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CoPilot GPS Navigation App

Built for you, the driver. Whether you are behind the wheel of a car, a professional truck driver with profits tied to your time on the road or an RVer exploring the country - CoPilot has got you covered. Trusted by millions of drivers globally and many of the world’s leading delivery fleets, CoPilot GPS is designed to meet the needs of all driver and vehicle types to help you safely navigate the roads. Let us help make it productive and enjoyable. Includes 14 days FREE voice-guided offline navigation, route planning and traffic. Try the app without any commitment and if you like it, you can subscribe at anytime. CAR NAVIGATION & TRAFFIC • Find your best way with a choice of up to 3 routes • Drive confidently without a mobile signal with automotive-grade offline maps • Discover what’s around you with millions of pre-loaded Places • Avoid delays with real-time traffic and automatic rerouting around congestion* • Explore any place, anywhere, in any way with maps of the world** TRUCK NAVIGATION & TRAFFIC*** • Keep out of trouble by avoiding low bridges and truck-restricted roads with PC*MILER routing • Driver-friendly non-distracting guidance in cab, so you can concentrate on the road • Plan trips that are optimized for your vehicle and load • Save money avoiding fines, out-of-route mileage and reduce fuel usage • Deliver on time and get precise ETAs with real-time traffic RV NAVIGATION & TRAFFIC*** • Routes and directions designed for RVs based on your vehicle size • Never get stranded again with reliable offline maps • Search millions of preloaded Places including campgrounds and rest areas • Know your turn ahead of time with lane indicator arrows & exit sign information For detailed map coverage, check out STAY CONNECTED | Twitter: @copilotgps NOTES *Requires a mobile internet connection **Requires additional map upgrade ***Not available in all regions To find out more about the maximum dimensions for your RV navigation, visit our support center (height 14ft, width 102in, total length 45ft, weight 26,000lbs). Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

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CoPilot GPS Navigation app reviews

  • Best I’ve found. 5/5

    By Most Insane
    I have been using both the android, and the iPod versions of the app, for awhile now, and it works perfectly for me.
  • 151 1/5

    By kapart
    Doesn’t even have my company’s adress and you want 120 per year!!! LOL
  • co pilot 1/5

    By Butch rv 9
    don’t spend your money on this app to complicated and very hard to use, also not accurate at all. Use Google maps
  • About the same as other Nav apps 3/5

    By Ofrdbykr
    Used this for the 14 day trial after reading an RV forum that recommended it for full time RVers. Found it nice to use for the turn. I turn features and thought it great you could put in trailer dimensions etc. however it didn’t route any differently than Google Maps in most areas and it took us down some difficult to navigate side streets just like google did instead of on larger highways that would have been better for trailering. Will not spend money on it.
  • Very frustrating app! 1/5

    By suzyqI808
    After spending $31 for CoPilot you have to buy additional maps. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I could find out how to buy Australasian map! Useless app for me!
  • Great Nav 5/5

    By Mr. N/A88
    Overall great nav, very accurate and routing is great for towing trailers. So far don’t see that’s it comparable with Apple CarPlay which for the price I was hoping it would but still a great app and our number one for towing. Please advise if developer plans to get Apple CarPlay approval?? This would greatly improve the overall experience!
  • Password reset 3/5

    By Bakr Ababneh
    I try to reset my password but didn’t receive any email
  •!!raise downloads by 10 times 5/5

    By Zamyla Hebblewhite
    This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can provide rating, review, so as to the keyword searching install.Want to get more organic users, then find us in
  • Short month 1/5

    By Strdriver365
    Paid 11/5! Paid again 11/13! If not for a month this time gonna let them keep it!
  • CoPilot deserves to have at lease a five rating on the App Store. 5/5

    By The Zen Being
    This is my #1, go to truck navigation app for the last past 8 years. It’s very reliable about 90 percent accurate and get the job done. I understand other customers complaints but, nothing isn’t 100 % perfect. What matters is I like it, it’s reliable and it works for me. The key to using this app reliably is mainly how you program it in the settings. The thing I like mostly about this app is; I haul lots of oversized loads across the continental US. Which requires permits and very strict routing. I like the ability to pin drop accurately. And route myself according to how my permits requires me to run. I can go on and on how I appreciate and enjoy using this app but, for now, I will leave it right there.
  • Was trying it out!!! 3/5

    By Blue0620
    Trying the free trial to test it out!!! App is freezing but still giving me directions. I have closed out app and rebooted my phone!!
  • Trash 1/5

    By Kingdaveed
    Dont waste your time this app is trash.
  • Not as expected 2/5

