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Comcast Business

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  • Current Version: 3.3.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Comcast Cable Communications
  • Compatibility: Android
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Comcast Business App

AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY TO COMCAST BUSINESS CUSTOMERS Manage your Comcast Business account anytime and anywhere with the all-new Comcast Business App — an innovative all-in-one tool designed with your business in mind. The app complements your current My Account experience by delivering your most essential online account management features to your mobile device. Easily use and manage your Business Voice Mobility and Business VoiceEdge™ services directly from the palm of your hand. Account and Services Management* • Manage account details • Troubleshoot Internet • View upcoming appointments • Set up push notifications • View TV channel lineup • Manage WiFi • Pay your Comcast Business bill • View your billing history • Enroll in Auto Pay and EcoBill • Access Help & Support • Forward client's calls to your home, mobile phone, or colleague with Call Forwarding Always * These features are only available to customers subscribing to Business Internet, Business TV, Business Voice, Business VoiceEdge Select™ and/or Business Voice Mobility. Features will vary depending on your services. Business VoiceEdge™, Business VoiceEdge Select™ and Business Voice Mobility ** • Kick off and manage Audio Conference Calls for up to 50 participants (Business VoiceEdge™ customers only) • Forward client's calls to your home, mobile phone, or colleague with Call Forwarding Always • Listen to and manage voicemail • Customize greetings • Make outgoing calls through the app to display your business phone number on the recipient’s caller ID • Move active calls to your Be Anywhere phones and desk phones • Manage Be Anywhere devices to select the phones that will ring when you receive an inbound call • Transfer calls to coworkers or any third-party • View recent calls • Manage CPNI Security settings ** These features are only available to customers subscribing to Business VoiceEdge™, Business VoiceEdge Select™ and/or Business Voice Mobility. Features will vary depending on your services.

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Comcast Business app reviews

  • Update Problem 2/5

    By Ramsey155
    App force me to update. When updated lost the ability to receive calls, return miss calls and voice mails. All I see is ways to pay my bill and report problem with my service, Very frustrated with Comcast and this App Updated and Customer Service.
  • Comcast Business 2/5

    By Ortiz, G
    To many outrage , in my area ,8880 sw 23 street Miramar 33025 , I’m about to change provider
  • Crashing still 1/5

    By Coreabstraction
    This app crashes for me every time I select a contact to dial. No response from the developers. Frustrating.
  • Unable to Connect 1/5

    By Hateupgrade
    Since I downloaded this app i been able to connect twice 😔
  • Worked before update 1/5

    By razkap
    Now I can make calls only see Bill, this is not helpful anymore
  • Can’t use contacts with app 2/5

    By Beepa4
    Up until app version 3.3.9 and iOS 13.2 I made heavy use of the Contacts button in this app. Now, however, opening my contacts while in the app, locating a name, and tapping on the name crashes the app. Being trying it for a couple of weeks now with same result. Please locate and fix the bug.
  • Comcast Business Mobile App 1/5

    By Axel Esch
    I have shared with Comcast my disappointment with the app. It appears that one bug has been fixed (i.e., logging me out when I checked, "Keep me logged in" had been fixed). But the disappointing aspect of the app is its failure to provide an audible signal if someone has left a voicemail message for me. Comcast's competitors have built into their business voicemails the choice to see a banner and/or hear a distinct audible signal if someone has left a voicemail message. Those features should be incorporated into the Comcast mobile voicemail business app. The above is my first review...which remains extant. My second review is also not positive. I am wondering why I receive a voicemail 12-24 hours after someone leaves the voicemail. As a psychologist with some emergency/crisis calls from patients, I need immediate notification. Patients cannot wait 12-24 hours for a return call when they are in crisis.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Quitnesset
    Ever since updating to the new version last week my comcast business app can’t make a call. After entering the number to call it goes to “initiating call” and does not complete the call. Comcast has tried to fix but they say it’s not their fault. Meanwhile I have to pay for a service Comcast can’t deliver.
  • Messages 2/5

    By Kilgoreny
    I can no longer access my voice mails
  • Constant logins required 2/5

    By Gohoyofodo
    This app has changed for the worse in the last year, and it won’t save your password for 30 days anymore. As a result, you have to login every hour, and re-type the password each time, to check for messages or use the other app features. Used to be great, but not anymore. Very disappointing. I’ve called Comcast to report, and nothing has been fixed yet.
  • The App Doesn’t Really Work 1/5

