Copart - Salvage Car Auctions

Copart - Salvage Car Auctions

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  • Current Version: 4.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Copart, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Copart - Salvage Car Auctions App

Find over 125,000 cars, trucks, and more with the Copart App. Using the Copart App, you can bid on and win vehicles quickly and easily from any mobile device. Copart features thousands of salvage and clean title cars up for auction every day. Find cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, classics, exotics and more from Copart. The Copart App allows you to bid on and buy cars, trucks and more from anywhere. Find vehicles by type, year, make, model and location. Get notified about the results of your auctions, and stay informed about vehicles on your Watchlist. Not a Copart Member? Register for FREE* with the Copart App. The Copart App lets you participate in thousands of 100% online auto auctions hassle-free! Features: • Convenient access to online auctions, vehicle finder, and search history • Manage Watchlist, saved searches and pre-bids • Search over 125,000 vehicles in online auto auctions by location, date, and vehicle type • View full-screen photos and details for any car or truck • Quickly search global inventory for vehicles by make, model, year, location and more • Receive notifications about counterbid offers, auctions won, auctions lost and Watchlist vehicles • View AutoCheck vehicle history reports and Copart Condition Reports • Make payments and view payments due / payments history • Attend live online auctions and place bids from anywhere *A membership fee may be applicable in some countries

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Copart - Salvage Car Auctions app reviews

  • Not working since last week. 1/5

    By Blrbrest
    Last week didnt work, loading forever, new update from yesterday didnt help. Still not loading. Using iPhone X
  • Landscape mode no longer works 5/5

    By Geek212221
    Been using Copart for a little over a year now. It’s been a great and easy to use app, but this last update has stopped flipping car picture into landscape mode for better viewing. Please address this issue. Other than that, I have no complaints.
  • Slow 1/5

    By andreii_88
    After update the app work slow. Fix it please
  • Great app, just fix the glitches 3/5

    By FitApollo
    First of all, I love this app. It has allowed me to obtain many great cars. The latest software update only gives me access through WiFi. When I’m out and about, through T-Mobile LTE, I’m resorting to using safari on my iPhone to access Copart. Great app, just work on fixing the glitches. I really do prefer using the app over having to use safari when I’m not near a WiFi connection. And yes, through safari everything loads fine while in the app I can’t load into individual cars or join any auctions when using T-Mobile LTE. Oddly enough, I’m still able to search for cars but I can’t view them when I select one to check out or join any auctions. Everything works when I use safari.. but using the app is so much preferable. I hope this glitch gets fixed.
  • Latest version overheating iPhone 3/5

    By tjtaylor88
    The latest version keeps overheating my phone. After only about 5 minutes of use the phone is too hot to touch. Using iPhone 7. Hope they fix this soon!
  • New updated app isn’t working in iPhone 5s 1/5

    By zack336
    Not working in iphone 5s cant view images and bid on cars misaligned buttons Please fix it
  • Not working 1/5

    By Grushka uman
    I cant sign in after update,better do not do like those kinds updates or check them before release . I lost a buy of that! Totally disappointment
  • Good but needs work 2/5

    By Swimstarr
    This app is ok but very very buggy. I would just use the desktop website to actually bid
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Nee_12348
    Search Works great, easy to place bids. please keep the updates coming
  • Live auctions don’t work on latest iPhone 1/5

    By dotheneedful
    So I have a brand spanking new iPhone XS and I get the spinning icon of death when I try to load any live auctions. Get the same thing on my iPad, waste of time. Their website kicks butt though!
  • Watchlist notification not working 1/5

    By bashlion
    Watched cars don't notify me when they go on auction
  • Update 1/5

    By Nesti_90
    Current version not allowing bidding on daytime auctions on iPhone. It is grayed out. Having to go to the website, defeats the purpose of the app
  • Not a robot 1/5

    By Hdieodifjejd
    Every time I try to confirm I’m not a robot to see AUTOCHECK REPORT I select the correct pictures then it’s says {“returncode “:-1, “returncodedesc”: “error occurred”, “ data”:{“ errormsg : unexpected error occurred on server please check log
  • You need to fix right away 2/5

