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  • Current Version: 6.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Quotient Technology Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Join the millions of shoppers who use the app to shop and save easily at the grocery store. Save $100s with free grocery cash back offers and digital coupons at your favorite stores like Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, Walmart, Costco and Dollar General. Access 100s of cash back offers on the brands you love, making saving money on your groceries effortless. Best of all, you can manage all your grocery shopping and savings right from your phone, in one single app, without needing a printer or multiple store apps. This the only grocery saving app you need. What are cash back offers? They’re like coupons you can use to save on your grocery purchases, but you get your savings in the form of real money after your make your purchase. For example, if you see an offer you’d like to use on Wholly Guacamole, you simply tap the offer in your app, buy the item at any store that offers itemized receipts, then send us a photo of your receipt through the app. You can also link a store loyalty card once, then get automatic cash back without submitting receipts for that particular store. Once your purchase is verified, you get cash back in your PayPal account—it’s that easy! You can use cash back offers to save on food, baby and toddler items, pet food, medicine and personal care. We have cash back offers from all your favorite brands like Tide, Bounty, Cheerios, Kraft, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Campbell’s, Dole, Betty Crocker, M&M’s, Perdue, Crest, Pantene and more. Here’s how it works: 1) After you download the free app, sign in to your account (or sign up if you’re new—it’s quick and easy). 2) Next, browse through 100s of free cash back offers and activate them (which will add them to My List in the app) with just a tap. 3) Once you’ve selected the offers you want to use, choose where you want to shop. Our cash back offers are redeemable at ANY store that provides itemized receipts—you can even use them for online purchase for curbside pickup and delivery. 4) After you’ve purchased your items, simply send us photos of your receipts, we’ll verify your purchase, then put cash into your PayPal account as soon as possible. If you bought items at a store where you linked your loyalty card (e.g. Safeway), no need to send us a receipt—we’ll process your offers and put your cash in PayPal automatically. The best part: You won’t have to wait to reach a minimum amount in order to get your money. What you’ll love: • Easily earn cash back on purchases for your favorite brands with offers that are added daily. Plus, watch for offers that you can redeem for free items like bananas, coffee, or potatoes. • Add all your store loyalty cards to just one app! No need to juggle several cards or accounts. Once you link them to your app, you can use our cash back offers at any of those stores and get real money back without having to submit receipts. • Put away your scissors and never worry about forgetting to carry your coupons to the store. All your grocery savings will be in your app, making the shopping and saving process easier and more organized for you. However, don’t fret: If you still prefer to print your coupons, you can do so by visiting our printable coupon gallery at If you’re looking for grocery savings at stores like Target, Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, Winn-Dixie, Meijer, Food Lion and more, the app is the one-stop shop for all your grocery savings. Having trouble? Contact our friendly support team and we'll get you back to saving in a snap: [email protected] is a Quotient brand Notice at Collection: Please follow the link ( to learn about the categories of personal information we collect and the purposes for which this information shall be used. Do Not Sell My Information.  Please follow the link ( Grocery Cash Back app screenshots Grocery Cash Back app reviews

  • Fix it!! 1/5

    By babybriela
    I cannot verify my phone number to my account. I’ve tried this on my iPhone and IPad, but keep getting an oops error message to try again. Fix the bug and I will change my review.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Scrappyjrae
    I always used the website for my coupons and thought I would use the app instead. I think it’s terrible. Every time I try to scan computing there is some denial of cash back. It’s Balinese and I’m deleting the app from my phone.
  • Hate this New version 1/5

    By Pin ball junkie
    I loved the old printable version of this APP, tried multiple times to print from this new APP, but each time it either kicks me out or nothing happens, site freezes, I go back in and I am unable to try again because it states I already printed coupons. I know it’s not my printer, used it just prior to trying coupons, I deleted this APP
  • There is constantly an issue 1/5

    By Trecey1
    I’ve been trying to log in and I keep getting an error msg saying “Oops! We’re having trouble right now. Please try again later. When will I be able to login and redeem my offers?
  • App not working 3/5

