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Concepts is a flexible space to think, plan and create. Sketch plans and whiteboard on the infinite canvas, write notes, doodles and mindmaps, draw storyboards, product sketches and design plans, then share with friends, clients and other apps. Concepts’ vector nature means every stroke is editable. Pens, pencils, watercolor… if you mess up, just fix it with the Nudge, Slice and Select tools. Concepts is used by amazing people at Disney, Playstation, Philips, HP, Apple, Google, Unity and Illumination Entertainment to take ideas from concept to reality. Join us! Concepts has: • an infinite canvas sketchbook / whiteboard with many paper types and grids • dozens of realistic pens, pencils and brushes that flow with pressure, tilt and velocity, plus create your own for comfortable and flexible drawing • a tool wheel or bar you can personalize with your favorite brushes and presets • customize your gallery, canvas, tools, gestures, everything • the beautiful COPIC color wheel • editable vector-based sketching - move, organize, edit by tool, color, size, scale, smoothing, opacity; transform or nudge lines to shape them anytime • drag+drop images + PDF files right onto the canvas • unlimited layers with adjustable opacity • create, store and share vector object libraries synced across devices • shape guides, scale and measurement tools that calculate real-world dimensions - useful for architects, contractors and makers • define exports with a custom movable artboard, and export images, vector SVG + PDFs to scale for printing, portfolios, team + client feedback and efficient flow between apps (including Procreate, Sketchbook, AutoCAD and Adobe) • share directly to email, text, Files, cloud, photos, your favorite social apps and present with AirPlay "I use Concepts more than any other tool. I absolutely love it. The natural, fluid, vector-based workflow is so easy to use, but incredibly powerful. The technology never gets in the way of creativity. The fast and clean user experience makes it a joy to use.” - Yarrow Cheney, film director "The Concepts app has not changed what I do, just transformed how I do it. It offers me the power, flexibility and adaptability of technology with all the sensitivity and immediacy of traditional hand drawing. In short, it is an app that I now cannot imagine being without, and the only time I’ve experienced something that betters pen and paper.” - Ewen Miller, Calderpeel Architects “I use it just for everything. Drawing, making notes, brainstorming, PDF markup, wireframing, design — EVERYTHING. And it delivers.” - natanaeldekross Sketch FREE. Enjoy awesome tools, COPIC colors, five layers, our infinite canvas, paper + grid types, and JPG exports. Optimized for use with the Apple Pencil. Pay-As-You-Go. Become powerful with Essentials and edit your strokes; unlock infinite layers, shape guides, measurement, basic shapes and custom brushes. Export PNG, PSD, SVG, DXF and CPT native file formats. Object packs, professional brushes and PDF sold separately. Subscribe to Concepts Everything and sketch freely with every feature, brush + object library we’ll ever make. Enjoy Team Sharing for smooth collaboration, including live-sharing of object libraries, color palettes and brushes. If you opt to subscribe monthly or yearly, payment will charge to your iTunes Account at time of purchase. Your plan will renew automatically at the price shown above within 24 hours of billing period end unless turned off beforehand. You can cancel or make changes at any time in your iTunes Account settings. Unused portions of any free trial period are forfeit if you make changes to your subscription. We’re dedicated to quality and update often. Your experience matters to us. Chat with us in-app via Ask Us Anything, email us at [email protected], or find us anywhere with @ConceptsApp. COPIC is the trademark of Too Corporation. Many thanks to Lasse Pekkala and Osama Elfar for cover art!

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  • The app that changed my creative workflow 5/5

    By kree2T333
    While I dont do any finished work in concepts it is still probably the most important app in my creative workflow. The vector tools as well as the infinite canvas allow me a creative freedom when exploring my ideas that is unmatched in any other application I’ve ever used, on mobile or on desktop. Things may not work the way you expect but they work is the best way possible for maximum flexibility. I think that is the word that best describes this app. Flexibility. Concepts allows for creative flexibility like no other.
  • A designer’s must! 5/5

    By kev_paris_88
    THE app any industrial designer needs on their iPad! I only wish the brush finish would be .svg exportable rather than exporting as a single weight line.
  • Amazing Application 5/5

