Couch to 5K® - Run training

Couch to 5K® - Run training

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  • Current Version: 4.5.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Active Network, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Couch to 5K® - Run training App

Get off the couch and get running with the OFFICIAL Couch to 5K® training app! This oft-imitated program has helped thousands of new runners move from the couch to the finish line. Spend just 20 to 30 minutes, three times a week, for nine weeks, and you’ll be ready to finish your first 5K (3.1-mile) race! Get more information about the Couch to 5K app here: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. The Couch to 5K coach you select talks to you during your workouts. To save your battery, Couch to 5K sends audio notifications when your screen is locked or another app is in use. To be sure you hear the coach during your workout, please do the following: • Turn on Notifications permissions • Turn on the hardware ring/silent switch (no red showing) • Turn your ringer volume up • Turn off Do Not Disturb (swipe up for Control Panel and the moon button should not be white) • Within the app, in Settings > Workout Options, be sure the Trainer Volume is up Without granting notification permissions, during a workout you can click the lock icon at the top left to keep the app active and still hear the coach. For support please contact us at: [email protected] We would love to hear from you. WINNER of the 2012 Appy Award for best Healthcare & Fitness App! Features • Training plan designed by trainers • Choose from 4 different motivating virtual coaches—Johnny Dead, Constance, Billie or Sergeant Block • Hear human audio cues to guide you through each workout • Listen to your favorite playlists with in-app music player • Calculate your distance & pace and map your routes with FREE GPS support* • Log your workouts and share your progress on Facebook • Get support from the largest running community on Trainer • Repeat workouts and track your best performance • Treadmill support allows manual entry of workouts • Track your progress with total distance and average pace • Graphs for workouts to compare distance and pace Finished the Couch to 5K program and ready to take your running program to the next level? Check out our 5K to 10K app to prep for your first 10K race here.! Praise "The popular Couch to 5K app helps new runners avoid injury from doing too much, too soon." —Runners World, June 2012 "It's ridiculously easy to use (it's hard not to, as you just do what you're told) and it's fantastic that you have an encouraging voice talking you through things." —Engadget, June 2012 "’s Couch to 5K is one of my favorite… apps. With its customizable features, interactivity, and well-rounded interface, I may actually stay off the couch this time." —148Apps, October 2011 "I knew as soon as I decided to start the Couch to 5K program that I would need something to keep me accountable—not just to showing up for my training, but to actually doing it properly. Of course there’s an app for that." —CalorieLab, April 2012 "If you have been struggling to get your buns off the couch and somewhat in shape before the summer hits, training for a 5K is not a bad way to start. If you are looking for a program to help get you there, then the “Couch to 5K” running plan by CoolRunning is probably your best bet if you haven’t done an ounce of athletic activity for a number of years." —Droid Life, April 2012 FAQ • Once you purchase the app, it is yours to keep. It does not expire after 9 weeks.

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Couch to 5K® - Run training app reviews

  • Doesn’t sync to apple health/fitness 1/5

    By Tigureyz72
    This app doesn’t sync to apple Heath or apple fitness app. You have to input everything manually. I’m not inputting everything manually for 9 weeks.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By karasz411
    Great app. Run and listen to music. I'm down 26 pounds in 3 months with this app and not eating terribly. Not even a real diet just less soda and take out.
  • Amazing 10/10 would recommend!! 5/5

    By OVH16
    This app is amazing, I have zero complaints! I would recommend this for anyone, especially beginners!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Rachel9867
    Love this app to run to. Recommend to anyone starting out.
  • One week done! 5/5

    By kaleiawapuhi
    Definitely got me off my couch 😂 One week done, and loving it so far…
  • Old Faithful 5/5

    By ViewFinder7
    I originally got this app 6 years ago when my mom (a full-time stay at home mom who has never been too active) and I decided to run a 5K. We both trained together using the app and we successful ran our 5k! Because of that, every year when I want to reboot my cardio and running, I turn to this app and it has thankfully never disappointed. I train with my iPhone and iWatch while listening to music and the cues come in clearly over my earbuds while listening to music and it simultaneously vibrates on my iWatch with the cues as well. I also love that it keeps track of my pace and distance for each walk/jog portion. Overall great app that I highly recommend to new or returning runners.
  • Disappointed - Main Function Inoperable 2/5

