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Watch full episodes of your favorite shows with the Comedy Central app. Enjoy South Park, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Opposition and many more, available right in the palm of your hand. You can also kick back with stand-up specials, classic shows (including Chappelle's Show), short videos and full seasons of returning series. Watch full episodes from your favorite series the day after they air. Sign in with your TV or cable provider to unlock even more episodes and exclusive content, including: • The Daily Show with Trevor Noah • South Park • The Opposition • Broad City • Tosh.0 • The Jim Jefferies Show • Key & Peele • Drunk History • Another Period • Workaholics • Chappelle's Show Signing in with your TV provider is simple: Just tap on Settings, select your provider, and log in with your provider user name and password. For more details about signing in with your TV provider, visit or contact [email protected] for help. APP FEATURES: • We save your spot, so that you never miss a joke. Can't finish an episode? Continue watching right where you left off. Just tap on the series you were watching, and our video player does the rest. • Stream Live TV. That's right -- you can even watch Comedy Central in real time when you sign in with your TV provider. • Browse our stand-up library, which includes great stand-up episodes and specials from comedians like Gabriel Iglesias and Kevin Hart. • Chromecast support lets you cast your favorite shows to your TV. Just hook up your TV and your Chromecast device, and the Comedy Central app becomes your remote for on-demand laughs. The Comedy Central app requires iOS 10 or later. Full episode streaming is available within the U.S. only. For help, contact [email protected] For more information about this app and online behavioral advertising, check out The Terms of Use for this app includes arbitration for disputes – see


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Comedy Central app reviews

  • Forced Portrait Orientation 3/5

    By Somethingeye
    App is okay, but it’s really irritating that it forces portrait orientation when not watching a video. Gets annoying having to rotate my iPad when trying to switch videos. Also, it doesn’t seem to work too well with the Apple TV app integration.
  • How do you exit? 2/5

    By sscooterjb55
    How do you exit out of a show you watch on this app? The screen simply freezes at the end of the program! What’s up?
  • New app is horrible 1/5

    By Abby o
    There was nothing wrong with the old app now I can’t use this one without major issues. It forces you to listen to an ad before you even go on to another show. It starts out at portrait and you have to do the landscape after the show starts. It just doesn’t make any sense.
  • Why No Paid Version? 1/5

    By friedoxygen
    For the most part, I like the app itself. However, I’m annoyed by how little content is available for people that don’t subscribe to a cable TV service. I like Comedy Central enough to plop 10-15 a month like people can for HBO or Showtime. I don’t like it enough to pay $80 a month for 100 channels I’ll never watch.
  • Difficult and annoying 1/5

    By bryanamorency
    You can’t search for anything. You have to scroll and scroll and hopefully find what you’re looking for. If you accidentally exit out, you have to go back and scroll and search for Waldo again. PLEASE UPDATE AND MAKE THIS MORE CONVENIENT!!!
  • Please Consider More Updates 1/5

    By Browneyedgyrl79
    I love CC as a whole. I’m disappointed that I’m repeatedly told to sign up for a package that has the CC channel (when we do have that). When it finally accepts it, the watch now button doesn’t work. Hope these will be fixed soon! Thank you.
  • No good 1/5

    By john cappiello
    The app used to work until I updated it. This is why I never update apps. When I first started using it at the beginning of the year I logged in with my spectrum cable account, after the update it told me I needed to sign in again, but I can't because spectrum is no longer supported! If spectrum is such a big company why will Comedy Central not support it?
  • Portrait is bad UI 1/5

    By Jak0203
    I used to use this app all the time but now it’s incredibly frustrating. You’re forced to navigate content with the screen portrait, but if I’m watching shows my iPad is always landscape. This causes a lot of unnecessary rotating that makes for a REALLY bad user experience.
  • No search option 1/5

    By Magrubey
    Is there a reason you can’t search for the show you’re looking for instead of scrolling over thumbnails that don’t always load?
  • Good concept, ads ruin it 2/5

