: explore beautiful works of art made by numerous members of the art community and publish your own works to inspire others - Your own coloring pictures in the app: import outline drawings from your camera or Camera Roll to color them right on your device - 40+ beautiful preset Solid and Gradient color palettes: choose one that fits best and fill a picture with colors from soft and muted to bold and lively - Custom palettes: combine any colors you like to create a matchless work of art - Various coloring tools: color in a simple way with the tap-to-color tool or have the real coloring experience using markers and pencils - A wonderful collection of relaxing sounds - Post-editing effects: add a vignette effect, change contours, apply textures & filters - Apple Pencil support: enjoy an easy and intuitive process of coloring on the crisp screen of iPad Pro. Get Coloring Book for Me Premium - a weekly subscription (which comes with a 7-day free trial) for $7.99 USD Upgrade to the Premium version and get unlimited access to an expansive and constantly growing collection of wonderful coloring pages for adults and even more palettes, relaxing sounds & textures. Don’t limit your creative talents, choose from any image you'd like and color it in the most enjoyable way - without ads and watermarks! * Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel your subscription or free trial in the iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of the free trial period. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service. * Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. For complete access to all Coloring Book for Me features, you will need to allow access to the following: * Notifications - so that you will be kept informed when New or Special pictures are added to the app. * Photos - so that you can import your pictures for coloring and save your artwork; * Camera - so that you can capture your own coloring pages to color them in the app. Privacy Policy: EULA: AdChoices: California Privacy Notice:

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Coloring Book for Me app reviews

  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By type here zoom
    This app is fantastic!😃😃😃😃😃
  • People pay for this??? 1/5

    By mankhangen
    $80 a YEAR for an app that can’t distinguish between my finger and an Apple Pencil? $80 a YEAR for an app that doesn’t even have a normal undo button? You would think click undo would undo your last stroke right? Nope. Undoes the whole thing. Then you hit it again and it arbitrarily picks another stage to go back to. And their “App Support” on their website? What App Support? So glad I got a trial run before forking out $8 for a MONTH of this.
  • It’s very spammy. 1/5

    By Auntie Emily
    I am writing this review to share my experience with the “trial” version. There is a lot of room for improvement. I see so much potential. I wanted to love this, but I really value getting a chance to experience a service before paying $79 for the year membership. That is a lot of money to spend, I want to know what the experience is going to be like, if the app works well etc. Upon seconds of beginning the trial version, I was hit with spam asking me to buy service each time I tried to switch colors on the pallette. It caused me to lose patience with the joy in coloring. IF the developers gave a trial version of say… coloring ONE picture uninterrupted, with no color restrictions, my experience would have been a much more positive one. Other than that I love this app idea! I hope they improve the user experience cause coloring is awesome.
  • Low 5/5

    By stats the wolf pup
    When I am bored I love this game
  • Relaxing 5/5

    By Liza B.
    A bit pricey—— I do wish they would lower the price of this app.
  • Undo redo buttons do not work properly. 1/5

    By Moody mama 3
    I gave it a try and after having to redo work multiple times I’m deleting the app. The undo last stroke arrow most times takes away a lot or all of your work. The redo puts back one stroke. Definitely need a developers help here.
  • Way Too Expensive 2/5

    By MostlyDisappointment
    There are limited free options, of those limited free options there are limited good ones. I’ll give them credit, the formatting it good. And there are some really good premium options. But they’re PREMIUM only. No coloring book should cost $30+ a month. That’s beyond wack. It should be a one time purchase. If not, $4 a month max.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Anna Mielke
  • It’s great but.. 3/5

    By AvaChan8787
    A month ago, I downloaded this and it worked perfectly, but eventually I decided to use something else, but I decided to try this app again, and when I downloaded it, there weren’t any paint buckets. I deleted it, and downloaded it again but still had the same results.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By bella Lucia-graceful light
    I enjoy the app but it frequently crashes when clicking on watch a video or clicking on video for picture of the day. Loved it at first but now non stop commercials with every color pallet choice. Will delete.
  • Money. Weekly. 1/5