    By NimrodLowry
    Picked this app out of a hundred identical options because I thought the paid one would work better to help me recover from a knee injury that halted my running last year. Has several fun little characters to condescend to you in full 3D, and that combined with the constant location tracking made it so that each run I attempted would freeze the app 11 or so seconds in and drain my battery incredibly fast until I force-quit out. Would pay the same amount of money for a timer that beeps when I need to run or walk instead of a cast of fully rendered 3D models to do so, it may actually work on my crummy old phone.
  • Great BUT does NOT connect to the Health App 3/5

    By mgutierrez987
    1) Was wondering why my activity wasn’t showing up on my Apple Watch and turns out that it does not connect to the Health App. Since I push a jogging stroller, the watch doesn’t collect all my activity. 2) Disappointed it Does not continue tracking after the work out is finished. If I finish my run 0.25 miles from my house- I want the app to continue tracking my extended cool down. 3) Everything else works as expected. Not my first couch to 5k app as I’ve had multiple high risk pregnancies that require me to “keep my feet up.”
  • Repeat every spring 5/5

    By grettyruns
    I use this app ever spring to get back in shape. I do not run in cold wraps I begin again every spring and this keeps me focused on track and injury free!
  • My favorite training app 5/5

    By Siouxdemona
    I recommend this app to people wanting to start running or get back into running or even rehabbing an injury. I used it after my son was born to get back in shape and start running 5ks again. It eases you into the work without pushing to hard. I use this app now that I have a stress injury in my shin. It helps me pull back and not over work so I can get strong and run again. I like that I can go back and re-do workouts if I feel my shin is just not ready to progress. You can use your own music. I play my favorite running list off Spotify. It would integrate with Apple Music, but I unfortunately don’t use that program. My ONLY complaint is that occasionally when the trainer comes in to give encouragement or tell me I’m halfway done, the volume doesn’t return to the set level until the next segment. I feel like if this is my only complaint, that’s pretty minor! I love that it suggests upcoming 5k races that would coincide with my graduation from the program! I did take the app up on its offer and join one, and I loved it!
  • Needs more events listed. 3/5

    By klmcc1974
    I wish we the ability to submit races that are not listed. There are many missing.
  • Constantly crashes in the middle of a workout 1/5

    By bigfootbelieve
    I’ve used this app for a few years, downloaded it again today and it crashed twice while I was in the middle of a run. Useless.
  • No heart rate monitor or Activity integration. 1/5

    By Colby Salamanca
    A running trainer that doesn’t integrate with any type of heart rate monitor and doesn’t write your workouts to Apple Activity? Unfortunately I only figured out AFTER paying for this app. Don’t make my mistake.
  • Frozen, won’t do a thing after trying to relink with FB 1/5

    By sillygirl99
    I’ve had this app a while, bought the paid version & it works fine. Until TODAY... I’ve been using the app again after the pandemic forced me to stay home more than I would’ve I wanted to start at the beginning & had to sign back into my account, log in on FB to do so...ever since I did this? The app has frozen & will not work. I’ve shut down the app and restarted more times than I can count. Restarted my phone, still frozen. Nothing works. I even went on FB and logged the app out of permissions there. Restarted phone, app, everything...still doesn’t work. So much for those “bug fixes” from 2 weeks ago🙄🙄🙄
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By A8813 ❤️
    This really really helped me get in shape. It helped me so much. It works. It really works.
  • Great help 5/5

    By nagbdobs
    This is a great app to help you get started on working out.
  • rip off - don’t waste your money. 1/5

    By Spadium
    i was invigorates by the stellar ratings and purchased this app, but when i try to make an account, i keep getting an error message that one of the fields cannot be empty, but the field is filled out? not to mention this app isn’t even optimized for iphone xs max. i’m deleting this app and don’t recommend anyone buys this, turns out this is NOT the official “Couch to 5k” app anyway!
  • Apple Watch is lacking 4/5

    By slamere
    Love the app when I was running inside but when I started running outside and only want to use Apple Watch I realized you need to have phone with you for it to work. A stand-alone watch feature Would be nice.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Foofinna
    I hate running and this app really got me off the couch and now I do enjoy running beat app purchase
  • Breaks Siri 1/5

