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  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: LevelUp Consulting, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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CoreLife Ascend App

Life's goals are sometimes like a mountain climb. CoreLife Eatery gets the fact that the right food can actually power you up the mountain, while tasting great. So now you've found us. And you've figured out how to work us into your goals - your mountain climb. Why not earn points along the way? The CoreLife Ascend app is designed to give you the power to pay in-store with your mobile phone while simultaneously earning loyalty rewards. Cool right? It gets better... When you download the CoreLife Ascend app, you’ll also be able to: ● Order your food ahead of time & skip waiting in line ● Earn, track and redeem status rewards ● Find a CoreLife Eatery nearby ● Invite your friends to download the app (and when they do, you’ll score free credit) ● Check out the menu: with photos, pricing and nutritional information Questions or comments? Email us at [email protected] Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram... #eatatcore

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CoreLife Ascend app reviews

  • Good but needs some work 3/5

    By namelessinindy
    I like the color convenience of the app but it needs some work. Under Special Instructions, there aren’t enough character allowances for comments. Please add more. Thanks.
  • Salad 4/5

    By Mikeltodd
    Love steak bacon Bleu salad but portion size is small when ordering to pick up. But salad is really good and fresh.
  • Bad first experience 2/5

    By earlyriser94
    The restaurant I’m a fan of but this app kinda blows. I was halfway done ordering and it just placed the order for me without me confirming anything. Couldn’t figure out how to cancel it either which should be an option if it’s not currently. Upon checkout of my half of the order (Warm rice bowl, Steak and Ranch) it wouldn’t let me place the order because I hadn’t selected a “base” option. The only issue is there is not “base” option for this meal. Seemingly impossible to get around.
  • Very Disappointing 1/5

    By trr318
    Used this app for the first time and it didn’t place the order. Hopefully we will get our $5 off. I’ve heard other people having the same issue
  • Planetfitness Clarksville in 5/5

    By thasilverback40
    I love this place is great food amazing food that’s in the my diet so five stars to you guys keep doing a great job of feeding people that want to be healthy and I will see y’all later on today
  • Very refreshing 4/5

    By Deaconess girl
    Eat here often. Love the salads and dressings and staff great. Please offer coupons to app users. Thx
  • Needs work 3/5

    By LGalKY
    This app has great intuitive menu formatting. The problem is your primary location doesn’t save nor do your past orders. They want you to store a credit card but they can’t hold onto your last order? Not confidence inspiring. Ordering online is easier and probably safer. Deleting this app.
  • Amazing place! 5/5

    By Chris M L
    This place is incredible! Go eat there!
  • Some frustrations with this app 2/5

    By tiLwayh
    It’s great being able to order my food and have it ready pick it up when I need it. I have a couple frustrations with this app though: 1. It doesn’t save my preferred location. The only location from which I have ordered is at the bottom of the list. 2. The app just lost all my previous orders today. I’d gotten pretty accustomed to being able to choose one of those when I have a particularly demanding day; my order is sent in a snap. I needed that today, and it wasn’t there. 😕
  • Awful. Awful customer service!!! 1/5

    By Shmoodley
    I contacted customer support because I lost my reward when I logged out of the app. DO NOT LOG OUT! They actually told me that my husband has a reward on his app and I could use his. Are you kidding me! His rewards have nothing to do with mine. He uses his app just as much as I use mine and I shouldn’t have to be asked to share rewards! On another note you can’t add Core Life gift cards to the app so that $50 gift card I used never got accounted towards rewards, and If I wanted it to counted towards rewards, I would I have to email them for each transaction. Really! Get better developers for your poor app, Core Life. You’re better than that!!!!!!
  • Grandma dates 5/5

    By Kyra's Grandma
    I love the food but I also love that my 9 year old granddaughter chooses Core Life over any other restaurant when we go out on Grandma dates.
  • Bummed 1/5

    By Grandma Erin Magarity
    I order frequently, tried something different and was so disappointed. The Korean BBQ bowl sounded great, when I got it the BBQ pork was dry with no flavor. I guess that’s what I get for trying something different
  • Harassing situation! 1/5

    By Puny25
    You need to stop hiring harassers like the one in SLC! It is very uncomfortable to watch (as a customer) a situation like that!
  • Order of locations 3/5

