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Connect IQ™ Store

  • Category: Utilities
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  • Current Version: 1.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Garmin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Connect IQ™ Store App

Connect IQ lets you easily browse content to personalize your Garmin device. Add weather, games, compatible music services, new workout metrics, and choose from thousands of watch faces, or even create your own. Your device with your content — all in one place.

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  • Not Working 1/5

    By JCnomedejoserCTOdesustartup
    Connect IQ is not letting me download’s all showing up as an error, please fix it
  • Not working 1/5

    By SuperLEET
    Before I had this app was working properly but after the update today December 9, 2019 it won’t work anymore and I can not even log in even their website. Garmin watch is becoming useless, make as well not recommended anyone buying this Garmin watch since this app wont work.
  • Just messes everything up. 1/5

    By Beige boy
    Yeah you can get some cool apps and watch faces, but you will never consistently re-sync with Garmin connect again.
  • Ugh 2/5

    By Caroline/my BFF Alssya
    An app should not be this much work. The whole point is to make activities, tracking and adding functions much easier. Not at all with this app. Have had to delete, restart, reconnect and still cannot get Strava synced in my Garmin. Think I’ll send it back for a Fitbit which is a no brained. Sorry Garmin you have not made this easier, just one big headache.
  • Connection issues 1/5

    By beav311
    Won’t even connect with my edge anymore
  • Seldom works 1/5

    By Onsomehill
    Seldom works... buy an Apple Watch or Suunto and save yourself.
  • Great (when it works) 3/5

    By Itinerantlisa
    More often than not, this app doesn’t connect with my watch, so I have to delete then re-install. I do like configuring my widgets and faces through this more than the other Connect app, but neither seem to be fast or easy these days.
  • Useless unfriendly app 1/5

    By alpo 55
    When I bought my watch, it interfaces by itself with the watch. Now after Apple updates and lack of performance from Garmin, I cannot modify our add anything to my watch. Makes me want to buy an Apple Watch and get rid of this aggravating non functioning app.
  • Umm, ok 1/5

    By wtfnicname
    When I open the app, and after I check all the legal information and click next, all I get is an error message. The support link in the App Store is useless, so I guess since I can’t contact support, or get the app to do anything, I’ll have to leave a one star review. To bad. Because garmin devices are awesome. But if they are going to start making their devices rely on a service that is provided by them, and that service(s) doesn’t work, than awesome hardware is meaningless.
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By StevenL...
    Just bought the new Febix 6 pro and downloaded this app to start customizing. One thing off the bat is I'm unable to uninstall Deezer, the defaulted music app. Keeps giving me an error. And then the watch faces that I did download wouldn't even show on my watch, it just kept showing a Q with exclamation point. Lots of bugs to work out but the app is at least intuitive
  • Let us login to our Garmin account 1/5

    By microbewizard
    I have a forerunner 235 with an apple iphone, I can’t link my garmin connect with the store any way other than from a PC via signing into my account. Easy fix. Love Garmin, but your apps are subpar and could be easily improved.
  • Error occurred 1/5

    By nazim usman
    I have been using garmin for about a year and never had any issues but since the last update of ios13 i have had may issues with my device like syncing and connect iq store. Garmin is still unable to fix the issues with connect iq store issues
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Dep1579
    Downloaded this app and it removed all my watch faces and data fields. Tried to reload them and no success. Very disappointed.
  • Tried to download two watch faces. Got "error occurred". 1/5

    By The Real Angry D
    Thats it. Uninstalled and will not use again. I expect better from a company like Garmin.
  • Crashes watch 1/5

    By Lau_fa
    I am extremely disillusioned with garmin apps and with its latest forerunner 45 A DISASTER !!
  • What is going on, Garmin?! 1/5

    By tcmarine936
    I have had multiple models of the Garmin Fenix watch and loved everyone until September 2019. The watches continue to work great but the apps are so terrible that using the devices has become so painfully frustrating that I’m considering returning the device. Garmin Connect is trash, continually loses contact with the device throughout the day, and won’t fully download daily activities. Have tried all suggested fixes on the Garmin support site without luck. Please get your act together soon, Garmin.
  • Crashes watch 2/5

    By 22geno22
    Absolutely a problem. Had my watch for over a year. Started using this after an update about month ago. My watch would crash constantly. Downloaded watch faces would show up as an exclamation point on watch in selection screed and would revert back to default. My referee watch app would lock up and not work right. Had warrant so sent me a new watch. Uninstalled apps and restarted from scratch. Not a week later, same crap on different watch. Have started over again and only using garmin connect app and keeping what I had on before without IQ app and turned off auto update. I’ll handle manually. So far no issues. IQ was working fine before the last one or two updates but I didn’t use much.
  • can’t uninstall watch face 1/5

    By abs_of_steel_23
    i’ve tried to reset my watch 4 different times back to factory settings but no matter what i do the watch face i installed won’t go away. if i try to uninstall the watch face it says “error occurred”. 10/10 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!! now i’m stuck with the same watch face on my garmin! i would rate this app with zero stars if i could
  • Never connects. 1/5

    By Seance765
    Tried everything to get my Edge 830 to connect so I can install new data fields and widgets, but no luck. So frustrating.
  • CRAP 1/5

    By Kik1958
    Not what I would expect from Garmin. Hit or miss. One day it works. Next day have to use another app or connect on laptop. Certainly not my go to app anymore!
  • Is working great for me 5/5

    By Roy848373838
    I don’t like the idea of redundant apps. Connect (the main Garmin app) *can* install watch faces, but it is honestly a lot smoother to install them and customize them via this Connect IQ app. Sorry to hear that other users are having issues.
  • Garbage software 1/5

