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Costco App

It's easy to save time and money while on the go, with the Costco Mobile App! We've improved our mobile app, to make it easier for members to access the incredible values found only at Costco. DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP CARD: Access your membership card from the home page of the app. Use your membership card to enter the warehouse and at checkout. SHOP: Browse’s unique and expanded selection, which offers thousands of items not found at your local warehouse. Enjoy having items delivered straight to your door! SAVINGS: Conveniently receive the latest Warehouse Savings right on your own device. GAS PRICES: Just tap the locator pin on the map to view current gas prices. PHOTOS: Order metal prints, acrylic prints or photo mugs directly from the app. Have them delivered to your door or pick them up at select Costco locations. SPECIAL EVENTS: View the Special Events happening at your local Costco and set reminders for upcoming events. PHARMACY: Order prescription refills & check status on prescriptions. Get refill reminders, track your medications, manage family accounts, transfer prescriptions, and find a Costco pharmacy. TRAVEL: Shop Costco Travel for great deals on vacation packages, hotels, cruises, rental cars, theme parks and more! BUSINESS CENTER: Stock up on everything from Restaurant Supplies to Office Essentials, and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. SHOPPING LIST: Keep track of the items you want to pick up on your next trip to Costco. WAREHOUSE INFO: See details about your nearest Costco warehouse, including regular and holiday hours, services provided, driving directions and gas prices. FEEDBACK: Visit our app feedback page and help provide important feedback for Costco, because your opinion matters!

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Costco app reviews

  • Horrible app, keeps emptying my cart 1/5

    By Trini1000
    Costco, time to bring your app and website up to par for online shopping. It’s the most frustrating experience, keeps kicking me out so I have to sign in again, removes items from the cart both on website and app. Awful! No incentive to shop here. Rethinking my membership.
  • Costco Warehouse and Online Not The Same 1/5

    By SuzyQue!
    Whaaaat? I could not believe it. I went to the warehouse to buy a dog flea collar but when I saw the app it was at a cheaper price. So I asked to price match and I thought it shouldn’t be a problem because it’s the same store. I was told that they don’t do that and that the warehouse and online are different companies. WTH!!! This app is useless there’s no scan and go! Can’t click on an item to be on a list. The warehouse that I go to has the worst food court. When I ordered a pizza it looked so sloppy and poor quality. For a big slice it only had 3 pieces of pepperoni like really???!!! If only the other wholesale company is closer I would cancel my membership with you Costco!!!
  • App is disappointing 1/5

    By LH0517
    I’ve been having issues with my account. I think it populates incorrect account information (email, delivery address, delivery zip code, etc.). I didn’t realize the issue until recently I ordered a vacuum cleaner several times and each time it was cancelled. I called customer service and I was told something was wrong with account (my account email, delivery address and billing address-something among them doesn’t match). I double checked everything and updated my password and still the issue wouldn’t go away. I placed another order and in the end, an email was sent to a strange outlook email account. I checked my order history and found a few months ago there was an order delivered to an Indiana address (I’ve been living in Texas almost my whole life) which I have no clue why. Customer service doesn’t seem to be very helpful to explain the issue nor find a solution. The app is so frustrating!
  • Sam’s App is So Much Better 1/5

    By jbjhjyng
    No Scan and Go Function No In Store Pricing Option No Way to Check Local Availability I like Costco better but still often go to Sam’s because of the convince of their app. Scan and Go is a must for me.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Mrc12563
    If you don’t want to carry one more card in your wallet, download the app. It also has tons of savings and the savings booklet integrated into the app. You can also search for Costco’s that have gas and it will show you the price. Also add photos straight from your phone and have them delivered to your home. Tons of cool features and easy to use.
  • Costco app works, but not easily 2/5

    By DaSuss
    Costco membership card takes way too many steps to access when needed. Membership card needs to be in iPhone Wallet - ideally presenting itself on home screen when needed at entrance and register just like airline boarding passes do.
  • Service bad 1/5