    By kburnsy23
    On the app, you should list out the locations in alphabetical order by city name.
  • Beat the lines 5/5

    By KAckFam
    Put in our order before we leave for work, it’s ready and waiting for me at the time of my choosing. Pretty convenient for sure.
  • Great app 4/5

    By andrea12893
    I love the convenience and healthy fresh ingredients, however I wasn’t able to add “quinoa” - missing from add ons. Please fix
  • Core is awesome ! 5/5

    By N'odell5
    Our favorite lunch destination
  • Location location location 3/5

    By Free 2 Be
    Why do I have to search through a list of 50 locations to find my home store every time I order. Why can I search for my location or better yet why can’t I set it as my home location so every time I order it’s set???? It’s very annoying.
  • Great Restaurant, Almost Great App 4/5

    By Upset3455
    I love this place, so I got the app but the only problem is that I can’t set a home location. Not a big deal, i can choose from a list of locations. But the location list isn’t alphabetical by city... or even by state... it’s ordered numerically by the street address. This makes it confusing and hard to find my local restaurant.
  • Base Camp!!!!!!! 1/5

    By jscann
    The app is not particularly well-designed but the ordering process is smooth enough. Fonts are tiny. But what really annoys me about the app is that, though I always pay through the app, I don’t always get credit in their rewards program for the visit. And, after having been away from the area for a month, I found that I was no longer 4 visits from base camp status but now 10. I guess I’ll never reach the base camp!!!!🙁
  • Bad 1/5

    By pt287
    It’s amazing to me how quickly businesses get comfortable. They consistently get my order wrong, and I don’t know if it’s the app fault or those assembling the bowl. There is never bread with my meal, even though it’s supposed to come with. There is often times no silverware or napkins. I have asked to have my dressing on the side, and not tossed into the bowl, and it never is done.
  • Good food 4/5

    By Spence4thomps
    Great food - just a little too over priced
  • Need some improvement 4/5

    By 2steppinmama
    App does not allow enough room for added special instructions. Will not allow you to add any extra sides.
  • Healthy food that tastes great. 5/5

    By Buffalo Canoe Guy
    Found CoreLife when I was visiting my family in Amherst, NY about a year ago. Now they have a restaurant nearby and another that will be even closer is set to open soon. The food is awesome - nutritious and super tasty. I could eat there 3 - 4 times a week with the variety of options on the menu
  • It’s easy to eat healthy with CORE life 5/5

    By Bon Image
    I am lucky to have a core life location near work! Thanks for consistently providing high quality choices for lunch or dinner. The variety of options keeps boredom at bay and makes sticking to a healthy routine easy.
  • Boring 3/5

    By Elirules
    It’s a boring app. I don’t like it. I don’t know where the 21 day challenge is but it should be on your app. All the app talks about is payment payment payment What good is it actually
  • App is ok!! 3/5

    By Rumor07
    A little awkward to understand . It did not accept my debit card so I did not get the meal bundle I thought I ordered. Management did send me a free meal for the trouble. The special will run again and hopefully everything will go as planned. I will double check next time and make sure things go through!!! I was sad to miss they great deal they offer with 250$ of food for 100$!!!
  • Easy ordering! 5/5

    By Sarah Bertollini
    I’m pleased with how simple and easy it is to order and pick-up using the app. Great job!
  • Awful service 2/5

    By acastilloo
    The cashier charged me double my meal when I paid with my phone, she said disregard the one it didn’t charge to your account. I checked my bank the next day and she did charge me twice. I go back that day and the manager tells me I’m not getting a refund and had to pay for the meal that I just got when I technically already paid for it. Never going back. The food is good but Red Leaf is better..try it!
  • Help 5/5

    By Uuiii
    Signed up to get the $100 for $250 deal.... was never able to sign up.
  • Too little food 1/5

    By LehiMAB
    We usually like Core Life but our meal tonight was sub par. I may not be back.
  • Gift card applying to app 4/5

    By simshm
    Hi There. I love CoreLife and eat there all the time, so much that friends and family buy gift cards for me every chance the get. I’d like to be able to receive points toward these purchases, but I can’t add the gift card to my app. How can I get the points?
  • Good, but special instructions broken 2/5

    By pzwjw
    App works okay, food great, but 27 characters for special instructions defeats the purpose—very frustrating
  • CORELife 5/5