    By Lii Nadia
    App is not working
  • What Happened?? 1/5

    By sewsallyandmore
    Horrible! I used to Love this app! I Loved being able to download coupons to all of my favorite grocery stores and never cut another coupon. Then one day I logged on to your app and it said I caught It “refreshing it’s coupons”. That was 8+ months ago!!! Seriously disappointed! What happened? (And Yes. (Even though I shouldn’t “Have to” I even tried to access the app through the main website ... still nothing!)
  • Link card 1/5

    By try nickname
    I don’t have a PayPal, and I don’t want a PayPal. I don’t understand, if you can add your Apple id, then why not Apple Pay. So if I do get cash back, I will not get it, the limitations that’s provided. I’m not linking any of my cards, do to fraud. Tried this app once on Android, unloaded it, because it wouldn’t link my store cards. This time on Apple device, card liked right away, that’s a improvement. My not linking any of my financial cards, due to, this is not a financial app, common since issues. So one day I’ll put more effort into using the app when I’m able to be paid thru my Apple Pay. Sorry I am now apple spoiled. Yes I was once totally agains apple, I have join the security cult.
  • Where are the barcodes and where is the grocery IQ update 1/5

    By Hybrid_MI
    You would be surprised how many people are still using Grocery IQ. Please update Grocery IQ on the iPhone as the new iOS update disabled it. I noticed it was still available for Google. It would be nice if you added your coupons back to it and put barcodes in there. Combine the two apps again. It would greatly be appreciated. If you have a barcode they can scan it at the checkout and get credit for it. Grocery IQ not having barcodes bothers me. For years it's always been my go to shopping list and it has all my grocery list on it which I can't get to now. If you have a barcode they can scan it and get credit for it at the grocery store. I know you want our loyalty card numbers but that's personal and very private (covered by the stores privacy policy). It's bad enough that we even have to use a loyalty card. I'd rather let the checkout person scan the coupon's barcode. Printing out coupons is awkward and unnecessary in today's modern society. Paper coupons are pretty much obsolete. If you're trying to get credit for each coupon used, work a deal with each store that when that coupons barcode is scanned it informs you so you can collect on your percentage. Another way to do it is when you scan the coupon it can register with you thru the apps location where you used it so you can get credit for it. I definitely have some good ideas for grocery IQ if you're interested.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Scootergirlie987654211
    First day using this app. Says they honor online purchases, only problem is Walmart sent me items with packaging removed so I can’t scan barcodes. When I do try to scan more than one barcode the app kicks me out and I have to take pictures of my receipt and products again. I’ve tried it five times now and still have had no luck attempting to redeem my first coupons.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Alexis028
    I love this app. It is probably among my top 3 most favorite cash back apps. Customer service is also great and timely. Whenever there is an issue they fix it without hesitation. Even when the issue was on their end! Great app!
  • Always have to click on coupons 3/5

    By juaneuro90
    I thought this app would automatically apply coupons to the items in the receipt. Instead, prior to do your groceries you have to spend time scrolling through coupons which most of them are useless.
  • Usually fast payment, but not all barcode scan 4/5

    By mikyxid
    Best of the rebate app for quick payment & customer service. Does have issue rejecting some barcodes.
  • I’m not in love 3/5

    By jjks legacy
    I’m pretty new to this app but have only received cash for 3-4 items due to ridiculous specifics. I’ve even had to contact customer service to point out that the item purchased matched the description ,once they gave me the coupon, the second time ignored me. It’s a waste of my time.
  • Not printing my coupons 1/5

    By oct1952
    Try printing my coupons it goes to my printer. I hit the print button but don’t print . Can someone help please I did not have this problem before it was updated HELP thank you.
  • Don’t work after a while 2/5

