Countdowns - with Widget

Countdowns - with Widget

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  • Current Version: 1.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Martin Stemmle
  • Compatibility: Android
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Countdowns - with Widget App

*** Countdowns is free to download and try out with some limits. You can unlock the unlimited version via In-App Purchase. *** Countdowns keeps track of days left until or since important events in your life. The widget allows you to see all those events at a glance just one swipe away. * Notification Center Widget * Countdown in days and optionally time * Simple & clean user interface * Built for OS X Yosemite * iCloud Sync to all your devices (including your iPhone and iPad) * No Adverts (forever)

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Countdowns - with Widget app reviews

  • This used to work... 1/5

    By jprokos
    Can't even open the app anymore on High Sierra. The OS says it's damaged and needs to be re-downloaded. I did that and the new download gives the same message. I am reaching out to the developer although it's been two years since he's updated this app, so not sure where it's headed.
  • Can't go more than 30 days into the future 1/5

    By Eclipse Darkpaw
    I'd like more than within the next 30 days for the free version
  • Do NOT pay for unlimited 1/5

    By Swim4alife
    It will take your money and not actually unlock anything.
  • Cannot Upgrade!!! 1/5

    By Drewshane12
    Perfect app for what I need but when I try to unlock the premimium version for $.99 the. loader spins and the app crashes. Please fix so I can enjoy the full version...
  • Problems with Upgrade 1/5

    By tayloreroy
    I upgraded the app, but it doesn't register as "upgraded". The app keeps prompting me to pay for an unlimited version, and won't allow me to use the features that I paid for. When I tried to request a refund, Apple said that my situation didn't qualify for one.
  • Very simple 3/5

    By Sarahhofer
    It works, but I would love to see a little bit more functionallity. Like for example be able to add a location for the event I am putting in there. Or a different view, like a monthly or yearly overview. Hope you can implement something like that. Thanks.
  • Does what is says but... 3/5

    By Me-zus
    It's so BORING ! Countdowns supposed to have a bit offlare to them?
  • Doesn't work on Mac Computer 1/5

    By Chattababy
    I downloaded and paid for the app and it doesn't allow me to add events. I keeps saying that I have the free version and when I try to purchase it it says you already purchased this. Doesn't work and I've spent 30 mintues trying to figure out how to get a refund... if anyone can help...
  • Won't Respond to Upgrade 1/5

    By kevanger
    The free version is only good for a month, but for 99 cents there is an upgrade for unlimited use. However, after 3 tries, the app continued to limit my use to one month. I tried closing the app and re-opening it for a fresh start. No good. There is probably a fix but if it is that buggy just for an upgrade, it probably isn't worth the time to mess with it.
  • Don't be fooled by App Graphic 2/5

    By Forest Earth Farm
    See that nice looking "42 days" graphic with the cirlcle bar countdown? You don't get a countdown that looks anything like that. You just get a number. Pretty deceptive use of the image.
  • Puchased the full version but still Locked! 1/5

    By Aperium
    DO NOT UPGRADE. I purchesed the full version only to be told I need to upgrade again becuase it didn't register that I had already paid for the upgrade.
  • just great 5/5

    By Here-and-Now
    Simple and effective, I recommend it. Features could be added, of course, but the simplicity would be lost. No need, it's good as is. I love it.
  • It would be great if I could get it to unlock 2/5

    can’t restore purchase. and can’t even unlock a second purchase
  • you cant go past 11. 1/5

    By Ak64364
    if you have a brithday past the day 11, you have to pay money just to get it to go past. just write it on your mirror or something. it’s not worth it. good idea though.
  • Free version is limited to 30 days 1/5

    By Nickname26967841
    Beware… the free version only lets you count down something that is 30 days away. Nothing is said about that in the description. Very disapointing. Installed an unistalled in less then 2 minutes
  • Consistently Unstable, Has Gotten Worse Over Time 1/5

    By SpaceDonkey
    This app crashes, freezes, deletes data and is generally unusable. It has not only proven to be an absolute nightmare to rely upon but also has been getting incrementally worse. I’ll put it this way, if you have a list of things you’d like to count down to, but don’t want to be able to input them, edit them, organize them, have them sync in the cloud with a slightly more stable iOS counterpart or utilize any additional features because they simply don’t work, then this steaming garbage is for you.
  • Incredible App For Any Countdown You May Need! 5/5

