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comiXology - Comics & Manga App

Are you ready to explore over 100,000 digital comics, graphic novels and manga from Marvel, DC, Image, and more? By downloading the comiXology app you will get instant access to your purchased titles from comiXology on all your devices. Whether this is your first experience with comics or you’ve been a fan for years, get ready, because comiXology is going to change the way you explore the world of super heroes, sci-fi, crime noir, horror, and more! Here’s just a small peek at what makes us your digital comics hub: ComiXology Unlimited (CU) is a new subscription service that allows fans to read thousands of comics, graphic novels and manga, like Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Avengers, Ms. Marvel: No Normal, The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Hellboy, Adventure Time, Peanuts, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lumberjanes, Saga, Transformers. These are just a few of the great titles from Marvel, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, Kodansha Comics, Oni Press, Valiant Entertainment, Archie Comics, Fantagraphics Books, Humanoids, and so many more than we can name in this limited space.  ComiXology Unlimited comes with a 7-day free preview and is currently only available to US-based customers. - You can read all of your purchased comiXology books on all your devices. Every. Single. One. - Going off the grid? ComiXology has offline reading so your books will always be with you. - Guided View! Experience comics in a whole new way with our cinematic and immersive reading options on any device. - Log in with Amazon and read many of your Kindle comic, graphic novel & manga purchases inside of comiXology! - Create a Wish List of all those books you dream of owning one day. Library ComiXology’s 100,000+ strong comics, graphic novels & manga library includes: - Marvel Comics: The Avengers, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Deadpool, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Widow, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Thor, Wolverine, and more… - DC Comics: Batman, Harley Quinn, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Superman, Suicide Squad, The Flash, Arrow, Green Lantern, Batgirl, The Dark Knight, Watchmen, Fables, V for Vendetta, Sandman, iZombie and more… - Image Comics: The Walking Dead, Saga, Bitch Planet, Black Science, Spawn, and more… - Dark Horse: Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alien, Fear Agent, The Strain, Avatar: The Last Airbender, B.P.R.D and more… - IDW: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Transformers, Star Trek, Judge Dredd, G.I. Joe, Angel, Ghostbusters, My Little Pony, and more… - Manga: Attack on Titan, Naruto, Fairy Tail, All You Need is Kill, One Piece, Dragon Ball, One-Punch Man, and more… - Also find Dynamite’s James Bond, Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Valiant’s Faith, and thousands of great indie titles coming out of comiXology Submit including: Wolves, Leaving Megalopolis, Doc Unknown, Action Bible, Silver, and (you guessed it) many more! FIND US ------------------------------- Web: Twitter: @comixology  Facebook: Tumblr:

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comiXology - Comics & Manga app reviews

  • No In-app Purchases = Fail 1/5

    By Seamusoldfield
    Just switched from Android to iOS. No in-app purchases is a giant fail. Really?
  • Not good 1/5

    By puppy1019
    When I went to make an account they will tell you to write the letters/numbers above and I did and it made me reapedetly do it and reminder, I did this for an hour so yeah I HATE THIS APP
  • I can’t get this to work 1/5

    By carson romer
    I tried everything but I can’t buy anything and there that interests me except the stuff they won’t let me buy
  • Waste of time just 1/5

    By ju1ian200
    This app is a rip off you actually have to Pay for the books and only way you get to pay for the books is you have a Comixology account And they don’t even let you sign up for their account on the app you either Have a Amazon account which doesn’t let you get to read the books you have to have Comixology account Which is stupid.
  • Download problems 1/5

    By disgusted student
    Was trying to down load comics and I get a message “downloading” but nothing happens and never downloads. It’s happening with the Grimm series
  • Problem Mostly with amazon 1/5

    By paperburning
    I’m trying to add my card to get unlimited and i keep getting we are in maintenance Other than that I like the app a lot
  • It doesn’t work now. 3/5

    By iMike007
    I use yo love this app. Now I can’t download or read any comics that I buy as of this year. Please fix or refund my money.
  • Should be able to sign in with any account 2/5

    By DogValor
    I wanted to download comics and book apps so I could read story’s I enjoy and also to speed up time by reading ghost (a comic) or drama(also a comic) but the bad thing is I don’t even know if I even have an amazon account so that lead to trouble because I couldn’t sign in which meant I couldn’t read the comics I want to read and all I’m requesting is that your able to use your Google or any social media accounts to sign in
  • Adequate yet unnecessary 2/5

