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Course Hero | Homework Help App

Course Hero | Get Homework Help with Course Notes, Flashcards, and Study Guides. Study smarter with the largest online library of course notes, flashcards, study guides, and homework help—available 24/7. Better grades guaranteed! Unlock the exact course notes, study guides, and test prep you need from more than 10 million students and educators at 16,000 schools. Get step-by-step help from expert tutors anytime, anywhere. Create flashcards to master the course material and share with your friends! Master Your Classes™ Earn better grades when you study with millions of course notes, flashcards, study guides, test prep, and more from students and educators at 16,000 schools for the 2017-2018 school year. Search for your school and course or get help from study resources at other schools. Once we learn about the subjects you’re studying and courses you’re following, we’ll even send notifications when we have new and helpful resources. Homework Help Need personalized homework help? Find answers to your questions with homework help from expert tutors who are available online 24/7. Message back and forth until you understand the material and get to the answers you need. Quality answers or your money back! Flashcards Flashcards are a simple yet effective way to learn new material and retain knowledge. Create flashcards or find existing flashcard sets to help you master material before your exams. Share flashcards with your friends and classmates for an effective and collaborative study experience. Your Study Library Save class notes, Q&As, flashcards, and more to your library to stay organized this year. Your library is organized by course and is accessible via the app and via the Course Hero site for free in your browser so you can always find what you’re looking for. Never misplace your study materials again! TL;DR - With the Course Hero iPhone App you can: -Maximize your study time and earn better grades! -Study millions of course-specific documents: course notes, flashcards, and study guides. -Get fast and detailed homework help from online tutors 24/7. -Find existing flashcards or create your own to share with friends. -Study right away or save materials to your library to read later. -Have easy offline access to resources you’ve previously viewed via the app. -Get notifications for new resources—based on your previous searches. People without a Premier subscription will still be able to search, save, and view previews of more than 10 million course-specific documents: course notes, study guides, and Q&As. And they’ll be able to get homework help from Course Hero tutors and utilize all flashcard features. For full access to Course Hero’s high-quality study documents, users must upgrade to a Premier membership. Premier Subscription Options: Monthly - $38.99 billed every month Quarterly - $54.99 billed every 3 months Annual - $109.99 billed every 12 months For Customer Support, please visit We’re happy to help! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Please Note: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions renew automatically unless canceled more than 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by visiting Account Settings in iTunes, but you cannot cancel an existing subscription before it ends.


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Course Hero | Homework Help app reviews

  • Love it 5/5

    By JuLii_Dearest
    Love this app!
  • Great site for further studies 5/5

    By o745w2
  • Disgusted! 1/5

    By Moeeee95
    Terrible! Not worth the money! It doesn’t have the answers nor help for ANY OF MY CLASSES. I’m very upset I spent $40 on something that is TRASH.
  • Very great resource!!!! 5/5

    By Kronski37
  • Pointless App 3/5

    By Billyj7731
    I was unhappy with the amount of information that was available for my particular class as the app made it seem like I would be getting much more for my money. I contacted customer support and received a refund for my purchase which I appreciate.
  • Waste of $60 1/5

    By Prince Silva
    No help
  • McGraw-Hill b 5/5

    By trhgr
    Y bh ya got a good daddy
  • SCAM!! 1/5

    By TexasalyKat
    I wasted 60.00 bucks thinking it was going to give me access to the docs, but u only get 10 questions answered, I wanted coarse hero to help me with busy work so I could spend my time actually studying the info I needed to, but when they had my entire homework assignment up loaded by another user (which was over 36 questions) it asked me to “cash in” my 10 “FREE” unlocks ... well that only was 1/4 of 1 assignment and I’m in 4 classes. How can u tell me I get “free” unlocks when I just dumped 60 bucks in to this scam!! I was hoping it was a mistake but it’s not, apparently they are ripping people off left and right, any good review must be fake....
  • H 5/5

    By Tilalala
  • Best Essay guide 5/5

    By No1lykeuj
    I have been in college for over 3 years and I am working now on my Masters Degree. However, this site has been the most diversified in meeting each paper I had to write and I used as a guide to help me create my own essays, scholarly papers, and other needed tools to pass my courses. Thank You Coursehero!

