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Costco App

It's easy to save time and money while on the go, with the Costco Mobile App! We've improved our mobile app, to make it easier for members to access the incredible values found only at Costco. DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP CARD: Access your membership card from the home page of the app. Use your membership card to enter the warehouse and at checkout. SHOP: Browse’s unique and expanded selection, which offers thousands of items not found at your local warehouse. Enjoy having items delivered straight to your door! SAVINGS: Conveniently receive the latest Warehouse Savings right on your own device. GAS PRICES: Just tap the locator pin on the map to view current gas prices. PHOTOS: Order metal prints, acrylic prints or photo mugs directly from the app. Have them delivered to your door or pick them up at select Costco locations. SPECIAL EVENTS: View the Special Events happening at your local Costco and set reminders for upcoming events. PHARMACY: Order prescription refills & check status on prescriptions. Get refill reminders, track your medications, manage family accounts, transfer prescriptions, and find a Costco pharmacy. TRAVEL: Shop Costco Travel for great deals on vacation packages, hotels, cruises, rental cars, theme parks and more! BUSINESS CENTER: Stock up on everything from Restaurant Supplies to Office Essentials, and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. SHOPPING LIST: Keep track of the items you want to pick up on your next trip to Costco. WAREHOUSE INFO: See details about your nearest Costco warehouse, including regular and holiday hours, services provided, driving directions and gas prices. FEEDBACK: Visit our app feedback page and help provide important feedback for Costco, because your opinion matters!

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Costco app reviews

  • Mind boggling how behind Costco is 2/5

    By TexAg1989
    Can’t recall ever writing a review, but I’m new to Costco and am just stunned how behind the times their entire digital experience is. No scan and go. Limited ability to use the club without a physical card. No curbside pickup. Different prices online vs. in the club. No exchanges. How do you get so many things right, then completely ignore or fumble so many things that Sam’s does so well?
  • Too slow to load and allows use of expired cards 1/5

    By Rags7
    The app is too slow in searching for products. It allowed to make purchases with apparently a dormant and expired Costco membership card due to which no rewards are coming to me. Disappointing and frustrating
  • Does not meet Costco standards 1/5

    By oneflatfish
    This Costco app is terrible honestly. It’s slow, clunky, and the search function rarely works or yields results that the user is looking for. The bottom line is that this app doesn’t live up to the high standards that Costco customers are accustomed to. Costco delivers a high quality experience with almost everything else, but the app is just inexcusable hot garbage.
  • One of the worst apps I’ve ever experienced for my favorite store 1/5

    By Kim Im
    One of the worst apps. Rarely works. I’ve been a costco member for so long and while I’m happy I can have a digital copy of my costco card on my phone and they’re finally starting to archive in store reciepts digitally, it doesn’t really matter if they app rarely works. 1. It never keeps me signed in, and even when I know for sure I have the correct password it says my log in info is incorrect. 2. So slow. Can’t perform tasks on the app. Just gets stuck. Doesn’t matter where I am or what wifi or network I’m on. 3. I can’t add anything to my cart to check out. It always shoots out an error code. 4. I can’t pull anything up. 5. Search engine barely works. So. Please please please find a company to fix your app. You’re costco. Hello. Pay the money to have a working app for your many adoring customers.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Pita X
    App is useless Coscto warehouse is brutal with inventory as well.
  • Cannot add credit card 1/5

    By yoginin
    Won’t allow me to enter experation date for 3 months?!! Can’t add credit card!! Fix it!!! Now it won’t let me get past the shipping page!! I just want to shop! Why is there always problems?
  • Weak functionality 1/5

    By tsutaz
    Your store is great, however, Sams Club is rocking their mobile app compared to the basic poor performing app of Costco. Hire some mobile architects and get this app competitive status to Sams!!!
  • Please fix login issue 1/5

    By 一坨小白
    Come on, it’s close to 2022 already and the app still requires the user to manually login every time… It seems to me that the login page is not App native, please consider change the login to native page so that users don’t have to login time and time again, it’s an awful experience.
  • Cannot access card 1/5

    By Distraught student
    Hi all, App does not seem to allow me to access my card or log in. Might be a bug. Running on iPhone 13 max pro iOS 15.1.1. It just won’t load the ability and continues to refresh. I am on wifi so it’s not connectivity.
  • Log-in is Running in Circle 1/5

    By tdkhanh
    It was OK before. Somehow that last two updates ruin everything. The app put me in a no-ended loop.It does not save log-in even with "remember me" box checked. Whenever I choose to see my account, I have to log in again and again. I can not access my lists now_again the app runs on a blank page, try to connect to something but not complete. Please fix.
  • Needs Scan & Go 2/5