    By Marcus Auraelius
    Every aspect of Concepts is tailored to be the finest experience in drawing, designing, and (most often in my case) taking detailed notes. This program was one of the major pull factors for buying an iPad, for the purpose of the improved functionality on iPad, and to make use of the touchscreen and various other features. I am far from being disappointed with my purchase. I have used Concepts on my PC for a while, and it is still excellent (Even though some people complain about functionality porting over to Windows systems, I have no complaints here.) but the iPad really brings out the program’s best features and makes note-taking and designing an absolute breeze, from the gestures double tapping a pen (Which is customizable in Concepts, of course!) to switching tools effortlessly, to the color wheel, it is all around a good purchase. Having bought the Essentials package on both Windows and Apple systems, I consider both worthy purchases even though purchases do not transfer cross-platform. My favorite aspect so far has been making use of the Apple Pencil, used specifically for drawing tools while your fingers can be used to select objects and move them, with no additional tool selection in-between. The transition is incredibly smooth and it may not seem like much at first but it is very helpful in the long run. I am very impressed with this software. Full marks Concepts!
  • Scam 1/5

    By tumblleweed
    I bought a year long subscription last week…. And the second chance I get to use the app it says editing is a paid feature and won’t let me edit.
  • Best idea app 5/5

    By Dcan0n
    This is the only app for me that has nearly replaced pen and paper. Easy to diagram new ideas and organize them. Fantastic app, I gladly pay for the optional yearly subscription, just because I feel that the developers deserve the support!
  • This is literally the most perfect sketching & note taking app I have ever tried in my life 5/5

    By LD-LD-LD
    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s clean, intuitive, fluid. It is incredibly simple but with the power to be exactly as complex I need it to be. I would die for this app tbh
  • Great app! Just one little “bug” 5/5

    By OliveAce
    This app greatly exceeded my expectations. I mainly used procreations for all of my art, but ran into problems when I was trying to make maps, floor plans, notes, etc. for my game designs and story boarding. Procreate is DEFINITELY more for just illustration. This app is a perfect mix of procreate and photoshop, and is really easy to use! They weren’t kidding when they said that everything is customizable. But, it’s not an “overwhelming” customizable. It’s all settings that you know you will actually use, rather than a million settings that you have no idea what they do! Especially if you’re a beginner to digital design. It has a lot of it’s own cool little features that make a HUGE difference. I seriously thought it was the coolest thing! Like the nudge tool only nudges that “piece” or “line” you drew vs the entire board. Or the quick blend on the color palette. Right now, I am using this app for designing floor plans, which takes a lot of notes! The infinite canvas is such a huge plus, especially with the infinite layers. It takes away the stress of worrying about limits. The only thing I ran into that I didn’t like (and I’m literally just nitpicking at this point), is the screen not being able to more easily tell the difference between your palm and your finger. I have really tiny hands, so this might be a contributing factor lol, but it would be nice to see a tiny improvement like that. Again, just nitpicking, and most drawing apps have this problem as well. But, it’s just sometimes annoying when I go to draw, and my wrist pulls up the color picker! 😂 Otherwise, a very amazing app. Definitely unexpected and deserves a lot more recognition. They also give you the option to permanently buy specific features, rather than being stuck with a monthly subscription. I think the monthly subscription is worth it, but I thought it was cool that you can even customize your purchases! The developers obviously care about the artists a lot, which is awesome! Thank you, developers!❤️
  • AWSOME 5/5

    By PlannerUser
    I just started to use this app to sketch my ideas. I have been using pencil and paper, but this app has given me a means to do so much more with my sketching that was not available with pencil and paper. I highly recommend this program. Now with the ability to use my Windows PC makes this a great program for me. Updated I really love this program after using it for a week now on both the iOS and the windows 10 version.
  • Pressure sensitivity failure 2/5

    By ydjfjrne
    This app isn’t reading my Adonit pens pressure sensitivity when Adonit app does and so does procreate five stars if this error if fixed
  • Great tool for rendering 5/5

    By Greencoverob
    Use app to overlay images of projects onto photos of client locations. Helps sales because customers have trouble with scale from blueprints.
  • Great but with some bugs 4/5

    By Antatia
    I love the app and bought the essential pack. I use it primarily for note taking. Though I have two gripes with the app so far: — it took me a while to figure out how to paste what I copied. It’d be nice if that were included in the menus that appear when you copy something. — When I try to move something/edit it, sometimes pieces of it will appear where it once was or things I had erased will come back. It makes it rather annoying to work around.
  • Palm detection not working well in recent version 1/5

    By lolscakes
    Since the last update, palm detection always fails. This means every other stroke with the Apple Pencil does not register, completely disrupting any productivity with this app. Please fix! 😔
  • Great program 5/5

    By indyflow
    Great easy to use will adapt easy. More good to come, but a lot already there.
  • Overall good but doesn´t scale 3/5