    By gmarra36
    The app doesn’t fix volume after trainer updates and breaks Siri being able to hear me. Make your app work on the platform it’s designed on
  • Not keeping up with technology 2/5

    By AudioSnaab
    I used to love this app, but as phones have gotten larger, running with them has gotten less practical. I finally sprung for a series 6 watch and was excited to finally be untethered from the phone. Well, forget using this app as it is not self-contained on the phone. The watch app is nothing more than a control screen for the phone app. You still have to take your phone with you. Very lame!
  • Good to start running with 4/5

    By madcowdisease99
    LOVE THIS APP! if you are wanting to get into running this is the app for you :) I will say that the program won’t let you repeat days and save the previous data from those days at the same time which would make a HUGE difference for me in terms of how I feel about the app overall. I also think that the app should have some training and guideline tips for the actual running process. In addition, the app doesn’t allow you to change the schedule/amount of days you run per week. I wish that you could change it to fit what works best for you.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By ftnio600
    This app crashes constantly. You’re running, waiting for the next prompt which never comes because the app crashed. Not only does it derail your workout you also don’t get credit for it and have to start over. Don’t waste your money.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By TRex reviews
    I used it once. Then last week it stopped working. It won’t even open now.
  • Great app got me jogging again!! 5/5

    By Mermay55
    Used this about 10 years ago and got back in shape. Doing it again to get back in shape again! Week one and feeling so much more happy it really bouts your mood!
  • I was not a big runner 5/5

    By Wes smooth
    This is the best app I have bought in a long time!! This is a great app for a first time runner!!
  • Great program 5/5

    By meIRL!
    Love this program - easy to follow and succeed with it.
  • Not good for Apple Watch 2/5

    By lfgouch
    I got this thinking it worked on the watch. However, you have to have your phone with you which sort of defeats the purpose of the watch. It also has a bug where when the coaching comes on, the volume of your music changes. If you change it Mack, the next time coaching comes on it blasts out your ear drums. If you’re looking for a couch to 5k for your watch that you can use without your phone, I ended up getting Intervals Pro and just programming in the run/walk times for each workout myself.
  • Having to redownload a lot.... 3/5

    By StinaBean0407
    I just downloaded the app three days ago. And so far I love the workout, HOWEVER after the first use of the app, the next time I tried using it I had to delete and redownload because it would never open up and would kick me out at the beginning of the warm up page. I just used it again for the second time... got out of it after the session... tried to get back into it minutes later and again it won’t open. Had to delete and redownload AGAIN. Not sure if it is my phone or the app.
  • It works! 5/5

    By Jcribbbb
    I can’t even say enough how great this app is! I was very doubtful whether this would have me running a 5K without dying because I haven’t been in shape in years and could barely jog 0.05 miles without hyperventilating! I’m now comfortably running 2.5 miles and walking the rest as warm up and cool down. Wishing for a 10K option!
  • Thanks 5/5

    By mjc27*
    Very good app for a beginner!
  • Buggy: Doesn’t work on Apple Watch 3/5

    By vilijou
    The app is great at getting you to run. However, it only worked on the Apple Watch the first time I used it. When I open the app on my watch, it just says “Start workout from iPhone app”, except nothing happens when i turn on the workout on my phone. I tried uninstalling it on my phone and removing it from the watch. That didn’t work. It’s a shame since I paid for this app specifically because it said it would sync with my watch. Also, another downside is that it doesn’t sync with Apple Health or the Fitness app, like some other apps do.
  • Does not work on watch alone 2/5

    By e_lunitari
    Watch app pictures leave the impression that this app will work without the phone around but you have to start the session on your phone first for your watch to track it.
  • Perfectly paced 5/5

    By S Steckroth
    This is so well designed. The pace is spot on to push you to the right point of challenge, but not overboard. You make steady progress and look forward to your next run. Takes the intimidation out of running. Love it!
  • Great for beginners 4/5

    By dhehjw
    Apps pretty good. It times when you run/jog intermittently and that’s good. The only thing I’d request is allowing it to link up to Spotify. I have mine on in the background... which works just fine... but it seems like it might run more smoothly.
  • Ran my first 5k with this app 5/5