    By Capone lousy
    One of the potentially best features of this app is the Mobility feature that theoretically allows you to place a call to any number in your contacts list on your mobile and have it appear as though you are calling from your office landline. After updating my iPhone with the latest iOS software, the app keeps closing when I try to use this feature. Oddly it only closes with some contacts! As if that weren’t frustrating enough, it has taken multiple calls to Comcast Business to even get anyone to look at this. Alas, it remains unsolved. If this feature is important to you as it was for me in choosing Comcast Business, you should probably look for another carrier.
  • Constantly logged out 1/5

    By rodetroitboy
    Recently something has changed with the app. I’m constantly signed out, despite the “keep me logged in” box being checked
  • Lots of issues in the past 2 weeks 1/5

    By josh13022
    This app went downhill fast. In the past 2 weeks, this app has been plagued with issues. It's been making me log back in 4-5 times a day, and not just logging back in with FaceID or typing on my password again. I keep getting redirected to a Comcast website, where I have to type in my username and password, scroll to the bottom to accept terms and conditions, then it finally takes me back to the app home screen. After this lengthy login process, I tap the Recent Calls icon, and after about 30 seconds it says "Sorry something went wrong, please try again in a few minutes". This happens 9 out of 10 times, and never shows my call history. To make matters worse, when I follow the app support link in the Apple App Store, it just shows a useless FAQ page, and there is nowhere to get any actual support with this failure of an app.
  • Lame 1/5

    By soundguy777
    No tablet view. No tv remote. No internet controls. Why is it so lame?
  • Useless 1/5

    By smohgdg
    Provides zero service
  • Cannot Log Into App When Connected to Comcast WiFi 1/5

    By Redhead702
    I can not log into the app when my iPhone is connected to my Comcast wifi network. As soon as I turn off my iPhone’s wifi and access the internet using my cell phone carrier (AT&T), the app opens without issue. I am not running a VPN. Argh!!
  • Comcast Mobile App 5/5

    By Austin Sheridan Consulting LLC
    Poor reliability Not supported Function is non functional Totally disappointing
  • Can’t stay signed in 2/5

    By paul-nef
    Suddenly the app constantly signs me out. It happens as often as 4-5 times a day. Yes, I check the “keep me signed in” box. It’s not my phone because it happens on my employee’s phone too.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Just888s
    Each update get worse. You will not see your message only the spinning wheel.
  • Calls from Anywhere 5/5

    By D&J Landscaping
    During the off season, my deck is my office. Nothing better than making a receiving calls from my pool.
  • No notifications 1/5

    By Ghgsvhxbggj
    I wish this app would send notifications (badges) when I have a new voicemail. It really stinks to have to open the app just to check for a new voicemail. Now for some reason I have to log into the app each time - it deal time keep me logged in any longer. Frustrating. I look forward to new updates hoping these will be fixed.
  • Useless- Simply a Sales App 1/5

    By Scarlettmjo
    My Comcast Business app is up to date. When signed in, there is no billing tab, no status tab, outage notifications, etc. Constant error message on home screen: “OOPS! SOMETHING WENT WRONG ERROR LOADING INFORMATION.” When I click on My Account, it shows “Cloud Solutions.” I don’t have cloud solutions, clicking on that gives me a screen trying to sell me cloud solutions. “Subscribed Services” tab is a sales tab for adding new services. No tab for my current internet info. Clicking on Account Details just shows my company name and my name, that’s it. How anyone seriously uses this to mange their account is beyond me.
  • Not good at all 1/5

    By Sabinas10
    It does not work for me
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By longtime cuatomer
    Your services and apps do not work as promoted. Can’t wait for service that can replace Comcast
  • Limited Functions 1/5

    By ChiroKen1975
    It’s like basic features are missing. I can see missed calls but it tells me no details (I.e. the time the call was made). Pretty basic feature. Plus it will only list about 25 of the last missed calls.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Mnm1208
    Since signing up for Comcast Business this app has been useless to me. I do not have all the features as advertised and I’ve spoken to different tech support agents and I keep getting different answers. So disappointed.
  • It Keeps Getting Worse 2/5

    By Brian 66
    This has never been a good app. It's definitely not a 'business' level app. The current version does not keep users logged in and Face ID does not work. Additionally, it does not allow notifications for new voicemail messages. Also, it would be nice for the 'be anywhere' feature to be set to turn on/off at set times. Currently, the feature must be turned on/off manually. The voicemail transcription is pretty good and the call log is a nice feature.
  • Great app 5/5

