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CoPilot GPS Navigation App

Built for you, the driver. Whether you are behind the wheel of a car, a professional truck driver with profits tied to your time on the road or an RVer exploring the country - CoPilot has got you covered. Trusted by millions of drivers globally and many of the world’s leading delivery fleets, CoPilot GPS is designed to meet the needs of all driver and vehicle types to help you safely navigate the roads. Let us help make it productive and enjoyable. Includes 14 days FREE voice-guided offline navigation, route planning and traffic. Try the app without any commitment and if you like it, you can subscribe at anytime. CAR NAVIGATION & TRAFFIC • Find your best way with a choice of up to 3 routes • Drive confidently without a mobile signal with automotive-grade offline maps • Discover what’s around you with millions of pre-loaded Places • Avoid delays with real-time traffic and automatic rerouting around congestion* • Explore any place, anywhere, in any way with maps of the world** TRUCK NAVIGATION & TRAFFIC*** • Keep out of trouble by avoiding low bridges and truck-restricted roads with PC*MILER routing • Driver-friendly non-distracting guidance in cab, so you can concentrate on the road • Plan trips that are optimized for your vehicle and load • Save money avoiding fines, out-of-route mileage and reduce fuel usage • Deliver on time and get precise ETAs with real-time traffic RV NAVIGATION & TRAFFIC*** • Routes and directions designed for RVs based on your vehicle size • Never get stranded again with reliable offline maps • Search millions of preloaded Places including campgrounds and rest areas • Know your turn ahead of time with lane indicator arrows & exit sign information For detailed map coverage, check out STAY CONNECTED | Twitter: @copilotgps NOTES *Requires a mobile internet connection **Requires additional map upgrade ***Not available in all regions To find out more about the maximum dimensions for your RV navigation, visit our support center (height 14ft, width 102in, total length 45ft, weight 26,000lbs). Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

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CoPilot GPS Navigation app reviews

  • Won't aquire GPS signal 1/5

    By Hwks1
    Very slow to render map or even aquire a GPS signal. I-80 in Lincoln ne
  • Great GPS For Trucks 5/5

    By jimbor901
    I Drive local fuel truck works great much better then maps app it’s made for trucks won’t take you somewhere you can’t get out of little pricey but for me worth it
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Cplfly
    I’m so disappointed in this app. I was looking for a good app for routing while driving an RV to make sure the roads were passable. This app was expensive for the RV subscription and quite honestly I will probably delete it in favor of Waze or just back to google. It beeps loudly and incessantly for often no reason. It often showed me off road when I was clearly on the road. When I needed it most at an intersection where I could choose several paths it froze completely and came back too late with the path I had chosen against and wanted me to back track to get there. It refused to show me the original path I had planned on. At that point I gave up and pulled out waze. I still can’t believe I wasted $30 on an app I don’t trust and probably won’t use again. Oh and beyond all that, the interface is incredibly non intuitive and hard to program a trip to begin with. Total waste of money.
  • They removed features 1/5

    By Screwed by CoPilot
    I bought this app a few years ago and it came with RV navigation.....the main reason I bought it. Since that time, they have done many updates and have conveniently removed the very feature I BOUGHT AND PAID for. Now, if I desire to access the feature I originally BOUGHT AND PAID for, I have to pay them a yearly subscription fee. To me, That is outright FRAUD and stealing. So, now I must move on to another app that isn’t so underhanded and dishonest.
  • When not driving 4/5

    By ken05651
    With its built-in maps, copilot is useful when traveling by train or bus to see where you are. And how far you have to go. Find your current location by “save location for reporting” then go to map feedback to find the name of the town. Then enter that town name (and center of town) to display it in an expandable map. [suggestion: put all that in a single button]
  • No Apple car play 3/5

    By mjulf
    Love the functionality of this app but really needs car play.
  • Wrong Directions First Time I Used It 1/5

    By volleygeek
    I wanted to test out the app so I chose a route that would put me on a highway 5 minutes from my house. At an intersection where I would turn right to get on the highway that was 50 yards away this stupid app was telling me to turn left, straight into town. It’s already deleted from my phone.
  • Apple CarPlay 4/5

    By nuphan
    Need Apple CarPlay support.
  • Appear to have lost my suscription 3/5