    By angella Guong
    I been with membership along time. I came to store buying milk for my daughter. They sold in store, so I came home go online to buy 3boxs milk. And then delivered to me 2boxs milk and other item . I was nice to bring other return in store but reception said No return, No money back and she gave me phone number customer service to resolve this. At the first calling , I talked about this bla bla.. they said updates my item will be return milk back. I waited over a week (not see delivered). At the second time, the calling same and they said delivered will be come in this week. I waited over a week ( not see delivered). At the third calling, I talked again abt this. They said maybe I return item so store return money back already! OMG WHat?? What’s going on.... it look like my fault. I still your email sent to me 3milk boxs not other item. That’s your fault not me! When I bought your products, you delivered faster in 3days. Now it’s your mistake to take long delivered 3weeks already. I still waiting
  • Costco is the reason 0 stars should be an option 1/5

    By simmojb
    The app is painful to navigate and won’t let your household members have their own mobile membership cards — this would help people spend more money in your store! And let’s not forget that it has your picture on it, so Aunt Marge can’t steal my phone and go on a Costco spending spree. Anyway, I digress. The UX and UI are painful, navigation works-ish, but isn’t complete in the menu options, and the app is more like a digital flyer than it is a “real” app. I expect better from Costco.
  • Just use the website 1/5

    By Mandroid321
    This app is basically just the website but the website works better on a browser. Oh and the website isn’t very good either...
  • This app needs improvement 1/5

    By antonio081014
    1. Add Apple wallet support for membership to scan. 2. Replace web style app with native dev design. 3. Redesign your UX, focus on the user with customization based on the signed in user info, not just a General Info app.
  • Useless App! 1/5

    By Jenericuser
    They give you no information about when your order will be sent, and make it impossible to talk to a human. I Got Disconnected from chat twice and no one attempted to contact me in spite of having both my phone number and email. I waited two weeks for a lawnmower that was supposed to arrive in 5-7 days and it was clearly used. I’m about to just sign up for Sam’s club after my recent Costco experiences.
  • Bug fixes and “improvements” 1/5

    By K Forf
    Yea the “improvement” was removing digital coupons 🙄. Making it more difficult for customers to save money - who was the improvement for again? 🤔 Definitely not the end user.
  • Costco 5/5

    By gluhf
    Costco should rent be latex rubbishy store eveanhardwear store they should understand Xbox PlayStation Wii U all suppliey evens more to sell like mostliy inflatable jumbo jet I want like ebay they should relize also Amazon. Pls make everything nice and high quality thanks good technology computer tabs etc.
  • The worst 1/5

    By 2dogsdigital
    ...attempting to find hours of operation while logged in on the app and was told i'd have to get the app...wat? The hours for Puerto Rican warehouses is easily available. Any idea how much revenue you lose by being awful on line?
  • Costco 2/5

    By Biggiegiles
    Sams app is better I will be going back to sams after this
  • Great Business - BUT APP IS BUGGY 5/5

    By E.Beagle
    Everything about Costco is as a company should be (within reason). But the app is buggy. Latest version won’t let me sign-in. C’mon Costco, get with the digital program.
  • Update the UI 2/5

    By Ammazingness
    This app is archaic. Please make an app that has more native functionality. The app is basically a website overlay. Very disappointing. Look at target’s app for inspiration.
  • Sketchy app, accesses your clipboard on launch 1/5

    By GatMoney
    This app is sketchy. I just updated it to make sure they hadn’t fixed this problem and they still haven’t. Whenever you launch the app they snoop whatever you’ve recently copied to your clipboard. New iOS tells you when this happens which is the only reason I know. Sketchy. Stop it please Costco
  • Why no scan and go feature? 1/5

    By Rika10003
    Why else would I download the app? The information displayed for items isn’t even correct most of the time, let alone the bug issues. Don’t get this app.
  • Love Costco, but the app needs work. 2/5

    By jvincv
    The in-store experience is better at Costco, but their app is far behind the other warehouse. This is a review of the app. It’s bad. It can’t be because they don’t know or can’t fix it. It could be they don’t think it is important. Again, it’s the app we’re reviewing here. So let’s not compare self-checkout (which both warehouses have now btw). Costco please replace the app. It isn’t worth updating. Thanks.
  • TOTAL CRAP 1/5