    By BriceHallmark
    Great app
  • Poor performance 1/5

    By Omi Narang
    The app logs you off frequently despite checking the box “keep me logged in”and therefore fails to perform as it should. The phone was switched off and on several times . The app was removed and reinstalled several times.Comcast support contacted several times and all recommendations implemented. The problem still persists. Users should pay attention to this before downloading this app.
  • Horrible customer services 1/5

    By danila kartashov
    Nothing gets fixed , numerous calls with agents and supervisors .. nothing resolved , filing a consumer complain next. Danila Kartashov
  • What happened?? 5/5

    The app was fine for a while, however in the last few weeks I haven’t been able to forward calls or view missed calls! It’s like something went haywire with the update! Can you fix this please?
  • Problem with new business account 1/5

    By D the redhead
    For some reason I had 2 accounts. Causing a lot of mixup with passwords and features as well as when I try to pay my bill. Had to call in several times and for long times and still not correct. Waiting, may have to close new account.
  • Live streaming 4/5

    By Pastor321
    Sometimes the livestream is poor. Not good as it started out to be
  • I didn’t request a password change... 5/5

    By Aunt Francis
    I received two password reset codes today via text... I did not request a password change... I am the only person listed on this account... Please help...
  • Don’t ever use this service. 1/5

    By osufroggirl
    I never realized a service could be this bad. Please for your sanity and your customers never use Comcast! Never! If you want more details, give me a call...oh wait... you won’t be able to get through because I use Comcast.
  • Owner 1/5

    By Seanmythaiphan
    I can’t see all the recent calls. It got deleted so fast by the next day
  • Update made me unable to use 1/5

    By lilme2
    The app keeps putting me in a loop and unable to use it. When I login, it says I need to update so sends me to the webpage and when I sign in it says all set and sends me back to the app. When I sign in again, it does it again...over and over. I deleted the app and tried again and eventually it worked to have I do the loop again the next day.
  • Works well, missing Apple Pay 3/5

    By ciara995
    My home cable allows me to pay with Apple Pay, I wish this app allowed it. Taking two stars off for now because it’s a really useful feature.
  • Won’t save the password. 2/5

    By CORoadieVet
    Having to log in with the password every 30 days is super obnoxious. FaceID should work. Nope. Lame.
  • Missing Apple Pay 2/5

    By JoelStickney
    The one thing I hate about this app (pretty much everything else is perfect) is missing support for Apple Pay which is what I use at home to pay and it makes it so much easier. I’m literally marking this 3 stars off for being behind the residential app. I’ll give it five stars when I can can pay my bil via Apple Pay.
  • Be Anywhere Feature Not Working 1/5

    By Adm57
    This app used to work seamlessly and allow me to take calls on my cellphone anywhere, but now it’s reliability is unpredictable. Sometimes to VM will transfer over to my cell (instead of going to the landline) and sometimes it will transfer to my cell before I answer, effectively shortening the ring time which does not allow me to answer it.
  • Blank 3/5

    By Scarboroughfamily
  • App Doesn’t Help At all 1/5

    By DJ Squeeze and Nem
    In the description it says you can make calls and manage your phone line, but the app doesn’t allow me to do anything on it regarding my phone line. Very frustrating.
  • No value to app 1/5

    By pharmacy senior
    The app does not provide access to any of the Comcast business features. It basically just shows outages.
  • Poor, poor service 1/5

    By Missing Colorado
    Recently, I have noticed my number of referrals dropping since I have switched to Comcast. I have set my phone to forward to my mobile. I just tested my business phone and it rang once, and then silence (not my voicemail, nothing!!).
  • It’s okay 2/5

    By Willie Bangg
    The notifications do not work and the design is not the greatest. Make a better UI and tie it into quicker customer service for outages. Take it back to the developer drawing board, please
  • No phone management 1/5

    By 414serv
    Just downloaded the app but I’m only getting home and account buttons and the home screen only shows service requests and service outages. Can’t get the phone pad to dial or listen to voicemail please help
  • Call forwarding 4/5

    By Animal844
    I have been using this app for about 3 months and it has repeatedly dropped calls when in call forwarding. The other feature of calling from the “beanywhere” seems pretty hit and miss. Logging in can also be an adventure and the network failures are 3 and 4 times a week which is not good for a service business. Don’t rely on Comcast for a business solution.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    This app is a failure

Comcast Business app comments

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