    By Humuhumu
    On the road and suddenly I lose my route. Wants me to resubscribe. I just paid for it within the last week. If you go into your account, there is a setting to “refresh” account. That fixed it. But gave me gray hairs! I do like that thus far it takes me on RV safe roads. CPG, need to fix this bug, or give a warning on the reset, with the purchase.
  • Very small database of roads and campgrounds 1/5

    By Parrish_DoUnoHuIm
    This app needs a major update of roads and campgrounds, amount other things. Could not recommend!
  • Best Truck GPS App 5/5

    By The Zen Being
    This is my # 1, go to gps truck map on the market. Best trucking app ever wouldn’t leave home without it.
  • App only loads when it wants to 2/5

    By act6629
    The app works great when it decides to work. Most of the time it doesn’t do anything when you open it. The copilot logo comes up, and that’s all. It doesn’t make it to the navigation screen most of the time. When it works I have to keep the app open in order to use it. If I accidentally close it and try to reopen it right away, I’m out of luck. Like any other app, if I leave it open in the background and go any length of time without using it actively, it reloads itself. Unlike every other app I use, it doesn’t actually reload when it does this. Please fix this.
  • High hopes but poor routing 2/5

    By bedlam and drudgery
    I had high hopes for this app since it replaced one of the most popular RV compatible apps on the market. But then it tried to route me through a tiny narrow street in downtown Livermore CA that made no sense to select versus sticking to the truck route round the old downtown, as a way to pass through town. Luckily my wife noticed we were headed towards a cluster and busted out Google Maps which got us through town in one piece. Once not driving I checked out the routes chosen by copilot and by sygic using the same vehicle parameters....6 tons, 50 length, 8ft wide, 13’ tall....for my trailer plus truck. Sure enough, copilot kept sending me through downtown Livermore along first street. Sygic bypassed downtown on roads that were more appropriate for a rig just passing through.
  • Questionable Suggestions 2/5

    By Archie_Bunk
    Living in the mountains of WV and pulling a rig totaling 55 plus feet leave me wanting to stay straight roads as much as possible. This app often suggests routes that are narrow and very curvy. Selecting a two lane road verse a four lane to save a few minutes seems to me like bad logic. I'm not even confident that the selected route considers my rig dimensions,when making some of these suggested routes. Being a new user, I may grow more confident but based on my limited use It is not worth the cost.
  • It only has to misrouted you 1 time in a 43’ RV to lose trust in it 2/5

    By Debertdebert
    This app gives you the ability to enter the dimensions of your rig and I would assume it would use that information to give you relevant features. For example, search for truck stops along my route. Nope! I can search for gas stations, but that doesn’t include truck stops. If I need a truck stop, I have to search for it by name. So, I use multiple apps (RVParky is awesome) to find truck stops and then search for it by name in Copilot. Another issue with this app is there is no way to update a map and save changes, instead you have to remember the name of the file (including capitalization) and save over the file. Not a deal breaker, but a sign of rookie developers. This is a simple change and should have been done from the beginning. There are a lot of features in this app that you better get familiar with before you learn the hard way. For example, I included a highway service area as a stop and the service area divides the cars from the trucks. The program told me to stay right (cars) but I stayed left since I’m in a large RV. Apparently the lanes were just far enough apart that the app routed me 45 minutes out of the way and took me right back to the same service area. I will edit my trip from now on by deleting stops as I come to them. This delay cost me a night at a campground while we slept at another service area for the night. So, this app has already cost me more money than just purchasing it. I would think long and hard about choosing this over a Rand McNally GPS! I wish I had spent the money on a device instead of this app. But, I’m still using it and holding out hope that the developers make the necessary improvements. If they don’t, I’ll be forced to buy the proper equipment.
  • The Best 5/5

    By BeastMode69/69
    Way better than specific built truck gps’s sold at truck stops. Gets you into and out of cities, towns, etc on the truck route. Will not route on roads that are not legal for a truck, will not route you under bridges that aren’t high enough for your rig. Full customization available for hazmat, over height, over weight etc. best of all, it’s on the phone,(or tablet), you already have! If you update your device, just re download it to your new device for free. If you have bad or absolutely no cell coverage... doesn’t matter, this works off of the gps system so it’ll work anyway. Just like anything else, it isn’t perfect, I’ve found obscure, and/or new roads that wasn’t noted in the system, (and they have a way to submit that so it’ll be included in their next update), but 95 to 99 percent of the time, this gps will get you where you are going... legally. To many features to go through, but all are useful and rival what I used when I had a dedicated gps back in the day. SO GET IT ALREADY!!!
  • Can’t find town 1/5