    By superstrongarms
    I really like this software. I use it to write notes, diagrams, sketch out ideas and just doodle. Once your “sketch” reaches a “decent” size, say maybe 5-8 pages of material, then the software starts to slow down a lot. Loading the file takes multiple seconds, rendering takes multiple seconds, and once the whole document appears to be rendered and ready then it is just sluggish. Pannig is sluggish, writing text starts to lag a tiny bit. This is very unfortunate since you should be able to pan up/down and sideways as much as you want, but the software becomes unbearable once you have 5-8 pages worth of dense text embeddedon the file. Please optimize your software so that it is able to load files quickly and render quickly and just can scale in general.
  • Concepts app falls short for architecture 1/5

    By stevencirile
    Ok I wanted to love this app. But for my purposes -specifically architectural work it falls short. 1.) Import of a pdf sheet-doesn’t import locked and size can distort easily. 2.) Setting scale-very weird and unusable for architecture. Morphlio Trace does this as it should-pdf imports- hit set scale-set ‘markers’ type in feet and inches- Done. Try it in Trace and tell me you can’t do that in this app. Please change that ASAP. 3.) Ruler-again Trace kills it with ruler-this app not so much. 4.) Tonal Patterns- see App called Sketches-implementation of more architectural type hatch patterns built in is required! 5.) I do like the auto layers-nice feature-and the pen set is ok, BUT, 6.) Pens/Pencils/Markers etc…see app called sketches- the way they implemented this is a left hand pull out menu-‘quick select’ with an image of drawing implement type—and settings right there-much faster and more intuitive you need to work on that. Trace also has better implementation of pen type and selection than this app. 7.) The built in objects-this is a sketching app-they look to perfect they need to be more Hand Drawn style or a way to select between the two-perfect and hand drawn. We want speed -not to Trace over each little bed-person etc to make it look sketched. Needs to import PDFs-be able to stack them-change opacity And Keep them to scale! And aligned-easily! So we can export final composite pdf and plot to scale on a 24 x 36 or whatever sheet size. One more thing-your App DOES NOT EXPORT TO AOL. tried sending an email to myself from app export-all my other apps work, this one doesn’t. Should be an easy fix no?
  • flawed concept gets in the way 2/5

    By Doodaddy
    This is an interesting idea but executed as if the developers never use it themselves. To wit: * setting a measured shape and trying to draw a rectangle displays the dimension of the shape’s perimeter (!!), not its length and width * there is no way to pan or move the canvas when you have a shape selected; even if you have your “finger action” set to “pan,” your finger will actually resize and move the shape if you have one selected * the borderless tool system means that half the time I accidentally draw a line when I’m trying to pick a color or change a layer That’s a start. Generally — just a pretty awkward drawing program that gets in your way more than out of it.
  • maybe some erasing features are needled 3/5

    By ommlhihhuyg
    I am using this app for note-taking while studying, so every time I try to delete single mistake, it takes so long to erase it with featured eraser. So I want something like erasing features in goodnotes or notability and so on. With single touch, I want to delete whole single stroke!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By iamtheonecalledj
    I love concepts. I use it to take math notes. Things I love: - Deep zoom - Copy and paste, rotating selected stuff - Vector drawings make it easy to do math - Great tools for manipulating drawn things Things I would love: - The ability to have solid black backgrounds just as solid white backgrounds are possible - Better performance for very very very large drawings. I prefer to use a single big drawing - More seamless text - it’s currently not-so-seamless - Easier transition between drawings. The default Notes app makes it really seamless to jump between notes. In concepts, it feels a bit slower
  • Don’t think its supported…. 1/5

    By JimmyRob1000
    They have tutorials that they put out on their own site that are significantly outdated. The fact that all of these great reviews come from over two years ago makes me think I’ve been ripped off as they are playing on their high rating while moving on to something else and just letting the cash roll in.
  • Another “free” app 2/5

    By GafferMan
    Beware in-app purchases and monthly subscription fees. Long gone are the days of just paying once for a program.
  • Confusing Subscription model 3/5

    By XiMiX
    I just don't understand why the “one time fee” only gets you an essentials pack and then on top of it you have to buy individual packs or credits to pick and choose your packs. Even then the only option you have to get everything is a monthly subscription which is a growing trend that I just can not stand. That is far more than just a “one time fee”. I want to love this app but that subscription model is a real deal breaker for me.
  • Very well done 5/5

