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  • Current Version: 6.8.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Costco Wholesale Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Costco App

It's easy to save time and money while on the go, with the Costco Mobile App! We've improved our mobile app, to make it easier for members to access the incredible values found only at Costco. DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP CARD: Access your membership card from the home page of the app. Use your membership card to enter the warehouse and at checkout. SHOP: Browse’s unique and expanded selection, which offers thousands of items not found at your local warehouse. Enjoy having items delivered straight to your door! SAVINGS: Conveniently receive the latest Warehouse Savings right on your own device. GAS PRICES: Just tap the locator pin on the map to view current gas prices. PHOTOS: Order metal prints, acrylic prints or photo mugs directly from the app. Have them delivered to your door or pick them up at select Costco locations. SPECIAL EVENTS: View the Special Events happening at your local Costco and set reminders for upcoming events. PHARMACY: Order prescription refills & check status on prescriptions. Get refill reminders, track your medications, manage family accounts, transfer prescriptions, and find a Costco pharmacy. TRAVEL: Shop Costco Travel for great deals on vacation packages, hotels, cruises, rental cars, theme parks and more! BUSINESS CENTER: Stock up on everything from Restaurant Supplies to Office Essentials, and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. SHOPPING LIST: Keep track of the items you want to pick up on your next trip to Costco. WAREHOUSE INFO: See details about your nearest Costco warehouse, including regular and holiday hours, services provided, driving directions and gas prices. FEEDBACK: Visit our app feedback page and help provide important feedback for Costco, because your opinion matters!

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Costco app reviews

  • Problematic 1/5

    By Nerdychick101
    Since the most recent update this app is barely usable. Even more glitchy than before and some pages won’t even load…they’re blank. Costco please work on making this app functional.
  • Often lags or doesn’t load properly 2/5

    By darker6
    Too often does this app just underperform. Can’t search for basic information without it presenting a blank white screen with a loading wheel in the center - that never actually loads. Costco is more than capable of making an app that out performs - please, just make it work without the infinite white load screen.
  • Somehow it has gotten worse 1/5

    By Diatomacious
    Please leave the app developer you are using and start over. The app has. O connectivity to the store other than receipts which was a Huge improvement. Other than that I have no pricing or knowledge of warehouse stock/inventory. Nor does the app function on a regular basis. It’s currently showing blank screens (current version of the app forced closed several times) when browsing or searching. The photos of product navigate clumsy and barely work to zoom or scroll. Reviews don’t work 90% of the time and difficult to navigate or search. Overall this is the biggest issue I have with the company. It’s frustrating that the app is so bad and hasn’t gotten much better over the last several years.
  • Great features 5/5

    By Wintermask
    I see that this app has a poor rating, but that isn’t my experience at all. It has great features that work for me. I especially love the ability to see old receipts. I foresee using this app a lot.
  • App 1/5

    By kdhdbdbx
    I maybe change the rating if I don’t forget but the app is good but I can’t access the cart.
  • couldn’t log in 1/5

    By Misleading and obscure
    signed up but wouldn’t let me use the email associated with the cosco membership.
  • Great store, weak app. 2/5

    By Danjitsu39
    I’ll bump it up 2 stars when it actually eliminates the need for me to carry my membership card. No use at the pump or food court eliminates that core benefit of having a digital membership card in the first place.
  • Basically useless 1/5

    By Robbob.897
    I would prefer no app at all to this.
  • Does Not Allow You to Opt Out of Tracking 1/5

    By Asiaphile
    Perhaps you should remove from App Store.
  • Useless 1/5

    By lwalchemist
    Has wrong warehouse with no clear method to change. Garbage pop-ups and redirects. Cannot search for in-store product locations. Searching google is much simpler and quicker to see department hours and store locations!
  • Useless 1/5

    By D323na
    Please improve this app. I have no problem with my Costco membership but this app is useless. When this app is improved make it more useful like Sam's club.
  • Phone brightness 1/5