    By P.J.Hawk
    Even with a zip code and/or town name, I am unable to search for the Days Inn in Cabot, Arkansas. I am not happy that I paid for this service and would appreciate a refund.
  • From a very good Android app to slightly diminished capability apple app to SERIOUSLY 1/5

    By LuvAdroid
    The only description I can give having used both fully paid and featured android app for both cars and enterprise which rightly held top spots to a placeholder app. My honest opinion is this has become for whatever reason a rock bottom effort to develop, create appearance of legitimacy by bare minimum cloud usage due to being necessary for obvious features, and seem to be in active development probably just to squeeze any last dollars before fading away. I used to switch from Copilot Android to the $99 Navigon (which also went bye bye) as they seemed to have dueling features with each update. Honestly this app has somehow reduced down to a GUI somewhere between a joke and cheap with paid add-ons that are either just unnecessary or free with every other decent free gps app. I can’t fault the dev because I certainly understand how any business with cash flow problems, rapid evolving competition, etc who initially invested real effort could want to make any last cent but boy this is a frustrating to use shadow of itself that should sell whatever technology rights they still can market and take a bath. Or bring back something resembling the original Copilot.
  • seems to work 4/5

    By DanR_in_CO
    all my old settings from a previous version of copilot showed up in this new version based on my login credentials. including voice-guided navigation and active traffic.
  • Very useful app 5/5

    By Clearwater COB
    We used this on a cross country trip from Florida to Oregon and back towing a 37’ fifth wheel trailer. The downloadable maps are essential as there is sparse cell service in some areas of the country. The app worked well. Trip planning is very nice. There is a learning curve, but its not insurmountable. Also, the app sometimes did strange things when trying to change a route by dragging the calculated route. We used this on an ipad with a Dual XGPS150A receiver over Bluetooth connection. A very good setup indeed. Note that this was an older version (early 2018) of the app.
  • Not worth the headache 1/5

    By BillyJazz44
    I bought this app in April. Used it once and the could not get logged back in for 2 months. I’m still having issues trying to get my email address updated and they keep telling me it’s my WiFi. Sorry it’s not it’s the app. So under impressed and the frustration is not worth it.
  • Won’t load my license on my phone 2/5

    By JDB-TX
    I purchased this app using my iPad and when I went to use it on my iPhone it’s asking me to buy another subscription. I like some aspects of the app although it has frozen a couple of times. Not sure why it will not load my license so I can use it from my phone. The company has no way to contact them when you go to their website and click contact us it just goes in endless loop of page refreshes with no actual email or phone number.
  • Truck app 1/5

    By NFTC1
    Will not let truck app part be downloaded. Just opens the app!
  • Glad it's finally been taken over by a map/GPS company! 4/5

    By MarkintheGardens
    We've been using CoPilot for several years now for a GPS while traveling in our RV - ever since Rand McNally abandoned their RV GPS app (we lost $99 on that one). When we bought CoPilot originally, it had several very nice features but when it was first sold off, the new owners (ALK?) unbundled many of the good features and we lost stuff we had already paid for. (Must have been taking lessons from the airlines.😆) Now that Trimble has taken over, our favorite features have returned and it looks like this is going to be a good iteration, as long as they don't get greedy. We give it 4 stars because we just got it and we're not sure how it will work in use but it looks good so far.
  • RV Helper 5/5

    By TLWilson1
    I installed this app when we recently purchased a Class A RV. The onboard navigation wasn’t cooperating, and I couldn’t figure out another app that had been recommended to us. CoPilot was easy to setup and guided us safely home.
  • Free version is no use at all 1/5

    By gwp196
    After trial period this app in basic form is useless.
  • Avoiding Interstates not available 3/5

    By Outback3325
    I rarely use interstate highways on my RV. It is extremely difficult to exclude in this app. I can select avoid, but only for a few miles. I am planning a route of which Imam very familiar as a test route. Most everything is great, including offline maps. Would like elevation profile though. Just too much trouble to exclude I75 from ATL to Orlando for example. I want to use 441 most of the way. WHY cannot I set a road as preferred!
  • Works great, matches trucking company routing software!!$$ 5/5

    By ShakiPhant
    People driving camper almost killed themselves. Your gps is not deadly! Lol
  • It is suggested to add Chinese language 3/5