    By e0zin
    Sam's Club app ability to scan items and pay makes the Costco app outdated and obsolete. Otherwise this app isn't as useful for me.
  • Please add Costco membership card to Apple wallet 2/5

    By PCB_Designer
    This app is so bad and I don’t even use it. Please add the membership card to Apple wallet.
  • Cumbersome 1/5

    By @keolalai
    Costco does big box better than anybody. The Costco APP is pretty useless. You can’t shop your local warehouse with the app. There is no free shipping. The app and the costco website is cumbersome and hard to navigate.
  • Can’t log in anymore 1/5

    By Kayakin3d
    For a while now, I’ve been unable to log into the Costco app and look at past orders. Just goes into an endless cycle of loading (what I assume is) the log in page and it just never loads and keeps refreshing. Please fix!!
  • Love Costco but your App leaves a lot to be desired 3/5

    By MaryMacKC
    I have the app, I’m a member, I have a card, I have a membership#, so why, when I ‘go to cart’, is my delivery ZIP Code different every single time? I change it, but if I close out the app then open it right back up, it’s already a different zip code I have to change it, every single time!!!!! You have my delivery address, you have my billing address, so I don’t understand why my current ZIP Code isn’t correct! Second,I am in the app, in the cart and it has a message… ‘A Costco membership is required to purchase this item.’ What? How can I be in the app and see correct prices if I didn’t have a Costco membership? I have a little patience for nonsense and inefficiency, that’s why this bugs me so much. A fix would be appreciated, thank you
  • So buggy 1/5

    By 10101mark
    Can’t add items sometimes. Gets stuck in random loops. I just use the browser version when this happens.
  • Costco misplaced prescription order 1/5

    By plutonium fallacy
    And called me a liar and waited 2 hours.
  • Can't check out 1/5

    Can't check out on app have to go to website, sign in, then check out.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By kmealer
    The app never will connect to the internet. It’s always down! Deleted it, re downloaded it, updated it. Everything and the dam app never works!
  • My receipts are gone in the app 2/5

    By onlyvani
    I liked having the feature where I was able to see my warehouse purchase, however they seem to have disappeared. I like Costco but Sam’s has scan and go. I wish Costco had that.
  • Changed to ruin 1/5

    By Construct
    The new, completely and totally unnecessary “Quick Actions” bar is obstructive to the point of obscuring necessary parts of navigation. It is annoying, thoughtless, and was clearly created to justify someone’s employment. Remove it. You have also removed the “Most Helpful Negative Review” highlight, which means navigating the reviews to find what I need, which will inhibit me from making purchases rather than elicit them.
  • Is this 2010? 1/5

    By Tom_Bay
    Slow, poor interface, and the integration with Instacart is truly amateurish. I wonder if this was user tested at all… I’m a big Costco fan and struggle to understand why they won’t make proper investments here. I enjoy visiting warehouses, but 2/3 times I just don’t have the time and need to order via the app. Each time it’s a pain…
  • Receipts 3/5

    By NotAGoodOne
    I recently found out that we can find copies of our receipts from the warehouses on the app…cool. BUT…I also just found out it these receipt copies DO NOT specifically indicate the sale price of sale items. All it says is a total of “instant savings” on the bottom of the receipt but what I want to know is how much I paid for the item. What gives?! Helpful but not helpful!
  • Costco app negative 1/5

    By Longyouku
    Cost pls hide better app developers can’t use ch. I love shopping Costco but app it is bad app. Out stock on app but I can check out at on web browser. Bad app many errors!
  • Honestly why? 1/5

    By hipstercracker
    This app is built and maintained by completely incompetent people. The app is a joke, and rarely performs well. It functions in a time machine, as if it was 2010. You would and should expect more out of a corporation in 2021. Why after years of awful reviews Costco has done nothing with this should speak volumes to people who buy their goods. It’s just super embarrassing. The stores are great, this app is like summer school students had an idea.
  • The app is garbage and needs to be changed 1/5

    By kraglah
    The app is garbage and needs to be updated half of the items in store aren’t even on the app unless you want furniture or everything else in order to do my shopping I have to go through insta cart because you can actually navigate there app Costco isI un-navigable
  • I would like to know specific store stock. 2/5

    By November Lily
    I just wish the app had the feature of telling specifically what product brands and product types are in stock for each store’s location. That’s all. I think the app would have more of a practical use that way.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Ananmike
    I don’t live in Canada, and not a choice to select the country I’m in. And after reading the comments , I’ll just be deleting the app.
  • One of the few Weak Points of Costco 2/5