    By Qager
    Greedy developers.
  • This is sooo cool 5/5

    By wkskshd
    I recommend this a ultra rare five star because of the pics in the app they are super cute, watch adds for unlocking pics and pallets. Plus there are some downsides: every time u finish coloring a pic or after clicking the back button, an add comes and it kind of annoying and i am too young (11 years of age) to do a purchase. Lastly can you add some my little pony all gen pics and some sonic the hedgehog pics for me? And this app needs a update for UI Changes since the UI is little bit bland since this was released in 2014. Sincerely, Tails the fox (aka my GameOfSongs profile) PS: why should we log in to change name and profile and follow other users? Can we register instead of logging in with domains and verifying.
  • Why 1/5

    By Business none of your
    I hate this game just because every tame you log in you can’t get out of the stupid ( Bye this be a vip ) I don’t want to be a vip I want to freaking cooler ok Gosh
  • Fix it please 3/5

    By lil rat1935
    Any time I whach a ad to get a picture and it is blank so I can’t color
  • Please read 4/5

    By kardinalkitty
    Hi, I’ve had this app for a year now, and overall it’s pretty good! But it does have some problems. 1. If you’re looking for an app with no ads, THIS APP IS NOT FOR YOU!! There is TONS of ads (TONS!!!) 2. Sometimes if you watch a ad to get a drawing, you can’t color it! I hope this review helped you! Have a great day! :D
  • (Crashed) I used to love this app so much but… 1/5

    By PrettyBrownEyes1
    Every time I go to use this app it crashes, I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but it keeps crashing… please fix it so I can get back to coloring.
  • The best game ever 5/5

    By mayla sayla
    So I started as a noob then I worked harder then I started playing to much my mom started yelling at me but I told her to download it and she did and now she’s addicted to this app we play it together all the time now that’s how good this game is and it’s for free!!! May glitch but it’s a good game
  • This is a rip off 5/5

    By Blourself
    Hello I just got it and it is a rip-off because u have to subscribe to do ANYTHING and it’s just upsetting pls make it free because u made me sad PLEASE FIX IT :(
  • Just trash complete trash 1/5

    By UnkownWolf5678
    Ok so I was playing this app and I thought it was good but for some reason it won’t even let me use other colors and they want you to pay for it just no why can’t it be free like-what-?😑🙆‍♀️
  • Meh... 4/5

    By Hayden's opinion
    I like it I really do! But now whenever I go to open the app the subscription thing just pops up and it’s really annoying! So I just wish that they would make a little part of the game like a little box where you could do it instead of just popping up right when you open the app also there’s no way to get out of it! There’s no X at all! So please fix that
  • It good but… 4/5

    By picartReadthis
    This app is the best! And I spend a lot of time in it, but when I posted something it got deleted. It was delete because it was copy right, or not flowing the Gide rules? I don’t know why it will be copyrighted or not flowing the Gide rules. It was a gacha post “ it was a harmless meme” and it was not gacha heat.
  • Free version unusable 1/5

    By aspaul1999
    There are so many ads and they are so long it makes it impossible to complete a color page. And I’m confused about the price. The price was 80 for the year when I first downloaded, but an ad said 19.99 for a year. I would purchase if it weren’t set up as a yearly subscription.
  • Glitch 4/5

    By sdgkiurfnjkutecbjuilmbrwsvhj
    I really like this game although I hate that when I go and click something 75% of the time it will just glitch out and there is no problems with my electronic but over all its a really good game
  • Love the app except for... 3/5

    By Awesome7711
    It keeps crashing every few months. I’ve learned my lesson and now save a picture of every art I make into my IPad photos. Once again it crashed and I try to offload the data and reinstall the app. But the app won’t open. So I end up having to delete the app. Reinstall from scratch and then upload my 400+ drawings into the gallery. I have to publish EVERY picture too or risk losing it for good with a future crash. Now sin the last crash today I had 3-4 work in progress I didn’t save so those are lost. This is my 5th crash in 8 months. It’s getting annoying
  • Anime? 1/5

    By yarn.diva
    Seriously.. would have gotten 5 stars, but having an Anime category…. Gives you a one.
  • Too Many Ad Interruptions 1/5

    By SunnyWise
    Unless you buy the full version, they will bombard you with ads every 10 seconds. Not worth it.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By isabella2398
    Ok so even though I don’t play this anymore I would still like to thank you when you added in that mandala maker I loved it and now I do tons of digital art and I’m planning to start a little shop with the art so thank you (:
  • Unstable and very touchy and Crashes. Undo redo broken 1/5