    By Jeff 1987
    The app does what it’s supposed to do, mostly. No real animated page turns like in Apple’s Books app, just this unimpressive blur effect when on (shut off animation). The “Unlimited” free trial was something I never had interest in, so I ignored it. I tend to read less mainstream comics. Ultimately, this app seems to be forced. Every graphic novel I purchased via Amazon shows up in both Kindle and this app. Yet, every graphic novel that I could only purchase directly via comixology only shows up in this app. Comixology is owned by Amazon. Why am I being forced to download yet another eReader from an Amazon company that is nearly identical to Amazon’s Kindle?
  • Not enough JoJo 3/5

    By 😐😐😐😕😐😐😕😕😕
    Jojo had part 1-4 which already have an anime so I really wish it would have things ahead of the anime like parts 5-8
  • Don’t get this if you used the older versions 1/5

    By BAHernandez
    I used this app ages ago and bought many comics that I loved and read over and over. I don’t know why happened but I downloaded again this app on my newer apple systems and updated it and now it’s gone! Hundreds of dollars gone! The comics weren’t even there anymore and it seems I can’t get them back anymore. Truly feels like I’ve been stolen from.
  • So apparently you can’t buy cocmics 1/5

    By Unlikely Name
    How do you buy comics? Either use your android phone and get the android version or go to the amazon store.
  • Purchases 2/5

    By eightsharps
    This iOS app is intentionally ruined by Amazon with the lack of in-app purchases. The app itself is smooth and generally easy to navigate aside from the organization of your books. But it doesn’t matter when you want to find something new, it won’t even tell you the price. It forces you to go to their website, login there even though you are already logged into the app, and navigate through the slower, less smooth website if you want to even consider making a purchase. Then all the steps to make the purchase and go back to the app to find it and download. Is it silly to complain about having to tap more to buy some comics? No, especially when my money is involved and I would like to keep things in one place. These things are supposed to be convenient and would be with anyone else. Comixology needs to get with the times.
  • Get jump instead 2/5

    By zofryer
    All I wanted was Kodansha comics. When I’m dropping hundreds of dollars in an app, I don’t expect to be bombarded with ads for crap nobody is buying. I got so sick of the ads for terrible comics nobody wants that I stopped using the app. They could have bugged me to buy more Kodansha Manga instead of trying to sell me marvel crap literally nobody cares about. Uninstalled. Get Shonen jump instead.
  • Good App, Bad Subscription 2/5

    By Mongoesman
    As a comic book app, it works very well and how they zoom in on panels helps a lot on a phone. However the real flaw of Comixolgy in general is that even when you are on Unlimited, a paid service, too much of the material is still pay walled. I don’t want to pay $5 a month to get access to some series, most of which I can’t even finish because of pay walls. It would be like if Netflix let you watch some shows for subscribing to them, but keeping 50 shows still pay walled and you have to pay to see any episode of that series. As an app it works well, but as a subscription service, horrible
  • G 1/5

    By gg mbung
  • Please bring back in app purchasing 1/5

    By Marzbarz2750
    Please bring back in app purchasing
  • Borderline illegal 1/5

    By Aninjathtpwndu
    When I downloaded the app, linking my amazon account, it automatically signed me up for Unlimited with no place to opt out. You can’t sign up someone for a paid service without their consent then leave no place to exit.
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By uahzhiduagdhaihsbrhd
    I give it a one Bc it doesn’t work at all. When I try to read a story it only shows three pages of it,even when it says unlimited. Then it said if I want to read it I have to put it in the library and so I did. When I clicked it on the library there was still only three pages available. So I suggest you don’t waste your time on this app
  • A Good App That Should Be Great By Now 3/5

    By Wonderverse
    The reading experience is wonderful. The search and organizing functions are woeful. We should have folders to fill as we wish. Searches always yield way too many random results. How about multiple general keywords? And there is NO real feedback function so we can say what we want and what we like? How about real-time a Most Requested List? How about Top-Rated lists? And NO Community functions. Since the Amazon takeover, so much should have been done. And why can’t I use my Amazon credit balance for ComiXology? Synergy, people!
  • No new release books 2/5

    By maelstrom74
    I used to look every Wednesday for the new releases that were all together on here. Now I can’t find them anywhere.
  • No Dragonball? 1/5

    By Dungeon letdown
  • Won’t work. 1/5

    By Nomorefinlandtalk
    I buy comics and then download them to my iPhone but they won’t open. Very frustrating.
  • Good but 3/5

    By bdgdhdhdhdh..
    I enjoyed reading some comics but now I can’t get any comics anymore like green arrow rebirth if there something I’m missing please help
  • Thieves 1/5

