Connexx Smart Direct

Connexx Smart Direct

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  • Current Version: 2.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Sivantos Pte. Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Connexx Smart Direct App

The Connexx Smart Direct App gives you effortless hearing tailored to your individual lifestyle. It does more than enable direct streaming, it also sends information to your hearing aids for the best possible hearing while you are on the move, ensuring your relaxation and safety whatever comes your way. The Connexx Smart Direct App enables the patient to personalize a Rexton Hearing Aids with the following functions if configured by a hearing care professional: Volume control Program change Microphone-pattern adjustment Sound Balance Sound Exposure Voice Activity Remote Microphone Battery Status Hearing Aid System Sounds Compatible Hearing Aids: Rexton Emerald, Stellar & Mosaic 8C series Kirkland Signature 8 Kirkland Signature 8.0T Adore MB/PB PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE MANUAL OF THE HEARING AIDS BEFORE USING THIS APP. Sivantos GmbH, Henri-Dunant-Strasse 100, 91058 Erlangen, Germany

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Connexx Smart Direct app reviews

  • Great app 5/5

    By retired531
    Love the app. It allows me to customize my hearing aids to any situation.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By speedo222
    My h’aids are great. The app drops constantly and wants me to sign in and out and start over. It is completely unreliable and for me is GARBAGE!
  • Enjoying The Control 4/5

    By Seams Happy
    I am enjoying having more control over my hearing aids. The only feature missing is the ability to turn them off when not using. I’m concerned about wear and tear on the battery doors.
  • Good features but need to be more accessible 2/5

    By studio 206
    Font contrast is insufficient and hard to read. Menu feature granularity is nice but requires too many clicks to change scenes (like from group conversation to television ). once configured, these should just be tiles on the home screen for easy access. Sliders for changing volume and also small and hard to use.
  • Excellent quality and service! 5/5

    By Uncle Ter
    The 8.0 Kirkland hearing devices are likely the best value and quality we can have! Costco has provided an outstanding product that will help all people with hearing deficiencies at a reasonable price. The Smart Direct App is nicely married to the instruments and smartphones. Ease of use is very nice and pleasing to the user.
  • Needs a good User Manuel 2/5

    By HLK7-7-19
    I have used Costco hearing aids & apps for about 5 years. Recently Lost a hearing aid and replaced hearing aids and app based on Costco audiologist’s recommendation. This evaluation evaluates performance of both since their performance is interdependent. This app is less intuitive and less user friendly than the predecessor Costco app. I feel like I need a good user manual for this app explaining its functions and how they interrelate, which I do not have and do not know if it exists. It may be that I need further training and I am presently and uninformed user — who also happens to have a lot of technology experience.
  • Review 1/5

    By Dolphie 007
    The battery indicator is usually wrong. The volume hardly changes unless you put it on the loudest or lowest. The directional function hardly makes a difference. Most other functions make only a little difference. I find this app useless.
  • Nice...but needs some TLC 3/5

    By grizz22
    Took the plunge and got my first hearing aids...amazing the weird stuff you get for your 50th birthday! 😑 Anyhow, the app has several cool features that make hearing aids feel more “cool”. Love the direct connection to the phone so you can hear ringtone and calls right in your ears. Love that you can use your phone as a remote mic. Love that you can adjust sounds and settings from your phone. Why 3 stars? Well, the app is very inconsistent. Love it one minute and hate it the next. Needs some TLC, fixes, holes filled. One minute it just goes into acoustic mode? Or maybe Demo mode? Or something else. Shut down the app and restart, the world is back to normal. Sometimes you just drop one or both ears in the middle of a call...and you aren’t moving...just sitting there. Again, good app, I’m using it with the Costco brand heating devices too. For the money, good set up. Please fix the issues and it will be a great app! 👍🏻
  • Ap review 1/5

    By Don Antonoi
    The app is weak and confusing. Minimal difference between various hearing situations. Battery test is confusing.
  • No music mode 2/5

