Complete Anatomy for iPhone

Complete Anatomy for iPhone

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  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Complete Anatomy for iPhone App

The world’s most advanced 3D anatomy atlas platform is now available for the iPhone in exquisite detail. This streamlined version of Complete Anatomy allows for on-the-go exploration of our spectacular 3D model. *Free* Experience the Skeletal system and 7 layers of Connective Tissue in full 3D! Select any structure to learn all about it. Get familiar with our smooth user interface - quickly Isolate a Body Region for instant focus. Register to access our cloud-based features and even more great tools. *Full Version Upgrade* With a single in-app purchase, you’ll get access to over 7,100 structures, 12 complete body systems and a rich Library of reference content created by subject matter experts. As a companion app to Complete Anatomy 2018 +Courses, you’ll also have full access to all your Groups and their full library of Courses, Screens, Recordings and Quizzes. Please note: Users can only view content made in Complete Anatomy 2018 +Courses for iPad, Mac or other platforms. Complete Anatomy for iPhone does not support direct content creation. Ready to experience the future of anatomical learning? A Full Version Upgrade brings anatomy to life in real 3D through your iPhone! AR functionality will augment the full model, or any selected structure, onto a surface instantly. Complete Anatomy for iPhone with Upgrade packs all the best functionality of Complete Anatomy 2018 + Courses into one highly mobile anatomy revision tool: * Explore full body systems. Turn on and off individual layers of each system to clearly see each individual structure in every system in the body. * Control each structure individually. Hide, fade, or isolate with just a tap; get detailed information for each structure, including an in-depth description and a breadcrumb trail to easily capture related structures. * Access additional details specific to each system. See exact points of Origin and Insertion throughout the model, or parts and surfaces overlaid directly onto the bone. * See entire muscles in motion. Visualize muscle movements for a deeper understanding of how multiple systems of the body work together. * Experience any setup of the model in Augmented Reality for a clear idea of the size and relational scale of organs in the body. (iPhone 6S or later, running iOS 11) * Immerse yourself in Courses (in-app purchase) created by top anatomical experts from leading universities, at your leisure. Transform your Medical Learning on-the-go with Complete Anatomy for iPhone!


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Complete Anatomy for iPhone app reviews

  • The Best Anatomy App Ever! 5/5

    By UnequalDarkness
    Best Anatomy App Ever! Highly Recommended and Really Worth to Buy ! 💎👌
  • Buyer beware 1/5

    By Complete-scam
    You must buy the app over and over again if you want to use it on multiple devices. I bought the iOS version and after using it fine on my iPad and phone for months, one day it tells me I need to pay more money to continue using it on my iPhone. The app is decent, but this company is not worth engaging with. They are predatory and will bait-and-switch You the first chance they get.
  • Looks great, but where are the details? 3/5

    By H20Fecm3
    Its looks great! Although, where is the rest of the endocrine system? And missing organs and details on the rest of the systems...? (Am I missing something here?) For the price, it could definitely get more detailed. Its a great looking app, but I was a little disappointed. Please add details and more details. Thanks!
  • Take my money! 5/5

    By TrentVano
    I’m a Physical Therapist and I use their Essential Anatomy 5 app almost daily in the clinic for patient education. This is a huge upgrade from what I can tell so far, with more detailed models, the ability to see labeled various landmarks on the bones, the ability to see hilighted muscle attachment sites, and many more educational features that I have yet to explore. Their essential anatomy 5 app was probably my most valued app on the iPhone , and this one looks to be an even better version of that,better utilizing the amazing processing power our phones have. So far it looks fantastic.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By kateypants83
    The best app I have found to look at 3D structures of the human body. After you figure out how to navigate moving the body on the screen, it is amazing. I bought the $10 upgrade because the trial showed me how much it could do. Genuinely helping me pass my A&P class and I will continue using it in the future for reference.
  • Greeeeaaaat 5/5

    By Roshenshan1295
    This app is so immersive
  • Love it 5/5

    By Danny1817
    I love this app, I use this app to learn more about the human body and I reference to it when I get confused with something. I would love a full female body eventually though.
  • Great support 5/5