    By Capt_Dan79AB
    I don’t understand what the point of this is supposed to be, and I really don’t understand how something so janky, user-unfriendly, irrelevant, and frankly amateurish was released. I received a Vivoactive 3 Music for my birthday a few days ago. I have been holding off on any kind of smart watch or device for a long time because they all seemed to be essentially a novelty, and required the phone to do anything anyway. ALL I WANTED - a simple device that would track runs, play music, and monitor heart rate without needing to take my phone with me. But those functions - if they exist at all, and right now I’m beginning to think I’ve confused myself and no such device exists, somehow - are all gated behind a piece of digital trash. I am about ready to return my smart watch and keep waiting for something better to appear, and this terrible, terrible, app is a big part of why I would do that.
  • Full of bugs 1/5

    By Mbosaz
    It doesn’t sync with Iphone, download button doesnt show... Garmin you need to improve your firmware and rebug your app.
  • Just Terrible 1/5

    By mobius5150
    Massive struggle to get Spotify on my watch. I finally get it and download my music and then this app decides to install deezer (whatever the heck that is) and remove Spotify along with gigabytes if downloaded music. Now I can’t get Spotify installed again. $800 watch marred by horrible apps.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By mbaldwin33
    It’s a nice concept but the execution is horrendous. It simply doesn’t work. It has worked in the past, but it’s not reliable.
  • Pretty bad 1/5

    By tigger130
    As much money as you put out for one of these watches, you’d think Garmin would put some effort into their app. NOPE!
  • Garmin you can do better! 1/5

    By bikekite
    Not sure what it is but garmin’s app system is crap. I have two edges and seriously thinking about switching. All of my teammates already have! Can’t get this app IQ app to connect to my device despite being able to connect with the connect app.
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By Sc-79
    After spending $900.00 for a fenix 6x sapphire watch on oct 10, 2019 I’m getting ready to return the watch for a complete lack of software support. Garmin, you are losing customers in droves because your software isn’t compatible with the hardware.
  • Crappy app-y 1/5

    By Nickname Em
    Worked okay at first, but is slowly getting worse. Watch faces that I have installed randomly disappear.
  • Error occurred 1/5

    By 0x8BADF00D
    When I open the app I just get an “Error occurred” message. Apparently it’s a problem with this app on iOS 13. I will update my review when this is fixed.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By RealMusicLover8675309
    The app shows a lot of attractive watch faces, but each attempt to download one results in rhe message “Error Occurred” with no explanation. Useless.
  • You need to do better 2/5

    By sheriff0850
    Garmin needs to put some effort into their apps.We spend a lot of money on our devices and this is what we get?
  • Stopped working on my iPhone a few days ago. 1/5

    By Salzalicious
    For some reason Connect IQ stopped working on my iPhone XR a few days ago.
  • Update Face It!!! 3/5

    By nicknameistaken6
    Can we get an update to the “Face It” to allow more custom options?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Brian Purkiss
    I can’t even open up the app because it gets stuck on failing to load the license agreement. They took a functioning store from within Garmin Connect and put it into its own app for no reason - and they broke it while doing so.
  • Utter garbage 1/5

    By Celestialn
    Why did they remove app installation from Garmin Connect? That (mostly) worked. Now I can't install new watch faces at all, because Connect IQ doesn't recognize my watch as being connected, even though Connect does! What a garbage app!
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Calmman
    On iOS 13.1 it can’t load EULA and hence is completely useless - you just can’t start using it. What kind of QA does Garmin have???
  • Crap 1/5

    Crashed my watch now it won’t even resync Or recognize my device
  • Garmin IQ terrible 1/5

    By enjoy07
    This is a disappointing turn for Garmin. They completely redesign their connection processes without warning or notice. It took me three days to sort through message boards to connect my watches and update their apps. Some apps are still not working properly - developers are way behind.
  • Can’t get past the EULA screen 2/5

    By clive-the-bixby
    Trying to get started with the app but the status circle just spins and spins as it tries to load the EULA, which you have to click through to use the app.
  • Not working 5/5

    By ChristHrdz
    Doesn't pass the EULA Agreement page
  • Latest update improves connectivity; Nice 4/5

    By Cruising
    Recently got a Garmin Edge 830 and Garmin Connect could connect easily, but IQ (this app) would connect and sync only partial times. Always showed the Device not Connected. With this update, it appears to connect all the time. Makes updating settings and downloading updates a breeze. Thanks.
  • Avoid downloading this crap 1/5

    By Stecon50
    After installing this trash it corrupted my watchface, set the watchface to default and has been a pain thereafter. I was finally able to get the watchface reinstalled but in trying to change settings I receive network errors, unable to save.
  • Doesnt connect 1/5

    By ahm el
    What the heck !!!
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! Will crash your watch! 1/5

    By Swordsman73
    This version of the app is not an upgrade. It will crash your watch and you’ll be forced to do a master reset of the watch. Terrible hassle and a waste of time.
  • Settings for watch face aren’t retained 1/5

    By UK Wildcat 70
    After making numerous changes to watch face settings, those changes do not transfer to the watch face. Only have original settings and no personalization can be done. Very frustrating
  • Trash 1/5

    By dialsoap
    Trash trash trash
  • Can’t pass the EULA screen 1/5

    By qwrtnf87
    Can’t pass the EULA Screen
  • Horrendous 1/5

    By disconnectIQ
    To say this app is garbage is an injustice to garbage. Ever since accidentally downloading this while trying to get to connect IQ through the regular connect app, my watch has been nothing but frustrating. My watch faces and data fields malfunction non stop. Every fix recommends doing something with connectIQ app but the app won’t recognize my watch. The regular connect does, but not IQ. I’ve reset the watch, unpaired/paired, etc. and still nothing works. It’s taken a device I would recommend to 100% of people and made it an expensive wrist weight.

Connect IQ™ Store app comments

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