Construction Master Pro Calc

Construction Master Pro Calc

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  • Current Version: 11.4.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Calculated Industries
  • Compatibility: Android
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Construction Master Pro Calc App

Save time and reduce costly errors on all your jobs with the award-winning and industry-leading Construction Master® Pro feet-inch-fraction builder's calculator! For over 30 years the Calculated Industries Construction Master handheld calculator has been the trusted go-to tool by top carpenters and framers all across North America and beyond. As an app for your phone or tablet it is ideal for busy Architects, Builders, Contractors, Designers, Engineers, Framers/Carpenters and Tradesmen of every specialty -- Anyone who works with dimensions who is interested in improving speed, accuracy and productivity. You’ll actually get two apps in one, since the Construction Master Pro for iPhone has all the functionality of the Construction Master Pro and the Construction Master Pro Trig -– and includes a full User’s Guide built in, as well as the ability to press and hold a key for specific help! Built with the same core engine that powers the industry-standard advanced construction-math handheld calculators from Calculated Industries. WHY IT'S A MUST-HAVE TOOL • Powerful built-in solutions make it ideal for completing layouts, plans, bids and estimates • Work in and convert between all building dimensional formats: feet-inch-fractions, inch fraction, yards, decimal feet (10ths, 100ths), decimal inches and metric (m, cm, mm) • Built-in right angle functions simplify square-ups, rafters, slopes and more • Full trigonometric function: sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arccosine and arctangent • And so much more. APP-ENHANCED FEATURES: • Entry Editing Backspace Key – with a swipe of a finger (left - to - right) • Context-sensitive Help -- just press and hold any function key for Help text, diagrams, videos • Ability to Save or Email calculations and outputs (e.g., cut-lists) to File or others on your crew BUILT-IN SOLUTIONS: Dimensional Math and Conversions • Feet-Inch-Fraction, Inch Fraction, Yards • Decimal Feet (10ths, 100ths), Decimal Inches • Preset Fractions (1/2" through 1/64") • D:M:S, Decimal Degree Entry and Conversions • Full Metric Function (m, cm, mm) Right Angle Solutions • Complete Right Angle/Rafter Calculations • Pitch Key (Slope and Grade) • Rise, Run, Diagonal/Common Rafters • Hip/Valley Key • Jack Rafters Key • Irregular Hip/Valley and Jacks • Rafter Cutting Angles (Plumb, Cheek and Level Cuts) • Stair Layout Key • Stair (Advanced – Riser Limit, Stairwell Opening, Headroom, Floor Thickness) • Diagonal Key • Expanded Rake-Wall • Arched Rake-Wall Area and Volume Solutions • Square and Cubic • Roof – Bundles, Squares, 4x8 Sheets, Pitch, Plan Area • Drywall, Siding and Paneling 4x8, 4x9 and 4x12 • Column/Cone Area and Volume • Basic Circular Calculations • Advanced Circular Calculations • Weight per Volume Conversions • Length, Width and Height Keys • Blocks, Footings Special Functions • Trigonometric Function Keys: Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Arcsine, Arccosine, Arctangent • Board Feet • Studs: Find number On-center • User-Definable Preferences • Cost per Unit (total costs based on unit price) • Equal-Sided Polygon • Compound Miters • Crown Angle • Advanced Paperless Tape for all functions • 4 Memories SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION: The first 7 days are free. Subscriptions offered will automatically renew at the end of the chosen period. Payment will be charged to your Apple account upon purchase confirmation. The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off or subscription is canceled in settings at least one day (24-hours) before the subscription period ends. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal in your Apple account Settings > Account (Apple ID) > Subscriptions. TRADEMARKS: Construction Master® is a registered trademark of Calculated Industries, Inc.

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Construction Master Pro Calc app reviews

  • Project MOMA 5/5

    By Tony C. 17
    Very helpful calculating angles and lengths while building all concrete forms for SUPERSTRUCTURE 5353 MOMA.
  • Subscription is garbage 1/5

    By hagfidisbsckagd
    I’ve always used this calculator and had the app on my Android devices and have loved them both. Now IOS version wants a $40 yearly subscription and that’s b.s. Android version still charges a $30 one time payment and you can put it on more than one device. Why is there such a disparity between the two? I certainly will not pander to this trash.
  • Nothing free here 1/5

    By mgoldshteyn
    Forces you to subscribe at exorbitant recurring monthly fees to your credit card!
  • Scam scam scam beware 1/5