    By Aunk123
    Great program but the last update screwed up my screen on my 10.5” iPad. I Emailed support they got back to me quickly made recommendations i use the recommendations they worked everything is fine. The app is not cheap but they do support it. I am very satisfied.
  • Not working in IPod Touch 6th generation 1/5

    By Virupaksham kasinath
    Hi Team, Can anyone from developer group justify as this app is not working in my IPod Touch 6th generation! I could see you mentioned this device on Supported devices list
  • So helpful 5/5

    By Conlord
    This app has been so helpful to me in my anatomy and kinesiology class. Definitely been a great supplemental tool for my learning. The tools work well and I think it’s very worth the cost
  • Can't buy the full version 3/5

    By Amirk1
    I like the app and I want to buy the full version but it keeps saying "Connecting to store" What should I do?
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By Racetam
    I wanted to get this app but when I tried to purchase it $14.99 it would only allow me to “try it free” now free trial is over and price is $19.99. I would have paid more but I don’t like being manipulated so either competing app gets my business or I just don’t get an app. Might be worth the money but not worth being lied to
  • Excellent patient education tool! 4/5

    By SPT Rock
    I use this with my Physical Therapy patients frequently. Please consider adding Peripheral Nerve fields. Thank you for this great product.
  • Have the iPad app? Need to pay to upgrade on iPhone, too! 1/5

    By premed no longer
    I love this app - I’m a medical student, and this app lets me learn anatomy, quiz myself, see what my instructor has posted, etc without needing to go into lab. That said.... I am BEYOND disappointed that, having paid well over $25 for the fully upgraded version on iPad (which, btw, still doesn’t mean I have access to the anatomy courses..... those STILL require extra purchase), I apparently can not log into my account and use the EXACT SAME APP on my iPhone without giving another $15. I’m sorry, but that is just ridiculous - and I have never seen any other company or learning platform doing the same with their products cross iPad/iPhone. So for the potential buyer who doesn’t appreciate getting robbed — I recommend getting Essential Anatomy. 👍
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Exercise & Sport Science PhD
    I am a massive fan. It is easy, simple and has relatively few bugs. As soon as you can move the limbs, and see everything in both sexes, it would be perfect.
  • Needs additional options 3/5

    By Silentknight31
    The app really needs options to select the sensitivity for manipulating the model and the menu needs to open to search rather than the library page which takes an annoying amount of time to display information.
  • No female option 2/5

    By livaloha
    This app is incredible but there’s one major thing missing. You cannot view the entire female body. Very unfortunate that this app has failed this badly.
  • AR mode could be better... 3/5

    I was a little disappointed in AR mode in this app. I've seen other apps that let you lay the body on a table as if you were performing a dissection. This app does not do this. Also, you can't isolate or hide body features while in AR mode. To do this you need to exit and reenter AR mode which is inconvenient. You also can't animate the body in AR mode. (I've seen this on other apps) Finally it would be nice if there were a quiz mode with various structures pinned while in AR mode. This would simulate an anatomy lab. (The current quiz mode is pretty limited and only asked me a few questions when I did the upper limb. There is certainly more that could be added here.) This is a very expensive app. Forgive me if I expected a little more out of its highlight feature...
  • Possible addition 4/5

    By Blare47479448447
    Would it be possible to add the latin terms to the parts and surfaces of the muscles, bones, nerves, etc.?
  • Wonderful app! 4/5

    By OzPiRat
    Please put the library in an anatomical head to toe manner. Have used this new app during surgeries making the learning process more in-depth and concise.
  • The new standard 5/5

    By xander212
    It has completely transformed the dimensions in which one can study anatomy when models aren’t within reach.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By otstudent18
    After a little research I chose to purchase this app. For whatever reason I can’t access what I bought because it’s telling me to restore. Why restore? I paid for it. I tried to restore and it’s not working. Disappointed.
  • Pretty good but how do I lower the rotation sensitivity? 5/5

    By Mr cheezl 420
    This app is like EA5 on steroids. It actually shows you individual landmarks on bones. Only problem is the body rotates too fast. Its hard to get it oriented to the perfect angle for viewing. How can I reduce the rotation sensitivity?
  • Pretty goot but one major flaw! 3/5

