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Costco App

It's easy to save time and money while on the go, with the Costco Mobile App! We've improved our mobile app, to make it easier for members to access the incredible values found only at Costco. SHOP: Browse’s unique and expanded selection, which offers thousands of items not found at your local warehouse. Enjoy having items delivered straight to your door! SAVINGS: Conveniently receive the latest Warehouse Savings right on your own device. PHOTOS: Upload and print photos anywhere, anytime. Prints start at 17¢, Photo Books start at $19.99 and Canvas Prints start at $28.99. TRAVEL: Shop Costco Travel for great deals on vacation packages, hotels, cruises, rental cars, theme parks and more! BUSINESS CENTER: Stock up on everything from Restaurant Supplies to Office Essentials, and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. SHOPPING LIST: Keep track of the items you want to pick up on your next trip to Costco. WAREHOUSE INFO: See details about your nearest Costco warehouse, including regular and holiday hours, services provided, and driving directions. FEEDBACK: Visit our Opinion Lab page and help provide important feedback for Costco, because your opinion matters!

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Costco app reviews

  • So Annoying To Use 1/5

    By yinjerry
    The app is so hard to navigate. It’s just completely unintuitive. I use it for the convenience of online shopping, but it’s just so frustrating to get anything done. First, the login process requires you to sign in every time you use the app. This is despite the fact that there is a checkbox to “remember me.” That’s a minor inconvenience, but I’ve learned to deal with it. Second, it’s proven impossible to find products products, as well as leave reviews on previous purchases. If you click on an item, there’s no tab or anything to get to the reviews. The only way I’ve found that I’m able to leave a review is if I follow the link they send via email. The problem is that they only give review links to certain products, as opposed to everything you ordered. And, again, after I leave this review, I have no idea how to access it, or edit it, or even see it. Third, the shopping cart doesn’t save. I’ve often added items to my cart, and then I’ll leave the app. Some hours later, I’ll return to the app and find that all the items that I added to my cart are now gone. The only solution I’ve found is to add items to lists. But that’s annoying when I’m only buying something as a one-time purchase. Fourth, grocery shopping via Instacart is so cumbersome. When you shop for items to get delivered to your home, you have to go through this whole elaborate micro-site setup that really annoying to get to and find your way around. It’s also annoying that when you search for items in the general section, that items which are marked “warehouse only” still appear in the search results. If grocery and online shopping are treated as two separate entities, then I would appreciate less cross-contamination of products that I’m ultimately unable to purchase. Fifth, the selection online is severely limited. The general trend is that online shopping should have more assortment and variety than in-person shopping. But on Costco, it’s not possible to find many of the items I’m looking for. For instance, beverages. I like to buy drinks online, but the only zero-calorie drink they have available is Bai. Can we at least get Propel and Vitamin Water? Overall, while I do still use the app, since it’s convenient and available 24/7, I find myself frustrated every time I want to make a purchase. I think a lot of the app’s user experience and interface annoyances are easily remedied, and I’m sure they’ll eventually be coming. I just hope it happens sooner, rather than later. It’s not like online shopping is some completely new venture that no one has experience with. I’m just surprised that for a company as large as Costco, that its app is so lacking in, really, some of the most commonly expected features that are ubiquitous to all other shopping platforms I’ve encountered.
  • Why no digital id card? 2/5

    By smallbiznj
    This app would actually be useful if they allowed me to add my card to the apple wallet. Otherwise it’s pretty much just advertising.
  • No electronic card? 1/5

    By bw182
    Where is the ability to use the membership card electronically? It’s 2019 guys, c’mon...
  • Worst app of the 3 warehouse clubs 1/5

    By Alfmaster
    When Costco moved close enough to my house so that I could justify a third warehouse club membership, I went for it. Unfortunately, the app is the worst of the three clubs apps with the S club being the best and the B club coming in second. This app doesn’t even deserve third place it’s so awful. First, it’s a browser housed inside an app frame so the poor interface, lack of features, and lackluster design of the web page mobil formatting is captured here. Second, it lacks the basic capability of telling you if something is in stock at your local club. This alone makes it useless for the purpose I would use it for. The other two have this functionality. Finally, it’s really slow because it’s using a browser interface inside an app frame. So you are in essence running two apps at once which is highly inefficient. If you want to see a top notch club app, download the one for the S club. They got it right. Costco should at minimum look at the B app if not the S app for future enhancements.
  • Lame 1/5