    By Osprey Colt
    Sign up for one purchase and auto enroll you in subscriptions. EDIT: Their response has NOTHING to do with the issue I described- that shows you their level of competence. Expect to be overcharged when you buy using this app.
  • Paying for stuff I haven’t purchased yet 3/5

    By Ohmscori
    I’m confused I was about to download the app until I saw something about payments and didn’t even get in to the app because I’m not trying to waste money on something that I didn’t buy.
  • Android version is better 2/5

    By Punkoutcast69
    I can’t actually see a add to cart button to buy anything and there is no way to have the comics I don’t have downloaded not be shown in the library
  • Surprising Update 5/5

    By Mr. E. Goodwin
    It’s has an easy to use format to explore outstanding content. The one one comic I got to read was amazing and immersive. The reason I’m rating this great app with so low is simple. It does not make it clear how to download or purchase comics for further reading. I’m not even sure how I got that one comic to download. And I don’t mind paying for great work, but I do have a problem with being shown great content with no option to acquire said content. Fix this. And I’ll fix the rating. Update Not 10 minutes after writing this post I received an email from ComiXology. It states; to purchase and read comics you must browse the app. Add comics to your wishlist. Go to and check out your wishlist. Return to the app and enjoy. I would have rated this review with 4 stars because that’s information needed in the app itself. However they earned the 5th star with their timely response.
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By apzapz
    Love reading moon knight comics.
  • Ridiculously buggy 2/5

    By BayNative415
    I just switched to the latest iPhone after having an android for most of my life. In android this was my favorite app. I’ve spent well over 75 hours on comiXology and this version is terrible. I usually read comics on my desktop pc then I’ll head to bed and read there. Can’t because whatever I read on my desktop completely breaks the same comic in my iPhone app.
  • Very Disappointing 1/5

    By L1ght Panel
    It said free in the ad so my stupid self says hey I should get this! But then you have to get a membership. I recommend just buy comics.
  • Oh good, now I’m forced to use this. Sarcasm 1/5

    By Keil F
    I was fine using the kindle app to access my comics alongside my books. For a few years I’ve been able to buy comics or manga on the amazon store in the kindle format and it worked just fine. Now I’m forced to use this stupid app, and I instantly have issues. Go to buy my comic, go to checkout, press the button to use amazon pay.... nothing. Briefly considers allowing me to select what saved payment method but ultimately decides not to do that and goes back to the button suggesting I use amazon pay, only now the button doesn’t work and I have to go back. So now I can’t get what I want. Awesome, good decisions here. Honestly surprised that the books I previously bought showed up in the app
  • My favorite Comic Book app... 4/5

    By MzPie
    I love this app. I’ve so many different series I’m dying to finish & get started on but don’t have time or access readily available to read the physical copies. So having an app w/my favorite publishers, writers, & artists works all lined up in one well laid out spot on my phone is really great! Selection is quite vast & there are several methods of perusing the titles. I love reading the books by panel then going thru them by full page. Being able to jump between the two Real easily is very nice & makes the reading experience more interactive. The clarity is great too! My only real issue (hence 4 stars) is that I’ve never been able to make any in app purchases. All purchases for Comixology could only be done on the Amazon website or Amazon app. I’d initially tried out Comixology cause it was tied to Amazon. Having an Amazon account that would be charged when making purchases for Comixology just seemed more convenient to me as far as $ tracking-wise. I’m sure it’s clear why not being able to make in app purchases of any kind would be frustrating but for clarities sake... I start a book then naturally want to move on to the next book but only really given the option to add the next book to my Wishlist. I’m not really understanding why I have to leave this app & go onto Amazon & buy the next book there if these two are already transferring items etc w/each other. Then go back to this one & hope it transferred over. Now, this does tend to vex me. Especially when I’m deep in a series & there’s a mega cliffhanger. Which is often. Part of the whole story telling structure is to end books w/a bit of a cliff hanger of some sort purposefully engaging the reader & positioning them to eagerly jump into the next issue w/it’s resolution. So yeah, I don’t want to put the next book in a Wishlist, I actually would quite like to just click a button to purchase it right then & there so I can read it and they charge my Amazon account. Win-win situation there I think. I read. You get $ & a happy app user. This also goes back to why I originally thought this app was worth giving a shot, convenience of access. I still regularly use this app & fully intended on continuing to do so. I’ve shared it w/friends who’ve also been happy w/it too.
  • The app just starts up then goes nowhere just freezes.. 1/5

