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Cortana App

Microsoft Cortana is your smart personal assistant. She helps you keep track of your most important stuff, across all your devices. Cortana responds to your voice and has an answer for what you need. Cortana wants to know your favorite things. Tell Cortana your favorite artists or sports teams, and she will give you timely and relevant updates. Cortana helps you stay on top of things, 24 hours a day: - The latest news stories, served fresh and personalized to your interests. - Track your important flights and incoming packages. - Calendar awareness. If traffic is a mess and you need to leave home early to make that meeting, Cortana has got your back. - Reminders based on location. Have Cortana remind you to buy groceries when you drive past the local supermarket. - Reminders based on commitments. Have Cortana remind you to follow up when you promise someone something over email. Here are some things that you can say to Cortana: - "Remind me to buy groceries." - "Start a shopping list." - "Tell me something interesting." - "Bitcoin to USD." - "What's my schedule today?" - "Where's the nearest Starbucks?" - "What's up?" - "Will it rain this weekend?" Cortana is constantly learning, with new capabilities being released every month. We encourage you to give Cortana a try and share your feedback with us.


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Cortana app reviews

  • Cortana is my friend 4/5

    By Keeleyzinc0100
    I have the app on my iPhone 8 Plus and it works pretty well. Only suggestion is maybe find a way to have the alarms actually make sound when you set them.
  • This saved me after switching from windows phone, but Apple should let it do more. 5/5

    By cliffclof
    The iPhone and this app would be better off if Apple would allow it to show more info in the top drop down menu, or show up on the lock screen. The best parts that made the Windows Phone so spectacular at scheduling, automating, and communication are lacking in iPhone. This could help with that. Overall this app helps bring you a little office365 windows comfort to your iPhone. That is great! If only it made the audio sound as good as the Windows Lumia 950. It does not have Cortana news like Windows did either. You will need to get used to swiping open the left lock screen to review Cortana info.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Swag7956
    I Love Cortana!!! She understands me even though I have Apple iPad,iPhone, Apple Watch S3 I’m finding it very difficult only because My PC is HP Windows 10 n seems to leave me clueless to every thing syncing settings n Exc.... Thank you
  • Probably the least convenient smart assistant ever 2/5

    By SoIWasJustThinkin
    The speaker is excellent quality. Comparable to Sonos. However every time she disconnects from the internet she expects me to reinstall her on my phone. My parents and boyfriend have google and Alexa respectively and the amount of things they can do are far better. I often resort to just using her as a speaker for morning news and music, and just stick to my phone for everything else.
  • Quiero mas de Cortana 5/5

    By V8pr
    Porque no le devuelven la avilidad a Cortana de escuhcar todo el tiempo (tengo todavia un windows phone que al tomato el update perdio la habilidad de escuchar todo el tiempo)😡
  • Solamente en inglés 1/5

    By alilorenz1
    La App no está disponible en español, únicamente en inglés, chino y japonés. Que mal. Ojalá la pongan en español en algún momento. En mi laptop está en español y es genial.
  • Superior speech recognition 5/5

    By watching trms
    Much of what Cortana does better is because of that. Her jokes are funnier.
  • Keep up the great work! 5/5

    By MI6_007
    Love it! Awesome Microsoft! Thanks!
  • Great 5/5

    By Agent619
    The best at what it does.
  • Excellent cross platform digital voice assistant 5/5

    By VenkataRam
    Works external will on my Windows work station iPhone and surface pro. This wonderful cross platform ai based voice assistant helps me organize lot of things on my daily life.
  • Better than a real thing 5/5

    By CA_SurferBear
    Cortana is BETTER than Siri on iPhone ! I’m so glad Microsoft has released the app for iOS.
  • Strange 1/5

    By Isar2
    Just starting to use this app. But if I ask for today’s date it gives me yesterday’s. This doesn’t fill me with confidence.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By devonhall
    Cortana is a completely useless app.
  • Great Assistant! 5/5

    By Arbi Edge
    I use Cortana everyday for my tasks, schedules, searches, ... great results and behavior! It beats all the others, let’s not name them!
  • Great 5/5

    By jgkmd
    Unfortunately, the number of useable apps on the windows 10 phone is dropping quickly. So I moved to an iPhone and was very pleased to find Cortana, OneDrive and Outlook apps that work just as well as they did on my W10P. I love my surface pro and that Cortana, Outlook and OneDrive on my iPhone 8 make the transition seamless. Still miss the W10, especially the ability to hear and reply to texts hand-free on my car’s Bluetooth!
  • Not Reliable 1/5

