Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.4.201
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Devsisters
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Cookie Run: Kingdom App

Build your dream Cookie Kingdom and reclaim against the evil that lingers in the shadows. Fresh out of the oven and from the Cookie Run: OvenBreak creators comes Cookie Run: Kingdom! Build a delectable Kingdom while battling against evil dessert monsters! Team up with GingerBrave and Cookie friends, some new and some familiar. Together, in this sweet fantasy adventure RPG, uncover the story of the Kingdom’s past and defeat the darkness that stands between you and your Kingdom. Rebuild overgrown ruins and customize your Kingdom with unique decorations and exciting buildings. Team up with your Cookie friends to collect resources for your Kingdom and craft special tools and delicious treats! Fight in epic RPG-style battles. Unlock new battle levels and discover secrets of the Cookie universe. Take on the Cake Monsters or battle against other Cookies in PVP mode. Tap into each Cookie’s unique skills and unleash the perfect balance of power! ■ BUILD & DESIGN THE ULTIMATE COOKIE KINGDOM! - Customize your Kingdom with unique decorations, parks, wood shops, jelly factories, and more! - Build a magic laboratory for Wizard Cookie or construct a classy juice bar for Sparkling Cookie! - Gather resources from buildings to expand your Kingdom, fix destroyed buildings, and level up ■ BATTLE YOUR WAY TO VICTORY - Assemble the best Cookie team that is just too sweet to beat! - Strategically choose Cookies based on their special skills to defeat Cake Monsters - Command your squad and unleash their skills with just a few taps - Battle against rival Cookie teams in PVP mode! - Lead your warriors through fast-paced, RPG-style battles with epic combat animations! ■ COLLECT COOKIE FRIENDS & TREASURES - Team up with familiar Cookies to explore build the ultimate Kingdom - Unlock brand new Cookie characters through gacha Cookie Cutters - Complete daily quests to earn power boosts for your Cookies - Collect rare Treasures to enhance your Cookie’s special powers! ■ UNLOCK SECRETS OF THE COOKIE RUN UNIVERSE - Uncover the untold story of the Kingdom’s and fallen heroes’ past - Adventure through more than 200 story levels! - Restore glory back to the Kingdom

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Cookie Run: Kingdom app reviews

  • incredible pve pvp game 5/5

    By pansa de macho
  • Fav game of all time 5/5

    By read this. it will help😎
    I love this game so so much but i wish there were more ways to get rainbow cubes, there was a good way in the halloween update but its december now so whats another way!!!!!
  • This game is the best but… 4/5

    By How i think this game is liek
    It is really fun but I don’t know if they will notice this I hope they do but anyways I started the game when the sonic event came out so I couldn’t get it and I started it after the hollyberry even so if they could bring these 2 events back that would be amazing
  • Cookie run kingdom 4/5

    By lol12487
    It’s my favorite game but something makes me angry I just don’t know what but other than that it’s the bast game ever made even people in my school play it it’s great but I have a suggestion maybe make more diamonds and easier ways to get them and one more thing can I make a cookie myself for me pls
  • review 3/5

    i really do enjoy this game, but i have a few problems.1,it’s always crashing. 2, its really stressful getting your dream cookies, I’ve been stressed and cried because I can’t get my dreams cookies, and how you lose because you exit out for a bit. but it’s a fun game
  • It’s the best 5/5

    By Nebbychan.-.
    I love it!!!
  • I found a bug 4/5

    By Deanvader😷
    So today I logged on, did my usual things that I do every day. Claiming the fountain to get a lot of stuff, but one weird thing happened. When I go to the top right corner and claim my rewards. But when I claim it, none of the rewards processed and I still had the original stuff that I have. I thought it was a normal bug so I quit the game and joined back in. I thought I will have it know, but it did not show up. If you see this, please fix this bug.
  • Rest Levels for Xp 5/5

    By Karenisme
    Great game! Love the game play and the story lines. Over all pretty good. The only thing I would like to suggest is having a level reset option for cookies to gain back candies so you can transfer the levels to other cookies. Other than that suggestion it’s amazing! Keep up the good work.
  • HELP ME 5/5

  • AMAZING 5/5

    By :D:):/:(
    It is just so fun to do anything in this game. It’s amazing and that’s all I have to say.
  • Great game 5/5

    By shfdgted
    I love this game it has some much features cool!
  • I love you 5/5