    By Boonelli
    I absolutely love CORELife and I am excited about the 21 day challenge
  • Yum yum yum yum 5/5

    By Snazzy4razzy
    The steak salad with the cranberry vinegrette is to die for!!! Download their app and get $5 off anything!!!!
  • Poor design and payment method is jacked 1/5

    By Just can't buy it
    Hard to navigate and the payment method rejected my wife’s credit card and my debit card. We had to put in multiple cards to try to get it to work. 21 day challenge was hard to find. Had to message the company to figure out that we had to select a location 500 miles away to be able to purchase the deal. App news major work.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Kami25
    This app is such a time saver if I want to pick something up at lunchtime when I’m at work, especially when I am in a hurry. A couple of taps and my order is placed and it’s available for pick-up in 15 or so minutes. Order is always right and always ready when I get there. No need to wait in line, ever! Love it and love Core Life’s food!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By dawnpz
    This app is one of the most confusing apps I’ve ever used. Nothing is straightforward. Least user-friendly app ever. But I still LOVE CoreLife’s food!
  • Food is ok, app is not good 1/5

    By BB8800
    I like the idea of the food served but my experiences have not been the greatest, with tiny portions, wrong orders, and it’s not cheap. I only go when my coworkers want to go there. The app is not intuitive. I downloaded the app because they said you get a $5 credit and I didn’t see it anywhere in the app. But a few months later I got an email saying I still have a credit. How was I supposed to know there’s one when it didn’t and still doesn’t show up on the app? How am I suppose to redeem this credit? Just show them the email I got? Then what’s the point of having the app? It’s just all very confusing.
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By kris10fritz
    Core life Centerville is amazing!!!
  • Presentation needs work 3/5

    By Carabelle918
    So happy to be able to order ahead. However- the apps needs clearer ways to add or sub ingredients. As well as a way to sort locations by state.
  • Great food 4/5

    By Ricky89639586
    Ordering on the app could be easier. Seems like they never tried it before releasing it.
  • Food is great, on those rare occasions they make it correctly 1/5

    By Iwannaridemybicycle
    Lost track of the number of times I’ve placed a take out order, only to get it home to find it is missing ingredients, dressing, or completely wrong. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pick up my “takeout” order, than proceed to get in line, so I can have it re-made, or pick up missing items. I’ve been given a number of free drinks, and even gift cards, for my inconvenience. I don’t want free items, I would just like you to learn how to run the restaurants you have open, before worrying about expanding to another location. I have NEVER, ever picked up a takeout order from Panera, and had it be incorrect, never. It’s too bad, because I think Core’s concept, and their food, is really good. It’s your execution that stinks.
  • CoreLife: 5/5, App: 2/5 2/5

    By swan_ronson1724
    Most of this app is functional and works just fine. However, if you don’t have your location turned on, it is a huge pain to find it manually. Personally, I prefer to keep mine off on almost all my apps, so this is a really bad feature for me to deal with. It would take hardly any effort on the developer’s part to simply list the locations in alphabetical order.
  • Order in person vs the app 2/5

    By Emily etc ohio
    I love Core Life. However, whenever I order from the app, I receive smaller portions and significantly less meat (even when I pay for double protein) than I do when I order I person. In addition, when I make an addition (like add almonds), it’s almost never added.
  • Great health food 5/5

    By dbahrs
    The service at the Monroe St. location is the best. They know my name and greet me every time with a smile. Their rice noodles and chicken is to die for. If you have not tied them it’s a must specially if you like Balance Grill but hate the wait you get a better bang for your dollar, their portions are very sizable comparable to others in the area.
  • Why no Apple Pay??? 2/5

    By StimpyCat
    CoreLife Eatery has a great selection of healthy foods but this app is such a disappointment. It's 2018 and my iPhone has a built-in secure payment method called Apple Pay. Other competitors of CoreLife let you pay with Apple Pay from their apps. The fact that CoreLife only lets you pay from the app AND earn rewards if you let them store your credit card number is appalling.
  • Great Food, Need Coffee 4/5

    By 4GeoSharK8
    Very healthy, fresh & tasty. Quick, pleasant service. Good portions. But they definitely need to also sell coffee. I often go to Panera instead just for that very reason.
  • Won’t remember location 1/5

    By Sweetgassour
    App won’t remember location causing mobile orders to go to New York store by default

CoreLife Ascend app comments

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