    By Diane6121
    It worked well in the beginning but then it stops working. Have the right product and scanned them and says wrong product. I will be deleting this app waste of time.
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By Not very pleased!!!!!
    I’m new to using this app, and my first receipt, with only one coupon redemption, went through fine. I tried submitting a second receipt with another coupon and kept getting a canned response “we didn’t get your receipt”, I resubmitted it, even taking the photos myself and sending them and still received this canned response. So, I just let that one go. I have tried a third time, submitting two coupons and again, canned response, didn’t get receipt, I again, even took, clear, legible photos and submitted them, received the same automatic reply. I’ve contacted customer service twice and have not received any response. Very disappointed considering this app such high reviews.
  • Complete Waste of time since app “Upgrade” 1/5

    By Frustrated-ab118
    Before the app was redesigned; it was absolutely wonderful! After taking just a few moments to link loyalty cards, clip available and/or new coupons, and submit receipt (if store did not have loyalty card or was not associated by telephone number); savings were automatically added to your account (and account credits had accumulated extremely quick with little to no effort). Since the app “upgrade” and was completely redesigned ; not only is there a significantly less amount off savings being offered at any given time; but many popular stores have only a handful of offers available (those offers that can be used at any store) and even when cards are linked and after taking the time to clip each offer available; account does not ever receive credit ! Complete waste of time and energy! Wish the app would go back to the way it had been prior to the “Upgrade”: “redesign”!
  • Ibotta is way better 1/5

    By FabrizioBarbonw
    Thought I’d try the app, but can never link loyalty. Customer service is useless. They do pay quickly, but I grew weary of uploading receipts because cards won’t link and error message is vague and useless like their customer support
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By courtt210
    I used this app for a while without issue, however recently it’s been nothing but problems and I don’t get half the cash back I’m due. When I submit target receipts, it doesn’t register at submitted. When I reach out to their support desk you first have to go through their bot before getting the opportunity to email a real person for help. And then they just end up telling you it takes time for them to show up and it can take up to a week to get a redemption credit. It’s just terrible. It seems to work okay with loyalty cards, but not great because even that misses some offers. Also, I changed my email over a year ago, and they keep sending my help emails to my old email address somehow and no one at support is able to figure out why.
  • Beware 1/5

    By gwyniesmom
    Have had nothing but trouble since I got this app when Savings Star went away. Whenever I posted a purchase, I ALWAYS had to contact customer service to get the redemption. Now the app won’t allow me to even register a purchase. Customer service told me to delete the app and reload. Still doesn’t work. Won’t even try to use it anymore.
  • Frustrating Hidden Policies 1/5

    By Rushidyl
    I use several coupon and rebate apps, and this one has been overwhelmingly disappointing with how strict the redemption polices are (which you aren’t really aware of until you encounter the issues like I have). No other rebate app that I use is so adamant about not crediting you when the “offer is redeemed after transaction date” This must be something with Quotient Technology Inc. because no other app that I’ve used has been so annoying with this stipulation. Here’s what happens: you add an offer to your list, the offer expires on or around when you went shopping, so the offer is available again and your add it to your list once more and submit this receipt for the same item. This is a real thing, and they will not credit you for your coupon even though the date is the only thing “wrong”.
  • Not as good as the app they bought out 1/5

    By Mr. Waggles
    I had SavingStar for years and had very few issues. Unfortunately, bought them out. I now have constant submission rejections making using the app no worth much at all.
  • App issues 1/5

    By teetee316
    I either get a message saying something about having trouble right now and not being able to see anything or I can load offers. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now. Nothing is working.
  • New App New Horrors. 1/5

    By MS Testman
    Since this app has been changed it has been problem after problem. You submit purchases and they never show up as submitted. I have submitted three receipts now only to have no acknowledgment of them being submitted. I have even sent messages inquiring about the issue with no response from the company. Also it seems to be an app backed by Target, because most coupons are only available towards purchases made at Target. I have now deleted the app due to poor performance.
  • Useless with limited selections 1/5

