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CoPilot GPS Navigation App

Built for you, the driver. Whether you are behind the wheel of a car, a professional truck driver with profits tied to your time on the road or an RVer exploring the country - CoPilot has got you covered. Trusted by millions of drivers globally and many of the world’s leading delivery fleets, CoPilot GPS is designed to meet the needs of all driver and vehicle types to help you safely navigate the roads. Let us help make it productive and enjoyable. Includes 14 days FREE voice-guided offline navigation, route planning and traffic. Try the app without any commitment and if you like it, you can subscribe at anytime. CAR NAVIGATION & TRAFFIC • Find your best way with a choice of up to 3 routes • Drive confidently without a mobile signal with automotive-grade offline maps • Discover what’s around you with millions of pre-loaded Places • Avoid delays with real-time traffic and automatic rerouting around congestion* • Explore any place, anywhere, in any way with maps of the world** TRUCK NAVIGATION & TRAFFIC*** • Keep out of trouble by avoiding low bridges and truck-restricted roads with PC*MILER routing • Driver-friendly non-distracting guidance in cab, so you can concentrate on the road • Plan trips that are optimized for your vehicle and load • Save money avoiding fines, out-of-route mileage and reduce fuel usage • Deliver on time and get precise ETAs with real-time traffic RV NAVIGATION & TRAFFIC*** • Routes and directions designed for RVs based on your vehicle size • Never get stranded again with reliable offline maps • Search millions of preloaded Places including campgrounds and rest areas • Know your turn ahead of time with lane indicator arrows & exit sign information For detailed map coverage, check out STAY CONNECTED | Twitter: @copilotgps | Google+: +copilot NOTES *Requires a mobile internet connection **Requires additional map upgrade ***Not available in all regions To find out more about the maximum dimensions for your RV navigation, visit our support center (height 14ft, width 102in, total length 45ft, weight 26,000lbs). Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

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CoPilot GPS Navigation app reviews

  • No Canada? 3/5

    By LazyScamp
    Where's the Canada maps? Shows a picture of US/Canada flags, but only offers US maps for download.
  • Voice navigation doesn’t work 1/5

    By Hungry18
    Needs to be fixed
  • POI’S on route when planning a trip 2/5

    By TEA6359
    Would be helpful if when looking at your map route to Be able to see POI’S so be able to plan parking, fuel ect..
  • Not terribly impressed 2/5

    By thatgirl_2
    I want the choice to stay off highways and/or toll. This doesn’t easily allow this feature. Says you can however I’ve not found that true. It is good for POINTS OF INTEREST but so are others. I would also like alternative routes which again, if this is offered, I’ve yet to find it. So I will still use Maps, Waze, and MyScenicDrive.
  • What happened? 5/5

    By MD1884
    I’ve been using this app and paying for a monthly subscription for about four months now. All of a sudden today, it says Copilot failed to find valid route to my destination. It will not even find a route to the truck stop right down the street.
  • Update 2/5

    By Old splinter
    This was a GREAT app before the update. Now it freezeeeeeezsz. Additionally, I purchased this program as it had a vehicle selection that included motorhomes. It had different road speeds, height, bridges etc but with the "new improved version", it's all gone. Looks like to me that they are forcing me to upgrade to the RV & trucker version. What a major disappointment!
  • Best truck navigation 5/5

    By Techie tucker
    If you previously had the purchased version of Copilot Truck, this version will still work the same without the monthly or yearly subscription fee. From what I can see, it still gives you the option to purchase the annual Active Traffic service also. It would be nice if ALK would put that as a note in the description. I held up on the update thinking I would be going to and annual fee and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Otherwise it's the same Copilot Truck I've been using for years and it's still the best.
  • It’s useless 1/5

    By rolloff guy
    Just like every other “truck gps “ app it takes you down streets you shouldn’t be on. It routes you out of your way most of the time. Just stick with google maps and plan ahead.
  • Two Deal Brakers 3/5

    By luv to skiiiiiiii
    Started my trial today. Three observations that I have made so far. Two are a deal breaker. First the voice is computer generated and not natural voice so it gets on everyone’s nerves so bad we can hardly use it. Also I need a trailer towing section to add dimensions and weight of my towing. Other than that, I will continue the trial and update this if I find anything else. The non deal breaker was that I didn’t get to pick an icon to place on the road during navigation.
  • A good app, but terrible support! 1/5

    By Americhin
    I’ve been using the app for about a year and it has never issued a bad instruction. It’s multiple route to choose from and the traffic features are a real winners. The problem comes when you try to reach someone at the developer for tech support. They are slow to respond, don’t answer your question and leave you high and dry. My subscription is still with in the one year I paid for, but the app is back to basic mode and asking me to pay again. A simply fix for them, your thinks, but no. It’s been 3 days and now the weekend is here and I have no option but to repurchase something for which I’ve already paid. I rely on this app to assist me in safely and reliably doing my job and have communicated that to them, but have been ignored. So buy this app with the knowledge that you may be on your own.
  • Robbery 1/5

