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  • Current Version: 1.6.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Ryan Boyling
  • Compatibility: Android
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Your countdown is waiting. Based on the horror movie Countdown, this app will predict exactly how long is left. Tag us in your countdowns using #CountdownApp and #CountdownMovie to be featured in the app. The wait is over... Experience COUNTDOWN - on Digital HD NOW, Blu-Ray & DVD. --- --- --- --- WARNING: This application may not be suitable for users with epilepsy. This application contains vibrations, sounds, music and use of your iPhone torch in order to create the horror experience. --- --- --- --- Disclaimer: this app is for entertainment purposes. Results should not be taken seriously.

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  • Please didn’t do mad 1/5

    By pincesspony2000
    Ok I know it sounds fake my me and two of my friends watched the movie and downloaded it for fun and my friend got 2 hours and we were going boating in the ocean and we were on the ride and she fell off hit rock broke her neck and she couldn’t swim and she drown
  • Not that bad 5/5

    By bridatgurlyouknow
    So how this begin I watched the movie countdown with my cousin and I loved it,after like some time I was thinking(is this app real or like it’s a fake app just for a movie) so I got my phone out and I typed in countdown and I showed my cousin lol, and she said I was crazy but anyways after I just stop being so scary I downloaded it and my cousin wasn’t having it. I even also told her to download it with me but she said no ofc and after I got on and it said I have 12 years, 36 days, 15 hours , and 59 seconds… at first I was like this is fake so I showed my mom btw my mom is like a god girl she don’t mess with that kind of stuff LMAOO so she told me to delete it I didn’t want to so I didn’t after I go back on the app to see if like I had a lil more time or something and after and said user agreement broken and u was like what btw again I was getting my hair done for my prom that was very fun but back to the story my flash was like going crazy like BONKERS..I just got off the app not thinking much of it and til this day it still does the same thing but I don’t believe this if u wanna download this app make sure it’s actually not fake stay safe kids✌🏽❤️❤️
  • Terrified 5/5

    By amaksksnsmsmnaba
    My friend has 3 days to live and i have 4 years. The ticking and the flash thing is scaring me. I deleted and redownloaded the app and it saved my progress.

    By Shadowbolt12345
    It was flashing my screen like crazy the only way is to delete it to stop it me make sure no messages or any of your social media is deleted
  • Be careful but nothing happens <3 5/5

    By Emma Grace L.
    I used this when i was younger, nothing happened and i had abt 1 min and 20 secs. Am i supposed to be dead??? I don’t wanna scare ppl here so I’ll calm some ppl down and just say it’s based off of a movie so you don’t need to worry! The movie is called countdown it’s a horror movie. But very clever using this, it’s AWSOME and has a clever idea! ~⚠️~ Warning ~⚠️~ ⚠️ okay, so be careful though whilst using this app. The game may glitch your phone a bit so I wouldn’t recommend using this app as it can glitch in your phone, if it doesn’t glitch there’s probably a hacker in the app bc it’s been glitching out for some people it’s important to read this bc you might get hacked or your phone might break. Again, i don’t recommend unless this is a device that you don’t care about and that’s cheap!!! I’m sorry if it’s long but it’s important too. Please be careful while using the app this isn’t the same app as it was years ago. Some hackers found a liking to here so I’m not sure if anything will be alright with your phone but I’m sure your okay with your life. You won’t die but just don’t use the app. You might break your phone or etc. ⚠️
  • I’m almost ded 1/5

    By Stocingsavor3 freind me
    I have 1min and 23 Seconds so this is sketch sooooo don’t download this just like anyone else my app glitches and wait no sorry it’s 8years and I’m 10.but the light flickered every second and I thought it was taking pictures so deleted it and redownloaded it and it sayed the SAME time exept the second and minutes were changed so it is still fun and creepy and I’ll be back in 8years hopfuly
  • Really cool just 2 problems 4/5

    By Horror Movie Fan 59
    I watched the movie with my bff and we diced to see if there was a actual app we found it 😱, but every time I open the app my phone buzzes I deleted it then I saw it said u fixed some bugs in the app and that I should redownload it my clock is still THE SAME! 😱😨 But the first time I had the app my camera would flash.but now it doesn’t do that anymore,thank u for fixing that now can you please fix the buzzing (if you can) otherwise really good app like the movie :)
  • Spooky 3/5