    By Thezjfhdub
    The earlier version had a mode where the sound was not reproduced at lower octaves. Without this mode my guitar sounds strange. I miss this
  • App needs to be fixed 2/5

    By TrentKoko
    I love the hearing aids but app is a problem. I have read the reviews and am having many of the same issues! Come on Costco...please get this fixed!
  • Finder 5/5

    By Alfonse Jose
    I like everything about my hearing aids. I would likely to have a FIND IT feature. I lost one temporarily, but found it shortly on the floor intact.
  • Poor 1/5

    By Andriod missing
    Constantly “Forgetting This Device “ to sync. Had to go Apple just for direct streaming but they need to fix a lot of connectivity problems. ☹️
  • Not really impressed 2/5

    By river-raft
    After having these hearing aids for 3 months, changing the setting while in a crowded place I didn’t notice any difference, really thought I’d be use to the hearing aids by now, just can’t find that perfect setting and Costco hearing aids centers are always busy, schedule an appointment is always 3-4 weeks out.
  • Ok, but annoying 2/5

    By Jcdvegan
    Costco Rexton 8 hearing aids. Love the ability to Bluetooth my iPhone and iPad to my hearing aids. Problem is, the only solution that I have found to switch between using my hearing aids with iPhone or iPad, is as follows. IF I am using my iPad and listening via my hearing aids, to be able to then use my hearing aids with my iphone (such as left home and now sitting in a waiting area) I have to go into the iPad settings and “forget” my hearing aids or open and close each hearing aid so that the iPhone can find it again. This is a royal PIA. AND, the app only stays in portrait mode - never switches to landscape on my iPad - another PIA. Another minor issue is that when the hearing aids switch to acoustic mode, it is impossible to find out why. The app needs *rework*.
  • No user manual, user interface leads you into a blind alley 1/5

    By pcsantamonica
    App gives you absolutely no idea what each feature or adjustment means or does ! I have no problem understanding if only they say what they are and how they are supposed to work. FYI: I have a PhD in EE signal processing and computer science. The user interface is so bad, often you are left with no where to navigate further, often Not even back navigation. App also puts you in Demo Mode per Costco hearing tech, whatever it means, no rhyme or reason. No documentation. Absolutely absurd.
  • Sound Exposure Data 4/5

    By WaltL
    I’m very happy with the 8.0 Aids and the app. The sound exposure data does not automatically record. I have to open the app to that page and then it records data the rest of the day. If I forget to open the app to that page it will go all day without recording data to the chart.

    By Reaperlynx
    Your app constantly locks up when I want to let people hear videos and go to turn on airplane mode. The app just keeps trying to load. Also, I keep getting a notice that one of the hearing aids (right side) has lost Bluetooth connection. I keep selecting “reconnect” with no success!!!
  • One hang up 3/5

    By iRESQu
    My rating would be higher except for one annoying hang up: regardless of app settings, the hearing aids sometimes “answer” when my iPhone rings, sometimes not.
  • Still learning 2/5

    By jjfromthebeach
    I’ve got good results with controls on my Ipad but the app refuses to check battery strength on my Iphone. I have no intention to drag an Ipad when out and about
  • Great features, but app disappointing 1/5

    By Macgould
    The features that you can hear the TV & IPhone directly into the hearing device is truly awesome. The disappointment is in the app that operates the phone. It frequently drops the connection between the TV & phone. Repeatedly, the icon disappears that allows you to connect or disconnect from the TV. This lost most of the functions daily. You folks sent me a step by step list on how to reprogram the app. That lasted about three days. So, right back into can’t connect to right hearing aid, missing icon, etc, etc. I’ve only had these 8C hearing aids two months but have worn hearing aids for thirty years. The features offered are a real step forward. So if you can get your app working reliably I won’t have go back to old technology. Ed Gould
  • App Needs Work. 3/5

    By Joskiz
    There are a few problems that need remedies, many I which have been mentioned in other folk’s reviews. One aid or the other cutting out...not being able to go from iPhone to iPad w/o a lot of hassle...not being able to control the gearing in just one aid or the other. Please fix these problems. I love my aids, but the app? Not so much.
  • Glad to have it. Wish it worked better. 2/5