    By TaylorGangZo
    I downloaded the app after being prompted to do so to view the links of the coupons on the website; however none of my selections on the website are listed on the app. The selection of the app is meager and quit pathetic compared to the website selection. Why do you link the selections on the website to your app if the selections aren’t actually available? Just another way for companies to grow their email list..This is quite a hassle and unnecessarily confusing. I’m deleting immediately. I do not recommend this app.
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By Farley213
    I was a savings star user for a long time and then they merged with this one. is only good on the site for printing out coupons. But the app? Horrible! It will not take one of my loyalty cards no matter how many times I put it in. And of course they always let me know AFTER I’ve shopped that the card wasn’t linked. So thanks to the app I’ve lost out on a ton of savings that like most of us, could really use right now. I agree with the others...stick with Ibotta and fetch, print out the coupons instead off the website, bring back savings star and trash this worthless app.
  • What happened??? 1/5

    By Incomplete tracks
    This app has been fine for the most part, but recently it has been changed and you have to buy the items, then take a picture of the receipt, and only after you’ve paid for them will it let you scan the barcode. Over and over I keep getting exactly what the coupon says, and when I scan the barcode it will not pay for it; it says it does not fit then description, when it does!! I am very disappointed with this.
  • All flash no substance 1/5

    By jazzbo62
    An enticing pitch is presented but once you get the app and look at what is actually available disappointment sets in? there is very little opportunity for you to save money with this app as it functions now maybe things will improve???

    By McNasty19
    Every time I submit a receipt it is rejected. This app is complete bull crap. IBOTTA and CHECkOUT51 are way better. Don’t waste your time with this app.
  • Miss saving star 1/5

    By Rn4hire
    Back in December saving star and coupon. Com merged. Saving star was automatic deposit into your account within a week. Coupons. Com takes forever( if you get your money at all). I am owed at least 13.00 since the beginning of feb. I purchased hair color and they say you cannot use coupons to buy hair color but it was cvs bucks I used. Not a good app at all. Get Ibotta or fetch instead
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Nickname234509
    Ever since the app was upgraded, it will not let me clip coupons. I get a red banner with “oops! We’re having trouble right now, try again later”. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing works!
  • Fed up! 1/5

    By Msoto412
    I’m so done with this app! I wish savingstar would never have shut down. For some reason it will not accept my store card for the main place i shop. I followed the directions and i enter the number on my card but once i save it, changes it to a completely different number! Therefore when i shop the deals are not recognized.... so i tried to submit receipts which is a pain if you have large shopping trip because it’s a long receipt.. but then you have to scan every item you bought that you are trying to get a rebate on. I get an email saying they got my receipt but the next day they tell me there was an issue. I resubmit the receipt but now when i scan the item it says it doesn’t qualify. I don’t have time for this... I’ll pay the extra few bucks to save the headache! Deleting this app!
  • Don’t hold your breath 1/5

    By RJG923
    I had SavingStar and had money in the account - I followed the steps but they “never received my form” and now they say I’m out of luck. A shame the company can’t put their users first and pay what’s clearly owed to them. If the email address matches it should be a no brainer.
  • Never Get Rebates 1/5

    By U need to buy this
    There are several items I have purchased at Shop Rite using my linked loyalty card and I have never received the rebates. I purchased the items at full price with no coupons and no savings were deducted off my receipt or deposited into my PayPal account. VERY disappointed in the app
  • Doesn’t always work 1/5

    By Organy
    It wants to give me discounts from coupons when it wants to. Even though they clearly been added in my account. Expired coupons should automatically disappear instead of me having to delete them from my list.
  • Broken! 1/5

    By Fun momma!
    I would print coupons almost daily from But now it won’t work and there is ZERO customer support. Very disappointed.
  • Does it work on base at the commissary?? 2/5

    By RRH761
    Does it work on base
  • No PayPal 1/5

    By morrie2006
    I would rate it a 5. But you need PayPal. I don’t have that.
  • I miss SavingStar 2/5