    By I 😍 the game
    I tried to change the date and year on my phone and it toggled my phone flashlight on and off it was really spooky
  • Actually WORKS!!! 5/5

    By Efeltis
    So my friend downloaded this with me after watching the film, I had 23 years but she had 5 days. I went back home and she kept calling to tell me that she was seeing strange things, so I told her she was just paranoid from the movie. To make a long story short, she died 5 days after downloading this app. Pretty legit if I do say so myself. Rest In Peace Abby.
  • Scared 3/5

    By griwjebakdh
    Ok so I’m terrified because I know it’s fake but I got two years left to live and that’s scary because I’m a teenager and it is kind of good because I have anxiety and I it least know I’m not going to die yet so... yay? I recommend not downloading this app because even though you know it’s fake it won’t leva your mind 0-0
  • No thank you 1/5

    By nicky bot
    I am 13 years old and it showed that I had 13 years left and I don’t like it so I read it one star it was scary

    By Whateverreehsjdubsnxj
    I download this app because I saw videos about it on YouTube I did it because I thought it was just a game and when I downloaded it nothing weird was happening I said I had two years left to live and I thought it was kidding and I watched an ad for a few more years and I tried to take a picture it wasn’t working and I left the app because it was getting boring and five minutes later I showed my dad The app and my camera kept flashing off and on off and on and I start freaking out and right when I left the app is stopped flashing I looked in my photos and there weren’t any of me so overall if you want to get extremely creeped out download the app but if not just don’t!
  • I know this isn’t real but… 5/5

    By yAy LOBe It
    So I was at my friends staying over there for the night and my other friend was staying over too and we were talking about how this countdown app was all over Tiktok and me personally don’t mess with this crap. My 2 friends said one of us should download the app and they both couldn’t download it because 1 didn’t have their phone and the other ones phone died. I was the only one who could download it but I was really scared and my friend begged me and kept calling me and scaredy-cat because it’s not real, I download it and I read the conditions blah blah blah and accepted my faith. It said I have 1 year left and after that I immediately deleted the app before weird stuff would happen because a lot of Tiktokers experienced weird things after they downloaded it. A year later AKA present time I’ve been getting really bad nightmares . I just watched the countdown movie that’s how I remembered when I downloaded the app. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence I get these bad nightmares or is this game cursed? 🥲
  • Sus 1/5

    By idkwuttoname
    Random pics?!?!?
  • This scared me a lot… 5/5

    By thepersonthatshere
    So I decided to download this because we’ll it’s night time I should deserve a scare so basically the charger I have doesn’t work very well and sometimes it causes my phone to vibrate so after I got my time I got a add it’s just a normal one but after it was done my light flashes and I’m like that’s weird and then my phone starts to vibrate uncontrollably and I unplug my phone thinking it’s gonna stop it didn’t…. And it started messing with my flashlight making it flash over and over again and then some of the screen went green and I closed the app
  • This app is stupid 1/5

    By Aidahl28
    This app is a complete waste of time and so stupid even my sister did not like it and she’s 7 years old I thought it would be fun to scare her but this was a waste of time WOULD NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP ITS STUPID
  • Fake 5/5

    By bdhahhsvsvs
    It gives you a really good scare!! The music and the flashlight are a great touch. But it’s not real! I had 2 minutes left to live and as you can see I’m still here.
  • 😂😂😂😱😱😱 2/5

    By summerzykowski
    Ok so I got the app and it was ok I deleted to see if would have the same numbers it did so I left the app on my phone open to the app and my little brother comes running out of my room at first I was mad cause he was in my room and then he said in these words ( sissy I heard music and phone was glitching and and flashing)so I went in my room saw my phone doing what my little brother said so I grabbed him and the cat and the dog and went out side in my moms car cause she was with my dad and I’m 14 ok so I turned the key starting the car for so cold air cause it’s summer and it’s hot and I locked all the doors and then my parents came home and said why are u in the car and they didn’t believe me when I told them what happened but I got a new phone so have fun
  • Scary 1/5