    By Cmadero
    Doesn’t let me continue coloring a saved photo without crashing. It will however, let me start another picture. I accidentally put some personal pictures into a saved album within app and there is no way to get back into album to just delete them. Also, even if I do try to use magic camera, or put in a new profile pic, it will only now let me use existing saved photos. It now won’t even open my photos. You can’t use crayon tools and eraser within staying in the lines and it goes all over in and out of lines if you are not careful. So, there is no option for in line or outside of line use. The undo and redo is unstable and if you make a mistake and use undo, it changes all the previous crayon tool actions. The only way to get back all the crayon work is to save it and go back in to continue. Except now, it won’t open my saved picture to continue without it crashing. I don’t think I will be a paying member until it meets my standards. The problem is, if, I want to leave app, how do I get my personal pictures to delete from their album? I just started today. I don’t like what I have experienced.
  • Great color app, ridiculous price 1/5

    By tmgrace
    Absolutely my favorite coloring app. However at $7.99 a week, stupid amount of money to charge. Price of the paid version makes this app 1 star.
  • The fun book 5/5

    By Felecia Johnson
    I love it so freaking much I don’t like draw everything I want like I can draw it my brother everybody actually I’m a get Artist
  • Dude this App is EXPENSIVE if you are not careful and it’s buggy 1/5

    By Mgnnix
    I just downloaded this app, and I did the thing where you have to immediately go into your subscriptions and turn off the automatic payment in case you forget about your free trial. Man, when you opt in for the free trial, they automatically set you on the $7.99 per week. That’s $440 a year (with sales tax) if you are not paying attention! That’s rude as heck! Lol! Not to mention the app is bugging out and clearing out my entire colored sections when I hit the undo button to reverse a stray stroke. Just buy Procreate and upload a transparent coloring book image to save yourself the trouble. Or go to Walmart and pick up a real coloring book for $1.00. Talk about price-gouging ya’ll. Tricking your customers to gain a crazy profit; and all of the apps do it these days. This stuff just seems illegal. I miss the days when free apps were actually free. Don’t you? Uninstalled.
  • Just a few things 5/5

    By diskchdj
    Overall I like this game! I love the feature to choose a picture from your files and I also like how you can use so many drawing/coloring materials! But the thing I wanted to say was that ever time I press the “Undo” button it erases my whole thing (not including the picture you’re coloring)! For example, one time I was coloring the cat picture with the flower crown. I had just colored it with the spray paint and it looked AMAZING, but then I had gotten a black spot on somewhere I didn’t mean to. I pressed the undo button then my whole thing disappeared! I was very frustrated so I swiped out of the game and played something else. So, please fix this… AND ALSO! I tried to redo it and it only filled in a small bit of one of the flowers. I kept pressing it over and over but it kept only filling in a little bit of the flower. So, not trying to be rude but THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. IT RUINS THE EXPERIENCE AND IS E X T R E M E L Y FRUSTRATING! Thank you for listening (hopefully)
  • Really great 4/5

    By cute kitten 1O1
    This game is super great I love it. I only wish their were less adds, and you didn’t have to go premium to get the best stuff, but most of it was free and it was super cool! I love this game and you should get it if you want too feel relaxed and chill.
  • Great app! But a few problems… PLS READ!!! 4/5

    By naiah o
    There is a problem with this game and when I started playing in the car with no internet only two of my pictures I was working on were there. I thought this was just because I had no internet. This continued when I would play in the car I would always tell myself to check the game to see if it WAS just because of my internet but I would always forget. One day I remembered to check and they were still like that. I reloaded the game and it still showed only two pictures. It hasn’t changed no matter how many times I’ve tried. (These are more details for the developer) The pictures that I was working on that weren’t showing up were white. When I tried to find the pictures that weren’t showing up on the library, they would show me how other people colored them so I tried to color them myself but they were white. I hope this is enough details for the developer to understand what is going on. Thank you for reading and please ask if I need to describe what is happening more.
  • So so calming 5/5

    By dvdgcffxd
    I love to color then I found this app and I am so in love with it 😌😌😌😌
  • Am I asking for to much 1/5