    By Grace1782930
    It’s a lot of money and even after you pay, you have to pay more! I’m talking about about $150 dollars per year but one time. They have not refunded me back my money yet and they said they will reply back in 2-3 business days!😞 I’m so sad I did this. How stupid can I be?? Please, if you see this review, please refund my money back!
  • Best Tutoring app! 5/5

    By Bobby_pr
    I am supper happy with this app it has helped me through my degree. Super easy yo use 24/7 tutors!
  • Misleading! 1/5

    By A murse
    Once you pay the outrageous price to start you only get a certain amount of “unlocks” once you run out, you have to buy more unlocks to view more information and research. Big scam! Not worth the money! I cancelled after trying out the app AFTER I bought into it, it’s difficult to navigate through and find any answers you may need. Biggest waste of money. Hoping since it’s been less than 24 hours I can get my money back but I’m not getting my hopes up!
  • Paid Membership But No Complete Access 1/5

    By jas47
    I though that a paid membership entitled us to complete access to all the documents . It doesn't! The documents I want to view are half blurry and I have only several ‘unlocks ‘ to view them . Not worth the purchase . What a waste of money and a sneaky trick . No where did I read that I would only have unlocks after a paid membership ! Feel ripped off.
  • Love it 5/5

    By trimlm
    Great resources and tutors
  • 0star 1/5

    By hektik lamie
    It’s said to get the answer I should pay first . I paid and it said got 0 answers for this question I tried more than 4 question 😡
  • No bueno 1/5

    By Psatel_Princess
    Glitchy and aggravating
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Kenya926
    Never will I ever tell anyone about this horrid app I'm deleting it as soon as I finish the review!!!! A HUGE waste of time... The only reason I'm giving one star is because they won't let yo do Zero
  • Comparison 5/5

    By Vino4u
    Just to use as collaboration to see if I am on the right track
  • Missing Visio chart 3/5

    By Dmaneguy
    The main purpose was to find the chart but this document did not have it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Damon brown
    I Thank GOD for Course Hero. Course has been a blessing to me in my academic success.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Dustynmutka
    The app works phenomenally 👌🏼
  • FRAUD 1/5

    By JustinBiebersBelieber
    The app is a scam. Even if you upload documents, they will not give the five unlocks. You really need to pay a ridiculous amount of money in order to use this app. Don’t waste your time on this app like I did.
  • THE WORST 1/5

    By rachela2011
    Only one star so I could leave a review! I’ve wasted over $150 in subscriptions to this quack app!! It’s buggy, doesn’t open, and once you’ve “upgraded” its stuck in a perpetual cycle of “processing”. I’ve closed the app, rebooted the phone and tried again. It gave me the option to upgrade again. I was thinking the upgrade hadn’t gone through so I purchased another. They both went through!! STILL CAN’T access the “upgrades”. What a joke! Save yourself the time and money, don’t skip over this app! I’ll be pursuing my refunds as well!
  • Search? 1/5

    By JeffZ31
    You should really allow to search within the document and such.
  • Rip Off 1/5

    By Pawn1111234
    No words...
  • Amazing 5/5

    By My cat is a cat
    This app really helps with understanding homework and helping with difficult homework questions
  • Good ressource 4/5

