Commander Compass Go

Commander Compass Go

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.9.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Pavel Ahafonau
  • Compatibility: Android
6,830 Ratings
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Commander Compass Go App

Commander Compass is an essential offline GPS app for outdoors and off-road navigation. Packed with tools it serves as a hi-tech compass with maps, gyrocompass, GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, Sun, Moon and star finder, gyro horizon, and coordinate converter. It saves your custom places and waypoints, navigates precisely to them later, shows them on maps, displays detailed GPS info, measures distances, angles, and does a lot more. COMPASS & GYROCOMPASS Accuracy improvement techniques, special compass modes and calibration methods available in Commander Compass only make it a real instrument – the most advanced and accurate digital compass. FINDER, TRACKER & NAVIGATION Commander Compass operates in 3D to show real-time object positions, info and directions to them overlaid over maps or a simple background. Save current position, add points from maps, manually enter location coordinates and bearings, add stars by hand or use a built-in star catalogue. Find saved places and objects later simply by following directional arrows. Commander Compass tracks multiple targets simultaneously and shows their info – distance, direction, azimuth, elevation and estimated time of arrival. Copy, paste and share locations, coordinates and map links using many supported formats. GPS, SPEEDOMETER & ALTIMETER Find and track your location and get detailed real-time GPS data – coordinates in dozens of formats, altitude, course, current, maximum and vertical speed, using imperial, metric, nautical and surveying units. MAPS See your and targets’ positions on maps using different map styles and alternative map providers – plan waypoints and measure distances. NAVIGATE BY STARS Track positions of stars, Sun and Moon with arc second precision – use them as a reference to calibrate compass for maximum accuracy. DEMO & HELP Videos: Manuals:


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Commander Compass Go app reviews

  • Review 4/5

    By turnmearound
    Works great except for altitude
  • Used on the Pacific Ocean 5/5

    By Swift coder wanabe
    Used this app to navigate to and from Avalon / Long Beach. It worked great. Best navigation app. It’s so easy to setup locations and then select them for navigation.
  • Bug or Deliberate Malware? 1/5

    By SuperReviewerPowers
    After uninstalling this Compass app, it persisted in the status bar. Specifically, I would see “Compass Commander Go” text appear in the top status bar of my iPad whenever I started any other app, like Safari, Voice, Maps, any app! Felt like CCGo was embedded as malware or spyware or keylogger. Very bad app or misbehaving iOS 11.2.latest. Did a hard shutdown and reboot. Gone now.
  • Responsive developer 5/5

    By jkirk1626
    This is a powerful app with a whole book dedicated to its capabilities. Trying to use this app to save a position then guide you back is not reliable. It will often point you in a direction that is inaccurate by 180°. Recommend, but beware of its inaccuracy if you're relying on it for more than curiosity and amusement. iPhone X
  • Not recommended 1/5

    By CruisinCali
    Doesn’t allow you to change colors in iPhone 6 or iPad Pro
  • Does work on iOS 11.2.1 1/5

    By RadioListener2
    Setting don’t save changes Finger gestures do not work Always lose calibration Bad app
  • Glitz but where’s the glamour? 3/5

    By Robert Walters
    The charge for features that should be free or paid by ad, it could have more features, and it’s not very accurate. 3 stars because it works but brings nothing new to table.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Scbastve
    It does way more than I know what to do with. I use it for deer hunting to find spots I’ve tagged deep in the woods. These spots are not easy to find without this app as the terrain changes from year to year due to clear cutting. This app always gets me where I need to go. I highly recommend.
  • needs an easier delete button 4/5

    By The Regent
    I’m still looking for a delete or remove function to get rid of points or locations I don’t need anymore. Having to sift thru useless points to find important ones can take time, so an easy Remove/Delete Waypoint/Location feature would be highly beneficial.
  • Extremely Slow to locate your correct location on map. 1/5

    By Wyeow
    Extremely Slow to locate your correct location on map. Please fix the lagging problem.
  • Compass app 5/5

    By AmunRePharaoh
    Good service so far
  • Looks Pretty, But Can't Find North Or South 2/5

    By HeyJoeWhereYaGoin
    Simply put, without getting too wordy.....the standard compass app the comes loaded onto every iPhone is way more accurate than this toy.
  • beyond my wishes everything! 5/5

    By Fsnbfan
  • Simply does not work. 1/5

    By William Ivan
    After a few years of playing with this, the compass still cannot find anywhere close to North. It points all over the 360 degrees.
  • SSG RICH 5/5

  • Great 5/5

    By Corsasv
    Use it @ work a lot shooting elevations to find water leaks. Great success!!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Donnabsmd
    I love this app and use it when I am flying it tells me our altitude and airspeed. it's so cool
  • Worldwide fun 5/5

    By KiserBill
    I have used this numerous times worldwide Very reliable and informative Ping and post photos of locations frequently
  • North 3/5

    By TomP2019
    North is North it shouldn't say S when pointing North. True North should be North not an option.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Comavo
    Really cool and helpful, honestly
  • I like it 5/5

    By Speakus
    It is very good app.
  • Great app 5/5

    By ABN Scout
    This app is awesome and very accurate use it all the time for my work to plot targets on the move and call for fire
  • Concerned 1/5

    By Marc b l
    My phone had a full charge before going to bed. There were no open apps on my phone as I always check. When I woke up. My battery was completely drained. After charging for a few minutes this app was open on my phone. The only explanation for this is spyware and someone got into my phone through this app. I immediately deleted this app... Beware!!!
  • what an app! 5/5