    By rhtangen
    I like its capabilities. But disappointed with its reliability/repeatability. Switches modes...user control vs demo....on its own....i learn it’s happened when the volume instantly rises. Battery power indicator is close to reads full until they are almost dead (slight exaggeration). But i like the ability to switch hearing focus from straight ahead to 360 degrees around. The hearing quality change is less than I’d like....but that’s on the hearing aids...not the app. I’ve held nothing back being critical. I am still happy to have the app.
  • Terrible APP! 2/5

    By Oldsailor52
    Unreliable application makes the hearing aids not as good as they are. The APP needs serious updates so that Bluetooth connections are not lost. He television part of the app drops out all the time.
  • Apple Watch 4/5

    By lwhjrli
    Need to make this app available on Apple Watch.
  • Not worth the time 1/5

    By DennyCL
    Frequently loses connection with hearing devices. Inaccurately reports battery charge, showing 80+% until batteries hit 10%, at which point device goes into shutdown.
  • Battery meter 4/5

    By ikmi59
    The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star is because the battery meter starts out really slow then what looks like one more day is like 4 hours
  • Cannot Save Default Parameters 2/5

    By Naut2
    Cannot set default values for basic things such as volume. I don’t want to go to my audiologist just to change the volume default value.
  • Boy this app barely works 2/5

    By Last Ziggy
    I bought expensive hearing aides from a Costco along with the tv box for linking Bluetooth. Very strange, it seems that if I watch tv during the daytime the sound streams in clear, usually after a couple attempts to connect. During the evening I have tried connecting with my iPad then disengaging the Bluetooth since it won’t connect and then tried my Apple Xr phone and that doesn’t work either. Back to Costco next week to see if they can figure it out.
  • App enhances excellent hearing aids 5/5

    By leeholliday
    I really appreciate how the app allows me to easily adjust my hearing aids for different environments. I use it regularly.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By bike3409
    Always having to re-down program from App Store. Not very dependable.
  • Frustrated 2/5

    By HRresident
    The app is not that user friendly. There are not enough choices. I’m unable to see why volume is suddenly very soft and why I can only hear in one aid. Not enough info at my fingertips.
  • Costco hearing Aidsp 3/5

    By Tarzzen
    I love them but unfortunately my left one Doesn't work. Only have them for a month. Batteries only last exactly one week,, they are programmed to last not one day longer🙄😳.
  • Great Idea, but.... 3/5

    By SRevK
    It’s a great idea, just doesn’t quite work. It’s slow and cantankerous, so adjustments are bothersome. I have an iPhone X, and silencing the phone ringer still allows the phone to ring in my hearing aids, and I don’t get the notification tones for texts and email. I disable the Bluetooth in the app so I can use the phone. It interferes with my Audi MMI as well.
  • Software has issues with IPhone . 2/5

    By Dave Lansing
    I have a brand new iPhone XR.The software program for the Kirkland signature series hearing aids has some serious issues. I keep losing the Bluetooth for no reason and then I have to reset and pair my hearing aids to my phone. Also, I repeatedly get updates on the software that tell me my hearing aids have been updated and that I need to reconnect the hearing aids to the iPhone.Often I will get a message on this app that one of my hearing aids has lost Bluetooth, and this is true because one of my hearing aids will go totally blank with no sound.It’s nice that the software offers six different programs in the app, however, there is not that much significant change between the programs as far as clarity and sound go.I’ve had this app and my hearing aids for two months and I have four more months to go until my trial period is up and I am not sure that I’m going to keep these hearing aids mostly because of this app.
  • 360 is great 5/5

    By Lsquared86
    It's great being able to direct the mics where I want on the app.
  • Demo mode. 1/5

    By huhicanthear
    Two to three times a week the app goes into demo mode. I want a way to delete this feature.
  • No Apple Watch Support 3/5