    By Zel123
    So I found an item in the flyer that I was interested in, so I thought I would look at the app for more information. Wrong! Entered the item number in the search bar, nothing found(really?). So then I typed the name of the item, wrong, item not found. How absolutely stupid is that? You can’t even coordinate your flyer with your app/website? That on top of the fact that you can’t use the app as your ID card or have your ID card in your wallet. Who is Costco leadership? A bunch of old farts? Get with it Costco. You know you have a leadership issue when Walmart is kicking your but in Technology!
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By JimmyJoeJimmyJoe
    It never saves the login on this app or on the website for more then 5 minutes. That's not security, that's a garbage app.
  • App not made for Gold Star membership 1/5

    By AnEpicNguyen
    “Costco has frozen fish. Let’s search the app to see what’s offered.” *24pk salmon burgers - $100 *10lbs White King Salmon fillets - $200 *10lbs Alaskan Golden King Crab - $240 *10lbs Alaskan Cod fillets - $120 *Fish and Authentic Wagyu beef trio pack - $750 So the app is made primarily for Business and Executive memberships. Note: For Business, you need to have a business license. For Executive, you need to pay double the membership fee. The only useful part of the app for non-Business/Executive members (ie Gold Star) is the Lists and Savings (which is also integrated into the Lists). You can’t search for what is offered at your local warehouse. (I don’t know why I still have the app)
  • Photo center 👎 1/5

    By katv85
    I am trying to order photos and it’s not working. When it comes time to check out it says my member password is wrong, which I know it’s not because otherwise I can log in just fine. So I tried to ‘forget password’ and it goes to a blank screen. Very frustrating. I have tried probably 10 times now. I give up. Bug fix needed 😬
  • Having to sign in every time I open 1/5

    By dizial
    Simply ridiculous. Every time I open the app I have to sign in. This needs to be fixed ASAP
  • No Apple wallet support 2/5

    By AnneIvy
    It’s 2019 and while Sams Club has the ability to put your member card in your Apple Wallet, Costco does not. Now that Costco accepts Apple Pay it makes no sense to have to carry and produce a physical membership card. Please add Apple Wallet support.
  • A total P.O.S !!! 1/5

    By Sensible2018
    This garbage app. consistently signs you out!! Makes you sin in again to give you “ member’ only” price what a load of crap!
  • Worthless app - read on to see why 1/5

    By Justinr9999
    When installing, I wondered why Costco has such low ratings, but I figured it out after using the app. People don’t dislike Costco; they dislike the app. I talked to customer service who informed me that I am unable to set a location as “my store” in order to see if Costco has what I’m looking for in stock before making the trek to the location, then committing to the time-consuming journey through the store. There is no way I’m getting on the phone with a store every time I want to research products, which is their current solution... I like Costco and would like to shop there more, but times have changed and people, especially newer generations, just don’t shop as we did in the past. I sent Costco a feature request because getting me into their store by having something I want would generate far more revenue for them than me going to a competitor because I know they have what I need in stock. The competitor currently gets all my “convenience” purchases instead of Costco, because my time is valuable and I’ll usually pay a little more for certain items than spend my time going from store to store. Costco is more time consuming than others to purchase from so this applies double to them. Please make this a feature! Without that, the app is absolutely worthless.
  • Makes Me Miss Sam’s Club 2/5

    By Reviews4U04
    The Costco app leaves much to be desired. Even with the most recent update, the design feels behind the times. It isn’t very visually appealing, and unlike the Sam’s Club app, you can’t search for items/item prices specific to your store. I wish Costco would incorporate more features like Sam’s (such as grocery pickup, scan and go, etc.).
  • Membership Card??? 2/5

    By CaptFig
    No way anyone in today’s society can carry every card they’re issued. How come no card on app, let alone available for Apple Wallet? Archaic!
  • It’s a pretty pointless app 2/5

    By robb0995
    It’s slow, lacks any real functionality, and specifically lacks the most obvious function: Membership Card in the app or even transferable to wallet.
  • Ms 1/5

    By MinervaArt
    Where’s your app for a Costco Scanner??
  • Cancelled everything, unbelievable 1/5