    By bring back the '90s
    It works!
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By ninasimone
    I really tried with this app. I like the program but I found the app to be glitchy. Maybe it’s my phone or maybe it’s the app. I don’t know that’s why I gave it three stars. Hopefully others will have better luck.
  • Seriously the best thing ever for non-runners 5/5

    By Larz36742
    When they say “couch to 5K”, they mean it. I was 255lbs when I started this program. Never ran a day in my life. Could barely even climb the stairs, much less jog for a minute straight. A 5K seemed impossible. 10 weeks later, I’ve lost 40lbs and I just ran my first 5K straight with no walking intervals. It was a serious challenge, but after you get through the first half of the training you actually start to look forward to it (at least, I did). Just try it. It really is all it’s hyped up to be!
  • Love it ! 5/5

    By itshallebitchh
    I always hated working out recently I decided I needed to do something different I needed to start my weight loss journey . A girl I follow on Instagram recommended this app and I love it . Before it would take me 45+ to do a Mile now I can run 2.5 miles in 30 mins . I recommend this app to everyone. 💕
  • UPDATED REVIEW:Needs an update right away 1/5

    By LuluMadd
    Piece of crap!!!!!! Can’t get off the Constance screen. Now not responding at all. No updates They just don’t care. I emailed tech support, had a quick response asking for more info now nothing. CONSTANCE comes up EVERY time you open the app -even if you’ve already set a trainer. It doesn’t always recognize that you’ve hit ‘Start Workout’ you have to hit it a few times. The music doesn’t always play. ref:_00Dd0fasC._5003o1NpstA:ref Other than that the premise of the app and the coaching is great. UPDATE: here’s the lates CS response. Apparently it’s supposed to malfunction. “Thank you for reply. This trainer selection part would be occurred at the beginning of the workout. We do appreciate your suggestions. This email will be forwarded to our development department for enhancement consideration. Please rest assured that your suggestions will be seriously considered as they deserve. Please don't hesitate to email us if there is anything else that we can help you with.”
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By deadmanwalkinz
    I really love this app. I have used it since 2014, when I first decide to start running. The virtual coaches are funny. And the community is excellent. I would like to see Spotify have the ability to be used in the app like Apple music. And if we could get some control for the apple watch. I would like that too. Over all great app.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By bregosmom
    This is a great app!
  • Not for the Apple Watch 2/5

    By Lynsey Lou
    Don’t plan to use the watch version of this app. It can’t be used without the phone (literally says start your workout on your iphone). Then it’s supposed to display the countdowns/times for whatever section you’re on, but it constantly closes and resets so that you have to reopen it every time you want to view. Phone app by itself is great. 4-5 stars, but I wanted a watch app to train and have now wasted $3.
  • Enough, Constance! 3/5

    My wife and I are only a few weeks into the program and we seem to be progressing well enough. We, however, became tired of peppy Constance within the first week and are absolutely not interested in hearing any of her friends. It would be great if we could choose a more neutral voice, or at the very least skip the same peppy introduction every time we open the app.
  • I could not run for 30 seconds 5/5

    By sassssssssaasaaaaaaa
    I was not a runner. I tried but just couldn’t run for more than a minute (actually less). Somebody told me about this app and I gave it a shot. I now can run 5k! Every time you can’t believe that you’ll make but eventually you will! I highly recommend it!
  • Absolutely love this app 5/5

    By Senty
    This has made getting back into running enjoyable and easy! I am continually meeting my goals and getting in better shape! This made getting back into it easier. Big fan of the interval running now
  • Used for years 5/5

    By elmandag
    I’ve used this app several times over the years. I’d stop running due to injuries, life, etc. then start over. Without the app, I probably wouldn’t have ever started.
  • Doesn’t sync with Apple Health app??? 3/5

    By lkvahgoihang
  • Great for Beginners 5/5

    By NB12121
    I bought this app years ago and never used it. Now since gyms are closed/stress level is at an all time high, I figured what the heck and gave it a shot. I’m on week 6 and absolutely addicted to running now! This does a great job of pacing you and really getting you in shape to run for 30+ min straight. I have not had any glitching/issues/anything and it has worked perfectly for me