    By pbunt911
    Best sketch noting app available. Enough tools and functionality to get the job done well while not being overly complicated. Love the shapes guides, but a shapes tool would be handy.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Rocking Soundtrack Guy
    Took getting used to commands but really great. Easy once learn. Tutorial helps as does FAQ.
  • Great, but paywalling essential features. 3/5

    By briancomics
    This app is incredible. The brushes are powerful, the smoothing is responsive, and the interface is intuitive. I make concept art, and this app has everything I need. Unfortunately, they have paywalled an essential feature. The selection tool is the primary function of a drawing app. It can erase, move, rotate, and scale entire drawings or individual strokes. It's why digital drawing so much easier than paper and pen. The Concepts app charges 15 dollars for it. All I want is to move my doodles away from each other, and I have to pay 15 dollars?! They can keep their brush packs, custom brushes, custom grids, custom shapes, export options, premade shapes, and shape guides, but the most vital function is 15 dollars?! I emailed them about it, and they responded that they didn't have a large corporation backing them up, and the profits go directly to the developers to continue development and keep the lights on. That's pretty reasonable, but there are so many other things they could charge for and so many things I would give up for a free selection tool. They can take their basic grids, their five free layers, and their nudge tool. Please give us the selection tool for free. Having a free selection tool would fix so many problems I've had with the app. There are countless times where I drew something I liked, only to realize it was too close to another drawing and having to delete it. There are so many times I drew something I didn't like and spent the next five minutes manually erasing it. There are so many times where I messed up on a single stroke too far back to undo. So, that's my review of Concepts. It provides a great drawing experience whether you're doodling or working, but the paywall takes away a lot from it. I do understand that developers need to make money, though.
  • Great program 5/5

    By LEAN.TO
    I love taking a break from my computer to create solid, digital, graphic documents with a digital pen using Concepts on my IPad. This stock review written above is in fact the realest. I totally dig this program. As an architect, I have to make convincing graphical drawings; site plans elevations, diagrams, redlined sets. This program serves my needs in this regard very nicely. I only wish that my drawing surface was 12X18 (half size)!
  • Inspiring & Amazing Tool 5/5

    By yeyebbcnicknamecantbetaken
    Looking forward to iCloud synchronisation for documents. It helped me through a lot of projects with collecting different ideas as inspirations. While being a good sketching tool itself.
  • No Fill Bucket Tool? 4/5

    By AlfonsoReyes
    I’m wondering why there isn’t a bucket tool in this app. Throughout my digital art journey, every art program I have used has this tool, such as: Photoshop, Fire Alpaca, Gimp, MediBang, Ibis Paint, and even Microsoft Paint. These apps are either free or paid, but what they all have in common is the basic set of tools: pen, pencil, eraser, and bucket. How come Concepts does not have the bucket tool? I have explored this app for two weeks now, and still I have not found a tool that is simple and practical to fill in colors, so I end up having to fill it in manually by a large brush. I do understand that Concepts has a tool where you draw out a line and it fills in the shape as you draw, however I find this to be really inconvenient and too much effort compared to the bucket tool’s one tap and it’s already filled. However, I am not disregarding the usefulness of this line-fill tool. With enough practice, it can be used for drawing out silhouettes more efficiently, but here is the question: Why cant this app, Concepts, have BOTH the bucket tool and the line-fill tool?
  • Republicanpublisher 5/5

    By Publishshittt
    Is a nice app
  • Great work guys 5/5

    By Jacob Garbarz
    Keep up the solid development
  • Joy. 5/5

    By UniversalReviewer
    Concepts is an absolute joy to work with. Too many good points to lists but the best is they raining. The manual is easy to find, is multimedia, or it can be downloaded to PDF. Easy to find training manual! Are you listening, Shaper3D, UMake & Rhino For Mac? Full marks, Concept Team! Bravo and thank you!
  • Wow Mom what a gift. Thank you. 5/5

    By Bubble Buster Jr.
    Just beginning to get into the visual aspect of sound.
  • Powerful features, unbearable usability 3/5

    By Scott Hobbs
    Concepts is one of the more power drawing apps, but it is just horrible to use. I really want to use the product, but it is not worth the wrestle it takes to do simple things.
  • Color wheel 4/5

    By Pandapartypc
    Can you guys please please just add a regular color wheel that allows you to select any color without having to personally input the hex code or RGB numbers? Like every other free art app has this. It’s really inconvenient to color when you have to either fiddle around with the palettes or go all the way into the custom color tool, then add the hex color on top of that, etc etc. The technology is clearly there to use any hex color available, so why not just add a color wheel? It would make the app so much more convenient to use. Please.
  • Excellent!! 5/5