    By srinathpillai
    @support, you should stop controlling the brightness of phone when we use the app. At times its really disturbing . Providing an option to lower the screen brightness would be nice.
  • Barely functions, zero stars 1/5

    By dankirsh
    I love Costco, but this app is completely non-functional. Many sections fail to load, and even those that occasionally work will often take multiple attempts and load very slowly. With the most recent update I am unable to search at all. Every time I try to search it just brings up the results from an old search, not the one I’m trying to do now. I have not found a way around this. I
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Jim80132
    I’ve been trying multiple times over the past month to get my digital membership card to appear on the app. Thought it might save the time of digging out my membership card every time. For one, I figured out that the app treats iPads and iPhones differently and you can’t get the Digital Membership card on the iPad. Fair enough. Who takes their iPad to Costco. However, when I tried to set it up on my iPhone, I was blocked for too many attempts on my iPhone. I was asked to call 800-774-2678 for verification. After going through the typical multiple phone transfers to get to the “right” person, the associate forced a password change. I was very clear about asking if this would reset the Digital Membership card verification issue and she assured me it was. She then told me I had to wait 2 days before it would work. Strange, but okay. I got the email for the password reset and it said the email code was only valid for two days. I reset my password and tried again for at least the 10th time. Now the app says I need to go to a brick and mortar location. My advice, forget the app. Use your card and if online, shop the website. Costco is truly a great organization, but they get a solid F on this aspect. Sorry CostCo.
  • Horrible interface and buggy 1/5

    By Noonc
    App needs a lot of work. This app is the worst thing about one of the best retailers in the US. The latest thing they’ve screwed up is they’ve broken the search function. Now when I run a search the app just takes me to the home product screen of whatever Costco is trying to sell. “Searching for big block of cheese? Here are some OLED TVs!” Or want to search for outdoor furniture? “Here are some more TVs!” Or maybe you’re checking to see if they have that face cream you like. “Yes we do have TVs. Here they are!” Boggles my mind that Costco can have such a bad app while otherwise be such an amazing company.
  • Good luck adding your membership to the app 1/5

    By Costco App is Garbage
    This app is useless for adding your membership card to. I’ve done every step 100 times gone to the store and it never works.
  • Cluncky 3/5

    By Joe, but a second one
    Just old tech. Needs to be updated and I find sometimes the info is inaccurate. Most of all it needs an Apple Watch app for the digital membership ID.
  • Way Underrated 4/5

    By wizard8776
    An average review of 2 stars, with what used to be 1 star is criminal. Yes, it could be improved and is a little slow in certain areas, but I have used horrible apps and this isn’t one of them. I have never written a review before, but felt compelled because this deserves a much higher rating. I find it very useful and a nice Costco companion.
  • Should be illegal 1/5

    By JEric80
    I thought this was an extension of but it’s just abusive to instacart drivers. I placed my order and expecting a few business days. I then get updated about the poor instacart driver who is as a store over an hour away (3 locations within 10 miles of my home) and they don’t carry the item I needed. So I had the option to cancel and refund the order but the instacart driver spend over 30 minutes got nothing for their work. The app is definitely an fail for an otherwise great company. App serves solely as a digital membership card now but there’s a 60% chance that too may be abusing workers.
  • Badly designed app 1/5

    By Goksean
    Why does the search screen say sign in to see price always? I’m already signed in. This is a very basic app. So, much work left to make this as useful as Sam’s club app.
  • Terrible if your zip code isn’t in the delivery area. 1/5

    By bfsfhjvcrghcsvkk
    I am a VERY loyal Costco member for over 23 years. For almost 11 of those years, I have live 1.5 hours from my closest Costco warehouse. And yet I still manage to make 4-5 Costco runs per year, and between the great online shopping options for non-grocery items and the occasional in-store shopping trip, I continue to keep my membership active. However, I find one thing about the app incredibly frustrating. I like to browse the app and create a list before I go. But if I try to add some grocery items to my list, I get redirected to a page to enter my address for delivery. I DON’T WANT IT DELIVERED!! And I am outside the delivery area if I did want it delivered. I just want to check the in-warehouse price and add it to my list!!!! I think you should offer a “warehouse list” option that allows customers to see if the trip is worth it. My guess is 99% of the time, it will be worth it, but I hate driving 1.5 hours to see what the final price is after the “$2 off” that is advertised in the flyer.
  • The app is slow and UI has problems 1/5