    By Philipda
    It’s free like taxes. Avoid this product.
  • The bomb 5/5

    By krsfeb
    This app is awesome
  • Calculadora 5/5

    By elvagamundo
  • Great tool 5/5

    By Turkey Hollow
    Learn it love it
  • $50 a year???? 1/5

    What a crazy subscription cost for a calculator
  • Paid app posing as free 1/5

    By Jkrammer723
    You can only use this app as a “free trial” hoping you’ll forget to cancel. Just get a free one, there’s nothing this app brings to the table worth $50 a year.
  • Ridiculous Price 1/5

    By ljmontie2
    This could be a great app, but an annual subscription of $50 a year is outrageous for this calculator app. This should be a one time charge of $20 or $30.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ffghfdrf
    This is awesome!!If you work in construction, you’ll need this.This app is a time saver, and it is worth its weight in gold when it comes to construction.Please get this app and give it a try.
  • Best Calc App for scenic Shops. 5/5

    By PyroKing1242
    This app makes working in Scene shops so much easier.
  • Subscription is a no go 2/5

    By RDU Mason
    I have the app on my Android phone and wanted to have it on my iPhone. Sorry, but I can’t justify $50 per year, I’ll just keep carrying my android with me. I gave two stars because it’s still got the same great functionality as the physical version, but the subscription scheme is outrageous.
  • Subscription Fees 1/5

    By buildmountains
    Our company loves Construction Master however renting a calculator is the worst investment a contractor can make. You are better off buying one of their physical calculators. Will happily change the review to 5 stars once they change their subscription to one time purchase.
  • Don’t waste your time unless you want to pay for an over-priced subscription 1/5

    By ringo_newbie
    I had used the standalone calculator before and really liked it. When I saw the app I thought I would try it. Unfortunately, it would not let me run the app without choosing a subscription plan. Sure I could cancel in 7 days and not get charged - if I don’t forget. However, the price was so outrageous that I just deleted the app. 50 bucks for an annual SUBSCRIPTION is ridiculous! The calculator is good, so I might pay $30 or $40 to BUY the app, but I’m certainly going to pay forever for a subscription when you can buy the standalone calculator that will last for years for $50 or $60. Sorry I wasted my time.
  • Not free 1/5

    By Elsha85
    As soon as you enter the program it requested to pay for it. Can’t do anything else.
  • Price gouging to the max 1/5

    By guynotthatpal
    I bought the app for android and now I switched to iPhone to find out there’s a monthly fee on this side of the pond. I can’t imagine what justifies the monthly cost but will not pay that. Maybe when they go back I’ll get it again but not with this high price.
  • Make you pay per year to use it. 1/5

    By iandrew.griffin
    Not paying for a subscription. What a sham.
  • Better than my old one! 5/5

    By Skytroop93
    This is so much better than having to carry my construction master and my phones and all my tools!! One less thing!! Thanks.
  • Was a good deal with app purchase till update 3/5

    By Funken79
    Was a great tool with a simple one time fee till the last update . Now I get the pleasure of having to login in to apple each time I use it cause they decided to make it a subscription . Sorry I’d use my real construction master over that any day of the week . I would like this fixed but I’m sure it’s gonna take a long time . I’ll use it till they will not let me , but I regret not waiting 24 hours on any updates. I paid for this app along time ago already.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By brobeans93
    I purchased this app some 6 years ago. Now they switch to a monthly or yearly subscription?? I have used this calculator a lot from the time I bought it. I am really disappointed they made it this way. Just another way to get more money out of people. Don’t waste money on the subscription!! Just going to go buy the real calculator…
  • Always with me 5/5

    By DrewnBZN
    I use the construction master pro in the office and have enjoyed the app on my phone. The phone is always with me meaning I need to carry less in my bags.
  • B R W A R E 4/5

    By HC*SN
    Got actually an email from the developer and they helped me to get my purchased app (08/2011) going again with a simple fix by turning on the cellular data. ( i have the cellular data turned off on most of my apps only the necessary ones are on) So thanks for that - couple days earlier and it would have saved me 25 bucks on a new calculator app. Still i would suggest to the developer to reconsider this subscription thing because i would not pay 50$ a year to use an calculator app Best regards ============================== Do not upgrade to this last version if you bought this app years ago It will turn it into a subscription app So much for under the cover updates Found another “ build calc” with better features for 25$ U guys lost me after decades using this app
  • Donald R. Lodrigues, president of Lodco industries, Inc. 5/5

    By Donald687
    Real easy to use on fractions measurements.
  • Not a free app 1/5