    By 当年明月1994
    First of all, I have to say that this App is great, but I think I need to add Chinese into the language options, because I am a Chinese, and now many Chinese compatriots drive trucks in the United States. They have to give up this App because they do not have Chinese prompts, so I strongly recommend adding Chinese language service, which is very helpful to you!
  • Best one out there 5/5

    By Hungry trucker
    Have not tried garmin but waaaaaaayyyyyy better than rand mcripoffnally. Only issue I have is eta is based off current time zone that Apple device is set to. Figure that out and subtract/add hours to figure true eta. I’ve had it run me down a non truck route in alabamy once. Other than that no problems and worth the cost. Dev seems to do regular updates. Could use crowd sourced ratings of truck stops/Wally worlds/ rest areas but it’s not a dealbreaker. Traffic updates are fairly reliable as are routes. Gj dood. It’s sad as can be that seemingly one guy can outperform rand McNally and all their billions of dollars. No joke!!!!
  • Muy buen gps 5/5

    By Osbingodoy99999
    Es bueno me guía por donde es correcto evadiendo puentes bajos y calles estrechas aunq es lógico hay lugares como Massachusetts donde es casi imposible manejar relajado x lo estrecho al girar en las calles esta aplicación es muy buena el único problema que quisiera que reparen es que al llegar al destino no da la ubicación correcta del lugar a veces el destino está al lado derecho y el gps te dice ala izquierda y ahí ay veces no hay donde hacer U turn eso es lo único malo que encontré el resto todo bien
  • co pilot 5/5

    By bekaudi
    very nice navigation. Thank you for this app
  • Extremely Aggravating 1/5

    By Bjloygmail
    I’ve been trying to plan a trip for 2 days now, and still can’t get it to add the stops I want to make, it just goes to the final destination, and will only give me one route. I had the older version of CoPilot and just loved it, but the new version is very hard to use, I’m probably going to delete it and find another app!
  • Best offline GPS navigation 5/5

    By @navigator69
    It saved me when T-Mobile had no service as usual in Upstate NY. Very easy pleasant graphical interface. Good guidance. Option to choose from several different routes before driving. Accurate. Sadly, Apple and Google not letting that company to be added into CarPlay nor Android Auto. Not sure, why would I need there WhatsApp in my CarPlay while I’m driving? I used another GPS navigation software SYGIC but it had weird routes and difficult to enter and find simple US address. So, for now, Co-Pilot is the best
  • CoPilot is a no go! 1/5

    By LingIslandNYDad
    The application is not a great application. Not a clear way to enter a address as well as the application can not locate known addresss that are easily found in Google, MSN and Apple Maps. The application started out ok but stopped navigating after 10-15 minutes. But would just beep and kill all audio in the vehicle! This is a swing and a major miss! I am uninstalling this worthless app! Would not use it even if free!
  • Needs CarPlay! 3/5

    By Internal Enemy
    This app is designed for all circumstances with the safety of the daily driver, RV/Camper operator and Truckers in mind. With that being said at what point will the developer update the system for use with CarPlay?? I use CarPlay for every other reputable GPS platform for daily drivers. It’s this reason that I don’t make this app my #1 go-to for navigation. Please please please work with Apple so I can start using this app with my Apple CarPlay.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Nelson Raul
    Very good GPS. Very helpful and easy to use. It takes me to where I want to go. It’s great for trucking
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By dastrie
    I like the maps being loaded on my device. Makes for super fast wrong/missed turn adjustments App froze on me 3 times in 5 uses -that needs fixed Also at the end of destination image turns to asking a question- wrong time for this. Need to keep final destination up on screen as it can be problematic to find some houses or businesses
  • Can’t Log In or Create a New Account 1/5

    By bwanamike
    IOS 12.2 and iPhone X. Can log in to website via Safari. App is problematic.
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By Deanyeager3
    I bought this app along with lifetime navigation and lifetime maps. My motivation was I tow an RV and I wanted to have accurate ETA. Shortly after I installed this app, they pulled those features out and put them into a subscription-based app and no longer support the main reason I purchased this for. The App Store still shows those features are available. I reinstalled the app to see and they are still not available in this app.
  • Updated; Getting better 4/5

