Connexx Smart Direct

Connexx Smart Direct

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  • Current Version: 2.4.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Sivantos Pte. Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Connexx Smart Direct App

The Connexx Smart Direct App gives you effortless hearing tailored to your individual lifestyle. It does more than enable direct streaming, it also sends information to your hearing aids for the best possible hearing while you are on the move, ensuring your relaxation and safety whatever comes your way. The Connexx Smart Direct App enables the patient to personalize a Rexton Hearing Aids with the following functions if configured by a hearing care professional: Volume control Program change Microphone-pattern adjustment Sound Balance Sound Exposure Voice Activity Remote Microphone Battery Status Hearing Aid System Sounds Compatible Hearing Aids: Rexton Emerald, Stellar & Mosaic 8C series Kirkland Signature 8 Kirkland Signature 8.0T Adore MB/PB PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE MANUAL OF THE HEARING AIDS BEFORE USING THIS APP. Sivantos GmbH, Henri-Dunant-Strasse 100, 91058 Erlangen, Germany

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Connexx Smart Direct app reviews

  • Buggy 2/5

    By Carson Jay
    I’ve used this app and then deleted it several times. It works for a while then returns to demo mode. It also generates clicks and tones for no apparent reason. It would be nice if Costco found a different software supplier to match up with the excellent hearing aids they sell.
  • Struggling with app 3/5

    By Sweengolly
    Hearing aids from Costco. Worked fine but today discovered left one had a weird sound setting while in the app. No idea what changed. I was there because Bluetooth stopped working but not sure why. Will try re-paring them again with Bluetooth. I actually like the idea for the iPad but not the phone. When it rings the volume needs readjusting as it waaaay too loud. Kinda funky app.
  • TV mode 2/5

    By disgusted was already taken
    Can you provide a convenient mute button for tv?
  • Lacking adjustments 2/5

    By Kenn1113
    Unable to adjust background noise so I can pickup voice transmission. Also when the directional microphone is set you must increase the volume to hear what is being projected.
  • So far pretty good 4/5

    By Samson1954
    I have been using the app for several months now, and have found it works perfectly most of the time with my Apple phone/aids. I seem to have difficulty keeping the signal to the aids sometimes. I have to shutdown my phone, restart, then everything works as intended. I also chose to purchase the tv receiver to listen to the tv with my aids. Thus far everything works ok. Occasionally I have to shut down my phone and restart to get everything connected, but overall ok. I have also had to reconnect my aids to the Bluetooth system to get it all to work. Annoying, but doable. Listening to streaming via Sirius satellite radio is great. I am very impressed with the sound quality. Overall a 4 star rating, because of the reconnecting issues I have had to deal with.
  • Hearing aids from Costco 2/5

    By Danali Dan
    The aids have been ok up till now. I’ve had them about a year. Take care of them as directed. I have enjoyed listening to Pandora until I began hearing one or the other device go dead for several minutes. Thought it might be a battery going bad but in changing it found this was not the case. Very disturbing to say the least and uncomfortable to wear just one. The app ‘trouble shoot’ was no help.
  • Only allows full sound on automatic 1/5

    By Dandy blackjack
    The problem with this is that you only get the microphone adjustment pattern in the Automatic setting. Plus all settings default to the automatic loud setting overriding both the microphone level and the volume setting. Why bother with the app when your settings are just going to get overwritten.
  • Smart Direct 2/5

    By Aaaaaaaarg
    Quits working and has to be deleted and reinstalled. “Listening Situations” do almost nothing.
  • Drops often 2/5

    By PM-Constr
    Works fine when it does. Drops settings often and I have to reset mode. Tried getting my Costco Hearing rep to set it to “group” as default but he could not get it close. So now I am x10 times a day resetting from default to group hearing mode.
  • App not keeping up with upgraded 2/5

    By rebnorm
    Had receiver replaced in left ear and it constantly wants to not connect says re-pair in settings. If i close every page it then goes to demo mode
  • Problem 1/5

    By rtrumpet
    I have to re pair my hearing aids frequently. Blu tooth and usually one hearing aid disconnects. Problem possibly with my hearing aids but still a pain. Having to turn off my phone , wait, and then restart phone in order to get paired up. When connected all of the features are great
  • The Smart Direct App 3/5

    By Hrallison
    I like the app a lot. I grumble at times because the Bluetooth connection with my Rexton Adore Li hearing aids breaks down. Fix that issue and I would give it five stars.
  • Blocks Bluetooth 2/5