    By DHH-CDL
    Copilot does not work through my Bluetooth headset as hoped. Also it does not route me based on my vehicle size. It places me in U-turn situations that can not be done based on my vehicle profile. $30 wasted.
  • Not bad 3/5

    By EK-0311
    Over all its good. Only issues really annoying is when you pick a route and instead of stick with it gos trying to all the time take you through some kind of highways just to bring you to same interstate 10 miles down the road. Or it keeps wanting for you to take exit just so you can go back right on interstate. Some of the routes its splits for example instead of just keep i95 to go to fl it keeps wanting to take 95 then bunch of different highways just so you can get back to i 95 later traffic alert not that great at all and when they doing construction it tells you that interstate is closed completely and trying to reroute you
  • Needs updating 1/5

    By RCTJ1986
    Overall nice interface and features but the maps need to be updated. I’m an over the road truck driver and I use several gps service’s. All the others will find an address and guide me to them but copilot won’t be able to find the address and just takes me to the street if it finds the address at all
  • car play? 3/5

    By askpsk
    good app, any plans to add carplay support?
  • GPS 5/5

    By Chile 5
    This is the best Gps
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By TruTrucker1234
    I am a CDL driver. I decided to test this application. I have had a major issue with it directing me to take an exit. I get off at the exit only to re enter into the same road I was just on. This application has cost me time I can not depend on it. It allowed me to configure my route with the possible routes. I will set it how I want to go and then start navigation. Well during the trip at some point it will change corse to what ever it sees’ fit. I almost paid for this, I’m glad I didn’t. It does have features that I like. Just the couple of issues I have had make it not worth my money.
  • Only tried once 1/5

    By 48RicoPasole48
    Couldn’t find my pick up address the VER FIRST time I tried it. Google found it and my R.M. Still have a few days on my test drive but why bother?
  • U Turn when entering destination?! 1/5

    By lizard shredder
    The worst GPS imaginable. I paid the full rate for this app only to have it give me wrong directions on my first 4 destinations. On two occasions I was instructed to make a u turn when inside the RV park I was navigating to. Unbelievable so... I had to delete the app. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP!!!!
  • Doesn’t Work as Presented! 1/5

    By tz ranch
    Tried using it today to get to a location in Utah and it wouldn’t recognize the address! Had to use another GPS provider! It directed me to a town near by, in addition it should me nothing, no speed limits, best routes, large rig stops and stations... so far this app was a waste of my money and there’s no refund! Stay away from this app!
  • IOS 13.2 lost voice navigation 3/5

    By Michaely32
    So far copilot was good, but on new ios 13.2 app lost voice navigation :(
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Gr8Crab!!!
    Not truck driver friendly, this app will certainly get a professional truck driver in Big trouble. Instead of taking driver to a Business with dock you will end up in residential cul de sacs .
  • So Disappointed 2/5

    By Blew Up
    We had high hopes for this as we had difficulties with low bridges and RV unfriendly routes on our last trip. But 1st time iut with this app it took us straight to a closed road and then wanted to route us down THREE roads that were designated “No Trucks” in our 31.5’ motorhome. What’s up with THAT?!!
  • GPS 1/5

    By Packbakr
    I was not able to use this purchase on my trip to Ireland because I couldn’t figure out how to use it. Therefore it was a total waste of money and time. I would not recommend this to anyone who isn’t highly tech savvy.
  • Useless in Germany 1/5

    By nh1776433
    We bought this app to help us navigate in Germany. However, it was useless because it pronounced German street names as English words, so we couldn’t understand what it was saying. In contrast, the GPS that came with our rental car (a welcome perk because the car we reserved wasn’t available) spoke in English but pronounced the street names properly (strasse with the last e pronounced). The CoPilot app was a complete waste of money!
  • Best trip planner I’ve found 5/5

    By kevsmall
    I am a pilot car driver. My job takes me all over the United States with oversized loads. It is imperative that we follow the route assigned. This app makes it simple to plan a route and make changes. At first I had some difficulty but it was only my experience which was causing the issues. After a short learning period I was able to plan a route in a matter of minutes. There are a couple of requests which would be very useful. #1 I would like to have a measuring tool. Sometimes I need to know how far it is to my next waypoint. Or from one waypoint to another. #2 It would be super handy to be able to share a trip I have saved with another copilot user. If there are multiple people taking the same route this would ensure all users have the exact same route programmed. Thanks to the developers of this super fantastic APP. Kevin
  • Don’t waste your money 2/5

    By OSU Cowboy
    Worst gps I have tried for RVs. Can’t even locate Nashville TN. Route planning is useless
  • Route recalculate 4/5

    By Shakeyd0707
    It would be nice if you had the option of turning off the recalculate so it wouldn’t recalculate every time you come off route, other than that I think it’s a pretty good app
  • Used for years 5/5