    By hvhhffyjcudtxydydfyfhfugiig
    I love you now please give me my magic cookie cutters
  • Cookie run kingdom 5/5

    By hehehsnanaj
    This game is amazing first thing I do when I wake up I play this game
  • Hey! Pls reply! 5/5

    By PIXAR Official
    So… I downloaded cookierun a while ago (a year) and I love this game ❤️! To so cool and cute, but there’s a few little glitches, for instance, the “always closed eyes” and the battle victories. The one I’m concerned about most is the battle victories, but the always closed eyes are sometimes really annoying. But anyways, this game is amazing!!
  • Someones in my acc 5/5

    By fyjkihvdtbjijvdrhn
    Someone's in my account pls fix this im begging u so much 😭😭😭
  • Great 5/5

    By why why why why just why
    Grate game
  • addicting 5/5

    By makotozs
    so fun😲😲😲😲😲
  • Favorite game 2/5

    By >:#
    Fun and cute game. With nice lore and cookie designs, would be 5 stars if they let us rotate and add objects/buildings wherever we want.
  • I farted 5/5

    By CWells2010
    It’s still downloading
  • I love it!! 5/5

    By i love itsfunneh!32111
    This is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played. And cotton cookie is so Cute!
  • My rating 5/5

    By nora mag (•̀ᴗ•́)و
    This game is really fun and addicting but it keeps crashing when I do costume gacha and cookie gacha but that’s okay over all the game is fun they always give us gems every update and cubes and frost crystals for gachas sometimes your might get. Really good cookie and maybe an epic this new Christmas update has everyone going CRAZY! But that’s fine! And the way there’s dark mode. Story mode theres up to like 40 levels and this game is amazing ! Thank you for reading
  • Gems 3/5

    By h4ng3
    Hey so i saw that people are getting gems from the rewards mail and the arena and I only got gems from the arena.
  • Yes 5/5

    By lpsbutter
    I’ve had this game on my iPad for 4-5months and love it I’m almost at parfait cookie sorry short review
  • I Actually Hung On! 5/5

    By Mkachu
    CRK is honestly the best game I’ve seen so far, and I’m surprised that I still stuck to it! Usually games like this I slowly get bored of it, but this was better! I also have an idea for a springtime cookie, Sunflower Seed Cookie! Thanks for creating this game!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By TheEvilDestroyer
    I am having an amazing experience one of the greatest games i have ever played good job making the game!
  • Best Gacha Game 5/5

    By ganyadnall
    I’ve played many gacha games, but this is the most entertaining and you really do get lucky if you’re patient. Patience is key. You can cheat your way out with money, but trust me, it’s not worth it. I’ve spent 60 dollars and got nothing. Even with money, you can not guarantee an ancient or legendary. You might as well be patient and wait for events. Because of this, I think this makes it very fair. People who pay to win still has to face the chances of “gacha”. Besides that, there’s great stories, fighting, strategies, decorating, farming, guilds, and more. You really can’t get bored!
  • My favorite game so far!! 5/5

    By izukuxhospitalbed
    I’ve been playing Cookie Run: Kingdom for about 3 months now and I’ve really liked the game along with all the characters you can get from the gacha! There is one problem sometimes it’s pretty hard to get 3000 crystals to wish but other than that I adore this game! Keep up the hard work!
  • Keeps kicking me out of the game 2/5

    By primetoku
    This app just kicks me out when I try to do anything
  • It’s a great game 5/5

    By SørenX galatic
    It’s really relaxing it kinda calms the nerves and the character designs are wonderful
  • I love this game but- 5/5

    By Bepis Coke
    I love this game and all the designs. But it keeps crashing everytime I try to open it I honestly don’t know what to do. But 5 stars for an amazing game!
  • Crashing 1/5

    By hearl027_567
    I lost all my 2 1/2 hour progress due to a crash, I had really good cookies and was enjoying the game, then my game crashed, I didn’t pay it any mind. I re opened it and I had to re do the tutorial I already completed and got pretty upset about this.
  • Crashes 1/5

    The game keeps crashing every time. I have it on 39FPS so my phone doesn’t heat up, but it still keeps crashing.
  • Rigged ! 2/5

    By Epic_catyass
    so I bought the kingdom pass before and i don't have it anymore !
  • I havnt played it so wont vote a low review 5/5