    By B1ggR3dd
    Today I paid for the whole year for $69.99 but I was charged $76.46 and another charge of $17.45!! I want a full refund because the routing is terrible on this app. I don’t know why I was overcharged
  • No RV option 1/5

    By lisa7516
    I downloaded his app because it said it’s also for RV NAVIGATION...but it’s not an option!
  • Was my favorite but not anymore 1/5

    By Cobra5150
    This was my go to app for navigating with or without cell service. I was going to purchase the European add on for an upcoming trip and updated the app. Not offline mapping requires a subscription. Boo to the greedy developers!!!!!
  • RV navigation 4/5

    By Exploring Wises
    Seems to be loaded and working.
  • App still has a long ways to go 1/5

    By TrustInTheCross
    App still has a long ways to go Downloaded the RV app as we need an app that will help keep us out of trouble while on the road. I have a 2016 Chevy LTZ 2500 that we pull a 5th wheel with. Downloaded the app and set it up, and first time out, and very disappointed. If you have your phone plugged in the USB port on your vehicle, to charge your phone, or so as I do use it so I can talk into truck speakers and mic pickup, play podcasts, use wifi and everyday operations in the truck, the speed display on the App will be about exactly 1/2 of actual speed. So time to the destination is wrong, turn time and distance is wrong.more seriously the warnings one would expect to get, traffic issues etc will NOT function properly. I asked for a refund and discuss this issue with a person and was sent a new link to a new support ticket that takes you to a site only to reregister. If you plan on charging your phone, talk on it, use your phone while plugged in to your vehicles then don’t buy it. It could be serious dangerous. Too bad CoPilot! And you should disclose the issue Here’s there answer: The conflict of speed limit displaying in CoPilot can be caused by the cable USB connection to the truck. You need to unplug the cable in order to have CoPilot displaying the correct speed. Unfortunately, the issue you are experiencing is linked to the cable connector not compatible with CoPilot which we do not support. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Regards, Rachid CoPilot Consumer Support
  • Lost 1/5

    By Ash3949
    It will get you last here some example 7809 BEAR MOUNTAIN BLVD Bakersfield, ca 2555 East Olympic blv Los Angeles , ca
  • Low bridges/ speed limit/ location of addresses 1/5

    By Frolpadden
    I have wanted an app like this for a long time. My job requires me to drive around at 14’8”. I gave this app a try, and I will not be purchasing the full version. However, if they would like my input I would continue to work with the developers for free. 1. I almost hit around 6 or 7 low bridges throughout the iron range of upper Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The app did not have them marked. Thank god the state did, clearly a 14’2” bridge. Which litters all of us hwy 2 and us hwy 41. I would be as bold to say that most the bridges in the UP are 14’6” or lower at least. I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to flag them all. They should look into it. 2. The locations of where I was going were off by at least ten miles. I had to use google maps to get there. 3. Speed limits are off. It beeped at me for 30 miles of 55mph. The app has it as a 45mph. This was before I learned about the accucheck however so I didn’t get a chance to flag it. The one good thing is: so far I believe it’s truck routes to be accurate at least. I was never on a weight restricted road. After all is said is done, I would be open to helping the developers improve the app for free, but at this point there is no way I would pay money for an app that is basically a less accurate version of google maps. Please improve low bridge feature for sure. Anything under 16’.
  • Really? No GPS on iPad using iPhone as Hotspot 1/5

    By KronosKinetic
    Apple Maps works... Google Maps works... But, a paid Map App can’t figure it out. 1 Star for a 14 Day trial. Time enough to delete.
  • Great GPS when in another country 5/5

    By Hamahowa
    We recently visited Iceland and knew that we were going to disable our data plans for the week. Copilot provided us with a great alternative to purchasing a GPS unit. We downloaded the Nordic maps for free and the app gave us 14 days free turn by turn directions. No complaints, worked very well.
  • Look elsewhere 1/5

    By Rock Mon
    Maps are not updated the user interface is garbage will try to get you to do illegal turns better off with a paper map
  • Good enough 3/5

    By Marc.M.
    i meant imagine ran McNally 99.9% accurate and this one 95% accurate but you have it on your iPhone and your iPad which makes it better for me and something else more updates would be nice specially for the iPad 11 inch
  • Latest version 1/5