    By Rhtoga
    After and SavingStar combined, seems like this became a pointless endeavor if you have a linked loyalty card. With SavingStar I went shopping and didn’t have to worry. My loyalty card was linked and rebates would go into my account. Now many of the stores I can no longer have a linked loyalty card after SavingStar went away. What happened!?!? Did buy the the competition and scrap SavingStar’s system or something. The app and website are sparse for customer support. I’ve made purchases with a stores that my loyalty card is linked to (that under SavingStar wasn’t an issue) and haven’t gotten any of my refunds. The stupid automated help function is the app keeps apologizing and telling me a customer support person will follow up with an email but, nothing ever comes. The offers I’ve purchased expire while waiting for an answer and my rebates never come. A far better idea would have been for you guys to integrate more of SavingStar’s systems. THEY WORKED FLAWLESSLY!! I’m also tired of your app forgetting who I am and having me re-enter information and re-verify every time I log in. There’s a disconnect between the app and the website. The two should talk to each other and shouldn’t have to log into a website to update information because “it’s a function that’s coming soon in the app”. I miss the convenience that SavingStar offered and your developers need to get there act together and fix things. Maybe pull the SavingStar app out of mothballs and take a look at it to see how it worked and integrate it so, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING THAT WORKS RIGHT! Takes a serious look at your customer service too ... that’s a make or break of a business... and it’s going to break you if you don’t address it better and make it more functional than a bot.
  • Won’t honor rebates 1/5

    By RebKat72
    After submitting multiple receipts for offers in the past few months, then having to contact customer service each and every time, there are still no rebates given. I keep getting the automated response that rebates will be given within 7 days but that has yet to happen. It’s a waste of time.
  • Horrific Customer Support 1/5

    By dgudinas merged/acquired SavingStar. I had a credit with SavingStar that was supposed to transferred. I have sent 4 emails now through their website asking for assistance and have never received a single response. It is clear they have no intention of honoring their promise to transfer balances. This company is not trust worthy. They say I didn’t fill out the form, but yet my accounts are linked and my PayPal is connected. Customer service is terrible. There are other apps with better returns and will actually resolve issues when you have one. Don’t waste your time with this app.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Frog footsore
    Like many others have mentioned, submitted receipts don’t appear in history “within approximately 15 minutes” as app the states. And though I have successfully earned $8, it took multiple emails and over a month for purchases/receipts to be processed, despite email response asking me to allow 1 week.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By E8M4
    Every time I have attempted to submit an offer, it disappears, shows no record of the offer & I have to contact customer service. I’ve deleted this app.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Cdemart
    Everything I submit disappears after scanning and confirming. Nothing. Don’t waste your time.
  • Frustrated 3/5

    By review is impossible
    I used to use without any trouble. I think since they merged with Saving Star, I have nothing but trouble. I don’t get paid for any of the rebates unless I put in a ticket and do email after email and wait and wait. I get told that all rebates have been processed and sent to PayPal but they aren’t. None of my redemptions I am waiting for show on the app. Everyone else seems to get rebates within a day. I am currently on day 17 waiting yet.
  • Ready to delete 1/5

    By Agentagogo
    I downloaded this app but haven’t used it. Why? There is no explanation of how it works. For example a girl is shown using her phone (to what?) Is she back from the store taking pics of her receipts. Totally misleading because from what I have seen is you get offers, go shopping and buy their
  • Won’t Link to PayPal 4/5

    By JC1901
    Despite numerous emails to they are for some reason unable to connect to my PayPal account. Now most of the other coupon apps are part of so now they have a monopoly and don’t care about individuals or connection problems. It took a while but my problem was resolved and the app now works as it should. I’ll update my review to 4 stars from one.
  • Couldn’t find your reply to my question 1/5

    By hazelbazil
    I wrote you asking for directions on how to use this site it doesn’t make any sense to me and there’s no way to find out how do use it. All I could find were year ago three years ago two years ago and I wrote to you in the last say 3 to 5 months. Cinnamon closest
  • This app stinks 2/5

    By 17hjcj
    Bring back the old app so you can go in print coupons. I went to the website I try to print coupons and it says that it’s printing in my coupons disappear and they do not print I print off of my phone every day and my iPad. This is getting to be ridiculous