    By eghhe c u gf
    The app blocks the Bluetooth for other items. Example can’t Bluetooth speakers to the phone. Can’t airdrop Telephone conversation or iTunes music is directly to your ears, but a person has to shut off the Bluetooth if you want to have another person hear it. I would like it better, if my phone rings in my ears. No —-no ring in my ears
  • It works OK 3/5

    By Johnny Keyboard
    This app does work good. However it does drop off once in a while on iPhone 8. It keeps some functions and loses others . It’s OK
  • No control to separately control volume on each device 2/5

    By ejrr4
    Until app update I could control volume on each hearing aid individually. Now there is only one volume control and raises or lowers volume on both devices to the same level. I need more volume in my right ear than my left. Please bring back the separate volume controls on the app.
  • This app doesn't connect to my connex tv streaming devise 13 1/5

    By RGC3831
    I updated my phone to iPhone 11 promax and now it displays a hearing symbol and will not connect to my connex streaming device
  • Drops blue tooth connection 2/5

    By ioasp
    Should be better at staying connected to blue tooth. Microphone adjustment only works in auto setting. It should be more flexible and usable when using other listening environments like TV setting , restaurant setting. I would like to cancel the peripheral noice when it occurs in these other environments.
  • Buggy 3/5

    By Mr. Attorney
    The app is a little buggy. Sometimes it doesn’t work.
  • Or good, but could use more options 2/5

    By xggrdhiyfh
    Works, sometimes. Not very stable. Need to rest often.
  • App is inconsistent and unreliable 1/5

    By retiredsinger
    The Kirkland hearing aides now work well enough after repair and replacement. The app however is unreliable. It often needs to be reconnected when I need to change programs or volume. The interface with the tv streamer is problematic. It is hard to balance the sound and it is often out of sync with speaker sound and tv video. The problems are persistent enough that I often don’t use the app or streamer.
  • Dropping WiFi when listening to music 2/5

    By pc4245
    Disconnects from WiFi when listening to music on YouTube
  • Ok 3/5

    By Tdwdwcar
    The app as well as the HAs are ok. They do what’s expected. It takes longer than desired for the app to open. Once open the navigation is. It always user intuitive. Having previously had the Signia 7X HAs and app (owned by the same parent company), I thought and was told that these would be comparable but they really aren’t. A little disappointed.
  • Phone rings in hearing aids even if phone is on silent 2/5

    By Florida at home
    If you like your phone on silent, so you can ignore junk phone calls or you just don’t want to be bothered, you’ll be unhappy with the program for these hearing aids. It makes the phone ring in your ears even if you’ve set your phone on silent. This is very annoying.
  • Adjustments 2/5

    By Mequon Mike
    The daily and twice daily resetting of the adjustments can be very annoying.
  • Zero quality 1/5

    By Zin De
    Ver poor quality app in general
  • Not really impressed 1/5

    By river-raft
    After having these hearing aids for 3 months, changing the setting while in a crowded place I didn’t notice any difference, really thought I’d be use to the hearing aids by now, just can’t find that perfect setting and Costco hearing aids centers are always busy, schedule an appointment is always 3-4 weeks out.
  • Mediocre 3/5

    By joseflickbro
    Control is spread between this app, ios settings and control panel. Should be consolidated. Needs more end user ability to customize including creating and saving listening profiles. Control panel needs a more thorough feedback test. I.e., are both ears installed correctly and what are sound levels. Decibels and decibles at different frequencies is needed. Apple watch needs app.
  • Needs further in-use testing and user-experience response refinement. 2/5

    By Hal from Searcy
    Early days, apparently, for this app. After much experimentation and trial-and-error efforts, my wife’s units are paired to her phone and iPad; mine paired to my phone, but not my iPad... Many attempts on both our parts have produced no improvement. Sigh....
  • Poolshark81 4/5

    By 81 Young
    So far quite good! Don’t understand the statistics!
  • Worst app EVER 1/5

    By Glasgow Boy2
    This app constantly drops the Bluetooth connection. Even when changing programs from say Automatic to TV. It only works when the batteries are brand new for 1 day. So there is an issue somwhere. Costco said to download the older version which is called Remote and it never drops out but instead of program names it’s numbers which you have to rename. I had issues with it too. Some days it would not allow volume changes. So for me I will never buy any hearing aids that use this app. it is not acceptable and Costco know it because of the number of complaints.
  • Poor design. Bad programming 2/5

