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  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 1.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Start on your phone, continue on your PC. With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, you can continue browsing websites from your phone directly on your Windows PC. You can even choose to "Continue now" if you're in front of your PC or "Continue later" if you're on the go! Make sure you’re set up. If you haven’t already, link your phone and PC with the latest version of Windows 10. To finish linking your phone and PC, make sure that you: 1) Have the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update build installed on your PC 2) Link your phone from your PC. On your PC, select Start > Settings > Phone, then select Add a phone to get started.


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  • Does not see a linked computer 2/5

    By XajniN
    It used to work. Sharing from Edge still works (the top left button).
  • useless without in-app log in 1/5

    By Trogdor0
    There isn't a login option either within the app itself or under iOS settings, and since you can't send anything without logging in with your MS account credentials, the app is useless.
  • To pc 1/5

    By Dnickfive
    Doesn’t do a thing Takes up space is useless
  • After 1803 nothing with iOS seems to work 1/5

    By Mommy's touch
    After my surface upded to windows 1803 nothing seems to want to communicate with my iPhone, including this app. Also dynamic lock has stopped working. As Microsoft no longer has a mobile device I may have to say hello to a Mac so I can have a shared experience between my devices.
  • How to default to Chrome 5/5

    By Wlm12
    Download edgedeflector in order to open webpages to your default internet application.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Gamer2938292819829182929229
    Ever since I updated my computer to the new April 2018 update, this app no longer works and it won’t detect my PC, even if my phone is linked.
  • Gay 1/5

    By Bill_vvhs
    In the name of God, please do yourself a favor and do not get this app.
  • Stopped working because MS wants you to use Edge in iOS 1/5

    By RU9913
    This used to work until they moved this feature into mobile MS Edge. Why did they leave this broken version still downloadable?
  • Can’t down load app 1/5

    By Irish in va
    I can download the app separately. However, when I link my iPhone (both pc and iOS have latest updates) I get directed to download edge in the text. Not worth the effort.
  • STILL won't use the system default browser 1/5

    By T0x15e
    This has been out for quite some time. I was being patient and waiting thinking surely they would eventually stop forcing me to use Edge. Apparently not so I'm deleting it.
  • Não funciona 1/5

    By revis devisk
    Tentei diversas vezes mas meu celular não encontra o meu computador pra conectar. Obs.: meu computador está na minha frente e habilitado para ser encontrado
  • Glorified sharing of web browser history. 2/5

    By CryOfDavid
    Am I missing something? Everything it does my current web browser does natively. Shared browser activity. I can’t seem to share things like photos, videos, word documents or anything else. Maybe I have a setting wrong?
  • Bad update 4/5

    By Yada yada yada yada yada
    Really nice but why did you remove the continue later fallback, it's frustrating to have to start the process over again of it doesn't work. Also there's a bug where it always opens in edge, and doesn't go to the website but searches for it on Bing
  • Works about 1/3 of the time 2/5

    By Chic606
    I can try it three times in a row and watch fail twice. It’s odd that 2 seconds after sending a page to my PC it can’t find the same PC in front of me but it finds my PC at work.
  • One word it not working at all 1/5

    By Hnparsana
    I used to use this app without any problems before few recent updates. But currently when I choose my pc in app it just takes forever to transfer it to edge. * Win 10 is up to date
  • Uses Edge regardless of my default browser 2/5

    By OkGoDoIt
    Links always open in Microsoft Edge on my computer regardless of what I set my default browser to. It’s extremely annoying that Microsoft doesn’t respect my browser preferences. If I wanted to use Edge, I would send Edge as my browser. In addition to links, you should be able to send other photos and documents as well. The functionality in this app is extremely rudimentary. The best way to get things to myself is still Facebook messenger to myself and opening it on my desktop computer, which is ridiculous.
  • Facing issue in application 1/5

    By Abdul Haye
    Hello development support team, I’ve installed continue on PC app in my phone but when I press share button all apps shown except this application What is the issue with my phone or application?
  • Works...but there should be more hand-in-hand capability with iOS devices 4/5

    By mine248
    I feel like this app is unoptimized for iPads since they directly scale up and yet, seems badly scaled. In addition, please add more features to this app from its sister app on the other platform.
  • Doesn’t seem to actually work. 1/5

    By DrewSprat
    Setup instructions, i.e. Step 2, kinda of insanely useless and the best I can tell iOS 11 doesn’t recognize the app has been installed.
  • Just be “continue on” 2/5

    By Cicorias1
    Why just continue on a PC? What about my ipad, Mac, etc? If I learn a behavior I’d like to stick with it. Now I have to bend differently and jumpy to a pc? Compute devices are ubiquitous.
  • too slow 1/5

    By GeekyNobody
    10s to list my pc another 10s to send to my pc
  • Not working 1/5

