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Access all your grocery coupons right from your phone without ever relying on a printer. With over $500+ in savings available in the new app, take advantage of free digital, paperless coupons at your favorite grocery stores simply by linking your store loyalty cards to your account, then adding coupons with a tap. If your store doesn’t have a loyalty card, no problem! Add coupons and get cash back by simply submitting a receipt after you've shopped. No printing, no paper, no hassle — it’s a cinch now to save on all your favorite brands like Tide, Bounty, Cheerios, Kraft, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Campbell’s, Dole, Betty Crocker, M&M’s, Perdue, Crest, Pantene and more. Here’s how it works: 1) After you download the free app, sign in to your account (or sign up if you’re new—it’s quick and easy). 2) Link your store loyalty cards to your account. If your store doesn’t offer a loyalty card - don’t worry, you can still save! 3) Next, browse through hundreds of free coupons by store and add them to your loyalty cards with just a tap. Add them while you’re planning your next shopping trip or even while you’re shopping in the store—either way, you never have to print. 4) Load up your cart at the store and follow your shopping list in the app to make sure you’re using all the coupons you’ve chosen.  5) Then save one of two ways: Instantly at checkout or after your purchase. Stores with loyalty cards give you instant savings, while other stores require a quick picture of your receipt. Simply send us the photo to be eligible for cash to be deposited directly into your PayPal account. The best part: You won’t have to wait to reach a minimum amount in order to get your money—you’ll get cash back each time you submit a receipt. Features you’re going to love: • Access to hundreds of verified digital, paperless grocery, drug, and discount store coupons from your favorite brands. All available for redemption on your mobile device without ever having to print.  • Add all your store loyalty cards to just one app! No need to juggle several cards or accounts. Once you link them to your app, all your grocery savings will be in one spot, making grocery planning and shopping easier than ever. • To save at the stores that don’t offer loyalty cards, simply add coupons before you check out, redeem them at the register, then send us a photo of your receipt after purchase. The best part: Cash out your savings of any amount! There’s no minimum. • Put away your scissors, stop buying ink and never worry about forgetting your coupons. All your grocery savings will be digital and paperless, making the shopping and saving process easier and more organized for you. However, don’t fret: If you still prefer to print your coupons, you can do so directly from the app. If you’re looking for grocery savings at stores like Target, Walmart, Safeway, Costco, Sam's Club, Winn-Dixie, Dollar General and ShopRite, the app is the only one you need for all your grocery coupons, deals and savings. Check back often as we add new stores, coupons and exciting features to the app. We love helping our customers save! Have we helped you save? Please let us know by rating our app. Awards Won: Appy award for marketing, branding and advertising, May 2017 Best designed mobile app by the Best Mobile App Awards, April 2017 Having trouble with the app? Contact our friendly support team and we'll get you back to saving in a snap: is a Quotient brand. Grocery coupons app screenshots Grocery coupons app reviews

  • La oportunidad 5/5

    By la buena sofy
    Lo único que me encantaría obtener más
  • Awesome 5/5

    By AwesomePossom7
    This app makes things so simple. The only downside is that you have to have a rewards card for each store. I guess that’s the point of the app though.
  • Do not download 1/5

    By Hawkinsladyhorn
    I had purchased items from Walmart and 3 items were listed on my receipt and I should have received cash back... It made me upload my receipt 4 times and still failed to give me the cash back!! The fourth time I uploaded it I even circled the items on the receipt!! Deleted the App and will never try it again. Worthless!
  • Guess I don’t buy the right stuff 2/5

    By Georgie#1
    I haven’t been able to use it it haven’t bought any of the products to get money back.
  • Gave up on the first use.... 1/5

    By fgdxy
    First time use... I followed the instruction to get the Walmart rebate for bread and egg but denied. It wanted me to resend the receipt... for what? If you want me to go through the loop ... ain’t gonna happen. My time is more important than a penny I will get. I will stick to Ibotta...
  • Discounts on grocerys 4/5

    By Gogo regina
    Well so far I’ve like it so far that is let’s see in a few months how it’s going then we’ll no if we’re going to keep it or not
  • Savings 5/5

    By Love yo Save
    I save on my grocery bill whenever I use my app! It’s the coupon app! It’s great! I love it!