    By Austin Heistand
    I was skeptical of purchasing this app at first, after installing, I have no issues, whatsoever. Everything is very seamless & it’s very easy to set up with helpful & additional features. Great UI & what also makes this app so great is that you can simply glance into your notfication center to see where you are on your countdown. Definitely reccommend!
  • Get’s the job done. 3/5

    By allabuy
    But that’s about it. Aesthetically very basic, disappointing use of shortcut keys. Displays well in Today sidebar. It’s hard to say a app is not worth the dollar. In this case I’d say the pricing was spot on.
  • Fun App but won’t hide the countdowns 2/5

    By not counting down
    I’ve used this app for 6 months or so and when I updated my computer, the Countdowns would not hide from my desktop without closing down the whole app. I loved this app, but now I’m mad that my money has been wasted on something that doesn’t work.
  • Won’t open. 1/5

    By Shakcnwhosbsvrialjdbwh
    Immediately after downloading I get the error message - "Persistent store migration failed, missing source managed object model.” Useless.
  • Works great for me 5/5

    By m0j0TX
    This app does exactly what I wanted, which is give me a countdown until an upcoming event. The interface is clean and intuitive, and I willingly paid the $0.99 to unlock the full app just to show my appreciation. The app doesn't come with annoying advertising, nor does the author nag you to leave a review. This in itself was refreshing. The app description mentions Yosimite, but it also works great with macOS 10.13, aka "High Sierra."
  • crash every Single time 1/5

    By ahmadlyis
    crash every Single time
  • The biggest selling point of this app is icloud syncing. Yet it does not work and keeps crashing 1/5

    By Dr.Costard
    iCloud sync causes this app to crash. I tested adding item in iphone, the sync to the mac. It works fine. Yet whenever I tried to add item on mac with icloud sync enabled, the app freezes and stops responding. This is really a horrible bug. I don`t know if the dev will fix it asap or not. My own honest suggestion: Please consider implement a relatively easy, but much more user friendly way to achieve the icloud sync function. We don`t want notifications being open and iPhone/Mac battery being drained all the time. We need a lightweight solution to achieve the icloud syncing functionality.
  • icloud sync broken 2/5

    By afyfe
    App is simple to use and works…until you try to turn on icloud sync. At that point, it gets hung and you have to force quit the application. So much for finding the solution I needed within this app.
  • Not responding bug 1/5

    By Joshua Dimas
    everytime i use the “convenient” icloud sync festure from the computer the program will freeze and i have to force quite the app just to get it off my screen
  • Simple and Helpful 5/5

    By refbaptdude
    A nice little simple app that counts down to an important event. A helpful reminder for the small cost of .99.
  • Great Little Countdown App! 5/5

    By fillip
    This review is from a Mac mini late 2012 running MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 I downloaded the Free version. I can only set up ‘three’ countdown events. So I played with “past” and “future” keeping it less than 30-days. This App is a breeze to work with. Looks nice in notifications. AND totally worth the $0.99 to get unlimited. I love the hint that’s provided for adding an emoji. This really makes the countdown a pleasuer to use. In addition, I can choose between “small” and “large” text display in the notification window. I think this is a great App and worth every star and penny. 👍
  • NOT FREE 1/5

    By ksweitz00
    Limited to only 30 days on “FREE" version. What is the point? I do not need a countdown for an event that is 30 days away. If you buy it, it's unlimited of course. The developer should limit to one event at a time for a free version, then maybe people would upgrade to have the option to add more events. Just charge for it at the beginning and I’m sure this app would not be receiving a 1.5 star rating. Total bate and switch! Do not download if you are expecting this to be a useful free app.
  • Paid but not working 1/5

    By Digit M
    I paid for the app and then when I go in it is not operational after 30 days…unless I am doing something wrong it is a waste of a buck...
  • iCloud Sync Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Rmaes4
    I really wanted to like this app and it would be perfect but the iCloud syncing doesn’t work! I bought pro for the Mac app and iPhone app! Fix this and I will update my review.
  • Free Version only good for 30 day countdown 1/5

    By coffenut
    The free version is only good for a 30 day countdown ….. which was not mentioned until I tried to enter a longer period of time. Bait and switch.
  • I liked it until ... 2/5

    By tcsiwula
    I liked it until it stopped working. Major bug that crashes when trying to add a new event. It just freezes from an infinite loop when trying to sync with their cloud servers. A simple fix would be nice. Running macOS Sierra Version 10.12.3 on a Mid 2014 MacBook Pro
  • Don’t buy. 1/5