    By siasiasiasiasia
    Dear dev team, The app is buggy when browsing items, also the the search is having issues by often just showing cached/random results. Please fix. Thanks.
  • Many pages do not appear 1/5

    By yanni2222
    The home page, and many other of the app’s pages are blank, making the app completely unusable.
  • Stopped working. Update did not help 1/5

    By tinker-box
    Can t access order history or past purchase receipts. Difficulties clicking from email promos to site item. Was great. Counted on it, checked it daily. Now useless
  • Terrible app, terrible website 1/5

    By badkitty_
    I love Costco, but they have an absolutely abysmal shopping experience on their app and their website. I have been trying to search for honey for the past hour. I try it from their main page on their website, from their app on their main page, and also from individual sections such as grocery. you would think I would be able to search for honey on their main page and bring up results. I can google Costco honey, and actually find that they do carry honey. But attempting to bring honey up in search results results in a white page regardless of the browser I use. It's almost as though they don't even bother spending actual money on their apps or their website experience. The problem is that this translates into sales. I will look on Amazon or somewhere else where it is easier to find what I am looking for. This is a shame because I really do like Costco.
  • Please fix 2/5

    By Kasper co
    I am trying to renew my membership. when I click renew it doesn’t work.
  • Simply put, this app is terrible! 1/5

    By FSUgly
    If this app was someone’s first experience with Costco they would never set foot inside a store. I can’t even think of an app that I have had on my phone that is this bad.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By gamer24422
    Useless garbage app.
  • Year after year and no fixes 1/5

    By scej.b4
    This is a terrible app. I have waited years to rate it because I kept hoping they would improve it. I like Costco stores, however this app is the worse, the most recent problem, none of the product categories load, so I can’t shop. Many times the search feature doesn’t work, sometimes the pictures don’t load, or it crashes etc. I hope Costco eventually see’s the value in providing customers a quality experience when using their app. I am seriously considering canceling my membership, because I prefer to shop on the app
  • Great store / crap app 1/5

    By tonynguyen_84
    App is clunky and hard to navigate.. Clipping coupons is the hardest thing to do, it should be a button to clip/add the coupon…for whatever reason no matter what phone I use when I swipe it’s just inaccurate and I have to do it multiple times … than there are times it gets stuck and I swipe left and it takes me back to the previous screen .. the most annoying part about this is I have already scrolled through 2/3 and now I have to start over again… absolutely irritating
  • Badly broken on both my phone and my wife’s 1/5

    By GoClick
    I used to be able to bring up my card in the app but then I got a new phone and it won’t transfer to the new device. It just shows a blank screen. Same problem for my wife.
  • Get with it 1/5

    By Tark-Dude
    Costco’s continued separation of digital and physical is lazy. Tried the app today, keyboard wouldn’t pop up when searching. Force closed the app, the keyboard works, but the search returns me to the home page. Tried three times. How to get 5 stars? Sync up warehouse stock, allow curbside pickup. Oh, and the app needs a complete redesign towards function.
  • Wish I could give less than 1 star 1/5

    By Ttrocchio
    Costco is a good shopping experience, which is most important. However, the app is the worst I have ever used, it’s complete garbage, no working functionality at all. I signed up for executive membership in July 2022, my 2% savings on the app was last updated September 2022, nothing since then, completely worthless.
  • Glitchy junk 1/5

    By elkassasin
    Items added to the cart could not be removed. Costco should be embarrassed that this app has their logo on it. I would expect MUCH better from a company like Costco. Do you guys not an an IT department? The app is trash and would be very useful if it functioned.
  • The WORST App EVER 1/5