    By mlbdc
    I cannot believe how easy this is to use! I have tried to learn procreate for so long (even took a paid course!), and Concepts took me a few minutes of setup and use. Love the vectors, love the customization options. Clean, easy, and feature-packed. Price is exceedingly reasonable!
  • Love it 5/5

    By a superuser
    This is my go to app for sketching and taking certain notes.
  • Love it for quick sketches, notes, diagrams and mindmaps 5/5

    By BrassyJack
    It's a one-stop tool for me for notes,plans and brainstorming
  • Functionality, but it’s hidden 4/5

    By jordan_Nickname
    If you want to do something and can’t find it, try a hold press. Has definitely made me a better architect at work!
  • It’s amazing. 5/5

    By Elucidesign
    I’ve used Photoshop since version 3, illustrator since about the same, Procreate, CAD of all kinds, but Concepts. app is my favorite app on the iPad.It doesn’t try to do more than it should, and does what it can do, very well. As a veteran furniture and product designer I do all my sketching, and colored illustrations in Concepts, I trace over Shapr3D solids, annotate site conditions, and make Scale shop drawings, approval elevations... etc. the use-cases are long... anywhere there’s drawing! In June I’ll be using it for seriously awesome note-taking in a UCLA .Interior Architecture degree. If you know how to draw, and prefer vectors, this is the one to use. Read the Manual / Blog .Do it.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Hate Game Now
    Not User Friendly
  • The App I’ve Been Looking For 5/5

    By visum3
    This app is why the iPad and Apple Pencil exist. I have been looking for an app that lets me get ideas out of my head in a free-form way since I got my first iPad, and I’ve finally found that app. The only missing feature, in my book, is text search on handwriting, like the native Notes app does, but even without that, this is the most useful app I’ve ever had.
  • Don’t detect my hand often 3/5

    This is very nice app. I use it to summarize class notes. It reads me to understand a whole picture of each class. However, it dose not detect my hand often recently. I can use my Apple Pencil, though. It is real stressful.
  • Perfect for what I need 5/5

    By pt/rh/ru/os/pd/au/ag
    Hands down ..., it’s a thumbs up!:)
  • GOAT 5/5

    By trillyb.
    Best app ever
  • I keep getting signed off of my pro subscription 2/5

    By Beastiff
    Whenever I sign in I am not sure whether or not I'll be in the pro version or not. Perhaps it is my fault that something keeps signing me out, but nevertheless it is irritating that my device is not remembered and all the features that I have come to love are not available to me regularly. Otherwise, when I can use it, this app is very elegant and intuitive and I prefer it over most all other drawing apps!
  • This could be everything 3/5

    By Bluexlavaxlamp
    I use this app slightly different than most - I subscribed to the premium membership and use it to take notes. As a radiology resident I rely on pictures as well as text with information. This app is amazing to easily annotate images in layers - I can separate out my annotations from the image, and it does it AMAZINGLY, is able to store your “objects’ for reuse” and an infinite canvas and infinite layers. So why the 3 stars? Ugh. This was so close to getting my full support and backing forever. It can so easily traverse into the notetaking domain — there is NO TEXT SUPPORT! You can take one or two lines of text, but absolutely zero ability to type notes. This is a huge bummer. Guess I’ll keep on looking for an app that means by dream expectations of combining text and images :/
  • Extremely Versitile 5/5

    By KrazyApplez
    This app checks 90% of the boxes that I was looking for. After trying almost everything else for my architecture firm, I settled on this app. For what it does, it knocks it out of the park. For what it is lacking, it provides so much more elsewhere.
  • Difficult vectors, no typography 3/5

    By JWilkinson431
    A lot to like about the app, but only drawing in vector makes all those lovely brushes imprecise and annoying. Also, no good solutions for typeface work which it seems like it would be great for. Still worth getting and buying a few items (subscription doesn’t seem worth it)
  • Plan twice, build once 5/5

    By Fred Sawyer
    Concepts is so multifaceted that it may challenge the initial user. I start every project from landscaping to network design with Concepts - revising and editing ideas before building. An added benefit, a documented schematic (as-built) upon completion. Video tutorials and extensive help are invaluable. Top-Hatch developer support is top-notch. Personal note, wanted selectable fonts (Concepts has only one font). Adding fonts (and emojis) to the keyboard provides all the fonts one could want.
  • Great app a little intimidating 4/5

    By The REAL Moose
    Can draw/conceptualize anything. It’s quite feature rich so it can be a little intimidating but little they have quite a few YouTube video tutorials.

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