    By Daniels55555
    I love Essent. Anatomy 5 and I immediately bought Complete Anatomy as soon as I got notice of it. So far it is way better than EA5 but there is one thing that annoys me pretty much. When you tap on a structure it automatically centers that scructure. So that means it zooms out for most of the bigger structures. That makes working/learnin with the app extremely frustrating because if you tap on the wrong structure it zooms out and then you have to zoom in again. That‘s especially annoying if you just want to klick onto different structures to see what they are named. So please remove that automatic zoom or at least add an option in settings to turn that feature off! Make it like in EA5 where you could press on a structure and the camera didn‘t move! You will get 5* if you make that change!
  • Nope 1/5

    By Faafafine
    Difficult to use and NOT free. Must purchase full version to fully use apps features
  • Great app 5/5

    By حبيب الكل
    Top of Anatomy apps👍🏽
  • Needs work 3/5

    By fuirious
    I like the texture and overall behavior better than the competition. The app is also faster. Having said that there are room for several improvements: *The AR view doesn’t allow to add or remove any layers, you need to exit AR mode, add them and then enter AR, find a tedious. *When using “Surfaces”, the app switch to isolate mode, which lose any context of location of the surface against other bone(s). *The “reset” button in the main screen often disappears. *The “auto” zoom when selecting a part is never consistent. Sometimes the part is displayed near the center of the screen, sometimes against the border, sometimes is complete sometimes a part of it is draw off the screen. *It really needs a “Multiple selection” button
  • Female pelvis 1/5

    By Jalalkhan740
    I downloaded this app for anatomy of female pelvis, guess what this app does not have it, u wasted my time my net everything.this is the worst app, if u dont have complete human body dont publish a rubbish app like this. 😖😖😖😖😖
  • Outstanding Anatomy App 5/5

    By Chubnick
    The musculoskeletal detail is outstanding. You can learn exactly how your hand functions by this apps layering of both cartilage and muscle tissues. It is fascinating to see. This is the best app I’ve ever used. Can’t believe I purchased for $9.99!!
  • Great app for me but ... 5/5

    By Great game but !!!!!
    I’ve been used the essential anatomy 8 on iphone and ipad for tow years and i upgraded to the complete anatomy for ipad when it released , its a great app for me as a dental student but and it’s great idea to get it on iphone ...... but when I downloaded the app on iPhone and restore my purchase (the full version) it works well but when I close the app and open it again i have to restore the purchase again and every time i close and open the app , so when I’m offline i can’t use it anymore 💔💔. I hope that you will fix this issue to make it perfect app 👌. Sincerely Osama
  • Re-purchase? Seriously? 1/5

    By Jbpenrod
    I purchased this on the iPad. Now you require me to purchase it again on my iPhone? Purchases should ALWAYS work across devices. This is a pretty low blow.
  • Great app 5/5

    By aws q h
    It is a very very good app I have ever seen, I hope there is a cut feature for iPhone, and thanks for discount.
  • The app now on the go 5/5

    By Roccitymed
    Great to see Complete Anatomy available on my iPhone now have the iPad and Mac versions now can study and review from my phone
  • 💀 5/5

    By R.S1999
    The app is designed really well, I’ve purchased it on my iPad and MacBook Pro so I expected to get it for free on another iOS platform or with a better discount(75%)
  • WASTING TIME ! 1/5

    By Alirezaw26
    Not comparable with the same apps!!!!!
  • mr dr 5/5

    By Bibisi
    best of the best
  • Why 1/5

    By Aidan Houllahan
    Why is it that I can’t use a single purchase across all my iOS devices? Why do I have to pay more just to have it on my iPhone, even though I have the same (if not better) app on my iPad? That’s just ridiculous.
  • Great viewer 5/5

    By Linnlinnn
    I have the desktop version, and this is great for viewing all my screens, quizzes, and favorites on my phone in class. I love having it with my in my pocket too. Totally worth it for quick reference. It took me a minute to learn the new look, but it’s an awesome interface and easy to use.

Complete Anatomy for iPhone app comments


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