    By heather878604
    There is a RIDICULOUS amount of super loud ads on this app. A show I was watching played to the first app break, and then proceeded to play THIRTEEN ads. I understand the need for ads and can deal with them, but that is truly excessive.
  • add a search button 2/5

    By what103
    needs a mf uhhh search button
  • App has issues and bugs 3/5

    By Ryan760
    Closed captioning stoped working a while ago across all devices as well as the ads are insanely loud. It’s frustrating to want to watch in bed and not be able to have captions and then they blast you with megaphone ads. Used to love this app but now I’d rather just watch something else.
  • Doesn’t work as well as old app 1/5

    By Lunchbox Larry99
    I use the app on my iPad and the old app worked great. The program choice icons were neatly arranged and always worked when selected. The new app has a “new fresh look” but it works terrible. It is hard to select programs and once selected, they are almost impossible to control. I have great difficulty to select individual episodes; the app just selects one and launches it and once started, it can’t be stopped to go back to the program list. Overall, this new version just doesn’t work as well as the old one. Please restore the functionality of the old version. Focus on use and not just on “new fresh look”!!!
  • New app has too many issues 1/5

    By Mikecgdhfrrtf
    Commercials get stuck on old episodes, can't change to new episodes sometimes, won't work side ways on tablets, come on guys test this stuff. Old app worked better, please fix
  • Minor Issue for me 4/5

    By TrippTippie
    I like the app and I think it is overall pretty great but it is missing Xfinity as a TV provider. This isn’t much of an issue to me since I am fine with the episodes I have but it also bothers me that you don’t have a sign in option for Xfinity.
  • New update 1/5

    iPhone 7 after update and all I get is "Oops something went wrong" and now the app is useless. (J O.o)J ..ugh
  • Hopelessly broken version 1/5

    By Humbander
    1. New problem: The selected show always opens to a previous episode, full-screen. No way to select the current episode until the old one loads and starts playing (after many commercials), then leaving full-screen to gain access to the episode list. Up to then, the screen controls are not available. 2. New problem: Why would anyone think an iPad user would want to use portrait mode, ever? Much less have the app change mode without permission, despite the mode being locked by iOS? 3. Old problem: I stream from my iPad via AirPlay to my AppleTV. Because this app will not play in the background, my iPad can't be used for anything else. Neither will the app stream/run if the iPad is put to sleep.
  • Update made this app impossible to use 1/5

    By jgilz
    The redesign of this app is so obnoxious it makes me want to stop watching Comedy Central. The developers arrogantly think they know how I should be using my device better than I do. The default orientation of the app is portrait mode. To watch a video you have to flip your device to landscape. That means every time I want to navigate the app after watching a video on my tablet I have to pick it up and turn to portrait mode. How is that convenient? Hopefully the first-time developer that designed this will never get another job.
  • Used to be good. New update is worst interface I've ever seen 1/5

    By I used to Love Pinterest
    The screen orientation changes are a nightmare, the menus are impossible and nothing is accessible any more. I've never reviewed an app before, this is a plea to fix the worst app I've ever seen.
  • Unusable UX since update 1/5

    By arik-so
    The latest version of the app has horrible usability. The app keeps autoplaying content even when disabling that option in settings, messes around with orientation, and doesn’t show either a pause button or a minimize button during advertisements. As a result, the experience is that when you open the app, while you try to click on a show, it just starts autoplaying another one and you can neither pause nor stop that until the ads are done playing. I find myself trying to avoid this app instead.
  • Chromecast doesn't work at all for this app 1/5

    By dsifford
    Don't download this if you intend to cast it using Chromecast. You'll be disappointed.
  • Slowest streaming app available. 1/5