    By Magie99
    Very disappointed that there is no Apple Watch App/Support.
  • Better battery scale 5/5

    By teamman42
    A little better battery scale would be good. Otherwise excellent app.
  • Great Complete to Kirkland Aids 5/5

    By ThinksDeeply
    The app is easy to use with straightforward controls. Switching between various profiles is simple. Battery life indicators are valuable and seem accurate. I like being able to adjust controls without having to fiddle with the hearing aids themselves. Phone calls are a snap.
  • Good app but bad battery graph 4/5

    By highspeed guy
    The app is very handy. Ex: raising or lowering the volume is. A snap. However, the battery info is useless,
  • No programs with iPhone X—automatic only??? 1/5

    By Cielkay
    I wish I’d known that before I bought a compatible hearing aid. I selected it because of the available programs, only to find that I can’t access them. Very disappointed.
  • Not user friendly at all! 2/5

    By Kymberley D
    While the videos are super helpful or whatever, it would be nice to figure out where to find things a little easier. Like a list of what each beep and tone is, instead of just guessing.
  • Fantastic!!! 2/5

    By SpeedyGonzalesTheFirst
    I read frank’s review and all I can say is ditto. These things have opened up a whole new world that I’ve not heard since childhood if ever. Thank you COSTCO!!! You are a game changer.
  • Sadly in need of an update 2/5

    By JoelieJoelie
    Theoretically hightech hearing aids combined with a low-tech app. The amount of control you have over sound is terrible. The battery information is not in percent and frequently inaccurate. Switching between pre-installed programs offer is a little difference… I’ve read many reviews and baking the developers to update this app obviously ignoring all requested changes.
  • Aweful 1/5

    By RaevenH
    Loses connection everyday which forces me to delete and reinstall the app each and every time
  • Explain “Bluetooth” vs acoustic 3/5

    By bullfrog234
    Need thorough manual to download
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Dorian Hawkmoon
    Battery levels don’t seem to update regularly. Switches to demo mode on its own it seems.
  • App is Over Complicated, Confusing, Poorly Organized 1/5

    By jch1939
    Update 3: Sound balance control has no effect on music played thru Transmitter 2.4 - BUG. The last time this app has been updated to fix bugs is 7 months ago! Update 2: Its worse than I thought: Every change the user makes on any program (e.g., volume, tone, etc.) is permanently deleted when any different program is selected. We don't need or want another HA controller - our HAs already have handy controls. We do want to be able to make durable alterations: e.g., We may want the streamer volume a bit lower and the noise rejection a bit stronger for a few days - but this is impossible with SD. We would have to pester our Audis to make these simple changes. Update 1: The sound directional control is very effective for improving word comprehension in noise but can only be assigned to the "Automatic" HA Program. It MUST also be available as a durable default for any other program or "listening situation". E.g., Cafe mode, watching TV with clatter from the rear, noisy groups, all need benefits of beam control. The App has spread similar controls over too many pages. The most obvious are huge sliders to control sound volume for different modes, which requires frequent page swapping. They could easily all be displayed and operated on a single page. Ditto frequency balance and Audio Beam Direction. They all look ridiculous filling an entire page. The App can't handle horizontal page orientation. Annoying. Bugs: 1. Jumps into Acoustic mode if user walks out of bluetooth range but sometimes is unable to reestablish connection. No manual control to reconnect. 2. Not clear which modes are affected by freq-balance control on Settings page. 3. Control points are scattered in different locations all over App's pages, rather than centralized. More confusion. 4. App does not allow user to do trivial changes such as beep style. E.g., Use Drop Down controls to display choices 5. When I set my KS8 Auto Program to narrow front view, then move through other programs and return to Auto, it changes KS8 view state back to 360 degree without notification. Audio Beam Direction must be permanent until changed by user. The hearing world does need another HA controller. Better to dump SD and start over to assist HA users ability to improve word regonition in noise (beam control) and make simple but durable changes such as their HA's sound volume and tone. -JCH

Connexx Smart Direct app comments

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