    By AbdRahim
    Used this for years - no problems. After update, the app is very difficult to use. It is very slow. NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO SEARCH FOR PLACES NEAR A DESTINATION. Three steps backwards from the previous version. I wish I never upgraded. I also upgraded to to paid version on one iPad. Unlike other apps, it tells me I need the paid version on the second iPad when I want to save a trip. At this point I think -1 star would be generous.c Now I see RV profile has been removed. Man are they getting greedy. I originally bought this for RV use. I am not giving them any more money. Between two gps's and a map I will find my way. Update: Now to get RV navigation I have to pay a yearly subscription. I definitely feel ripped off. I originally purchase this for RV. Now I have to pay yearly? Fat chance! I wish I could give this a -5 stars. I don't subscribe to software. I buy it outright or forget it. March. Still cannot find places en route.
  • Changed format without notice 1/5

    By Livesaboard
    When I first downloaded app and purchased upgrade and map of North America I was very pleased. Went to use recently and noticed my RV profile was gone and could only choose auto profile. Not what I originally bought app for. I was told I had to buy another upgrade again for my RV. Rip off.
  • good stuff 4/5

    By nbf423
    very good offline GPS, nice interface and accurate maps. could use some freshening up on visuals and must become carplay compatible
  • I’m really frustrated with this app right this minute! 1/5

    By Freida
    Why can’t I zoom out! I need to see if there is any parking at the spot I’m going to. And why is there no satellite view. This app could be great if it had these abilities. I need to know if bridges are low for my RV. I think I’m going to cancel this app. Way to hard to figure out! I need a beer now!
  • What Happened? 2/5

    By othiZZle
    Used to be solid, but every since the new update the routing has been erratic as hell. Try going across i94-i90 north dakota-montana. It tells you to get off on every exit, or take some random state highway that would double your travel time. But it suggests bad routes, with highly inaccurate estimated times for everywhere I have gone lately. Basically unusable for longer routing. Only use for last few miles of arrival now.
  • Can’t believe they didn’t fix the lousy search method 3/5

    By Hwonders
    The only thing that keeps me from using this app is the lousy search feature. Every other app lets you easily find a destination by simply entering the business name, city and. St. Not this one. Ridiculous! You would have thought this would have been a top priority for the new version. CoPilot, go look at Waze or Google Maps for the correct way to implement search!
  • Subscription is ripoff 1/5

    By Jamshid82
    Copilot team, it would be nice if you make one price to purchase it 30, 40, 50$ etc. you can even sell map upgrades but charging monthly or yearly is a ripoff business.

    The maps are OFFLINE, so, unlike Apple or Google, the navigation does NOT need an online connection! This feature allows copilot to navigate even under severe weather conditions. Best GPS--ever!
  • Not bad, but room for improvement 3/5

    By RTMAC
    It’s a decent app, and I am still learning the ends outs. I use it with a RV, and have noticed a lot of inaccurate information on a 6hr one way trip. Mostly in regards to roads that are not updated within the map, and exits not where they are supposed to be. I would also love to see CarPlay integration, which would help on solo trips, so I am not fumbling with my phone or iPad.
  • Thieves! 1/5

    By jmn270
    This WAS a free app that worked wonderfully for me until the developers decided to take every feature that was free and require a subscription for it!!! Now the app is useless as a FREE app...unless you just want a map to look at. The free basic plan will show you your current gps location and show you a road atlas that it. You can’t even get BASIC point to point navigation or route planning anymore!! F”#sd thieves!
  • So far very accurate 5/5

    By Meguhtron
    Just like the title, I’ll update soon as they slip lol, I hate you can’t buy the subscription like before, since paying yearly they better be on their A-game
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sportsfan949
    I have been using this all for many years, locally, in rental cars (big $$ saver). Best app purchase I’ve ever made hands down. I even use this over my installed navigation system, it’s more accurate.
  • Update, update 1/5

    By Comecothisnicknameistaken2
    You need to update your maps
  • I update reviews! 3/5

    By big F little u
    I have noticed that since the truck version was integrated to this version that when choosing a route that isn’t the first one copilot initially suggests the app has a tendency to automatically swap back? In this industry we do not have room for error whatsoever. NONE.. have you ever tried driving one of these trucks? Ever had to turn around after missing a turn? it’s kind of a pain. Also the app STILL tells me to stay on the interstate almost every time there is an exit that goes on a U.S. highway!! FIX THIS PROBLEM FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! If it’s not a problem then at least give the user the option to cut that crap off without having to mute the voice navigation entirely! When I listen to my radio show I don’t want it interrupting every 10 minutes for that when I need to stay on that interstate for hundreds of miles. I constantly update my reviews so there is no getting away from me on these issues. Once fixed I will update to reflect this to the potential users of your app.
  • Help 4/5

    By Arnteus1991
    I can’t access truck profiles anymore well I never could with the new App can you all please help me
  • False advertising 1/5