    By Rochester native
    Much more than I expected; superb precision, and many excellent extras. Leaves the other App Store compasses FAR back in the dust!!!!
  • Excited to use 5/5

    By Chodeee
    Great app! Looking forward to being able to save coordinates of cool destinations then tracking them back down using the compass. I also like all the info it provides on one main screen so it's not a complicated ordeal to find out what you want to know
  • Great app 4/5

    By Komodo69
    This app is a great tool for navigation.
  • Commander compass 5/5

    By New fan of Mozart
    I drive all day everyday. This tool is amazing. Map underlay is genius. As my phone is much smarter then my car (i.e. No navigation system) this program is brilliant. Well done folks!!
  • Super App 5/5

    By Storm762
    Running on iPhone 6S, runs smooth with no freezing or issues. Great app with all the Nav aids you'll ever need! Runs GEO and MGRS grids, mapping of all types.
  • Incredible 5/5

    By HumanStew
    Multi-functional, extremely useful, and intuitive. This is the best compass tool I have seen on a smart phone and has incredible response. Very impressed.
  • Sr 5/5

    By Sr Knight
    Very nice! Used Commander to set up my weather station It was very useful
  • Great app 5/5

    By Olt man
    I use this app all the time. I walk miles at a time through the woods in the dark with this app and it gets me there every time with or without cell signal.
  • Great backup tool 4/5

    By MrNobodynnnnn
    Ideal for a backup navigation method.
  • GLP 5/5

    By Gilparrish
    The best directional and locational tool available
  • Really useful app 5/5

    By BillK12321
    We used commander compass on a recent photo trip to locate photo sites recommended by other persons who provided GPS coordinates. Great results accurate to several meters. The direction arrow and distance display were very useful. Questions about app behavior were promptly answered - great tech support. A very well thought out application. Whenever they have another special sale price, we will upgrade and get more of Pavel Ahafonau's applications.
  • Please Fix 2/5

    By WolfSif
    This is an app that shows great promise and is very useful, I enjoy the design as well. However it does not seem to be/remain accurate when I ping waypoints! It will show (when I ping my current location) as being, for example, 34 feet away. If it is a defect in the app, I would like it fixed, If there is a way to calibrate it I would like to be informed.
  • Great app for locating yourself 5/5

    By Steel_Rabbit
    Tons of information and fairly easy to use once you spend some time with it. Bit of a learning curve as there are so many options but worth it. Large drain on battery and can have trouble on slower connections. Would be great to have presets for car, hiking, running, and such to simplify setup for new comers. Definitely worth learning.
  • Great App to calibrate my iPad 5/5

    By Alok Bhargava
    As Apple doesn't add any Compass application, I was wondering how to calibrate my iPad. I downloaded this app and was using it and suddenly noticed calibration dial. Rotated the dial to get it calibrated. I don't think it will show calibration dial if your iPad doesn't need calibration.
  • App has problems now 3/5

    By Bw101ohone
    App won't stay open with OS9
  • Crashes 2/5

    By jcherepy
    Good looking app, but keeps crashing on my 6Plus running iOS 9.
  • Boy Scout in your phone 5/5

    By drinkKavaKava
    Very decent free no nag app. Only negative I seen is that it's function and navigation all rests on how you configure the compass when you first open app, so be careful to be standing on solid ground and rotate it with care and as precise as you can, the more mechanical you are in that stage which lasts maybe 20-30 seconds, the more accurate app performs... Other gripe is that you have to do every time you open app
  • Highly Recommended 5/5

    By BD1216
    This is a great app. Very accurate on everything and very easy to use.
  • Amazingly useful and accurate 5/5

    By Ipso Laurie Fatso Non
    This is one of those free lunches your father told you don't exist. Outstanding free app. Not crippled, non-intrusive promotion of developer's paid apps. Beautiful design. What more could you want? Makes your iPhone into a full featured stand-alone GPS receiver. Love it!
  • Planning coordinator 5/5

    By Little know nothing
    This is a great Application. I use it on a daily basis because of how easy it is to use and share locations with others. I would love to see integration of the apple watch. That would be amazing. Still a five star rating without the apple watch capability.
  • Best of the best. 5/5

    By DGoodrow
    This compass is seriously accurate and nice looking. Way better than any of the other compasses i've used. Accurate as can be.
  • Beautiful to look at and easy to use 5/5

    By Runner315
    This is the best of the bunch, and it's free! Pavel has done a great job with this app. I am a 20-year Marine and wish I had had this app with me on many a walk.
  • Simple and works without wi fi 5/5

    By Bikini ya
    Great little ap, professional looking,accurate,and gives altimeter. You don't have to be on line for it to work!
  • Great hiking tool 5/5

    By Bob Donahue
    Great hiking tool to help you in transversing the mountains.
  • Best App for Free.. Period! 5/5

    By Wudzman
  • New update has Compass Problem 3/5

    By Tony C, PE
    I have really enjoyed the features of the previous versions, but the latest version has broken the compass. Please fix it soon!
  • Um... What? 1/5

    By Pixelsplitter
    They seriously need to have a tutorial or something. It seems nice, but I COULDNT FIND OUT HOW TO GET ANYTHING TO WORK! Don't download this app if you're like me and get confused by things like this.

Commander Compass Go app comments


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