    By AshLaraine
    Easy to use and provides access to the best printable and digital coupons around! The only downside- most of the coupons I print from my phone to printer via Bluetooth do not have bar codes, but some do. So I recommend printing straight from computer only.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Messengeristheworst
    It never works!!! So frustrating. When it does it’s great but usually I click on the coupon and it says something went wrong.
  • Shopping Smart 5/5

    By PanGirlBrit
    I love using coupons. I always feel like I'm shopping smart and I love how I can connect my loyalty cards to the coupons all because I often lose my card, but if it's connected to my account I don't have any issues when I lose it.
  • Bad Account Management 1/5

    By Nino Powell
    I don’t think these people know how email and third party’s work...cause I’ve been trying to reset my password for days now, they don’t even respond to email...but you respond to reviews smh
  • Great Dependable App 5/5

    By keyy.anna
    This is a great app saves a lot of money only thing is I wish you could take a picture of dg receipts and get money back because my mom forgets to use coupons at the store and I see the coupon in the app Walmart allows me to scan coupons unlike Dollar General any way you guys could fix that.
  • Way too much back and forth 1/5

    By Maschi12345
    The app kicked my receipt out several times and I had already tossed it so I was SOL. As another person said you can’t add the coupon after even if you have no service in the store and add it right after you bought it.
  • Not processing 5/5

    By maleman #1
    It has been almost a week and my coupons have not been processed yet.please fix your app
  • Suggestion 1/5

    By paullyees
    If the coupon doesn’t actually print it shouldn’t be taken off
  • No mobile coupons 2/5

    By realsst
    I just installed the app. I have a cold and there was a coupon for Zicam. You can only print the coupon. Printing is a pain. Haven’t had a printer that works correctly in awhile. I have a stack of printers and tons of ink that doesn’t work. This is the digital age. What good is a mobile app that can’t use mobile coupons ? I guess it’s good if you have a big setup with a computer and printer but it’s a MOBILE APP! Setting up the store I wanted CVS wasn’t in the list. Difficult but will revisit
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By linzyloo9
    I save a lot of money using these coupons- I love it!!!it saves me money from having to buy newspapers & it is the best & my favorite
  • Great! 5/5

    By mariaes3
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By jag4116
    Don’t bother using this app. I tried to use it and was either not the correct week or I have to resubmit my receipt multiple times and still not get it. I tried getting a dollar back on a product and they tell me to finish by going to profile. There is no profile on the app. You don’t ever get anything back.
  • Crap app ! 1/5

    By Liz2483
    This app has gone down hill tremendously. Way too many coupons for miscellaneous things and not actual good food and products. Why has household Coupon category completely disappeared?? Please go back to the way it was!!
  • Not happy 2/5

    By yariale
    Less printable coupons every time
  • Best App for Digital Coupons 5/5

    By money_savin
    It really helps save some coins when I go to stores like Dollar General and Harvey’s. And it’s super easy to use by simply just typing my number at the store or scanning my Harvey’s card. Love it 😀!
  • The best coupon app 5/5

    By Real safari
    It’s de best coupon app
  • 5/5

    By Christina V Saunders
    Great website. Used it for years. Very reliable and the coupons are legit😀
  • Waste of your time! Ditch app 1/5

    By lkheelb
    Every time I enter a valid receipt and purchase valid offers it takes days just for them to tell me that action needs to be taken. I resubmit only for the cycle to continue over and over. What a scam. I feel like I’ve been tricked into buying a product then it doesn’t get honored. I hate this app! I have had awesome success with Ibotta. (NOV 2017) Update 6/7/18... still this app is horrible. I haven’t had any rebates honored since feb 2. The response from below is useless and probably generic. I do everything correctly and get nothing. I’m done with this app. Team Ibotta/Checkout 51 for me. Since November 2017 I’ve gotten a measly $10 from and I’ve gotten over $100 from ibotta. I would probably have more but I don’t usually buy stuff just cuz it’s on the list of rebates. Update 12/30/18....finally a developer response after over a year. There was no error on my end. I even had a loyalty card linked which is the only way to submit that store. I always pick my coupons before shopping. Contacting would be useless since I don’t keep receipts that long and I’m pretty sure at the time I disputed it with no help. Avoid app
  • Good Thing 5/5