    By abbasil1
    So many problems on both iPad and AppleTV. Never watched it without some sort of crash or long waiting time for the video to play (which is multiple times weekly). Also, the setup/organization of the available programming doesn’t make sense—probably because there isn’t any? I can’t even read an episode description before actually having to start watching it on AppleTV. Not helpful when half of all the shows are standup shows with multiple changing performers each and every episode.
  • new app user interface not suited to ipad use 1/5

    By rfeng4fun
    new app design kills user experience for ipad use. If you like limited viewer experience, limited history of past missed shows then this gutted app is for you. Also if you you an ipad you have to constantly rotate from portrait to landscape to navigate & view content. Apparently designers never used or owned an ipad. Would give “0” stars if possible... Total waste of time.
  • AppleTV app 1/5

    By Wegiel
    I am tired of low quality app you made. It asks to sign almost every time being open and when I finally get in, it doesn’t play content. Why?
  • Still has issues 1/5

    By DJAgno23
    App keeps crashing when I reopen my phone after locking it while casting to my tv
  • 3 Big Streaming App NoNos 1/5

    By inz1
    Old version was real bad. New version just as bad maybe worst. They hit on the 3 big DONTS for streaming video apps. 1. And this is the biggest don’t of them all.... forced portrait navigation. You watch videos in landscape.... why make us turn our devices to navigate. Especially bothersome for iPads. 2. iOS system clock doesn’t show when you tap a video to bring up controls. 3. No 10 second rewind button for when you need to back up a bit cause you missed something.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Mouser92
    Latest version of the ap is terrible. I have to keep switching back and forth between landscape and portrait mode. It’s much harder to see what the latest episodes of a series are. Please go back to a version where I can just keep my iPad in landscape mode and browse around.
  • Chrome cast issues 3/5

    By Zombie Flikr
    Content fails to load on chrome cast on iPad and iPhone on latest update ...
  • This latest version has problems 1/5

    By WhatDoesThisMean
    After recent update app doesn’t work in landscape until a video is actually playing. It is harder to find what I want. Previous version was ok. Either way it is over engineered UX.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By ace577
    “Improved user interface” is BS. Since the last update, it’s almost impossible to watch on a device. View rotates inconveniently (which you can’t change)/And then autostarts last episode viewed. Wait 2 minutes for ads, then back out to the episode list, then wait thru 2 more minutes of ads. Bring back the old or fix this. Otherwise GARBAGE.
  • Fresh new bugs 2/5

    By Dan McKearnan
    Forced portrait view for opening screen and show listings, horrid when landscape is my preference. Auto play doesn’t. When video is done, missing any type of button to go anywhere but share. Then it replays the video and finally a chance to return to show listings. Still love the content.
  • Can't watch South Park episodes anymore 1/5

    By bet1to
    I don't know what happened, but every time I try to watch South Park, I get a message saying "sorry, this video is not found or is no longer available due to date or rights restrictions." Sorry I have to uninstall because this is the only thing I watch Comedy Central for.
  • Worst viewing platform of any app 1/5

    By PHXG8R
    This is BY FAR the worst viewing platform by any network out there. I can’t even begin to detail how cheap and low level this is from the lack of content, the ridiculous viewer, or the cheap clips of shows you want to watch. I mean you have to literally sit through a minute of commercials to view a one minute clip of a show. It’s a shame that CC got this soooooooooooo bad. You’d expect more. Back to HBO.
  • Commercials 2/5

    By JessNon
    First, I wish I didn’t have to watch the commercials. I desperately want to watch Another Period, but the commercials are just too frequent and long to sit through. On top of that, the new app does not tell me how many commercials or how much longer I have until they are done. This just feels frustrating.
  • Latest update is a disaster 1/5

    By Beingherenowzzz
    Why should watching comedy be so hard? Portrait to landscape is inconvenient, but app doesn’t let me select which episode and won’t let me return home once started. And what happened to the captions?
  • Go Back!!! 1/5

    By Dr. Montoya
    Whyyyyyy the old app worked just fine. Now its a mess. It wont orient to landscape until you are playing a video.
  • Where to begin? 2/5