    By Pistolpete1225
    Update: after contacting the developers I found that I did not lose my previous purchase as it appeared. I have checked several routes I travel both with my camper and without. CoPilot has performed better than using google maps! Google maps assumes I am in a car, CoPilot routes me on better roads for RV travel. In fact, comparing my known routes (google v. CoPilot), CoPilot was the only one who gave me reasonable travel directions. Google gave several back roads I know I can’t travel. The app it’s self is ok and getting better. I am very disappointed that I paid full price, over $60 last year for this app, and now it is being marketed as a free app with subscriptions. The subscriptions are significantly less expensive then when I purchased the app. I purchased the app for an RV and paid for one year of Active Traffic.... now this is less than half the price. ALK Tech really owes its customers something for purchasing at the original price. If nothing else they should give a second year of the service to the account. Also the customer service is very lacking. No where can I find a contact for the CoPilot service to ask these questions... only for the parent company that likely won’t lead anywhere.
  • This thing almost killed us!!! 1/5

    By vinnycat1
    If I could give it negative rating I would . This guided us into a closed road with our 45 ft motor home and 25 ft trailer. A very narrow rd. There was also a rr track paralleling the rd and a few trains came along while we were trying to figure out what to do. Tried to back up into a rd that was crossing the track but it was uphill and we were blocking traffic as well as it would have left the trailer on the tracks if a train came along as there wasn’t a long distance and was onto the tracks as well. There was a narrow driveway with a ditch on both sides ahead and only because my husband has experience with tractors with trailers was he able to back in and get us out of there. If he had not been as experienced as he was we would have had to pay for a tow out of there, they would have had to unhook the trailer with the car and tow the motor home backwards then we would have had to have the trailer turned around and towed it back to the motor home to be hooked back up. After we did get ourselves out of there the app kept trying to reroute us back at which time we turned it off and guessed our way out of the town and back to the interstate. This took place because we relied on it to go from the campground we were at to the interstate. I am on a trial for this app and nowhere can I find out how to opt out so before you start your trial period find out how to get out of it first.
  • Great for trucking the US 5/5

    By Chet. 2001
    I have tried several apps and used Rand McNally for a few months. This app is far better than any other. I've been using it for 7 or 8 months with few issues. I highly recommend you to through proper set up for your vehicle and take time to learn app features.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Bones 71
    You can’t do anything without upgrading. So what’s the point? Google maps does more and it’s a free app. I wanted to try this app while towing my 45’ 5th wheel RV in hopes it would prevent us from driving in small areas or getting trapped in tight gas stations etc... but why would I pay almost $30 for the RV driver app if I have no clue th his app would even help?!? Don’t waste your time unless you just have money to throw away if it doesn’t work.
  • I don’t recommend dis app at all 1/5

    By blessed310
    I got the full year it’s only been 3 months with it now it’s charging me again to renew this is just stupid
  • Pure crap 1/5

    By StevCano
    Cant even find addresses how do you expect me to use this let along pay you. Uninstalled. Ill be using sygic
  • Mostly great 3/5

    By LordBittiez
    This really needs a satellite imagery view, mainly for adding stops so I can see where the gps is trying to take me! I have to look at google to be sure this is sending me to the right place. The other option needed is for the trucker portion, add an option to prioritize interstates, I’m sick of trying all these shortcuts through town because the gps thinks it’s shorter.. it ends up taking more time!
  • Great App 4/5

    By Hazeldad
    The big advantage of CoPilot is that it is always working. Too often I find that I lose the audio on my Apple Maps, or I’ve lost my data connection using Google maps. CoPilot has maps built-in, so they’re always ready to go. My only complaint is that sometimes they’re not as accurate as Google, but that’s a problem for Apple Maps as well.
  • RV Profile removed 2/5

    By matt the hobbit
    I’ve liked and used this app for 5or6 years on both Android & Apple platforms. As a customer that already paid for a product with RV support - (3 times...between both platforms and my wife’s android tablet) - I feel that is it very deceptive to remove features so you can start charging a subscription. Old customers should be grandfathered in and the new model should only apply to new customers. Otherwise it’s a big “screw you” to the customers that helped get you here. I won’t be subscribing. It’s unfortunate because it has been a favorite app for me for a long time. I’m a capitalist and I have no problem with copilot finding alternate revenue streams. But removing a feature just so you can sell it back to the customer is the worst way to increase revenue. This kind of business practice makes it impossible to recommend to people. If they did it to RV feature they can do it to every feature. It’s a shame.

CoPilot GPS Navigation app comments

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