    By KittyQ1247
    Not a free app
  • Subscription is a scam 1/5

    By Herr Jack
    I have the hand-held calculator and it’s awesome! Downloaded the app thinking it would be a simple purchase (and it used to be, I just didn’t act on it earlier), but now they’ve joined the subscription scam movement where you can’t just buy something and use it, you have to continue to pay them, basically renting the thing. It’s one thing to pay a subscription for an actual service but you shouldn’t have to pay for a subscription to use a product, you should be able to buy and not rent. My advice, buy the hand held one, it’s $75 on their web site, it’s great, don’t give in and pay way more to rent the thing on your phone.
  • Subscription 1/5

    By pozark85
    I’ll be looking for something I can buy, I’m not going to subscribe to use a calculator app.
  • Great construction tool 5/5

    By Frosty Hill Construction
    Very happy
  • Widget would make it Perfect! 4/5

    Comes in handy when needed on the job site. Would be perfect if a widget was available and you could swipe right to access the calculator. Pcalc has this functionality and makes it available when needed.
  • Deceptive: subscription fees are required! 1/5

    By 7432one!
    Immediately deleted due to subscription fees that were not mentioned anywhere in the description. The app may work for you but I cannot condone these underhanded bait & switch tactics. Cannot imagine paying $25 then finding additional “required” subscription fees that were not disclosed ahead of time. *Buyer beware*
  • Waste of money scam 1/5

    By ZachariahZebell
    I purchased this app years ago when I joined the trades. It was 10.00 less for the app then buying the calculator. Now they want 49.99 a year to use the app I was under the assumption it would be a one time purchase for 49.99. I guess the greed got the best of them I will be fighting for a refund and will be purchasing the physical calculator now. Shame on this company for doing this.
  • , 1/5

    By dsaa56
    Shouldn’t be a subscription.
  • REALLY!? 1/5

    By Straitupnobull
    I’ve had this app for many years. Owned it on an android phone originally and had to purchase it again for iPhone. Wasn’t a fan of having to do the second purchase several years ago and now they expect me to pay for a subscription!?! When I bought this app, I payed for it with the understanding that it was mine. No different than purchasing a calculator at the store. I’m extremely disappointed! Literally stole it from me. Please don’t support this company or any that would just simply decide to just take someone’s right to use it like this.
  • Not working 5/5

    By apolo donjuan
    App is not working right now
  • Another subscription based scam 1/5

    By Kirdetzoff
    Avoid at any cost 💲…. Pun intended.
  • Beware : Subscription 2/5

    By Beta Test 1
    Be aware that this app has been changed to a subscription based model, rather than the outright purchase it used to be. The text description has not been changed to reflect that fact.
  • A must have 5/5

    By Mike-Crossworks
    If you remodel for a living, this app is priceless!
  • Best Construction Calculator 5/5

    By trick or treat treated
    I have been use construction master calculators for decades. The pocket and desktop models are still in use today. Having the app on my iPhone and iPad in the Feild is so convenient and just as easy to use. Rando G
  • Good 5/5

    By dkdkdierj
  • Review 5/5

    By steelman K
    The Pro Calculator is very good doing simple math ( checkbook balances) and construction calculations in the field or office. Thanks for a great product.
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By llllllllllllllllppppppppppp
    I always have my phone on me so that means I always have my construction Calc with me!! I would recommend this app to anyone in construction that has to use there brain.
  • Best Construction Calculator. 5/5

    By Jerich19
    Using this calculator makes my construction calculations easy.
  • Great TOOL 5/5

    By Mateo503-23
    Great customer service. The most valuable app on my phone when woodworking!
  • Great tool!! 5/5

    By JSPUB
    Very helpful! Help/instruction section is great!
  • Optimal for calculating on job site 5/5

    By Gonzo802
    I utilize this on the daily in the shop fabricating, or on site from grid lines to architectural. Only wish there was a back button like the calculators!
  • Best for construction 5/5

    By Lawless0079
    This is the best calculator for construction. I recommend it to everyone. It’s a must for layout and take offs.
  • App version, yeaaaa. 5/5

    By Jerry9038
    I purchased the hardware version of this device several years while working in construction, and was thrilled when it became available as an app for my iPhone. Thank you so much.
  • Great calculator 5/5

    By dirtbaggy
    I really like the app just not the app icon looks kinda bootleg
  • Doesn’t always open 3/5

    By blder2004
    Great calculator but since one of the updates, it doesn’t always open when not in service areas or connected to WiFi.