    By blakelfrano
    So my little brother is only seven and he’s into scary stuff like this and he downloaded the app and I went on the app and did the thing and it started playing a creepy song outside the app and when I took a selfie it started going on and of with my flash and then I saw a red outline of a man like figure and it really creeped us out and I think that nobody should try it out even if it tells you your death day it’s really scary and people should not have to feel with the app do not recommend DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!
  • Unsettling, which I like ^•^ 5/5

    By Jhfufbghf
    The app I find I little unsettling. But, I LOVE UNSETTLING :D!!!!!!!!!! Also, I got 8 years. My grandma got 6 years and my lucky grandpa got 44 years. I really like the app and I love how my flash just goes on and off while the creepy lullaby music plays. That’s all, great job on making this app! You did an amazing job.
  • Kinda scary 3/5

    By super c00l p3rs0n
    Okay so me and my cousin where on call trying to figure out a scary movie too watch when we got to their house and we saw the countdown movie and my cousin said that their sibling has downloaded the app before, I decided to download the app my cousin was freaking out telling me to delete the app because we read the reviews of what’s going to happen. I mean the only thing that happened was it started to vibrate and the flash was going off and it was playing very creepy music. Tbh it was kinda fun it’s all just a joke dont be scared nothings gonna kill you in that amount of time.
  • W H A T ? 4/5

    By Sapphirecraft10
    I saw this on laurenzsides channel and thought as it fake and not real… A couple of months later I install the app and It says I have 32 years left and Lauren’s years say a limited amount of time. She watched an add and hoped it gave her more years but it didn’t it gave her less I thought I’d be lucky and the ad would grant me more years but no now I suddenly have 7 years left, yepee! 🙃 This app is pretty scary and I suggest not to download it. 😬
  • Me 1/5

    By 🍟 French fries 🍟
    Hi mommy hi daddy not hi to brother
  • Love it 5/5

    By https.imurmommy
    Ok I officially love this app obviously it’s not true because like an app is actually going to kill you but it scares people around me so yea
  • Its okay 4/5

    By mrbestvsmgz
    I thought it would be funny to download only to download and get 3 years
  • SUPER FUN 4/5

    By brookitty123
    This app is amazing, you obviously will be okay but it’s very spooky and cool! A very fun apppp recommend it if you wanna scare because random music is heard I think it’s awesome
  • Awesome 5/5

    By françias
    This app said I was going to live for 1,324 years
  • ehhh 5/5

    By yeah. k no
    the app said i had 32 years left the movie was good and the app gives me the creeps so it well made and is like just like the movies

    So I downloaded the app,it said I have 7 years 140 days,12 hours,55 minutes,and 21 seconds,so I delete the app reload it cause I thought it would give me a different number,but It gave me the same thing the same exact thing,so I’m freaked out and something was taking pictures of me like there was white flashing over and over again,so I try and update,didn’t work,it stayed the exact same,so I try and delete it,guess what happens,it doesn’t delete so I’m freaking out everyone is freaking out so I pray and pray that it wasn’t true and that I could delete the app for good,and the next morning the app was gone I don’t know what happend it just vanished,but I recommend not to load this app.
  • Please I’m only 10 1/5

    By sgdx G j F s v jy G
    Is this fake or real I beg you I’m scared :(
  • SHE DIED 1/5

    By Babyobpup
    My friend died on the day it stoped mine is in 10 day I am scared I am crying rn and I am scared that am going to die
  • DONT!!! 1/5

    By DeathDeayhDeatgDeatg
    IT IS REAL I GOT 5YEARS 246days and 5hours! Don’t download it my cousin got everything 1lower then me it is real I promise you if you get it it’s with you FoReVeR you cannot get rid of it. It stays with you till your time is up. I hope your Okay…it’s here..
  • Do not get this app! 2/5

    By piggy game
    I got 7 years on my play-through But it was glitchy so I deleted it. And nothing happened after that. So if you have the app delete it before it’s too late! You are probably better off with the movie then the real app.
  • NICE APP 5/5