    By Ppbbr
    I’ve reloaded it on many iPhone upgrades with no issues. It also works well on my Android tablet. Best feature hands down is certified speedometer. Not promoted as such but it always matches the traffic warning lights along the roadway. This is particularly important for me as a commercial trucker. I paid $150 for the trucker version and rely on it daily along with Google Maps and Google Earth to do logistic planning. I also use Active Traffic. Five stars!
  • Needs so many improvements 2/5

    By ionlyreviewwhenitsucks
    Off line maps of the world, that’s the good part. And not much else. Login never works on certain device. You can’t copy paste the long password. You can’t make it visible either so you don’t know if you have typed it correct either. You can’t use copied address. Constantly bugs me about the notifications to turn on....
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Musedw
    The description was not clear that it was a trial offer. :-/
  • Great app for Truck routing 5/5

    By Texas Slotter
    I’m like the features in this app and find it very helpful and intuitive in bad traffic situations. My only recommendation would be to incorporate some form of weather info and radar overlay. Other than that I love it.
  • Ehh. 1/5

    By Dyunger
    Lots of room for improvement: map only zooms out so much and you can’t really see what’s up ahead of you, gps will continually try to reroute you the same way it was taking you even if there is a faster way found by another source. Map does give a few options for routes but doesn’t let you customize if you want to avoid an area or take a certain route, when you select avoid it will circle you around the avoided area first and then bring you right back to where you were trying to avoid. Would be nice if it calculated toll cost like Rand McNally, could be a lot simpler and easier to find points of interest (truck stops, rest areS etc)
  • Always great 5/5

    By Randyps54
    Have used it for years. Always updating. Good support
  • Will not refund money 1/5

    By vdtuse
    Routing was awful, contacted Copilot they told me Apple would refund, not true ! I wasted $29.00 !
  • Ha!!! 2/5

    By 4774R0UND
    Let’s see... I tested this app for my 18 wheeler and my personal car. Both versions had several things wrong. Mostly speeds were wrong. With my personal car version? It would always try to make me enter truck parking areas and exit interstates. Only to tell me to immediately get back onto the interstates. “How stupid can a developer be?!?”, I thought to myself. Well, with the way this app functions? The answer is... A developer can be just as stupid as the amount of money he/she may try to steal from people, for a horrible app. Just like this one. Do not waste your money on this app.
  • Works. 3/5

    By vonprintz
    As a pro truck driver I bought this app for $150 a few years ago, and it worked for my purpose. Customer service is incredibly slow to respond, which is why I give three out of five stars, but otherwise a good app for truckers.

    By kj hair spa
    Put us on The Blue Ridge Parkway. I know that Parkway and I know you can’t take a 37 foot motorhome, tunnels are too low. Never using it again! I would like my money refunded to me.
  • Google search not supported 1/5

    By >TheOne<
    I purchased this app when google address search was supported. But I hated the most when they removed google search engine. I don’t recommend it anymore.
  • No longer a truck app ! 1/5

    By gone crazi
    25 years. I’ve started with pc miler by ALK then came co-pilot I used on the laptop. Then finally the phone app. I ran Rand Mc. along side Co-pilot and would laugh at how Rand was trying to route me through cities and town to get to my destination. Co-pilot was way better maybe taking you to the next exit or even using the bypass around major cities. Those days are gone now I guess. It doesn’t post the truck speed on split speed limits. It doesn’t notify you of scales coming up. I can’t find save current location to add to address folder. You need internet to find fuel stops. And routing has become frustrating. Practical is a joke anymore. I’m staying with Co-pilot because the traffic alert is great and I paid the 300+ years ago for the truck app. I will continue to use it as a backup to the Rand. But I can no longer recommend Co-pilot as a truck app especially since they are asking for a monthly fee. Should they return to improve this app and start adding useful features for trucks and truck navigation ie: weather and construction warnings scales and truck fuel stops in route like what is on the ALK app. then I would gladly change my rating and review. Co-pilot has lost their way.
  • Not a happy user 1/5

    By andrewsbomb
    So i bought the app to help stay away from low bridges since I picked up a new 5th wheeler. First big trip was to West Point NY from Plymouth MA. The app took me through old trucking routes and numerous towns, lots of light etc. to make matters worse, to apps wanted me to take a road that was inaccessible from the highway. I had to use google maps to get me there. From there, I drove to Maryland and Virginia and back without a problem until I reached Connecticut. Again, instead of staying on Route 95, it took me through small towns again.... My last trip was to the western part of Massachusetts. The app Was working fine until it took me off the highway onto the main drag, had me circle around through some neighborhood a 5th wheeler shouldn’t be and right back to the exit I took and back on the highway. Pat but not least, it doesn’t recognize my home address.... Dave
  • Bad directions 1/5