    By Judy the cootie
    Really works well
  • my coupons 3/5

    By Darlyn46
    Printing all coupons never complete
  • TheraFlu and Target 1/5

    By Californ1AGurls24.7
    Bought TheraFlu as submitted I had looked at a couple of other products didn’t like price so didn’t buy. When submitting the receipt I could not remove other coupons—I clicked repeatedly — they stayed selected so I sent receipt with request for TheraFlu— now they are asking for resubmit saying I didn’t buy other products— well duh— you are looking at the receipt. I don’t have the receipts anymore— do u have any idea how many you get when u deal with children!?!? No way to communicate with coupons in ap. Not happy May try once again. And three days to submit— come on, some of us are actually busy should be at least 7 to 10 day window!
  • Great Savings & Legit App 5/5

    By X-Tina's511 has legitimate coupons that can be printed to use at the store or saved for reimbursement if you submit a copy of your receipt, which is great when you leave in a hurry & forget to take the coupons you printed. I have always received my reimbursement in about 24 hours. In addition to these everyday coupons they have wide variety of online retailers that offer discounts via promo codes. I don’t think I have ever had a problem with a promo code they have provided. I’m always skeptical about installing software from sites that I’m not familiar with since there are so many just phishing for information however this is a legitimate website that helps you save money.
  • Hmm... 2/5

    By 🐯 The White Tiger
    I like this app or what it is (I’ve had it on my devices pretty much since its launch), but have never been able to use it because the brands I buy are NEVER available (Lactaid, Glutíno, etc.). I’m a vegetarian, and allergic to peanuts and soy, and intolerant to gluten and dairy — none of allergy-friendly brands have coupons; if, by (very) rare chance, there is a coupon, it’s usually a “printable” coupon... I have not owned a printer in quite a few years, and don’t know anyone that does. It’s just a bit frustrating that there always coupons for cheap/lower-priced products, but not for ones that people need to buy for health reasons, which are always more expensive i.e. a gallon of Lactaid milk costs $5.60-$6.00. Also, I have NEVER been able to link my PayPal account to this app (my credentials are not recognized — this is the only app I’ve had this issue); I really wish I could add Pay Cash or Square Cash as an alternative.
  • No thank you. 1/5

    By Cool Stuff Just 4 U
    After seeing the previous review I won’t be using this app. It appears to have too many qualifications in order to use the coupons and they don’t accept stacking which many people like to do. It seems like a total waste of time to me. I’m usually too busy to spend that much time to save 30 cents, Sorry.
  • Waste of time and space in my phone 1/5

    By lourdespajarillo
    Not only are the brands very limited and unpopular, they also make it so annoying and difficult to get rebates. I will stick to Ibotta and have deleted this app from my phone.
  • Egg coupon... 1/5

    By pppipernun
    Did not add to pay pal...
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By lovegiftcardscst
    Easy to use for items you need
  • Rose Bookkeeping 5/5

    By Roxy522!
    I think I’m going to like this app!!!
  • Some stores 5/5

    By Doxiemama10
    Walgreens’s on Hwy 190 in Mandeville and Big Lots on Hwy 59 will not honor “
  • Great app 5/5

    By haysnz
    They have a great app that is easy to access and figure out how to use it.
  • Coupon 4/5

    By DNMinnesota
    I love the coupons. I wish it could save and allow to scan instead of needing to print.
  • Coupons 5/5

    By Muffy1650
    Why are all the coupons the same for every store? I see nothing for tide oringal or Johnson baby products. Other frozen foods yogurt nestle chocolate morsels
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By metoo2018
    Are used to love this app but all of a sudden since this weekend I can’t get logged in nothing works even the reset password link doesn’t work
  • Coupons 1/5