    By Krissyferrari
    Someone call Sam’s and ask how to design a useful app.
  • No search function 1/5

    By spotone55
    I mean its retail app. And there is no search function. What is the purpose?
  • True colors 1/5

    By Abynrml808
    This app shows that Costco wants members IN the store, so we can make impulse buys and THEY can make more money. I switched to Sam's because their Scan and Go is light years ahead of Costco's terrible app.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By !man pan
    We have a Sam’s Club and a Costco Membership. While we do prefer Costco products. There locations are less convenient to get to and the app services are a let down. I go to Sam’s more simple because the app offers the scan and go feature no waiting in line I can pay and head out without the hassle. Also I really enjoy that the app is so informative about product availability, unfortunately Costco app is set for delivery only.
  • Costco delivery 2/5

    By jpyati
    I am a member of Costco for decades. When I try to have stuff delivered they do not list the same things they sell in store. I find it very annoying. I am willing to buy $100 worth of stuff but they seem to have very limited things. Is that true?
  • App is awful. 1/5

    By NC RVA 1
    Costco just wants to sell electronics and stuff that the average person doesn’t even consider buying. No digital coupons on app. And very tough to even plan a trip to this store. I got the Costco membership for free. Definitely will not renew. Gonna stick with BJ’s.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By baroonis
    It’s just the Costco website wrapped in an app. Lazy and pathetic.
  • Expect more 1/5

    By OBDS
    This works sometimes... it interrupts shopping and purchasing and is not what I would expect from a company as big as Costco.
  • Handicapped 1/5

    By Pshah54
    This app reminds me drinking buttermilk in era of coke and bear . Too outdated
  • Warehouse prices not the same as app 1/5

    By abby2311
    The app has much higher prices than the warehouse. If there are savings it is not the same as the warehouse price and on top of that you have to pay shipping too even though you are paying a much higher price even though it says you are saving. I have to constantly log in every time. It asks to remember your log in but it does not.
  • Access to Costco never works 1/5

    By bt6002
    Been trying to access Costco through the app and through internet tool. Page never loads
  • The worst app I’ve ever encountered 1/5

    By rusty medina
    Get it together! This app is worthless, forces you to continually log in to access even though you remember me. Tracking numbers on shipments take you nowhere. What is wrong with you Costco? Hire a better app designer, it will pay off.
  • Membership can no longer be logged in 3/5

    By rcd1969
    There was an update that removed my card. On the logon screen you put in your credentials and nothing.
  • Doesn’t stay logged in 1/5

    By Mocasama
    Every time I open the application I have to log it this is not the website where you have to sign in everything a phone and simple face login should be enough
  • Waist of time 1/5

    By Bob can fly
    Limited selection, no in-store pick up. Charge for delivery. Thought with Covid they would have stepped it up but they want you in their store to buy more.
  • Dissatisfied 2/5

    By CorrValues
    Moving to a state that Sams Club has left and Costco is the only choice I would think they would have caught up in technology by now. Not being able to scan while shopping and pay by mobile to skip the checkout lines makes me think twice before going.
  • Endless Login Loop & Invalid Error Adding to Cart 1/5

    By raiderpimp81
    Can’t check my orders or add products to my cart.
  • Wasn’t happy before, now the app freezes A L L T H E T I M E since last upgrade. 2/5

    By kinva2
    I was frustrated with this app as it constantly asked me to enter my password when I wanted to checkout. 😕 Isn’t storage of that info a big part of the convenience of using an app? However, since the last upgrade, the app freezes, a lot; won’t show searched items, won’t show cart items, won’t show department items. It’s pretty much useless now. Figure I will delete. The only reason I gave it two stars was that, at one time, the app actually worked.
  • Not consistent with the brand 1/5