    By Rosalynny
    I like it for revisions !
  • The WORST in business 4/5

    By Ann4Emm4
    STEER CLEAR. DECEPTIVE PRACTICES. Will not permit you to view or unlock any documents until you have submitted 10 docs for 1 unlock. I submitted 14, 6 were denied and 9 were approved. It still kept asking me to submit 10. Every time you get close to submitting the threshold of 10 documents - it will reset and force you to submit another 10 or pay for a $10 monthly subscription. It will not allow you to remove or delete the documents you posted. You may delete the account but they will keep your submitted study materials and will not honor their end of the bargain by cheating. I am very disappointed and feel cheated. They took my submissions and did not reciprocate on their end - plus they will keep my submissions whether I delete the account or not. Go with Project REAL or google classroom. Don’t waste your time here
  • Hate it, it is a SCAM 1/5

    By Schmfire51
    It is completely a rip off, you use your unlock and all it does is shows you your questions with a link to course merit where you have to pay again!!! Do not buy save your money this app is a total scam!
  • Courses 5/5

    By tiffynj
    This app is an excellent form to assist you with school work and papers.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Klkookie5
    Course Hero has really helped me with my classes!
  • Thank You 5/5

    By MBA 17
    Just started using this because I was struggling with an on line course. Like one review said it’s helpful seeing other students work not to submit as my own but to help me get started and understand an assignment.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Yailin lopez
    Do not be fooled, once you pay the membership you have to pay for unlocking the documents, and for asking something to the tutors you have to pay.
  • Can’t get an unlock each day 1/5

    By Alberto718
    I love the app but i hate the recent update because every time when I log out then log in each day, i get one free unlock but then i lose it afterwards without unlocking any documents and its been happening every day.
  • Not happy! 1/5

    By TiffD2015
    Updated app won’t let search for anything and when I try it closes out the app!!
  • Very helpful! 5/5

    By Shelbshot
    Course Hero has been a great resource for tough homework and questions!!
  • Where are the answers? 3/5

    By Ozzykun
    I joined COURSE HERO for a reason, I was looking for questions and their corresponding answers. But on a couple of occasions I typed in the question exactly as it was in the textbook and it appeared exactly the same on COURSE HERO. But without any answers, or explanations. Thinking about changing to another provider.
  • Issue with questions 1/5

    By deer-elky
    Questions are being shown as being asked. Comments that I type are not posting. The new questions do not give the ability to be asked as an advanced question. This wouldn’t be an issue if tutors would actually pick up the questions. I have asked multiple questions with no response. The old system I never had this problem.
  • My last unlock 1/5

    By More Unlocks
    I lost my last unlock. But my files are rejected when I submit something to add more credits. This site would be affordable if it was actually $9.95 per month instead of $39.95.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Carson Collins
    Terrible site, no help
  • Thanks course hero 5/5

    By Jessica M Davis
    This forum has been such a huge help for me, I love it!
  • I’ve used course hero for six months thus far it’s helped me a lot. 5/5

    By iluvjrm08
    I love this product it is worth the money. I am able to understand how to do my assignments better. There are examples, there are tutors to assist you and you can upload materials to help others.
  • Too difficult to maneuver 1/5

    By LisaLisa67
    Not worth the money
  • Psychology and math 5/5

    By landyka
    This website help me so much, you need this
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Lovin_life0628
    This site has been wonderful for me. I swear it’s the only way I passed me Stats class. I did previously pay for a subscription, but now I just upload my schoolwork and I receive free document unlocks. I highly recommend this site!! It has helped me so much...sometimes it’s just looking at another students paper/work to understand the assignment. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!! I’ve already told many coworkers, friends and fellow students that are in college right now about Course Hero!! Awesome site!! Thank you so much!!
  • Honestly 5/5

    By wkesete
    Am very happy with your service I wish I can have you more than 5 star!! Quick response with the right help hope will continue like that.thanks again! Course hero for ever!
  • Top study app! 5/5

    By Shani1969
    If you are struggling through a course, you are going to love this!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Tbg2012
    This site truly helps prepare you for success! Love it!
  • Scandal 1/5

    By Reviews???
    What a scam, I purchased the membership thinking it was going to cost 12.99 a month and come realize that they charged me $120.00 of my bank account????

Course Hero | Homework Help app comments


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