    By pulpy990
    I created account today and order 3 times, cancelled all
  • Simple: Add Apple Wallet Membership Card! 1/5

    By MobilePayMan
    I was hoping to use the app to manage my membership and ***most importantly*** access my Costco card digitally. Sadly it just doesn’t exist :-( This one simple thing would take this app from 1 to 5 stars for me just because it would take away the huge burden of carrying a piece of plastic around. Costco get with the times!!!
  • Just a Mobile Store Ad - Needs More Features 1/5

    By Walter Denver CO
    Ever get the weekly store ad in your mailbox? This app reminds me of that. I don’t find the app useful for much else at all. You know what would make this app a 5-star? Scan-n-Go. The major competition has this. Just scan as you shop, pay from the app and walk out. No waiting forever in a long line to check out at a traditional register. Come on, it’s 2019! Time to catch up with technology ... and the competition. If shopping at the competition is easier... well you can finish that thought. If you value your members, work to retain them and make the shopping experience easier. Scan-n-Go is the way to go!
  • No warehouse shopping history viewable. 1/5

    By Libertyforall
    Needs to add my shopping history in the warehouse physical locations, like the Walmart app does!
  • Photos aren’t connecting 3/5

    By Annamarie24J
    I LOVE Costco. And I love getting pictures from there to send to great-grandparents. But I’m frustrated that my Google Photos won’t connect anymore! Please update or correct this issue! It was so nice to be able to do this from my phone and pick up when I needed to. I would hate to no longer get my photos from Costco. Thanks.
  • Membership Card 1/5

    By PhilNevada
    Why does this not allow you to present your membership through the app? I hate carrying around extra cards. Just give me access to a digital membership card please!
  • Needs Improvement 3/5

    By Henry ES
    The app doesn’t keep you logged in. If you don’t log in first, when you click on an item for members only, you aren’t taken back to the item once you log in.
  • How about an app that’s not just a website port 2/5

    By dinodylan1
    You would think they would hire someone to make the app look good and work better but it just looks like they call the website and app just to get it on the App Store.
  • Love Costco 5/5

    By DaFaz
    I Love Costco!
  • Still waiting for Scan and Go 2/5

    By Chris Hend
    Still waiting for a Scan and Go feature like Sam’s Club. Until then, I will have to use Sam’s Club. Please implement ASAP.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By SilentSam
    It’s unbelievable that I can’t have my membership card in the app.
  • No apple wallet support or in-app alternative 1/5

    By Meecho Weeso
    See title. App is largely pointless when shopping from home gives you a better experience in a web browser. The main benefit, a membership card, is totally missing.
  • They need to catch their technology up with the times 1/5

    By Jwranch
    Sam’s allows you to check out as you shop with their app so you never have to go in a checkout line. I’m tempted to go back to Sam’s because of this awesome feature. Please Costco catch up to this.
  • Get Scan & Go App Costco!! 1/5

    By My Music & Kids
    Add Scan & Go to the app like Sams Club has - in & out, no waiting in long lines, no unpacking your cart onto the belt - just Scan your items yourself as you put in your cart, pay thru the app, show yore paid barcode at the exit and waltz right out to your car!! Mostly choose Sams over Costco for this wonderful convenience!!!!!!!
  • Irritating 1/5

    By Isziville
    The store is great but the app is ridiculous. Sams Club has a great app.
  • Dead app 1/5

    By paladin1usa
    I downloaded The Costco shopping app from The App Store. And it says "Access Denied". Deleted app redownloaded Same thing. I am using a iPhone Xs Tried to contact App support, Access Denied
  • App Crashes 1/5

    By Bobbyf21
    Every time I try to open the app it crashes.
  • Improvement needed 3/5

    By Vpaige57
    I LOVE Costco and was thrilled when you moved to our area. It isn’t close but I plan trips every 2-4 weeks. I really wish you had a list that I could scan the items I am planning on buying and have my home store tied into it so that if the item is not available I will know that before I drive all of the way there to find out I can’t get it. I understand you want to protect your product and prices but as an executive member I should be able to enjoy these features like I do at other retailers. I agree with other reviews saying you must get more up to date with modern retail practices. I prefer to shop at Costco because I believe in the company but at times I will go to the competition because it’s much closer and I’m not sure if I can get an item at Costco. Please consider the things people are telling you.
  • No option to remain logged in (remember-me checked) 3/5