    By Crakota
    There’s an issue on the search when I put any year and then F150 it only gives me the regular cab it does not give me the crew cab there is no option available
  • Easy to use and not bad 5/5

    Purchased my first car from there. Did see any difficulties there. The only issues I had were the credit payment, because you pay more fee on using your credit/debit card and the car has some rust underneath and it was not mentioned there. It was just saying minor scratch/damage. I couldn’t travel to see it myself but as I said not bad for my first experience. I’ve got my deposit back after the purchase. ** BUG FIX ** Can’t review reports after update. It gives me error from server.
  • No good 1/5

    By 241321
    Can’t search up cars through Car Finder. Gives no results on a specific car you’re looking for
  • Keys? 1/5

    By check the keys!
    Vehicle sold as having keys and then it didn’t, had to spend nearly $200 for getting a key made, and come back another day to pick up vehicle
  • Broken 1/5

    By NUMB3R4
    Keep getting “No Vehicles Found” when searching. Doesn’t matter what criteria I use.
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By Jaaaaaaaaaaaaake64264
    I have been using Copart’s website for about a year now. I was excited when I found out they had an app. Too bad the app is built terribly and does not even work when I try to search for vehicles by zip code. And if you want to select areas to search in, you have to manually go through and click them for every search. Simple features could turn the design into a an amazing platform. But it’s not. I don’t recommend this app. To anyone.
  • Horrible App Interface 1/5

    By Said.Simon
    Just a horrible interface. You'll tap on something expecting it to do something & it's not doing anything. I killed the app multiple times but it's still messed up. The android app is way better!
  • I stopped buying from copart because of this app not working 1/5

    By used to be a loial viewer
    Yeap . I went the other direction . I buy cars from my smartphone and since this app is a complete failure I stopped buying cars from copart . I don’t think they care anyway !!!
  • Scam!! They don’t give deposits back 1/5

    By Zerogravity15
    When I found this website or in this case the app I was blown away at how cheap the cars were and I could not be more excited to start buying some, then I found out you had to pay $200 per your fee and I was OK with that then I found out I needed to put a $400 deposit down to give me the qualifications that I needed..Now it stated multiple times that it was a refundable deposit. Now I have spent almost $3000 with the company and unless I get a dealers license I can’t continue buying cars in my state. Here is the problem with Copart when trying to get my deposit back there is actually no way to do that I called their number they all transferred me to a voicemail which I left a voicemail for separate times during a two week. No one has called me back no one has responded to my emails, online it says there should be a form you can fill out to request your deposit back there is no form it is just a circle of lies you just keep clicking and you keep reading and you keep clicking.. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I still don’t have my $400 back SCAMSCAMSCAM
  • Easy to Use 4/5

    By Jonkin346
    While I do come across some bugs from time to time, overall I really like this app. It’s very easy to navigate and use, and the images of the vehicles are really high quality. The company seems to be continuously working on improving the features to make their users experiences better. We will see how they continue to improve the app. Customer service is quite friendly as well.
  • Very handy App 5/5

    By adyresller
    Fast and handy, the search functionality looks lot more improved from what it used to be.
  • Handy 3/5

    By Mr.
    It would be nice if I could select multiple models and makes in one search like the website
  • App needs attention 3/5

    By josueveraazar
    It doesn’t allow you to browse for cars by ZipCode and Miles distance surrounding you.
  • App search no longer works after update 1/5

    By JeremyDeal
    Updated app now the search won’t work. Almost useless now.
  • Constant crashes and lost connection 1/5

    By Project 5311
    It’s bad to have an app that don’t work. It’s worse to make you pay and it still doesn’t work. I buy cars on here often regardless of some of their fees. But lately the app just don’t work. It keeps crashing and keep giving me this lost connection message. My internet works I’ve tested it on apps stronger than this. My review will remain the same until something is done.
  • Needs bug FIxes ASAP!! 1/5