    By qwbtr123
  • Does not compute 2/5

    By Mr Truth Hurts
    Don’t get me wrong, I like this app. A lot. I love my old comics, but I do enjoy the ability to expand the art, and to see it in rgb, the way the colorists intended, over cmyk. And it’s great on vacations not stuffing a bag with comics over clothes. That said, we all now have to live the scene in “40 Year Old Virgin”, where Jonah Hill’s character is in the Ebay Store, asking to buy some silver boots, to which he’s told he must go onto eBay to bid on them, even though he’s standing there with money to pay for them. Now when we use this app, we have to then go online to the comiXology site to buy books we come across while in this app instead of the convenient way we had it before? It’s not the end of the world, it’s just extra unnecessary steps when the previous way worked so well. I hope they decide to bring back in-app purchasing.
  • Speechless 5/5

    By # oof gang
    I am speechless I can find my favorite comics
  • Reading options need work 3/5

    By rgeraght
    Great app but not using new iPad screens sizes properly
  • Have to have a Amazon acc 3/5

    By wwerfghfdf
    So to use this app u need to have a amazon acc and I don’t have one so I’m unable to use this app it’s great from what I have seen but no other way to use it hope this helps
  • In love 5/5

    By kawaii potato ndb hrc
  • My opinion 2/5

    By Nya. S
    I was very angry when I was lied to. The add said “hundreds of FREE, comics.” But none were free. Very annoyed by this. And the process of buying when is long and frustrating.
  • Download issues 3/5

    By eranga_d
    This used to be a terrific app. Now it seems like a new bug pops up every few weeks. Sometimes I’ll buy books and they won’t show up in the app till I’ve closed out, completely signed out and signed back in again. Today I purchased a set of books and they all show up but this time nothing downloads - pretty frustrating.
  • Ew 1/5

  • Use every day 5/5

    By SpenceGM
    Use this to read manga on my commute every day. Wish it had a purchasing feature built in but using safari isn’t a huge deal. Love this app
  • Wish list 1/5

    By r8l7c
    I don’t get why I can’t buy any comics only wish list comes up and I have no clue were they go after that!! So disappointing would of bought comics but not now!!! Go back to the old way of buying on your app!!!
  • How do I even read a comic book? 1/5

    By jeffy.5820;
    When i was downloading this app, I was gonna read that marvel comic but it said to purchase it. Why, comiXology, why do you have to do this? Can’t you do like free 1000000000 comics books?
  • Sign in to amazon doesn’t make sense 2/5

    By poisoned_potato
    So it says to sign into amazon for what reason exactly like I don’t understand some people don’t have amazon accounts and they don’t want to make one for reading comics.
  • Poorly made 2/5

    By benwil40
    There is no option to to filter out what is paid for and what is unlimited. Also sending is impossible as there is no way to hit the send feed back button due to keyboard being in the way.
  • No in app purchasing? 4/5

    By KRA 2
    Why no in app purchasing or better ability to view new or upcoming titles in app?
  • Doesn’t properly fit entire screen of iPad 11” 1/5

    By mattsholtz
    Last update was supposedly for support of new iPads and yet there is still a black bar at the bottom of the screen. I didn’t buy a 1k iPad with a giant screen to have my comics letterboxed. For an app designed to exclusively read comics, the comic reading experience is extremely subpar. Turning pages is always a chore thanks to the unnecessary length required to swipe to a new page. Tapping to turn also doesn’t work every time, and this is an issue on iOS and Android. Turning pages should be effortless, every.single.time. There are also no actual previews in the app, so you can’t see how a comic will actually display on the screen. Considering manga and comics can rage in their ratios, previewing the actual downloadable file is very important (especially for the new iPad 4:3:3 ratio for the 11” model), and no, those three pages at the bottom of each listing don’t count because they don’t display the same as the actual book, I need to see how the book actually displays on my device. Fix your app already and make something that actual comic fans want and need instead of concentrating on idiotic designs and new ways to squeeze more money out of us. I have an extremely hard time believing the developers of this thing actually dog food it. Maybe it’s about time you hired actual comic fans to fix this mess because I honestly don’t see how anyone who has used this app for more than an hour can think that the experience is anything but horrible when compared to proper comic reading apps that have existed on other platforms for decades. You can’t preview the books, you can’t pay for the books, you can’t remove the bottom letterboxing, you can’t stretch to fit, you can’t accurately turn pages and there’s no option to edit this setting to better suit personal needs, you can’t display double page spreads as single pages viewed separately in portrait, etc, etc ,etc. Again, for an app designed to exclusively read comics, the lack of options and polish is mind boggling.

comiXology - Comics & Manga app comments

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