    By DanValdivia
    The app is not free. It cost $0.99 and the cloud sync feature doesn’t work. There is no iPhone version available after today’s update. The watch app doesn’t exist… You get the point, don’t buy it. They are stealing people’s money.
  • Freezes on MacOS Sierra 1/5

    By Foad T
    I have purchased this app so that I can add as many countdowns as possible. With MacOS Sierra every single time you add a countdown this application freezes and won’t work until you force quit.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By nitzy
    BATE AND SWITCH! This App is not free, as its not usefull without paying for the upgrade. I wanted to set up a timmer but the version does not allow for a single countdown timer more than 30 days out. Uninstalled. Would have bought if I could have had a single countdown timmer that worked. However not being able to test the long term countdown before buying caused me to uninstall instead.
  • Excellent - clean, flexible, powerful. 5/5

    By JLBiv
    Pros — Clean, simple, highly legible interface — Ability to track multiple events — Ability to use date or date/time as needed — Notifications Integration — Seemless integration with my iOS devices. Suggestion — Would love the icon to have an optional badge with the days to the next event. Summary - Does just what I need, and well worth the $0.99 to unlock the unlimited date range functionality.
  • Redundant 1/5

    By Double Groove
    This just duplicates other todos. Apple Reminders is much better than this thing.
  • Exactly What I Needed 5/5

    By CDRJones
    I needed a countdown app with a Notification Center Widget. To my knowledge, this is the only one. It fits the bill and gets the job done. As a previous reviewer mentioned, after unlocking the full version of the app, I too experienced the issue of the app still working like the free version. However, quitting and re-launching took care of that and it is now working in "Unlimited" mode. Some have complained about having to buy the full app to add more than one timer, or to add a timer more than 30 days away. I don't have a problem with that. The free version allowed me to see what the app was capable of and if it would meet my needs. And, besides, the full version was only 99¢. I have not tried syncing between Mac and iOS versions, so I can't speak to those issues. One feature that might be nice for a future version would be the ability to add new countdown timers directly in the Notification Center widget, as opposed to launching the app.
  • You must pay to countdown more than 30 days 1/5

    By Appguy4672
    These guys are tricksters.
  • Doesn’t Work 2/5

    By Mick6329
    I paid for unlimited and can only save a countdown for the following month. Worst app ever.
  • Pay Wall 1/5

    By Volte
    Pay for anything more than 30 days out
  • Paid to be told I have the free version. 1/5

    By AHaghgoo
    What a load of crap this app is. I paid for an app that tells me I have the free version so the event that I created is suppresed until I pay again. Stooooopid!!
  • Why... 1/5

    By aspenleigh
    Why would I want a countdown widget I downloaded for free that would later make me pay $0.99 to set a date more than 30 days in the future? Yucky.
  • Not Syncing 3/5

    By Siwey
    It works OK but the syncing does not work well. I’ve installed it on an iPhone and a MacBook laptop. The syncing sometimes work if I make changes on the phone but never works if I make changes on the laptop. And if I include the time, the time remaining is off by one hour.
  • It meets my needs. 5/5

    By Minbong Ghim
    Pros [1] Simple UI [2] Support Widget [3] Use iCloud Sync [4] The only countdown app I know that has both version of MacOS and iOS Cons [1] Texts in Widget are not fit to its Widget box [2] Do not Sync until the app opens Hope soon updates of fixing the Cons
  • Free version is worthless 1/5

    By anne183
    Free version only counts down within 30 days - worthless
  • Lots of Potential 1/5

    By Maitri.Bodhisattva
    Nice app - but relying on the terribly unreliable iCloud sync is simply unfathomable and unacceptable. Furthermore, the OSX widget does not reflect changes I made on anothjer device until I open the app on my mac. Not good. :(
  • Already purchased unlock unlimited 2/5

    By ebarikan
    I already purchased unlock unlimited. Formatted by laptop, now it wouldn’t recognize my purchase. I need help!
  • In-app purchase cannot be restored 2/5

    By rakingleaves
    When functioning, the app works well. I liked having countdowns in notification center. But, when I installed on a new machine, I was unable to restore the in-app purchase. I tried to contact the developer and got no response. From other reviews and the developer web site I see this is a known issue. It's not too expensive at $0.99, but still, it is very unprofessional to leave an app in the store with this level of broken functionality for so long.

Countdowns - with Widget app comments

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