    By Miss_Sandoval
    I’ve tried to have my membership verified at least 5 times to be able to show the digital card on days where I forget my wallet and it has never worked for me.
  • Won’t ship to my address 1/5

    By Marsh66
    They won’t ship to my address because they can’t verify I live it. I’ve lived here for years.
  • buggy mobile site, fake app 1/5

    By Mrsuperman171
    This is clearly a browser-based mobile site and not an app. It’s buggy, cumbersome, and clearly not thought through. It’s a shame. Costco should do better.
  • Barely useful 1/5

    By carrrrrlos
    It’s a web app, nothing more. Was hoping there was a way to add my Costco card to wallet, but no.
  • Useless 1/5

    By NumbBee
    Until recently, the app was “okay” but now it just plain doesn’t work, takes too long to pull up my card for store entrance checker and the Citi Visa doesn’t want to pair anymore. It essentially has no use anymore and Costco should put it out of everyone’s misery and either revamp or just get rid of it. It is the worst of any retail chain apps that I have and despite deleting and reinstalling it, I get the same results.
  • Re costco And their app 1/5

    By ki ki mom
    Horrible. I called to ask before joining a couple questions. I was trying to get membership. They had item that I wanted and thought with the savings I could buy a membership. Long story short, website kept glitching. They did Not have item they stated they had, so it was a downright lie. It was a 2 hour ordeal. Despite my irritation, before cancelling there was another item they carry. "Not available for delivery or pickup from your location". So another lie. So irritated and rightfully so, I cancelled membership and never going to reinstate or shop there. Bait and switch tactics imo.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Kabir828
    This app serve no purpose.
  • Just trash this app 1/5

    By shawnjohn__
    For as much money as Costco has, they really need to invest in app engineers. The app is GARBAGE - you can do nothing with it. Not even worth taking the time to open the app and show your digital card… I’d rather just carry my card. Costco, step up your game, you’re really letting Sams Club show you up.
  • Adding my membership card is malicious? 1/5

    By melissa b b
    Just downloaded the app and tried to add my membership card. The app gave me a screen saying that I am performing malicious activity. UGH!!
  • Trash 1/5

    By camp bell 0341
    If I can prevent one person from downloading this garbage app then I’ll be happy. This is 2023 you have an app that can’t place orders through the app, really ? I placed an order and it was cancelled for no reason. Tried again and cancelled no reason given. No information just cancelled. Called support and after being on hold because he needed his supervisor was told, “You have to try another device” then he went on t explain the tech stated they couldn’t talk about it but I would have to try another device. What are you guys doing with your money if you can’t have a working app. This is a company worth 216 Billion figure it out or delete the app because it’s pointless.
  • Still can’t check out using app 1/5

    By Alisa in Valrico
    Sam’s Club has you beat by a country mile. It’s so easy to scan as I shop and checkout myself and bypassing those lines. HUGE timesaver. Costco app is far behind.
  • Costco is in the Dark ages 1/5

    By app review by ios user
    Why not just get rid of the Costco app? Costco app doesn’t even deserve 1 star. Costco doesn’t care about you. Sam’s club app shows what is in the store and the price. Sam’s club app has easier navigation especially when you order online and pay. Sam’s Club app has self checkout.
  • Glitchy and slow 2/5

    By kurankaname
    Constantly have to sign in. I try to go back to previous page and it reloads the current page.
  • Hahah 1/5

    By zeoranges
    Hire quality engineers, I bet this app was outsourced
  • Love Costco but absolutely terrible app 1/5

    By Donwooof
    I don’t know when they’ll come out of Stone Age or hire some competent designers for this app. It’s so frustrating to use. I’m already logged in and it still asks me to log in again to see the price? Than I log in again and have to re search for those same items. I’ve to re login for pharmacy… This app is useless. And you can’t even use it at gas station.

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