    By hbhugr
    There is so many bugs. When I search for a car and search with the arrow it repeats the same 30 cars over and over. And also the auction menu is a disaster. I was scrolling for 20 minutes to only find out I was looking at the same 144 cars 🤦🏽‍♂️. Please fix and also make the app more mobile friendly just a tab but more
  • Inconsistent search results. 2/5

    By Daakers17
    I actually like the app, it seems to work okay. The problem I have noticed is the app shows different search results than the desktop. Much less vehicles show up with the same search terms in the app.
  • Horrible, Awful App 1/5

    By rebel sassy girl
    How could such an App make it to IOS when it does not work well. How many advertising companies does this app need to be running? Their ads are more reliable then the app itself. YOLO
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Frankie11888
    2nd time i was literally in the middle of a bidding war & the app doesn’t recognize my increased bid. Lost 2 vehicles because of it! The kicker is, the last bid was the person I was bidding against-we could have kept going & I could have won the bid but something is wrong with the app.
  • The app cannot recieve my photo id without crashing 2/5

    By zzz97
    You need to fix the app so it can accept photo uploads.
  • Below average 1/5

    By Argenis4
    App constantly crashes and doesn't allow me to view my watchlist items or even the ones I have a winning bid on. Both the internet site on my laptop and app on my phone crashed when my item, which I was winning, was up for auction. How mysterious? Skipped right to the next vehicle.
  • Could use ANY improvement or fix 1/5

    By M3mph1sKyle
    The app can't even keep an account logged in more than a couple days max. I can't imagine any advantage to having to sign in randomly. Yes randomly, because this also happens after a few minutes browsing. The worse part though has to be the unsolicited sounds and noises than can't be turned off. It's bad enough on the webpage, but auctions are impossible on the phone unless you want to annoy the whole room.
  • Car no longer available try a new search 1/5

    By Stress Crack Tape
    Half the time when I try to view a vehicle is simply says: car no longer available try a new search Total crap now. Please fix asap
  • 1/5/18 1/5

    By Cbowers89
    The new update won’t let me bid today on cars. So lost out on good auction.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Memo1234567899964
    App keeps crashing.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Dinala88
    Have to constantly open app & refresh to check on vehicle bid won status... error message shows when turning notifications on. NOTIFICATIONS DO NOT WORK!!!!!
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By Ls40095
    Cheap and totally useless. This company is all about bare minimum and their app is garbage
  • Meh 3/5

    By Jiordango
    Good idea. Bad interface and search filter.

    By estuardoguate
    when you find a car, see message with red tag
  • Not working 1/5

    By Hondaeagles
    App does not work on iOS 11.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Pandaboy123321
    Great place to buy cars. A+
  • Hard to do business with this app 1/5

    By flyboy491
    App constantly crashes and locks. Lost out on cars because app locks up during auction and you can't up your bid. There are often mismatches of auction count down and the auction status. One says future other has a count down. I've been the highest bidder only to find out there really wasn't an auction. Most of my saved reports no longer work? Paid $200 license fee but still have to pay Internet fee? Lot fee? Auction fee? All for the chance to wait two hours in the parking lot for the forklifts to cause extra undercarriage and bumper damage even if I buy running and driving cars. Feels like I should buy running clear title cars from Manheim. Update. Reports stopped working again? This might be the hardest company to do business with. Why does the screen spin upside down on my iPad? Coparts please fix your process.
  • Singing in to account 1/5

    By JcLatino
    App will not allow all password characters to be entered unable to log in needs to be fixed asap!
  • Very nice 5/5

    By 01:
  • User and buyer beware SCAM!!! 1/5

    By Barberjoshua
    After my successful win of an auction they already had my credit card down payment of $2500... they sent me a total bill for purchase plus fees... $8,000 in fees!!! They was very happy to repost and keep my $2,500! After looking the vehicle I had won the bid on had previously been sold before... they must be in the business collecting down payments and not selling cars. Buyer beware!!!
  • Ap is locked or stuck 1/5

    By Bigdipperou812
    I downloaded the ap but now I cannot open it, nor can I delete it from my IPAD.

Copart - Salvage Car Auctions app comments

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