    By NewYorkgal1
    Cortana is definitely better than Siri when it works, which is practically never. Constantly receiving cannot connect message. It’s basically become useless.
  • Very little actual function 1/5

    By Blennum
    Compared to Alexa, this Cortana on Harmon Kardon does 1/10 what can do with Alexa. Feel like I wasted my $$. Going back to Alexa for music.
  • Cortana review 5/5

    By firescorpian
    I have been using Cortana for a while know and I would have to say that I go to her more than I go to siri for finding stuff.
  • Lots of room for improvement 2/5

    By uniquenickname9274719
    The idea is nice and there are some nice integrations. However, there are a lot of things that need to be improved before this can fly. - often has problems connecting, and does not process the question / command in that case - Cortana notebooks have bad interaction problems (they seem based on webpages that are slow, unintuitive and have an unpolished look and feel) - a lot of the functionality is not available outside the US - Cortana is not available at all in most of Europe, let alone in languages like Dutch
  • Texting 3/5

    By Lilichkaa
    I have a PC and an iPhone 6+ and it will not let me text from my laptop, otherwise pretty good. But the texting was the only thing I was interested in so... fix it?
  • 3/5 5/5

    By Wife freedomr
  • Cortana 5/5

    On my Apple phone, Cortana is better than SIRI
  • No está en español 1/5

    By milatongas
    Cuando va a estar en español?
  • Fantastic App!! 5/5

    By mamachrissi
    I love being able to keep all of the same lists and reminders on my phone AND laptop!
  • Unbelievable 5/5

    By JimSageFin
    This app is amazing All key data in one simple place
  • When it worked... 2/5

    By BWR26
    It was great. Now it doesn’t update or load or do anything to be honest.
  • Love it! If you setup on both iPhone and work PC, its a fantastic tool. 5/5

    By HelloJAO
    Can be an amazing "virtual assistant" if you set it up to be. My tip: setup on phone and work PC. Connect your emails to it. Cortona will remind you of stuff you promised, to-dos you put in and ones you forgot about. Kind of scary how she reads your emails, but it's been a wonderful time saver and help for work and reminded me about stuff I forgot to do many times!
  • Want me to remind of you anything? 5/5

    By xiaoenrenter
    iPhone Cortana app. Not sure what language you used the translator to translate English from but that doesn’t look right to me.
  • Initial steps wouldn’t go away 5/5

    By jymjymjorpjorp
    Love the app. After initial install it had a 123 steps splash screen that wouldn’t go away. I followed the steps but still wouldn’t go away. Powered cycled and was good. Also. I wish it could read stories like the new windows edge browser.
  • On the right track 5/5

    By IA Watchdog
    Definitely user friendly and intuitive
  • Needs more Intergration with Office Mobile Apps. (Microsoft, please take notes...) 5/5

    By rbow-Z28
    I use Cortana everyday on Windows 10, I am fully aware of the capabilities she has on Windows 10 She can quickly send emails and check the latest emails from my inbox; with a simple voice commands. Comparing to the smartphone apps on Android and iPhone, features that seemed like a no-brainer for the desktop are underdeveloped and lacking on the mobile apps. Cortana has a vast array of skills on capabilities Windows 10, and so far compared to Siri; she is far ahead of Apples own personal assistant game. I am glad Microsoft is listening to customer feedback and can't wait to see how they will continue to improve the cortana app in the future. However, their seems to be some features Cortana lacks on the mobile platform, related to email,and calendar. Cortana can't seem to do anything on the mobile app; that I've come to expect coming from Windows 10. Reading emails from Outlook 2016, my reminders, or tasks. So the app right now honestly, feels a bit underwhelming compared to the PC. Cortana ought to be able to read emails, or send emails from Email apps, like Apple Mail or the Outlook mobile app. If Microsoft wants to keep Windows users on their "ecosystem" it would certainly make the experience more streamlined. What I'm suggesting is that Microsoft ought to grant Cortana permission to access the Outlook "mobile app", contacts, Calander. On the same note; An ability to intergrate the Outlook's Calander and not the standard Apple mobile app's "Calander" would be much more preferred. Microsoft could develop an ability, for the mobile "Outlook" app; to connect to the Cortana app directly for better usability and synchronization of calendar events, and replying or sending emails from Cortana without needing to jump to Outlook or Apple Mail. Reading my latest emails, dictating emails straight from Cortana on iPhone are features I would much appreciate. This would be just another reason I wouldn't have to used Siri anymore. I find voice recognition and dictation on "Cortana" is more accurate than Siri. Microsoft, please add these capabilities to Cortana, *specifically*: sending emails from "Cortana" straight to Outlook/ or Apple Mail. I already use voice dictation via Cortana on Windows 10 *everyday*. Being able to quickly dictate an email to a short email to a frequent contact is a huge time saver. Lastly, for iOS iMessaging. Rather than dictating a message, and showing a preview ; which then redirects you to your conversation on iMessage; why not just allow Cortana to send it from the app directly? - Oh and when can we get the "Hey Cortana" option? I hope Microsoft takes our comments and feedback and incorporates them in fitted releases. If they want to innovative, and stay ahead of the smartphone assistant game; I'm sure they'll keep improving.
  • Love Cortana 4/5