    By nessa web
    It’s a very nice app, just meant to scare people honestly it was literally made for a movie 🤣 but it scared me and there’s even a button where you can more life so obviously it’s fake 🤣 but it’s a cool app designed to scare ppl
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Tankman20
    Really! I love it! It was 100% true in my case
  • Made good quality 5/5

    By gaieudncnskdudmc
    Ok we all know it’s FAKE this app is made really good I saw it from the movie countdown to see if it was a real app and it is but it’s fake made high quality tho I got it on my phone it said 38 years and on my iPad it said 33 so it would be good to scare friends
  • Beware what you wish 1/5

    By PhoOak
    I downloaded the app. I never expected the consequences that followed. I survived, but only at a great cost. I was given hours. As the countdown ticked down to zero, I started seeing things, I was hearing things. One of my dogs started whining and hid in her crate,the other started barking and wouldn’t stop. Louder and louder the noise got Then, BAM! All the lights went out, I couldn’t hear anything. My heart was racing. I then lost consciousness. When I came to it was morning and my husband told me I shouldn’t keep the TV on so loud before I went to bed.
  • READ 4/5

    Okay, so I just read a bunch of reviews. And apparently they didn’t read the description of the app. Where it clearly says, that the app has flashing lights, music, vibration, etc. to give it the scary experience. it says that the countdown should NOT be taken seriously. So please, don’t freak out. It’s just an app, you’ll die when it’s ur turn, not when an app says so.
  • Countdown 1/5

    By zaddydadfy
    This is actually very scary my lights started flickering and it started playing scary music and I only have 6 years
  • I love the app 5/5

    By TheBanditoGuy
    My name is Ricky parra and I got ten years to live awesome
  • VERY REAL. 1/5

    By kimbery jonas
    my mom downloaded this app and unexpectedly got lung cancer and died the exact minute this app said. never again. don’t download for your own safety. STAY SAFE KIDS THIS IS NOT A JOKE.😱😪😭
  • Help 1/5

    By hellllllllllllooooopeaps
    I got 2 days I have 5 secounds I don’t think I’m gonna die
  • it’s totally real. 5/5

    By layla pops 2.0
    i dared my cousin to download this app a while ago and it said she has 2 more months to live and all laughed and didn’t think it was real. a couple days ago she checked the app again and it said she had 3 hours left. on her way to work she wasn’t scared at all she thought it was fake and after that she was driving and this big garbage truck ran a red light and hit her car. the car flipped over and she was rushed to the hospital. i got a call from the hospital and they told me what happened so me and my mom drove to the hospital as fast as we could. when we arrived they told us the room number she was in when we walked in the room she was dead.
  • Creepy/Sus 3/5

    By Emoji_Kitty10
    Ok, so I downloaded the app because I was like it’s just fake. Nothing is going to happen. Umm, I was not ready for what happened to me. So I downloaded the app and it said I had two years. I wanted to watch an add to update my fate. It said I had plus 2 years, but it still said I had 2 years. I was like weird. I deleted the app then reinstalled it. Then a creepy ring around the Rosie song came up. I was scared when my iPhone flash went off. I closed the app to write this review as I’m watching the movie. I’m scared. Stay safe.
  • I’m about to die 4/5

    By Ytqbwh
    So I downloaded the app cause I just rewatched the movie and was oh this is cool I had 37 years then did something really stupid I deleted the app then brought it back thing is As soon as it turned on it said user agreement broken and my flash went off like crazy the song changed to a kids song but something was off I now am trying to out live the countdown🥹
  • Scary I guess 5/5

    By king bob the king
    It’s good but weird I got the app then messed around then I got scared and uninstalled it I have no idea if it’s going still
  • Terrible 1/5

    By kakaosoan
  • confused 1/5

    By whdbw8bfjsmf
    i started playing the game to joke around, I reset my death and it went down, then it started playing ring around the rosie in a creepy voice, and the next day i went onto the app and my camera started flashing white. IM CONFUSED. Omg, now, I went onto the app and the numbers were red, changing, and my camera was flashing white, but a lot faster…
  • Help 5/5

    By Emily 5555678
    Mine says user agreement broken and whenever it says that I have to delete the app and reinstall it to get it normal again

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