    By Dark enV
    I love Costco. I have a membership to both Costco and Sam’s. Each place has their pros and cons but my preference for shopping is Costco overall. Now one area Sam’s Club KILLS Costco is with their app. Not only do you get Scan and Go but also you can check the store inventory right there with the app, you can pay for your gas through the app, you can place an order to be picked up through the app etc. The Costco app is really just bare bones. Yes I’m glad I can have my membership card on my phone but why can’t I scan that card at the gas pump at least? The only people that don’t have to worry about that are those with the credit card since their membership is attached to it. The app is also very slow at basic tasks like checking an order status, normally I have to kill the app and start over just to get it to work. Why can’t I see the prices of items at my local store, or even if they have any stock? This app has a LONG way to go to become as useful as Sam’s Club’s app. It doesn’t have to be a copy of it, but inheriting some of the features would be very nice.
  • Lacking is understatement 1/5

    By TDC0430
    The worse shopping experience. You order, the next day you receive cancellation. Customer service is a whole different experience from store.. Customer service is WFH staff with distractions and background noise—not professional. No shop and go/pay on app. You have to sign in every single time. I could write a thesis on how horrible app is.
  • The most retarded application for a large company 1/5

    By Sam Sumon
    Stupid and useless app. Learn from Sam’s club.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Al111136
    Terrible app fix it ASAP it’s ridiculous so huge store like Costco with so low quality app
  • Receipts are now available on the app 5/5

    By imkj42
    Its good to see costco catching up on this. The receipt looks the same as the paper. It would be good to see a more readable version including the whole item name, picture, etc like how walmart does. Keep improving the app!
  • This app is junk 1/5

    By aqsw123
    I was looking to purchase a sofa bc I figured Costco should have something at a good price… well, everything that they show me is out of stock. I guess it’s useful for me to know that at some point they had a sofa I liked in stock. Maybe I can get in my time machine and go back in time to purchase it… maybe… it’s downstairs and I’m not really in the mood to go downstairs… Anyway, I’m tired this. I’ll take my cash somewhere else.
  • It’s getting better 5/5

    By JoeSmithFrank
    Having receipts and history is good.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By hejmi
    This is by far the worst app ever I have to keep going to the store to get it authorized it’s constantly crashing waaaaayyyyy behind sams clubs app
  • Cannot login 1/5

    By jjlovelee
    At first I thought I was remembering my login info incorrectly until I am able to login online but not on the app. I tried many times and cannot find support.
  • Not the best 2/5

    By Shesh000
    Some features in the app stops working after a week like when you want to see a different color of a clothing item and all the pictures disappear and i have to delete and reinstall the app it’s super annoying
  • Sign-in, sign-out, sign-in, sign-out… 2/5

    By CarterGullickson
    I would use the app more if I didn’t have to constantly have to sign back in just to view pricing. The app saves my login, but it signs me out every time I leave the app. I hate having to take extra steps to do the most basic things in this app.
  • Useless 2/5

    By Modoc11
    This app is useless, you can’t buy using it and pick up at a warehouse, you can’t even use it to see if an item is available at a warehouse, you can’t use it to check out and the search is terrible. You CAN find phone numbers for warehouses and that’s about the only way I’ve found to tell if something is available in a store near you.
  • Worthless App 2/5

    By 4cutegirls
    I have memberships to both Sam’s Club and Costco. There are pros and cons to both. But overall I have been much happier with Sam’s when it comes to their app, website, shops and go and same day pick up. Costco is just behind. It is so frustrating because the Costco is closer to me and I have to drive further because of the problems I have with Costco. And it’s been this way for a few years now. I would have thought it was better by now.
  • Absolutely horrible 1/5

    By *stereomike31*
    I still amazed how this company don’t have a decent app after all the money they still from the customers,but then I remember that most of the people who buys stuff there is old people.
  • Please hire SAMS CLUB app development team 1/5

    By CameraGuru
    Costco does not care about the customer experience
  • It’s horrible !! 1/5

    By Gk417
    Nothing works on the app, latest release of the app has nothing changed from UI perspective
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By Zhuofu Li
    This app never remembers me no matter how many times I checked the REMEMBER ME box when logging in, what a stupid team
  • Where is apple wallet card? 2/5

    By xLuckyDuckyx
    Why can’t I put my Costco card in my apple wallet. Definitely need this in the next upgrade
  • Worst App ever 1/5

    By Dk345)
    I love Costco, and their products but not this app. Most of the time it throws an error, “Costco Mobile Services Unavailable, some Costco services are unavailable”. The thing is works on mobile browser but not on the app, funny though. Please fix the app. I wish I could do 0 stars since it’s completely useless.
  • Can you please add a share button? 3/5

    By 4$/month, God Bless You! 👍
    Hi Costco Team, can you please add a share button to the products page so that we can share product links easily (with others) on the Costco app.
  • App is buggy 1/5

    By TonyDRN
    Can’t place orders on the app and then when I order on a PC, I can’t view order status on the app. Also, quick actions just spin and spin. Nothing works.