    By Ah Bl
    what's the point of using this app if i have to login to see member-only pricing? Back to the drawing board with you!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Ronniebel
    This app is really bad. There are a number of issues. You have to log in every time as the app doesn't stay logged in nor does it have Face ID. Then it often takes you to its own browser for product info and you have to log in again to see the price of an item. For the new grocery store for online same-day delivery, it's hard to browse. Finally, the search function is poor. When I put my curser in the search area, there are no previous search criterea listed, so I have to retype every time I do the same search again. If you are accustomed to the Amazon app and then try this, you will be very dissappointed. I love Costco and I'm saddened that they would allow an app as poor of quality as this to represent them.
  • Simplify !! 1/5

    By Lolan7
    I got this app so I could see this month’s deals so I could complete my shopping list. Kind of like my grocery apps do. FORGET IT. THIS IS JUST A SCAM to shove all those products and services you walk past in the store right up your app. Delete. Delete. Delete.
  • It’s 2019 1/5

    By daulyp
    If I can use my phone to show a boarding pass to get on a flight, why can’t I use it to show my Costco membership? I usually like to go after work and I shouldn’t have to drive all the way home to get my card or wait in line to get a temporary card which is also a waste of paper. The last thing on my mind in the morning is whether or not I’m going to Costco after work and I usually only carry my ID and one credit card.
  • Costco Travel requires separate login 2/5

    By fredinand2018
    I use the finger print to login to the Costco app. From there I select the airplane icon to go to Costco Travel. After making my selection, say renting a car, I am required to enter my membership number and password when though I have already been authenticated through the finger print. Why not design the app in such a way that login credentials are passed on to Costco Travel? Make the app easier, not more difficult.
  • Just a browser... 1/5

    By Whyzer
    You can get the same functionality from Safari. It’s just an Internet browser without the browsers functionality.
  • Scan & Go please 2/5

    By strawbarigrl
    I wish so bad you had scan & go, like Sam’s Club!!
  • Don’t like 1/5

    By done with Costco
    Can’t figure out how to use this app to just look at what is on sale in warehouse. I like to shop when items I need are on sale so I can pick up a treat or something we don’t normally get. Only shows me same day and 2 day deliveries. Guess it is time to dump the Costco membership.
  • Photo center complaint 3/5

    By AJL123456789
    I am a big Costco fan and love purchasing my prints from them because the quality is great and the price is awesome. My complaint with the app is that there is not an option to have the photos shipped. I can only pick up at warehouse and my local warehouse no longer has a photo center. It is very frustrating to have to go online via the internet to have this option. Please update app to include a ship to option.
  • App that doesn’t remember login credentials 2/5

    By Arun reddy
    It would be great if the app is able to remember the login credentials. I use the app on daily basis and it is frustrating to enter the credentials each time. Also, it would be great if Costco introduces virtual membership card that can be scanned from mobile phone. Plastic card wears out so soon and had to go stand in huge lines to get a new one. Also, virtual card reduces use of plastic.
  • Old school app, limited use like their employees 1/5

    By Bubba traveler
    I am a fan of the store and products, but just like their rude employees at the Easton Costco and online CS, they serve little use and often times aren’t helpful.
  • A website wrapped in an app 1/5

    By _ivancr
    Please build an actual native app. If I wanted the website I would go to Safari. What a terrible experience.
  • Take a look at the Target app for improvements 2/5

    By BL's Pinterest
    I’d like to suggest you looking at the Target app for improving yours, Costco. In the Target app, I love the fact I can make a shopping list and check items off as I put them in my cart at the store. Also, include the aisle the items are located in the store. Please start providing customers with GRASS-FED/pastured MEATS—especially your fresh meats. That would be a huge improvement for people who have to eat allergen-free meats/foods. So many eat Paleo to feel better. Surely you will realize this soon! Costco still beats pricing to other stores but I would love this improvement and then we would buy your meats. Thank you!
  • Only 3 words of feedback 1/5

    By JRD1991
    Needs Apple Wallet
  • Account locks b/w devices 3/5

    By jadehound
    Yup, can’t use same account on two different devices. Change password on one device and it doesn’t register with a server to be able to login on separate device without locking your account. Pretty lame in this day and age. Pretty lame.

Costco app comments

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