    By Dsve1101
    Traveling to Disney the app took me off the Interstate and then right back on twice. Put me in a dangerous situation with a 31’ travel trailer. No response from support. No refund options. DON’T BUY THIS APP.
  • Almost Great 4/5

    By Pilottony
    This app is almost great, some have complained about things they could have fixed in settings, I say learn the app and it’s features/settings before giving a negative review. I am a pilot and use navigation programs for aircraft and they are excellent as you would expect, this app is close but still needs just a bit more work to make it a bit more user friendly. Making a rout you want instead of what the computer wants can be a challenge until you learn the idiosyncrasies of the app. For those who complain about it directing them to a closed road or a low bridge I say this is a driving aid, you are the driver, stay alert stay in front of your vehicle.
  • Missing one big feature 4/5

    By Bill Bendo
    I really like the app, but one feature I can’t believe it doesn’t have is the ability to drop a pin to navigate to. I drive to a lot of wildlife areas and boat launches that I can find on the map, but I have no way to navigate to that location. I need to be able to drop a pin on the spot and have CoPilot take me there. Add this feature and it would be 5 stars !!!
  • Need Maps for Japan 4/5

    By rosette0229
    I’ve been using this app for years, we are moving to Japan but it’s not on the list of the world map. I would really like to use this app there.
  • Is developer open to user comments for improvements? 2/5

    By Angelo DRV
    I drive a truck and I am frequently in the northeast where there are many low bridges and truck restriction routes. So I need quality info. So far I find Copilot clumsy. I still run Google Maps simultaneously to ensure I take the right or best route. I got a ticket in NY as approached the Midtown Tunnel after Copilot directed me to miss my exit from the Long Island Expressway to the BQE because it changed my route without asking me or alerting me. This mistake sent me toward the tunnel, which I knew I could not take. I was looking for a way out. Fortunately the cops helped me out of a jam, but gave me a ticket in the process. Here are my specific issues. Co pilot problems 1. Changes route without asking me or letting me know 2. Highway and city names too small to read. Does not get larger when I zoom in. 3. Has routed me on some routes that are clearly not truck routes and physically impossible for a truck (and yes, my profile has 53’ trailer with 13’6” height). 4. Algorithms find very convoluted routes that are inefficient, jump off highways and add unnecessary miles and time, and finds routes that go right through traffic with lots of intersections and lights. 5. Often picks a route in the opposite direction with a u-turn to get back on track. 6. Does not know how to control the play/pause function when connected to radio/speakers. Often goes silent. Causes me to miss turns/exits because of #1 above. 7. Too many colors and not clearly identified routes, worse in night mode. Look at Google and iMaps. Very clear. 8. When I try to force it to take a specific route, rather than going direct through the desired route, it goes through the original route, then back-tracks and adds lots of twists. I would appreciate info as to what developer is doing to fix these problems, or I have search for another app, especially since I am paying for this Trucker GPS. I really need an effective and efficient trucker GPS, especially in the northeast where getting off route can be very dangerous. If this one doesn’t get fixed, I have to search for another. Paying $10 a month for an app that I have to constantly second guess doesn’t cut it.
  • Great app and easy to use! 5/5

    By Safety Glenn
    It’s a very easy to use app, the directions are pretty well right on also, just use a little common sense and it’s a great tool to have in the truck at all times! Highly recommend 🤔
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By CaniKwi
    I bought this years ago & was annoyed that my purchase didn’t count for anything when it moved to a subscription model. However, I need a reliable GPS on my phone for our RV travels. This isn’t it. On the first trip while using it Copilot directed us down a road that we should never have been on. I don’t blindly follow GPS instructions but neither Apple Maps nor my paper map indicated anything to raise alarms. After we turned into this narrow country road with swamp each side and no shoulders we reached a sign saying that there was no access for vehicles over 1/2 ton or longer than 20 feet. We’re 16 tons and 40 feet and there was no area to turn around. Backing half a mile down a country road to turn back into a busy state highway was great fun. Copilot wouldn’t reroute. It kept telling us to turn back onto that road. The second time, it routed us onto city streets that had low (very low, one was 9’) overpasses. Luckily, I picked up on that before we turned off. Then the app wouldn’t reroute. Third & last time, I ran copilot concurrently with MapQuest, and ran Apple Maps on the iPad alongside. Copilot lost signal and ran around in circles, then tried to turn us around to start the route over. Neither of the others lost our position. Copilot is now uninstalled and I wouldn’t recommend it to any truck or RV driver.

CoPilot GPS Navigation app comments

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