    By zxdstwinnd
    The Ap appears to be free. After taking a full 24 hours to download, and using all of my WiFi data, it opens with the option to continue with your 14 day free trial or buy the Ap! I didn’t even look at the price, just immediately deleted.
  • Poor map data 2/5

    By LeftyLawdawg
    This app is missing lots of data. The aa few roads with speed limits and what they have is out of date. I can’t find many addresses and what they do find is off by hundreds of feet. Needs lots of work, better data, more recent data, better accuracy... and more. Maybe a few revisions from now it will be ok to use. Not ready for primary use at this point.
  • Max 4/5

    By Jaredtodd1969
    Please optimize for iPhone Max
  • Too Long to Download 2/5

    By Bitemeborb
    OMG, how freaking long does it take to download a map? Trying to download Eastern US and it has been 24 hours and only 51% complete. Sitting on my home Wi-Fi and downloading is terrible. Ridiculous how slow the download is. Not worth the wait.
  • Won’t do anything unless you create an account 1/5

    By John-MD
    I don’t like apps that won’t f######g do anything until you spend time giving away your personal information. I like to take them out for a spin first. This app insists on making me sign in. DELETED.
  • Frustrating! 2/5

    By Skate Escape
    The ONE thing that I like about this app is that I can still use it when I’m offline and/or out of cell range, but that’s the ONLY thing I like about it. It will rarely find businesses nearby when I search for one. I cannot figure out how to display an address from my favorites. Once it’s in there, I can’t find a way to see it again! Editing doesn’t even show it and when I arrive at a destination, I sometimes need to see the address to know which building! It’s really hard to find features I need (if they even exist on this app) such as finding an alternate route to get around a road closure, and I haven’t figured out how to show a route starting from any location other than where I am at the moment. It’s an incredibly frustrating app to use!
  • I recommend this app to anyone and everyone. 5/5

    By gone crazi
    Flawless directions. Very accurate on eta and notifications. Maps are downloaded so you don't need wifi or burn up your data. If you drive or hike a lot get this app. It's way better than rand or all the other apps and brands I have used. I’ve been using ALK for years, even when I had to use it on a laptop before the phones. Pc miler. Since I can’t find the answer in the app or a place to ask support in the app I’m asking here. I paid over 150.00 $ for the truck app and every year for traffic. That three hundred + bucks was for life. Are you gonna honor that or are you expecting us to pay again monthly or yearly?
  • Excelente 5/5

    By Vmperezdawe
    Yo he usado copilot truck desde hace 19 años y estoy muy contento con el programa es muy bueno 100% lo recomiendo
  • Used to love this app 1/5

    By A Storm Fan
    I have used and bragged about copilot to my friends for years. However, this recent up grade is terrible. Not only was I forced to upgrade just when I needed to use the app off line, the conversion was complex and I had to re-enter all of my favorites individually as they would not transfer over. Then, and only then, did to learn that the find feature to access my favorites and other items is now a “premium”. Such a basic function now with the premium cost. Ugggg. Now, just went to upgrade, so I could use the search feature. Only upgrade includes online access. The best feature of copilot was being able to navigate off-line. If I wanted to be online and burning through data why use this when Google maps and other online services are available. I think I’m done with copilot. Very sad.
  • Seems to do a good job. 4/5

    By Mamabula1
    Time will tell how good it is once I start touring the country on the bike this summer. But I’m impressed so far. It is certainly better than those from some of the big name companies.
  • Company will steal your money 1/5

    By Cannonballaa
    If you like good customer service buy a store bought gps. This company is joke and doesn’t care after you’ve given them your business.
  • When it's working 100% I love it. 4/5

    By roostrr
    I've only had small annoyances with the app; tech support was slow and we're not able to resolve either issue. The first issue was my location marker was the size of dime. I did a from scratch rebuild on the iPad and that resolved it. The second issue was current, active traffic has not worked for around a year. They were not able to resolve that issue either. Today I installed the new app,, transferred the settings and I had 12 days left on active traffic. I paid the $9.99 for another year to save the trouble of getting them to take action. At first.the app was buggy as heck but it's pretty good now. Outside of slow and In infective tech support I like the app. However, I am currently not purchase the trucking add on.... So I guess I'll go without it. I use google maps for active traffic and backup routing. I guess I could just use google but there are features I don't want to go with out. I've been using the app for several years.
  • Avoiding Interstates not available 3/5

    By Outback3325
    I rarely use interstate highways on my RV. It is extremely difficult to exclude in this app. I can select avoid, but only for a few miles. I am planning a route of which Imam very familiar as a test route. Most everything is great, including offline maps. Would like elevation profile though. Just too much trouble to exclude I75 from ATL to Orlando for example. I want to use 441 most of the way. WHY cannot I set a road as preferred!

CoPilot GPS Navigation app comments

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