    By bestcbest
    Worlds better than Siri in my opinion. I preferred the previous version but in mostly superficial ways.
  • When can I replace Siri? 5/5

    By Venom01x
    I would like the option to replace Siri as the default assistant.
  • Awesome All reminders on all my devices 5/5

    I think of something I need to be reminded to do but don’t have a pen I say : “Hey Cortana to remind me to ...) and i am reminded on every device I have Cortana running on. No need for memo pad. It is an outstanding productivity tool! Ps works really well with Invoke!

    By I rated it!
    I love this app and it works great, but when using reminders and selecting the time, the sliders frequently enter incorrect information. I click done after selecting the time for the reminder, and often discover the time saved is different than what I selected. Please fix this!!! Other than this issue, it’s a great app!
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Nightxxcaster
    Every time I look up pictures they won’t show up just the boot part where it says may be subject to copyright really disappointed
  • Improvement 3/5

    By Olindha
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  • No complaints. 5/5

    By Thor2070
    Love it!
  • not without google search 2/5

    By Camie488
    im sorry whatever search engine is being used is horrible finding an answer to a question extremely long she cant just answer directly like google smh
  • Why 2/5

    By Emirofgroofunkistan
    Why do you force landscape mode? I hate apps that do that.
  • Apple Watch 5/5

    Make it available on Apple watch
  • Almost as Good as on Windows phone 5/5

    By That smart guy
    As someone who uses a Windows 10 phone, a Surface Pro 3, and a Windows 10 laptop, I love that Microsoft has taken the road less traveled and given other platforms access to some of its popular software (still waiting for Google and Apple to do that). This Cortana app, along with Office, OneDrive, Xbox, Groove, Skype, etc. allow me to more or less avoid using the built-in iOS applications, giving my iPad another shot at being useful in some way. Of course, the nature of iOS keeps Cortana from being as integrated as it is on Windows, but it's still a lot better than Siri. A lot, LOT better than Siri.
  • Not worth the headache. 1/5

    By RamblerPat
    Immediately upon downloading this app I had difficulty signing in. Bad sign of things to come. Deleted it.
  • Useless for my needs. 2/5

    By trunks.cscs
    I have an iPhone and an iPad along with a newly built computer with Windows 10 (I like Windows 7 more, but my motherboard is made for Windows 10). I have no need for Cortana despite having it on both iOS devices. I only use it out of curiosity...
  • Can’t link phone. Blah. 1/5

    By bandjoe
    Can’t link phone. Blah.
  • Amazing, just one request 5/5

    By tims159
    Please add portrait mode in iPad
  • worthless 1/5

    By Fiskdgs
    Why do I need a Microsoft account? DUMB. Plus it doesn’t integrate woth iOS. So I thought well, at least I can get some good jokes from it, but then I was like Oh right I can’t use ANY FEATURES without an account. APP DELETED.
  • Pretty good so far! 5/5

    By not1lost
    No complaints, seems quite useful. Kinda like Google app. So five stars for being useful and no complaints. I use both Mac and Windows 10 computers but haven't tried any syncing things yet? Seems good
  • Slow 3/5

    By J2DS
    A bit on the slow side but still good
  • No office 365 integration no business accounts 1/5

    By Annoyed IT Guy
    Can’t sign into my business profile, no way to connect it. Pile of Microsoft junk.

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