    By JoelieJoelie
    The app drops connection constantly. Re-connecting to Bluetooth can be a real problem. Sometimes requiring you to turn the hearing aid off. The app doesn’t allow you to design your own program as many others do. Obviously the developer has no interest in improving it…
  • Hijacks Bluetooth 1/5

    By kisselfizz57
    Hijacks Bluetooth despite being in airplane mode. Only way to disconnect hearing aids so that I could listen to music on speaker was to delete app.
  • Not good 1/5

    By brooklyn lad
    Not sure what’s worse, the hearing aid or the app...$2,500 down the drain....I’d rather keep saying “what?”....
  • The app doesn’t stay connected. 1/5

    By Dropped Connection
    The app keeps dropping the Bluetooth connection. Did what their support tech suggested. Still didn’t help. The app that came with the phone never drops the connection. Must be bad code.
  • Bare bones, but does the job. Needs some improvement 3/5

    By HankReardon1
    The app seems reliable and works. I can stream to my hearing aids and take calls. It would be nice to be able to create my own custom program configurations, like some other apps have (ex. Work, car, etc.) Cat beat the price for the hearing aids and so far, so good. (Thanks Costco!)
  • AppIs so so 2/5

    By Vickie1302
    Remote microphone doesn’t work. Losing pairing mode frequently. Battery life goes from full to dead. No in betweeen readings
  • TV connection 2/5

    By TheMansionHouse
    Sometimes the TV icon is there on the Smart Connect home screen and another time it isn’t there. The only way I found to get it back is to delete the app and then reinstall a new version of the Smart Connect. Apps should not be this unstable.
  • Decent app 3/5

    By Gkonya
    Decent app. Not very intuitive at first but does the job. I really like being able to select different hearing cones to tailor to my environment. Biggest drawbacks are having to reset parameters every time I turn aids on and that there is no Apple Watch version of this app to support pairing to that device and controlling the aids from there vs the phone. Overall I am satisfied enough to use but it’s average at best for design and functionality.
  • Problems with iPhone 11 Bluetooth connections! 1/5

    By Dan18lucky
    When will the Bluetooth connection problems be fixed with this app on the iPhone11??? NO PROBLEMS with this app on my iPhone 7 or 8...!!!! I have 2 iPhone 11s - both have the same intermittent Bluetooth connection problems....!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!
  • Needs lots of improvement 2/5

    By ThomasG17
    Really deficient in many ways. Bluetooth has never worked.
  • Maybe or maybe not 2/5

    By srcamera
    They work fine 65% of the time.
  • Bluetooth conflict with car 3/5

    By M Rosss
    Big problem for me is that if I turn my hearing aides on while in the car, the cars Bluetooth switches to the hearing aides. No way to shut that off
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By eataxguy
    Very easy to set up and get used to. So much more functional and easier to use than the traditional handheld device. The direction control off the aids is GREAT/—yeh difference between holding a conversation in a noisy environment (restaurant, large gatherings, etc) or not being able to understand the person/people in front and nearby. Steering the microphone to directly in front of me darn near eliminates to noise behind and to the sides. Of course that showed the quality of my Rexton aids but being able to control the directionality is FABULOUS. So much better than just switching to the “noisy environment” program.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Dad's dad
    The battery level could be more accurate And I would have given this much higher score if it had and Apple Watch version.
  • Opinions 2/5

    By ElanaZ
    First problem is the app takes forever to load. It also loses the connection for now reason and I have to turn my hearing aids off and back on to reconnect. Also when audio is interrupted by an alert etc it takes to long for the audio to return.
  • Issues with Group setting 3/5

    By TRM Show fan
    I work in mental health and need to switch from automatic to group mode. I can’t have my phone with me, and it always defaults back to Automatic when I need it to stay in Group mode until I change the mode.
  • Not a good app 2/5

    By Jesse1942
    Settings don’t work properly. When adjusted don’t really change, for instance the high and low volume. When I adjusted to low it was still too loud and it went back to original settings? Not user friendly
  • Pat 3/5

    By patzz333
    The app information keeps changing and sometimes it keeps changing the listening mode!!
  • Hearing Aid App 3/5

    By jnrets
    The app needs improvement. The microphone will randomly stop working. The battery power indicator is never accurate.

Connexx Smart Direct app comments

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