    By hjp3093
    It working as advertised. Went through all the steps and even tried the example they had, everything went fine. When I try to use it for real, it keeps telling me my device is not available. Bluetooth is connected and working on both ends, but it keeps saying the device is not available.
  • Only transfers web links 1/5

    By larctiger
    This would be a really useful app if it could transfer files, such as images, documents, etc. Instead, it only opens a webpage on another device. That is just not a useful product for me.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By that one guy 12093
    The concept is awesome, but a little behind the times with implementing streamless work space between devices. The app takes forever to discover the desktop, and it only works about half the time. It will be a good app once someone actually makes it properly. Pick up the pace Microsoft.
  • So simple , so Great 5/5

    By Heroe3000
    Fast, and simple , works great
  • Good but half baked 4/5

    By Nargg
    Seems to only work for web browsing. And only in one direction. Need to share more stuff and also need to send from PC to phone. Maybe next version.
  • Unable to link PC with Phone 3/5

    By Luv4Paramore
    The app won’t find my PC and I don’t know how to fix it. I have the latest windows and went through all the steps on both devices. Cool concept though. I’m glad Microsoft included iPhones in this idea.
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By vitor_toty
    It does what it suppose to do but I really think that it’s almost nothing. For me you should be able to send photos and videos as well, then it would be a 5 stars app.
  • Edge only! Really? 1/5

    By Inteldork
    I was pretty disappointed when my chrome browsing session had to be continued on my unused Edge browser. There is no way to have this work with Chrome. Yet another useless Microsoft new "feature".
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Aarakelian
    So awesome and really convenient! I hope they add Office apps soon.
  • Useless if dont use edge. Other than that, great 3/5

    By Nova5wift
    This app does what it says. Completely useless if you dont use Edge. Add default browser functionality. Come on
  • No phone? 1/5

    By Steven909
    My OS : Win 10 updated as of 11-22-17 and there is no phone tab in settings under the start menu... won’t work. Smh.
  • Great! 4/5

    By Nawhhhah
    Can you make it so we can see windows screen from this device? :)
  • It’s nice but.... 4/5

    By Didi7467
    Wish there was a setting to use chrome instead of edge
  • Continue on PC 1/5

    By kflecha
    Doesn’t work with Iphones
  • It works 3/5

    By internet person
    Pretty convenient feature and a nice app, but most of the time I want to go from PC to phone, not the other way around. Please add support to send things from Edge back to your Phone. If I could do that, this app would be incredible
  • Visually confusing 1/5

    By Scrumdog
    If I were epileptic, the rapidly moving visual instructions would’ve triggered a fit. This is easily the worst explanation of an app I have ever seen. Back to the drawing board. The screens, features, methods of activation, shown on the app instructions do not match what I see on my phone after I have installed the app.
  • Browser options 3/5

    By Hdhrieksuduxus
    I wish we could choose what browser we could open the page on, because not everyone uses Microsoft edge. But I like the idea.
  • Almost works 2/5

    By '15Legacy
    Only works with sending websites from safari; that’s it. No other instance where this appears in the share bar does anything get shared. Hence, it is of limited functionality.
  • It works perfectly but it opens it in Microsoft Edge 2/5

    By Dombro1
    I’d 5-star but I want to use Google Chrome instead of Edge. And yes, Chrome is my default browser on PC. I really don’t like Edge by the way
  • Why can’t I do this backwards 2/5

    By _KingHarambe_
    Why can’t I share something from my pc to my iPhone, why does it only have to be something from my iPhone to my pc?
  • Needs work 2/5

    By RizePhoto
    Was hoping this was like apples airdrop which works perfectly. Can only send webpages. Every time I send a webpage it says errors but still allows me to open it on my PC. Needs a lot of work.
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By Pkdlo man
    Guess what..... it doesn’t work.
  • Useless. 1/5

    By Ye68778
    I was giving it a try but it refused to merge my accounts. No option to continue. We're unable to complete your request Microsoft account is experiencing technical problems. Please try again later.
  • Clunkier than handoff 4/5

    By Whittty
    But of course it has to be. The one thing I’d KILL for is an easy way to send files to and from the PC over a local connection, a-la airdrop.
  • Doesn't Work...Period. 1/5

    By Chefde35
    Brand new DELL Latitude, new iPhone X. Added phone through Windows 10 says connected to the phone when you run app, however nothing happens after web page has been sent to PC.
  • Unnecessary... 1/5

    By Harsh M Bhatt
    Real life usefulness is mediocre...
  • Uhhh 2/5

    By Llndh
    We hit an error but we will save this in your pc’s action center.....every...time.. Go figure mircrosoft
  • Only Works with Edge 1/5

    By TechN8
    Hopefully this review saves you some time trying to get this to open links in your non-Edge default browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.). It won’t. It only uses Edge.
  • Works great...but 3/5

    By biggietoms
    Works well but I don’t use safari or windows edge so no real use for me till other browsers are supported.

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