    By JerseyViolet
    This app has always been buggy at best. While some improvements have been made, it still leaves much to be desired. Unlike other streaming services, there’s no handoff ability. If you start a video on one device, it won’t remember your progress on another device. It’s inconvenient and the least of their issues, but it’s still a pain. There’s still the issue with commercials being louder than the content. It has improved somewhat but I don’t want to have to constantly adjust the volume on my iPad/iPhone. The support for landscape on iPad is still just as horrible as ever. It won’t support portrait AT ALL except for playing a video. Even when it does, it will as often as not have the video in the wrong orientation. The only way I’ve found to resolve it is to quit the app, lock the screen in landscape, and reopen the app. I only use the app because Comedy Central pulled all content from Hulu, but I may be rethinking how much I really want to watch The Daily Show.
  • Stuck 5/5

    By HiggyGiggy
    When I try to connect with my provider I get stuck at the congratulations and the watch now button does nothing. Is there a solution or is this a glitch?
  • A whole new app and it doesn’t even support PiP 2/5

    By swrobel
    Every other video app on my iPad does. Get with it CC.
  • Fix it! 2/5

    By Thenightmancometh14
    Why this stupid change toggling between portrait and landscape. Keep it entirely in landscape mode. So irritating I don’t even want to use it.
  • New app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Hawg73
    The updated app is a disaster. Doesn’t work properly. Fix it guys!!!
  • Great content. They destroyed functionality 2/5

    By Gatorman02
    I have never before seen an update to an app make the functionality so much worse. It used to be very straightforward to navigate, but you will now find that you are constantly battling the app, getting stuck, and having to force quit and start over. Such a shame.
  • NO iPhone X Support🙄 3/5

    By Euphecide
    The update says they added iPhone X support, yet the size of the video on my screen actually DECREASED. NO full screen and it’s like half a year that the iPhone X has been out. What the hell, devs?🤨🤬
  • Landscape Mode? 2/5

    By Krahnin
    Why would you remove it? 99.9% of the time, my iPad is in landscape mode. I shouldn’t have to turn my head 90 degrees or remove it from the keyboard stand and turn it just to navigate through the app.
  • Difficult to use on iPad in landscape 1/5

    By jasonls81
    New look is nice but most of my viewing is done on an iPad in landscape orientation. Watching content is fine but navigating the app is difficult and even impossible in some scenarios unless turned to portrait.
  • Why no picture in picture? 3/5

    By Mercster
    You may as well watch this from a browser. No extra functionality from the app. Very disappointing.

    By SuperMario Ryan
    I already used my free 24 hour thing but now I can’t watch it anymore
  • Latest Update Made the App a Lot Worse 1/5

    By Vollmer81
    When I use this app on my iPad, it used to be that the entire app could be used in landscape mode. For some reason the developers thought that was a problem and made it so the app menu is locked in portrait mode, making it awkward to use for those of us that keep our iPad in a keyboard case/stand that requires it to be in landscape. Fortunately, the videos can be watched in landscape, but it’s now harder to exit out of the videos. I just recently watched a video to completion and it left me in a fixed screen after the video completed with no X button to press to go back to the menu of the app. I actually had to start the video again and then take it out of full screen mode to be able to get back to the app menu. Who thought these changes were a good idea or even necessary? Can we just revert to the last version of this app and pretend that this update never happened?
  • What happened 4/5

    By Sdex67
    I used to really like this app but most recent update doesn’t work well on my mini iPad. I have to turn to portrait to move through content then landscape to view in full.
  • Yay loud commercials 1/5

    By Doophy
    Favorite thing is after watching the commercials, if I rewind to before the commercial, I get to watch them again! Now it seems as though I have to login if I haven’t used the app in a while 3-weeks! I mean, why would they use the single sign-on built in to the AppleTV!? The even better thing is that selecting a provider just takes you to the standard “got to this url and activate with this code.” Tell you what, Comedy Central. Bye.

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