    By waeyaway
    Can’t find one single coloring game that is not good quality or with no in app purchases or subscriptions. I just want to create
  • The ADs 2/5

    By Bubblie130
    This app has sooooo many ads, and they are sooooo long. Honestly I am just going to keep “drawing” in my Noted app. My notes app is free to use and NO ads. Outside of the ads, it’s a pretty fun app though.
  • app 5/5

    By Peitynn
    i love 5is app so much it. is the best app ever!!! you should get it it is fun to look at other people’s art work too i love to do that to get ideas but you really should get this app it is really fun☺️
  • Hi can someone pls tell me 4/5

    By Red pirate girl
    So this is a great app but i cant figure out how to get out of the unlimited premium access page and i need to reset my ipad every time it pops up. Whats the simple solution? 😗😊🙄🥺💅🏼
  • Ahhhh! 2/5

    By HHomestead
    I got this app and loved the pictures and mandala, but the coloring part is too frustrating for me. Every time you press where you want the color to be it either colors that spot like you want it to or it colors another spot. This game is for you IF you like touch sensitive games. Otherwise, this game is great!
  • Ann 5/5

    By Scapper001
    I love the patterns and color choices. Great past time app !
  • Amazing🤍! Just one problem.... 4/5

    By cat123🐱🐱
    I love this app,there’s only one problem though. So I sometimes start coloring when I’m waiting for something, so I may not finish the picture. When I come back to it later and I click continue it tries to load but then it exits the app. I tried to reset my IPad to see if that was the problem. No there’s just a glitch 😕. Could you please find out the problem and fix it ☺️. Thank you and have a nice day.
  • The worst 1/5

    By 4+6=10 years oild
    Ok this game makes you pay for it to play it. I am going to delete it. I hate it you should delete it if you have it or if you want to get it.
  • Great App! 4/5

    By Katybug103
    This app is the best! I love getting to express myself with new ideas and colors. Do you spend time looking for a free coloring page to print? If you do you should get this app. It gives you endless ideas and ideas other people have done to get you inspired. I recommend you get this app! 😀😀❤️❤️
  • Love the app i guess....... 4/5

    Hi! I really enjoy the app. I love the creative freedom it gives you. Would defiantly recommend for anyone who likes digital art. However, there is a monthly subscription you must pay to use the app at all. Maybe I’m just an idiot and everyone else knew this. So, if you were wondering you do have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $7.99. Again, I’m probably just a total idiot who didn’t know something everyone else did. This is absolutely not meant to be a complaint, just a heads up. I would also like to add that there are other fees that you might have to pay for such as no adds, special pictures. These fees do add up over time. Love the app would recommend! (To any developer reading this....yes, I am aware that you cannot change the monthly fee. Just a heads up for anyone like myself who didn’t know about it)
  • Great app but experiencing problems 5/5

    By Emma Mayhugh
    I’ll start off with this: this app is the best coloring app I’ve ever had! It’s relaxing and takes up most of my time during the day tbh 😆 I love that you can post stuff on it. I have been experiencing problems relating to the posting: Every time I finish a picture, and I go to publish it, the app starts to load for a little bit. That parts not the problem. After it loads, instead of posting my picture, it instead sends me back to the process of posting it: the continue/post screen. This happens every time I try posing it. I have tried turning the power off my device, re-downloading the app, but nothing is working. If you could please give me helpful tips on how to solve this, it would be much appreciated 🤗 overall love the experience on this app, and highly recommend it to art lovers! (My account is Sticky_notes if you’re interested in checking out my art 🤩) UPDATE: The problems fixed, I guess it was just a minor thing that wasn’t temporary 🧐oh well

    By smallwolf gaming
    This coloring game it’s like the best game in history it’s a very nice game in it calms me down it’s so much fun thank you for the creators who made it💛✨🐬🌴
  • Good but needs a fix 4/5

    I love this game I’m so into it I play every day but there’s one thing so every time I go into the app it’ll keep asking me if I want the full version and I have to go in and out and in and out until it finally stops asking me I just want it to not ask me unless I click on some thing that’s full version otherwise this game is amazing and I love it so much
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Super MaMa987
    I love this app u can color and all sorts of things I think I should give this a five star best app ever😁🦋🦋