    By sw3113
    Didn’t get any coupons printed. Did as I was told ,no coupons. I have a wireless printer & can print from anywhere. This is my last time to use this app.
  • Trouble printing cout 3/5

    By coupons .com
    I love the app because it allows you to print more copies of coupones but I tried printing off my mobile phone which it worked for me in past now it won’t let me let me know if another way to print coupons off this app thanks happy holidays
  • This app is a SCAM!! They don’t actually pay you!! 1/5

    By HuskerAlum
    I submitted a receipt yesterday (and have since resubmitted twice) yet they keep rejecting my redemption request, on the premise that I used an in-store coupon... which I clearly did not!! I even circled on the receipt the only coupon I used, which was for stevia sweetener (not olive oil)!! Yes, I did use Target’s Cartwheel Savings, but Target’s terms clearly state that both Cartwheel and Manufacture coupons CAN be used on the same item. This is at least the 3rd time now where they’ve denied my coupon redemption for a qualified purchase. I had stopped using this app for several months, but decided to try one more time. My mistake!!!! PEOPLE... Ibotta is the only app that consistently pays you back, AND is worth your time & effort. Sure, theres other legitimate ones out there, but their earning power is disproportionate to the time & effort involved.
  • Need more coupons 1/5

    By rytdddg
    There is too small amount of coupons
  • Coupons 5/5

    By alexpacheco83
    Why on some coupons I can only print 1 then it says reached limit? When I only printed 1?!?
  • Respond. 3/5

    By Lucky7ven
    I don’t know any big store or rewards back cash back site that is going to let you use a coupon at register and then turn around and use a coupon on a app u purscased and receive $ back for that item when u already saved your blank amount on that item. Not only would the of company loose money if you was able to use that one coupon on every single app you’d cash back a lot of cash actually get the eggs or whatever it may be free and probably a couple more free. That’s just abusing the system and asking for trouble. Basically this was created for people like my step dad that refuses to hand over a coupon while shopping. He’s old not into. This way I can get his little receipt and type it on for him and save him a few bucks if possible. And sometimes pep forget that paper coupon and this again is just a great convent way to have a back up method of using hey coupon not to go to every app demanding coupon amount back for 8 cartoons of eggs when u only purchased one. It clearly states on most one coupon per item per household per day. Some couponssay 2 identical can be used but that’s like shampoo or conditioner. I even read on the back of one coupon save some on aczn if beans if it was over 99cents. Them beans r 59cent a can of priced hi. They would never reach $1.01 nor have I ever seen a. Product for that amount but if I was the retail store I’d sick it back to them and price them beans for $1.01 a can!!! Booom. Ones always out to get the other for some insane reason. I’ll never understand. well they are regularly cents laugh out loud!!! Believe that they actually wasted trees to make that bean coupon available n your Sunday paper that you can’t even use on there product. Now that’s a really Freddy move made by B****** that bean company. You’d want both. Anyhow sorry this app failed you. It I’m gonna tell you they won’t be another app that will let u double your coupons. And be careful some do believe it or not have to report this when filling income taxes. Be smart and read all fine print. Which is a lot of rules regulations etc. best of luck on ur extreme coupon trying to get reward $ back to apply to another item instead of just doing extreme couponing where these people are actually caring about the item they are buying and actually using. Sorry for the book and misspelt words. Did not proof read b4 commenting.
  • 1/5

    By HelenXana
    I am so frustrated!!!! So far I have not been able to print even 1 coupon. Now have reached my limit!!!!! It’s rediculous even in e mail they have to send code to phone then it still won’t come up to print. Delete!!!!
  • Jenn 5/5

    By Jenn Kerr
    I love 💕 this app
  • Forget this app, Going back to Ibotta, 1/5

    By Awwavwnonni
    I have notified the support of this app of an ongoing problem that not only I have but also my daughter has. When we download our loyalty card for Stop & Shop, the app accepts it and then changes the number to someone else’s card number. Who’s getting the credit for our purchases - NOT US. P.S. we never get a response back. Grocery coupons app comments

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