    By Mtaylor305
    I am a very loyal Costco customer and the app and online shopping experience is so completely different it is hard to reconcile. I saw a review that was titled purposely handicapped and i found that very appropriate. The past 3 times I have ordered from Costco online I have had the order delayed. They don’t communicate with you so when your Oder just doesn’t show up you have to go to your order and see that it was not shipped yet. No explanation. No new expected date. Nothing new. When you call in expect 5-15 minutes to be told it was delayed. No eta no sorry. No new information. Be glad you saved money and be patient. We will send it when we send it. .... yeah thanks a lot. This offers no value over brick and mortar or Amazon except for the possible dollar savings. But for horrible service and god knows how long on delays (I waited on a TV for like a month until I cancelled it) No Thanks. Moving on and hurt my image of the brand. Update: over one month now and still no communication to me about the microwave I ordered and paid for. Anger and frustration increasing.
  • Is that too hard to add the card to apple wallet? 2/5

    By FktheProVersion
    Do the most shopping in store. Just want a digital card in apple wallet. But this app does not support that. Amazing!
  • App is awful compared to Sam’s Club 1/5

    By 12747483
    When you compare this app to Sam’s Club it is absolutely awful. It makes me retype in my password every time even though I click remember me. Then when you try to figure out you password it locks you out of your account. Then it makes you reset your password and still keeps you locked out. Overall, just an awful system. Considering canceling my membership and just sticking with Sam’s club.
  • App outdated 1/5

    By nonamefare
    The Costco products and warehouses are exceptional, but the app itself is really outdated. Would be nice to be able to add the membership to the Apple Wallet. Also Costco is pushing everyone towards the digital membership, but unfortunately it cannot be used to pump gas. You still do need the physical membership card. Also in the app you cannot see the products availability for your local warehouse. To top it the prices online are way more expensive than the local warehouse.
  • Archaic & useless 2/5

    By Bardokc
    App doesn’t show what store has half the time. App is archaic old and doesn’t work. When trying to look for something will always show you something completely irrelevant. Please invest some money in a new app or a new update as this could convert in more revenue for the company & less frustration from your customers.
  • Love Costco but app is terrible 2/5

    Exactly as my headliners says, the app definitely needs some work. Too many glitches and consistent. If Costco wants to compete online, this should be high priority.
  • Costco is a great club, BUT... 1/5

    By chrisd7
    their app is just sad and disappointing; - A membership ID, which you can’t add to the iPhone Wallet - no way scan and check out with your phone - creating a shopping list is painful, don’t even try to add things from their monthly flyer, don’t even try to use it at the store - warehouse prices are not in the app - warehouse inventory is not in the app
  • Costco App doesn't work 1/5

    By pbluberry
    This app crashes every time I want to order something online and I do it on the app because my card is saved on there instead of going to their sites. I delete it and and downloaded again and again and now my digital membership is no longer on the app and the membership department at my local costco can't fix it. Disappointment!! That's probably the only good thing about the site and now I don't even have that.
  • Poor Customer Support 1/5

    By Kwithyco
    Throughout the Covid shutdown I’ve awaited Costco’s expansion of assistance to those who choose to avoid exposure to crowds and pools of disease. No curbside service. Not even any order picking for in-store pickup. I could order some items, but shipment of items often costs more than buying in store. So I’ve avoided Costco over the past year. I’ve probably shopped there less than 5 times? Three? The only reason I’ve forced myself inside your unfriendly store is because you stock some items Sam’s Club does not. And Costco can’t even bother to sanitize carts for shoppers. “Self-serve”— what, to keep costs down? Please!! They are not always that low. You stink, Costco.
  • Great company, just a horrible app 1/5

    By Reincarn8
    I don’t know what it is with Costco and their app. Did they ask some stoner intern to lead their digital products? The app is so buggy, logs me out constantly, it’s got a weird app within an app experience for Instacart and for the past few days I can’t even login, add items to cart etc. How is this even allowed in 2021???
  • Expected a lot more from Costco 1/5

    By lauflz
    Buggy, asks to log in every time, feels archaic like the type of app businesses had when apps started to be developed. The main issue I have is with not being able to see if an item is at my local Costco or not or being able to create a grocery shopping list or even buy online and pick up at the local warehouse. All those things I could do with the BJs app which wasn’t perfect but was amazing that way. Sam’s was even better. I moved to another state and the only wholesaler in the area is Costco so I have to live with it.