    By Hourse girl
    my storage said n o 😭
  • LOVE❤️ 4/5

    By My rate for this-juliet
    this game is so good, i love unlocking cookies. So many things to do. I think the cookies are made so well. I love all of the powers of them. One problem though. It is SO hard to get ancients and legendarys i think the percentage should go up. I have a bunch of epics, and i have sea fairy. I think gems should be easier to get. The episodes are super fun but they are hard to beat. I also LOVE all of the story’s, i think they are very creative. Also, 83 days to level up your kingdom? That’s a no for me. Also when i did 3 ten pulls i got 1 epic! I’m kind of mad. But overall i think this is a very good game. Good job 😊
  • It’s the best 5/5

    By pooo poonpoo
    I love this game it’s so much fun
  • Jesus 5/5

    By shae😘❤️😘
    Fun 🤩 iee
  • nigward 5/5

    By duCkf,ox7
    poopy poop poop
  • Crashing and freezing 2/5

    By miles_prowler1180
    The game keeps freezing on loading screens and when app is closed and cleared the music continues to play. App also keeps crashing on random times causing trophy losses and other losses. PLEASE FIX THIS DUMB PROBLEM!
  • Great game but…. 4/5

    By Deez nuts Wow
    Ok its a great game but whenever I get to the part where gingerbrave faints at the beginning it just shows a black screen and just pauses while playing music. Can you please tell me why it’s not working?
  • Absolute GEM ..just a few things though 5/5

    By GeoDread
    I’ve been playing cookie run kingdom for a couple of months now, and it’s an insanely good game! It’s great to watch the cookies around you live and learn about their sweet nature. However I do have a couple of complaints about some stuff! For number one,in the arena it seems my cookies are hardwired to auto mode and I can’t choose which abilities I wish to use during areas where I need very specific choice in’s making a lot of my games in arena hard and overrall I would really like a fix to this! The game has a good awarding system and a balanced way to earn said awards. The only issue is once you progress some of these things start being the very thing that mess you up! For example I’ve noticed overtime that my gem output into gacha has been overall decreasing in value I spent over 17k gems from the arena rewards and had not been guaranteed an semi decent drop. It feels as if the RNG decreases over time as you continue to play CRK.I would like for there to be something that can bring more value other then milestone points because the gems are very hard to come by!
  • Crashes upon opening 1/5

    By kyliedannii
    Game worked fine until recent update. Now it keeps crashing while trying to open.
  • The best game EVERRRR! 5/5

    By Djsidjdjeijeuedu
    Omg! I really love it so much I never wanna stop playing it! Just a quick question, when you reach lvl 60, what do you do? You should make new updates, like you can be lvl 100 and have 1M power! That would be so cool! If not, it’s okay, but it’s your game!
  • Cookiekingdom 4/5

    By ajsjsksnzns
    I love the game but I wished It had more collaboration and more code to get more diamonds and other stuff 😢 but there’s so many cookies to collect and it takes a very long time to finish the game which I’m happy about 😊 The cookies are also very cute and there’s costumes that you can collect another thing that I wish they did to the game is when you get someone’s costume you should get the character to if you don’t have the character yet 😪
  • Great Game! 👍 5/5

    By Luke of sea
    I love this Game some much and it will always have a special place in my part. I always love the thrill of what kind of cookie you will draw. Also keep up the good work devisters. P.S maybe you can add cookie from oven break.
  • Ur 1/5

    By Mateo marquez
    Why do you hate me
  • No longer playable 3/5

    By Charlie10yearsoldlegit
    Sadly, I can no longer play this game because of bug :( it constantly crashes and I can’t do anything because of this. I can barely get passed the announcements menu if I spend a while trying to get it to work. This used to be my favorite game so I hope you fix it soon :(
  • Cookie run: Trading??? 5/5

    By Kara‼️
    Hi there cookie run! I thought of something: what if there was trading in cookie run! So both players place down something (it has to be one of your friends to trade) and it can be anything! Cookies, soulstones, and more. Both players should place something in order to accept the trade so no scamming is done. Thank you!
  • Trading Cookies Please 5/5

    By KittyKaeKae19
    Hello DevSisters, Id like to advise that there should be cookie trading,(any cookie rarity). Rules: •both players must place down a cookie in order to accept so no scamming is done. Thank you and have a nice day.